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  1. Looks like the penny has finally dropped at the BBC.
  2. Some members of the public have had enough: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1336083/BBC-news-latest-corporation-millions-licence-fee-payments-television-Netflix
  3. I have past this building on many occasions. It is located on the right hand side of the canal if facing the direction of Sheffield. Just before it is the slope to the bridge that leads to Meadowhall tram stop. It is also just beyond the Tinsley viaduct. There is no roof on it now. Difficult to say whether the roof was apex or flat. The style of the windows seem to be arch shape. Probably been derelict for quite some time-there is a tree growing out the top of the building. Anyone know the history of the brick building, and what it was orginally built for? https://ibb.co/PTsV0v0
  4. A gap in the market Kevvy for someone to start up and fill possibly?
  5. I also think Northern power tools may have closed. Their phone No is a dead line. I need a bearing replacing on an electric jigsaw.
  6. Other than Northern power tools in Sheffield, does anyone know of any other place locally?
  7. I am assuming pharmacies make a profit already. Otherwise they would have been charging years ago for delivering. I am wondering what has changed to prompt this idea.
  8. @the_bloke I will try to explain another way. All the music I play on the pc and smart phone are Mp3 For all the years I have used 'clip grab', it provided a choice for the type of output file, or end result. Some of these files were Mp3, Mp4, Wmp audio etc. If there was a need to put one song on a blank recordable CD, it was possible to do so. This was simply selecting "audio file" as the output type. This is no longer an option. It only became an issue when a relative erased a song he had on a tape casette in error. He is "old school' No pc or mob phone etc, but he has a CD/DVD player. Originally I could have helped him out, but since 'clip grab' no longer provide that type of audio file I cannot help. Hope that makes sense now.
  9. Anyone still using Clip grab? I`ve always found it to be a good basic application for the odd Mp3 or wmp files. These output formats are still there. It is a long time since I have had the need for the output to be basic audio file. I needed the audio output format recently for one track only, and it appears that this option is no longer available. Anyone know of a fix? Thanks.
  10. Bob had intended going to this, and posted as such back in Feb, post No11. It seems like it is a place worth trying. I don't know if he ever made it . I suppose it can be a bit daunting regarding state of mind.
  11. We often hear about the amounts of plastic in the oceans. There is no excuse for it, in the same way there is no excuse for throwing litter down in the street.
  12. Apparently there is an increase in the number of drivers choosing to learn to drive in automatics. Figures from the DVSA show the number of tests in automatics has risen annually since 2012. They are stuck with buying only automatics, unless they take another test in a manual vehicle at some point.
  13. There may be cuts to the regular news bulletins over the next decade. Apparently due to more people watching online. The majority of elderly don't have ability to access online. This group will be affected most I think. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53846414
  14. There is an article in the Guardian. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/17/bearded-vulture-makes-rare-uk-visit-in-peak-district-national-park
  15. Can also recommend ASG too. 01142690030
  16. Hi Chez2, I'm not sure if I have understood. Are you meaning there is not much difference between a bulk bag of small horticultural grit & a bulk bag of pea gravel? Or, did you mean something else? Thanks.
  17. I was thinking of ordering a bulk bag-around 1 tonne, of pea gravel from Wicks £42. Then there is £30 delivery charge making the order £72. Ron at ASG on Shepcote does free delivery, but told me he cannot get hold of this stuff. Is there are better way to do things than the Wicks option? I could do with it within the week. Thanks.
  18. Update: I've failed to get a response thus far, after being provided with these links. I still see these links as potentially useful. I emailed the guy at the university on 17th July, but maybe the Uni is closed until September? When going online for the number for Blackwells on Upper Hangover, there is a message saying 'temporary closed'. It also mentions that the shop is located in the university of Sheffield, so maybe their opening mirrors university times? I'm still interested. I have checked Abe books online. Still on the look out.
  19. A watering can is a good way to evenly & steadily apply the mix, especially on steps. Best to keep a separate watering can for jobs like this.
  20. No padders. Caustic soda can burn the skin-hence the need for wearing rubber gloves when using it. AKA Sodium hydroxide.
  21. On the few occasions I have wanted to clear moss off the path, I have used caustic soda. It is a powder that you mix with water. Available from Wilkos when I last bought it a few years ago. It is basically sold as a drain cleaner, but lists several uses on the label. Don't follow the scrubbing prodedure for path cleaning-you do not want to get this on your skin! All you need to do is mix as directed, then gently and slowing pour it on the area. Use rubber gloves, and don't splash it about. Take your time with it. The moss will turn black and dry up in a few days. It will then brush off as you sweep the path/steps with a stiff sweeping brush. Then swill the area with water. Tip: Put water in the bucket first. I found that putting the powder in first can make it go hard and lumpy. Have a stick ready for stirring-piece of a tree branch will do.
  22. This is a good idea-I do it mysellf sometimes. The way I do it though is to set the machine going as normal for about one and a half mintute. Then switch it off and go to bed. Get up next morning and switch back on. The machine continues with the program from where it was the night before without doing anything else. As for white shirts, I usually put some Ace (mild bleach) along the collars and under the arm areas-they come out perfect.
  23. I experienced exactly the same. After the time frame had passed, the seller tried evasion and told ebay `item not returned`. LOL, ebay tumbled him when they checked the tracking info.This was a business seller too.
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