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  1. I think there's a 14 day roll back period (double check that) I missed it, but wasn't going to use it anyway. It's like any new OS, things are moved around and some new settings etc. Time usually gets the job sorted and you get used to it. If you have made your mind up, it's in 'Recovery > Go Back' part of Windows 11. As I've said, I've not used it. It should just retore from the 'Windows.old' folder, and you're back on Windows 10.
  2. If you've looked up the used price of the used GPU, chances are you have a good idea. If you can get £90 for the GPU...sell it! Then sell the rest as onboard GPU at a lower price. I think you'll get around the £200 mark, plus or minus £50 depending on the quality of the other parts. Gigabyte make a lot of motherboards, some cheap, some are very expensive. (This was the point of the 'qualitly' remark) Giving the part numbers can help increase the price, if they are better quality I have a few that I'll be selling. Trying to figure out a price can be tricky. Buyers seem to think they are going to get a 10th gen i7 with all the whisles and bells for £200!!
  3. Here you go. This is what I was thinking of. https://www.johnlewis.com/2021-apple-ipad-10-2-inch-a13-bionic-processor-ipados-wi-fi-64gb/p5756476 That will give you an idea of what's in the new ones, and price. As usual... Out Of Stock (nothing new there with electronics ATM)
  4. A good reason to plan ahead and get more storage than the bare minimum. I probably used the word 'bit' wrongly as they do tend to hike the price, the more storage you want. My tablets do a fair bit of work, at times I wish they did a 2TB version of both the iPad and Surface Pro. 1TB seems to get eaten up fairly quick! But it's part of the deal with mobile music and video conversion/editing...and filling them with junk that I'll probably never use again.
  5. I use an iPad Pro 12.9". Really good tablet in every way but very expensive. If you just do general web browsing watch films/TV and use a few apps etc, go for the latest iPad. I think they start at £300+ for one with the smallest storage. I'd pay a bit more and go for one with 64GB or more. Only a guess that it would suit your needs. The standard one has a nice screen and sound, and isn't too big. There are other models, it all come down to money. (iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad & iPad Pro) I buy from John Lewis. It's the same item at the same price, but you get a 2 year warranty from them, not the standard 12 month. You could switch to Android. There are some really good tablets but the upgrade path for Android is very poor (IMO)
  6. Nothing snide about it, or was it meant that way. I can't help how you see a simple question, or what you want to turn it into. It obviously hit a raw nerve.
  7. So...hang on here. I ask a simple question and you reply "you'll never know" When you get the same in return, you expect an answer? Not happening 'stranger'
  8. Indeed it does use those words. How they read could mean that you'd rather not say, for whatever reason. I'll keep what I think to myself. So to return the quote "you'll never know"
  9. Corrupt W.H.O? Did all your family decide, or did The_DADDY do a bit of dicatating, or maybe pushed his opinions on the other members of The_DADDY house? It's your choice, I have no problem respecting that. I am curious where you got information that made you so against the jabs being an option.
  10. The marketing and stupid big warning in Windows 10 update does make it look like that. It does also say that you'll be OK if you have to stay on Windows 10 (or words like) I have a mix of Windows 11 that were OK hardware wise, plus the two I mention above. It was just a personal choice to leave the two with older CPUs on Windows 10. There are plenty of ways to get Windows 11 on older hardware if you want to. Chances are that you have TPM 1.2, Windows 11 requires TPM 2. It depends on the CPU and/or the motherboard. I don't fully agree with the requirements of Windows 11 but the choice to install it on older hardware is yours.
  11. If you mean older CPUs, you can install it. Updates may be an issue. You'll have to let us know how they go. I have a 4th & 6th Gen Intel, for now I've just left them on Windows 10. Ones a test PC, the other a HTPC, so no great rush to upgrade them. They have! IMO they have made the taskbar fairly useless. Look in 'Windows Tools > Control Panel' Powershell & CMD are there. You can set the default to what you want, going by an MS page I read a while back. I can't link to it, as I can't remember where it was. I've found Windows 11 works OK and no major issues from the beta releases to what we have today.
  12. I went through the beta on a couple of HTPC's. When it was released I decided to install on all my main systems. Like you, no major issues. I installed the update you mention. No problems but run updates again after the reboot as there's a .NET update. No problem staying with Win 10. It's worth keeping in mind that a lot of how things work in any OS, we don't see. If you decided to give it a go, it keeps Windows 10 in 'Windows.old' on the OS drive (takes up about 25GB) I'm not sure how long it keeps it, but roll it back to Win 10 if you don't like Win 11. So it was a bit of advertising? Not really relevant to installing Windows 11 on a PC but quite funny, and some worried Xbox owners!
  13. I thought It would be something fairly simple. He's a lad, probably wanted his new case filled and working ASAP. A virtual clip round the ear from Dad for leaving screws out...that's just lazy! 😄 Glad it's sorted, and hopefully didn't cost 'bank of dad' too much.
  14. No problem. A bit of guesswork ATM, but with a parts to case swap, it's usually something simple/overlooked. Let us know how he gets on.
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