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  1. And that's why I put "If I remember right" in brackets. It was a long time ago, I don't why but the name Akai, or something like that keeps popping up...maybe it was that make. Either way, it doesn't really matter does it? I was just thinking back decades ago about equipment that's long gone.
  2. Ah, those were the days. A Marantz reel to reel and a Sansui tape deck (if I remember right) all wired up to a seperates stereo big enough to fill a 1 bed flat! I would always buy TDK (SA?) as they were the best value to sound. I would imagine there will still be of use to someone, I like the music centre speleo, We went from a radiogram (big wooden thing), Music centre (like yours but Hitachi) and then on to huge seperates system with some big Mission speakers. Now my music is on something that fits in your pocket and a pair of bluetooth earbuds! And you're right DeZeus, the car has a memory chip or a USB port. CD players in cars are one thing I don't miss, either I had rubbish ones or they all skipped if you hit a bump in the road...not a good thing on some of Sheffields roads.
  3. The same could be said for the OS, Web browser, mobile phone, apps on everything etc. ALL we can do these days is minimise the data we give out and do our best to keep a lower profile online. It reminds me of when I was an IT manager and explaining to one of the more paranoid staff about how much information about them was on our system, part of the system was linked to CAPITA. I often wonder just how much was released via these 3rd parties, not that they'd ever admit it. As for the OPs question, the only thing I can say is not to have any BB providers email as your main one. Chances are there will come a time to move on. It's just another headache for you. I know the freebies aren't perfect and do data hunt. I still opt for Gmail from the free ones but I also have much more private ones (they cost money)
  4. I bought a VESA compatible one from Amazon - Link Also double check if they come with a screw pack and they will fit your TV (Most are included) It was under £30 and very good quality. Just measure the VESA screw holes on the back of your TV. then check against the 100's on Amazon or the likes. I have a 60" TV bolted to the one in the link so it will take a fair bit of weight. I just noticed it's showing as "unavailable" but it should give you an idea of quality and price, chances are the same one is just under a different advert.
  5. This is a good point, I have a WD 2TB portable that doesn't always obtain a drive letter in Windows. Easily fixed with the instructions above. Another thing to watch out for is a broken USB board. This normally shows errors in the OS but the actual hard drive can be working OK, it just needs removing from the existing USB/Caddy and connecting direct to SATA or used on another (working) USB external case. Can you list the make and model? Knowing this might help people find a fix for you.
  6. I was talking to a man in the phone shop in the arcade near Morrisons (Hillsborough) I've never used them so I don't know if they are any good, he did say that it was a no fix-no fee service. Worth asking? Depending how bad the crack is, the case idea would also work.
  7. I've had my Sony HT-XT1 soundbase for a long time and wondered if anyone knows of any new ones with the same number of inputs. It doesn't have to be Sony but does have to have:- At least 4 HDMI (1 ARC) Optical input 4K Passthrough (I think that's what they call it) This is a photo of the inputs on mine. A sound base/stage would be better but a soundbar would also be considered. Most I can find have 1 HDMI and/or an optical input. I don't really want to be messing about with HDMI splitters or going into full cinema audio with speakers all round...I only have one working ear so that route is a bit pointless. Also not bothered about Atmos as they are still a bit outside my price range, which is up to £300 (ish) Any ideas Thanks
  8. Games and some films can have more complex audio streams. If your PS3 is defaulting to one of them in certain games, the soundbar might not be able to decode it. I'm having a play on the old PS3 now (Splinter Cell HD) Out of curiosity I checked the audio outputs, I must have set it to the soundbar orgionaly as all the formats the soundbar can use are enabled, the rest are disabled. If you can find a manual for your soundbar, it should say in there what audio it can decode.
  9. You might have the PS3 to output audio the soundbar can't process. If tinkering with the audio output doesn't work, I use a Yamaha YAS 101 and that works OK but I think it's out of date now, as in, they don't make them any more.
  10. Booze gives you a false break from the symptoms but ecsalates them when it wears off...the vicious circle begins. IAPTS doesn't work for everyone but seems to be the go to answer for most GPs. GPs are also very reluctant to give you ANY addictive medication. In my opinion the entire system with regards to mental health is far to slow. There also isn't a one answer fits all for it, people are all different. I agree with Runningman but the problem there is, a lot of people with mental health issues can have trouble finding the motivation to get out of bed, let alone go out for a run or even a walk. Unfortunately, it's another destructive side of mental health illness. Try and do it bit by bit. Start by cutting down the alcohol, Talk to your GP again about other options and/or medication. If you don't feel your GP is doing all they can, try talking to another GP. A different GP may know of a better way to help you.
  11. Although, I don't use it, my telly does all the recordings, set timers to record from Freesat or Freeview etc. All I have to do is add the storage to use the function. I don't have a TV recorder box so can't comment to the advantages...if any. I have noticed that the boxes are Freesat or Freeview but most have the catch up services. For my use I've found that the normal Freesat/Freeview and Amazon Prime via PC or the TV gives me enough to watch. That works out at £150 a year tax to the BBC and about £80 a year to Amazon. I thought the TV/Phone packages seem to be a bit expensive for what they are. I just kept my broadband seperate from my TV, not everyone's favorite but I get an 80/20 line from BT for a tad over £30 per month. Check the broadband speed available at your postcode here (Not sure how accurate these are) There are a lot more ways of getting and recording TV around the house such as HDHomerun but get the basics in place first.
  12. Nothing wrong with that, £20 +P&P seems OK for a small project PC It's just a case of respecting what it is and what it will do with the parts included.
  13. I was just looking through the specs on here As I said in my first reply, and Ghozers reply, the 40GB SSD will most likely start causing you problems with Windows 10 Pro. The spec of the PC is quite low but it doesn't mean it's not possible. You will be limited to what it will do by the hardware, a rough guess is that it's over 8 years old and built to be a low power PC. If you didn't want to put any more money into it, Linux may be a better choice of OS. An idea of what you intend to use if for would help but you need to keep in mind that upgrades are very limited as the CPU is soldered down and the RAM is at its limits.
  14. Did you get and use the Microsoft 1909 USB Media Creator to make the install USB drive? In the BIOS, what are the setting on the Secure Boot section? Did you use the Advanced part of the setup and delete all old partitions on the 40GB internal drive? I know you said it was wiped but it might still have old partition information on it. Can you give us and idea of the specs of the PC? (A link to the make/model would be a big help) What type of drive is it? (m-SATA, 2.5" SSD, 2.5" mechanical etc) The 40GB drive might cause issues. It is quite small, a 120 SSD can be bought for under £20.
  15. Only things that comes to mind are the swaps section on here and Gumtree. It's not going to cost anything to test the water. Depending on the make/model of the 970's, you might get more than £70 per card.
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