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  1. I was watching the film 'A Quiet Place' and this was played. Not listened to it for years. Fully agree with your comments about it. Plus it was a nice change from AC/DC or Rush etc pounding my one good ear! Now, back to my normal...and one of my all time favourites. Pink Floyd - Hey You
  2. Most printers have Linux drivers. Best to check on the model info before you buy. Installing on Linux is very easy. Just a word of advice. Parts and toner for Laser can be very expensive, it might be worth looking at the pro's and cons before spending your money.
  3. It covers them for a larger customer base. I find them pointless, but I'm sure there are people that still use the port due to latency being lower than USB. Gamers being a main customer?
  4. There's an empty tick box under each message, if you tick it a dustbin logo appears...just delete from there. You can select all from the options at the top of the message list. Be careful with this, you might want to keep some.
  5. I stand corrected about O2 and 3 with the cheap PAYG. Is it just for new customers? I use a dual SIM phone and used my O2 PAYG number to make a call and it only deducted about 6p (couple of minutes call time) I have 3 numbers with O2 - 2 PAYG and my main contract number. You've got me curious now! I only got a contract as I wanted an eSIM, it was £2 cheaper than GiffGaff for the same deal, obviously I'm tied with the O2 contract for 12 months. EDIT: I'll answer my own question. It is still on my account at the cost of 3p, 2p and 1p. It does say in the Q&A's that existing customers cannot switch to it. So, it looks like, if you had it you can keep it (for now) but as above, no new customers.
  6. As Ghozer pointed out, make sure it's not locked to EE first. At the moment I think O2 and 3 network are cheapest for PAYG. They both used to do a 3, 2, 1 type PAYG SIM. 3 being pence per minute talk time, 2 pence for a standard text, and 1p for each MB of data. I'd go with O2, I found the 3 network was just getting a poor signal in far too many places. The SIM would come as a multi size SIM, you just push out the size SIM size you need for your phone. Both need you to pay up front for the SIM and put some cash on the card. Maybe a minimum of £10 with O2, £5 with 3 network? I think you can also buy the PAYG SIMS in local shops, I've never bought one this way so can't really help on how it works with them. If it's all going to be a faff with the old phone, a new simple phone with camera can be bought very cheap. These would come under the term 'SIM Free' That just means it's not locked to any provider. I believe Argos sell them (plus other retailers) If you decide to go for new but are unsure about which one, let us know your budget and we will see what we can find for you...and where 😉
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