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  1. @stewybill It can be confusing. The police say call 999 if it is an emergency OR there is a crime in progress. It sounds like there are different interpretations of what we should actually do when a crime is in progress. Could it be that call handlers are not following procedure?
  2. There is an old thread that was closed. Underneath, it says "to continue this topic please click here". The link is live in that it opens another page, but the page is an Error code: 1S160/2 and does not lead to a topic. I am interesting in continuing to read the topic as directed. Can the admin team help please? https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/722-impotent-police-service-why/
  3. Other than 'historic' buildings I don't know the qualifying criteria. Wakefield and Barnsley are on the list. Full list here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49692091
  4. To be fair Top cat, you miss quoted the guy. I read England's not English anymore.
  5. Could it be that the battery is on it's way out?
  6. I read some the article in the link and it mentions that the residents are being offered homes.
  7. On PC now (Win10) If you click in the reply box first then click on the link symbol 5th symbol from left which is between the S and the two commas you will see the 3 things we are referring to. I don`t know the method/procedure to actually make a photo appear by using these.
  8. @newcomer01 Avoid horse manure. It contains lots of undigested weed seeds.
  9. I'll check on my comp when I am in the house.
  10. I see what is in the screen shot link. https://ibb.co/QvJcZYB Unsure if the 3 things enable the uploading of a photo straight from device.
  11. Unless things have changed, the priest/vicar usually stands at the door after the morning service and exchanges a few pleasantries. I think he/she would remember a regular.
  12. That speach in the OP has been posted somewhere else on here not too long ago. It is such a distinctive speach.
  13. A contract to build 5 royal navy frigates in the UK has been anounced. Good news for jobs, especially in Rosyth. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/12/babcock-named-preferred-bidders-for-royal-navy-frigate-contract
  14. End of Autumn is a good time to manure the soil. Probably best to dig it in before the wet season as the soil only gets heavier and harder to dig. Just do a bit at a time, you'll get it done while ever you have the interest.
  15. @Jomie Disabled parking spaces are not just wider, they tend to be nearer to facilities and shops etc than normal parking spaces are. Many people who don`t use a wheelchair still struggle to walk.
  16. It won`t be per month as £41 x12 would be nearly 500 quid. It will be per year.
  17. It could be a number of things. My first thoughts based on what you described was lack of nitrogen, but you said that you had heavily covered the area with good manure, so maybe not that. This year through summer it was very hot. Last year I remember not having rain for a continuous period of at least 6 weeeks. Have you been watering enough. You say that the white.red/ blackcurrants gooseberry,strawberry,blueberry have done well. Other than the strawberrys, those fruits have longer roots than vegatables-this is a possible indicator of why the fruit may have done ok, but not the veg. If the soil is very sandy, water will drain away much quicker and dry up especially in hot weather.
  18. Let us know what the council`s response is Spider1 when they get in touch.
  19. Also sorry to hear this. Keep us informed.
  20. Many moons ago in the dark ages, that mill stone would have ended up being shackled around their neck if caught.
  21. As an aside, are the same streets gritted every year, or are there some circumstances that dictate otherwise?
  22. Just seen this: https://www.southyorks.police.uk/sign-up/syp-alerts/ Seems a good idea. I think I would get annoyed though with texts coming through all the time.
  23. Regarding gritting, viewing an alphabetical list of streets that are on the route would be much clearer & specific than a map.
  24. I seem to remember reading on here there was an area where this sort of thing was happening to buses. I think the bus company eventually refused to operate there. Can't remember which area it was.
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