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  1. I know some parts of Darnall. I got this street view link up. If I have understood, it is those shops on either side of the wide junction? https://maps.app.goo.gl/dbyekHRLYS9kErKP9
  2. The following idea is obviously not intended for the current climate of the pandemic. Things will change eventually, and the risk to health from mixing in close proximity will improve. For a few years now, I've kept 'visiting the idea' of creating a sort of drop in place for people who suffer with depression. Quite a number of years ago I recall how flexible the MIND drop-in centre was. It was always a very relaxed and compassionate environment . All that changed with cutbacks to local authority funding, and the organisation had to justify it's spending. MIND then became quite regimented with a defined structure of activities-almost like a school. The 'warmth' as I perceived it had gone in my opinion. I'm sure many will still find it helpful with the current format. I know of a company that would provide a room for free-say one day per week for 3 hours. I would be willing to provide basic refreshments free of charge in the form of tea/coffee and biscuits etc. Beyond that, I have no idea. I do not have any experience of arranging this sort of thing, but am interested in exploring the options. I'd like to hear what people's constructive thoughts are- critical or otherwise. Is this 'pie in the sky', or is it feasible?
  3. There are plenty of places to buy new bikes from in the area. I am trying to buy a 2nd hand mountain bike for someone who has a leg problem. I feel it may help the circulation issue. I have done a local search on e bay. Just want something basic without suspension. Are there shops or other places that actually sell used bikes?
  4. It was discussed on sky this morning. The news presenter mentioned all the fraudulent furlough claims. He made reference to the insurence companies scrutinising the claims. Certainly they will be more thorough than the government were with tax payers money.
  5. Tens of thousands of small businesses are set to receive insurance payouts covering losses from the first national lockdown, following a court ruling. The Supreme Court found in favour of small firms receiving payments from business interruption insurance policies. For some businesses it could provide a lifeline, allowing them to trade beyond the coronavirus crisis. The ruling could cost the insurance sector hundreds of millions of pounds. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/business-55661702
  6. I imagine the abandoned buses are on ungritted side roads?
  7. I understand there have been people try to argue that as a point of law, re very tall hedges, conifers etc. I understand that it was not upheld, annoying as it may be. There will be quite a bit of info example etc if you do a quick search. Here is one example: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rights-to-light
  8. It certainly seemed to have the same format as the SF, so you may be correct there Groose.
  9. What happened to the Leeds forum, did it close down? That may have been about the nearest.
  10. Saw this on ebay. It has been put on by the owner of an expensive bike that has been stolen in S10 area 21.12.20. He/she has put the description on e bay with a photo. Very creative thinking-well done! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STOLEN-Scott-Scale-50-Mountain-Bike-STOLEN/303820814153?hash=item46bd21b749:g:BKAAAOSwimhf4bd0
  11. Oil cans with the trigger to create a bit of pressure can be useful. I am not sure exactly what is appropriate to use inside car door locks. I don't think it would be a substance as thick as oil. Oil is a very good lubricator for some applications. However, an oily surface/mechanism that has light/delicate moving parts can eventually clog with dirt that adheres to the oily surface. I have had some good results with graphite powder on a large padlock, but have not used it in a car door lock. There may be someone on here that knows what is appropriate.
  12. The article in the link of post number 2 mentions that some people use Glycerine based skin moisturiser on rubber. I don't know how easy that is to locate. Probably 20 minutes reading the ingredients labels while being perceived as suspicious in Boots.
  13. Time Left: 3 days and 19 hours

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    Looking to buy a cheap basic non suspension mountain bike with 26 inch wheels. Thanks £15 to £ 25


  14. I am now sorted with this item. Magneteer went the extra mile to source this item for me. A perfect job, and very much appreciated. Thank you so much.
  15. From the time and cost perspective, would it make economical sense to buy a large quantity, providing you get exactly what your want?
  16. What about Intranet Could it be of any use? This was an internal system that was used by a national company I worked for. It was not possible to access the Internet per se, but I understand the company could access the Intranet system from various parts of the UK. This was over 20 years ago. Obviously things have got better. If the system was within the education system, it could be of help maybe?
  17. Time Left: 20 hours and 12 minutes

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    Only put up once. Complete, with originalbox


  18. After defrosting the car door lock twice this week, I started to ponder how 'much colder countries' cope in respect of prevention . For example, parts of Canada where I understand the temperature can be -30 degrees or lower. Probably Russia too, etc. I'm not referring to how they defrost locks, but how they prevent them freezing up . I also mean in respect of there possibly being something different with the lock design. I would guess that not everyone in these cold climates has an insulated garage. In temps of -30 degrees I can imagine a lock could freeze in the time someone returns to the car from shopping, never mind 8 hours later after work.
  19. Can you not just use set screws that are 10mm long x m3, and use m3 nylocks?
  20. The type you mention are ok for preventing scatches on the screen-that is the type I have on my phone. I don't think them type of screen protectors will stop the screen from smashing if the phone is dropped face down. Friend dropped their phone and the screen smashed. I offered to get a case from e bay to prevent it happening again. Would have paid 5 pound. The phone was only £40 apparently.
  21. I was looking on the bay for a phone case that also protects the screen, iphone 6s. There are plenty of cases for this phone model, but I could not see a case that also covers the screen. Do they make these type of cases for iphones?
  22. @spider Now he has the Gmail account, or at least he will when he gets my letter. @RollingJ He only has a symbian so he won't be using his phone online. He has a win7pc. He uses a dongle for the internet connection.
  23. When I asked ee via live chat, the guy said why do you want an ee email account? I told him that it was for an elderly friend. He said, we only provide email accounts for our staff. I don't think that is correct information? I seem to recall that I had the option for an ee email a few year ago. Maybe it has changed? Anyway, I have created a Gmail account for this friend. Right or wrongly, I am hoping he will find it easier to use than the yahoo account I created previously . You know how it is with all the capture stuff.....'How many squares have traffic lights in them' or hills etc. I think he will struggle because he has no knowledge of using text on his phone. I can help him, but obviously I cannot be around all the time. I do what I can. He asked me to help today, so I have tried to do that.
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