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  1. It sounds like things are OK. I'm a bit old school and tend to reboot after System/Program/Driver updates. Hard drives are fairly standard in size. nVME are some of the smallest, with a common size being just 22 x 80 mm. The other two common size hard drives are 2.5" & 3.5", the 2.5" are mainly found in laptops but also a very common size for SATA- SSDs in either laptops or desktops. The 3.5" is mainly desktop & external use but capacity can be over 14TB on a single drive. The list goes on and on but the above covers the basics. A free program that will tell you about your hard drives is CrystalDisk Info ( I think it's Windows only) I've not used it for a while so there may be a newer option to check them. If they all report a spindle speed, I agree 100% with the above, treat yourself to an SSD for the system drive.
  2. It all depends on if it's a basic restart, or if it's downloaded updates etc. I have noticed HDD errors in the past that can seriously slow down boot or restarts. I don't normally notice much, if any. I can't say I've ever timed them as my PCs tend to have RAID cards so quick booting/restarts are not something I watch for. What's your reason to ask, getting slow restarts?
  3. Two freebies in a week! 😉 Just a small heads up if you're on 1903 and it's not triggering the 1909 update, there is an Update tool also. I've had a couple that needed the update tool using. Not a clue why it only happens on some systems, and never got round to reading up on it.
  4. Good on you for checking with the shop first. I must say that if I'd got the email it would have been a "yeah OK"...delete!! On a plus side, I just got my TV back from Currys/PC World repair service. I was expecting the usual rubbish about how it's not covered due to this or that, but no, a 5 day turn round and came back with a new screen and other parts. It seems their 5 year warranty is worth looking for. The TV is over 3 years old so it saved me a few bob on buying a new one!
  5. As above, radio and TV are very different when it comes to geographical blocks. A good VPN gets you round the TV blocks most of the time. If it's just radio you want, keep your cash in your pocket.
  6. It could be a cunning plan for criminals to be disguised as football fans. I seem to remember a film where they did the same...but they used minis and a coach!
  7. Looks fairly easy willman, here's a video for you. Double check the video to your laptop first.
  8. Make/Model? Sometimes it can be very easy, others it can be more complicated.
  9. It was an odd one. I had a quick read and people were going from faulty PSU to chipset errors, at that point I decided to do my own investigating. I did have the search set to 1 month though. No AM4 in 2015 and didn't happen on my Intel Z390 setup. Just an odd one that threw me off a bit with the error description. If anyone has the same issue, it might save them a bit of tracking down time.
  10. I was getting a critical error on 2 AMD systems, an X470 and X370 boards. One Ryzen 9 and the other was a Ryzen 5. The error shows as... Critical Kernel-Power Event ID: 41 Task Category (63) With very little help from MS and the web, I decided to have a look through the systems. Although one had Intel LAN and the other had Realtek, I noticed a lot of tabs missing from the properties of both. I installed the drivers from the motherboard drivers page and the above crash stopped. It may be the drivers used in the Windows update, both PCs on 1909. If you are getting the above error it might be worth checking the LAN drivers.
  11. The basics of the link are true. Some of the other parts are, yet again...pure scare mongering. This section of the forum has covered how upgrade to Windows 10 for free or very cheap. There will be times where Win 10 won't work on some very old hardware. We also covered how some versions of Linux work well on such hardware. Like phones and TVs etc, PCs get old and it could be time to upgrade. It's simply an End of Life for an Operating System... Not the world!
  12. Click in the check box on the ones you don't want and an icon comes up at the bottom of the page to delete (On PC Chrome browser) Try the same on the iPad and see if it shows the same, Tick the ones you don't want to keep and delete.
  13. Factory Reset? It should be in the setting but it might require your code first. I've not used a VCR in a lot of years so only a guess.
  14. I bought Jabra. They are good but they are also expensive. I got an email from mymemory.co.uk for some called i99, they look a bit like Apple ear pods but a tad cheaper at £19.99. I can't say if they are any good or not. Might be worth looking at the reviews.
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