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  1. I hadn't noticed it was for sale. It is only about a 30 second walk though from the Williamsons site, vitually just across the road, so I wouldn't say it 'out of the way'. I wouldn't say parking for Williamsons was much better either - you either have to queue for a space directly outside the shops or use the roof top Excel place:roll: And on street parking is about the same for both areas. I would find a decent small supermarket such as Sainsburys in Broomhill useful but I don't want it so much that independent stores get booted out!
  2. There are currently 2 rubbish small supermarkets in Broomhill (Savers or whatever it's called is even worse than the Spar!). If a Sainsbury's opens the rubbish supermarkets will go bust, so then we will have 2 empty units and a Sainsbury's where a good shop like Williamsons was:( Can't Sainsbury's force the rubbish 'Savers' out so we keep Williamsons and have a half decent convenience store:hihi: No one would miss Savers
  3. I gave up cycling years ago because it was too dangerous. For example, time and again cars emerged from side road on Eccy Rd without looking properly resulting in near misses. It's dangerous enough crossing the road on foot with cars failing to stop at pedestrian crossings without putting my life in my hands cycling (even though I'd love to cycle!) Coming back from work one afternoon I had some pea-brained divvy jump in front of my bike shouting to make me jump :loopy: Also occasionally had things shouted from cars containing more pea-brains. This country is full of sad, backward, inbred, chavvy no hopers with no life and nothing better to do - continental cities are full of cyclists and have proper cycle lanes, not just useless one that end abruptly end at a busy road. Is it any wonder so few of us cycle to work and there are problems with pollution, congestion and obesity due to lack of exercise:|
  4. Where's the best place for cheap part worns?
  5. I don't do Indian call centres so that's bye bye to British Gas:wave:
  6. Highly recommend smile.co.uk (the co-op's internet bank). I've been with them for years. http://www.smile.co.uk/servlet/Satellite?cid=1076315830702&pagename=Smile/Page/smView&c=Page
  7. Indeed. But one must not underestimate the considerable curative power of the humble lemon http://lemonmania.com/lemon-health-benefits
  8. Whether or not one believes in the existance of a 'superfood', what cannot be disputed are the multifarious benefits of eating lemons. "Dr Penny Stanway practised for several years as a GP and as a child-health doctor before becoming increasingly interested in the benefits of a healthy diet and other natural approaches to health and well-being."
  9. I'm obviously completely wrong about this. I'm so sorry. I'm going to buy a 4x4 now and will go off roading across the moors this weekend. For a bit of extra spice, let me know your addresses so I can drive through your gardens on my way back. I'm sure you won't mind about the noise or ploughing up your lawns and plants - life's too short to worry about these things
  10. It's all very well sneering at wanting to protect the countryside but why not stop and THINK for a minute about the destructiveness of churning up the countryside and creating a racket just for the sake for it??? OF COURSE driving full stop causes pollution etc but no excuse for damaging the environment purely for the sake of pratting about in 4x4!! Yes, it might be 'fun' but do you care one jot if there's no countryside to churn up in the future because you were so selfish in your mission to ruin it all:mad:
  11. Thanks for the links. It backs up what I thought really. Personally, I struggle to understand how anyone thinks it's OK to cause environmental destruction and create noise pollution in a rural area. It's bad enough having pollution and congestion in urban areas without ruining what's left of our countryside as well. What sort of polluted enviroment are future generations going to inherit? All for the sake of wannabe Jeremy Clarksons churning up the countryside in a 4x4
  12. I just keep the ringer turned to silent on my landline. I've mainly got it for the internet connection really and I opted out of 1571 so no one can leave a message either. So they can ring, ring, ring as much as they want cos no will ever answer All personal callers use my mobile so it's no problem. Landlines are fast getting outdated and getting bombarded with stupid marketing calls doesn't help. Mobile broadband is the answer I think.
  13. I'd never, ever use Kwik Fit again. They lie basically - not always I'm sure, and not at every branch maybe, but pretty often. They sometimes also do a little pantomine act to make it look more convincing when they try to rip you off. Stay away.
  14. There's definately some truth in that. I remember seeing a couple of girls of about 14 mucking about with a lighter trying to burn a hole in the back of a bus seat. There were other passengers that could see what they were doing but they all chose to ignore it for some reason. So I asked them what they doing and they just stopped and looked sheepish. Why were adults so scared of saying something to two teenage girls (this was in Fulwood as well lol ) Bus seats don't normally look too bad and maybe I'm turning into an old fart but why do kids (and students!) sit with their mucky feet on seats??? Would they want to sit on a bus/train seat that someone else had put their shoes on - bearing in mid they might have walked on dog**** or spit (another disgusting habit) etc It's another thing that does put people off using public transport.
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