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  1. You might not be a mile off with the sale of 2 GTX970's and putting the money towards a 1660/Ti upwards. I ran 970 SLI for a while and it's a decent set up but as you're finding, the age of the cards starts to show on newer and more demanding games. I agree with the above and would upgrade the GPU first. When funds allow, get the new monitor. I'd give the link you posted to the 1080Ti a miss. They say first impressions count. My first impression is, it's a cheap copy of a very good GPU. There are plenty of videos online for the Chinese igame GPUs. Have a look and see what you think. It might be just me being a bit of a snob and going for the well known (more expensive) brands 😉
  2. No problem. The main thing in any of these cases is that people don't lose files that can't be replaced.
  3. If I'm understanding your post right... The multimedia/power keys don't work out of the box on some keyboards, you may need to use a driver to enable them. If there wasn't a driver disc in the box, have a quick look on the manufacturer website, make sure you get the exact model and install the driver, you should be OK after that.
  4. Slaughter? Do you have a problem with the "slaughter" of sprouts, cabbages and carrots etc? 😉 Joking aside, I fully agree that trees are a vital part of the big picture but commercial farming of these trees, keeps trees growing. As said previously, if it was banned, the land would be sold and probably used for buildings. I know it's not the best answer but I would rather have a rotation of young trees on the land than more factories and office blocks. I hope you have a good "treeless" xmas padders, I don't have either...Bah Humbug!!! (By that I mean, a good xmas but no trees or decorations)
  5. Looking on Google maps, yes it is that one. Not sure of any of the staffs names though.
  6. Swarf, was there any kind of TPM installed or Windows Bitlocker turned on, on her machine? Also, at any point did she forget her password and maybe put the wrong one in a few times? Did she change from a local to an MS linked account (That has been known to change the user folder name but all the files are there and useable) Did the "recursive links" have a $ symbol after the name? It is an odd one and as Ghozer said, it would be best to have it in front of you. When Windows 10 first installs it always gives the PC an odd name after initial install, just change it later if you want...I always do as the names mean nothing on a network view! Although I no longer use Acronis, I never had any issues with the software but I notice from their emails that they moved to system optimizers and backup etc, it's possible Acronis is doing lots of full backups instead of incremental type, that would use a lot of space. Some backup software can create a partition on the HDD, I've seen this cause issues for some users too. Does everything look OK in disk Management? Would it be an option for her to backup her personal files and clean install again? I know it sounds a bit drastic but it can be the best option in some cases.
  7. Indeed it did! Many happy memories from both of those pubs, I often wonder if the lads are still knocking about down Firth Park but the last time I was down there, there was so much that's changed.
  8. It was a favourite haunt of ours from being slightly under age and a good many years to follow.... from the late 70's onwards I seems to remember some "heated" card games when the pot got quite big! The Firth Park one.
  9. On my older telly you have to select the signal type before you can tune it in... Digital etc. It might be the tuner that's setup wrong or broken. I was browsing Amazon yesterday and a DVB box can be can be bought for about £20, then use the TV via HDMI to watch over the air broadcasts. Check the other things before spending though.
  10. Well put. I'm ok with Linux but every now and again I have to go on the net to find and an answer. The answer usually involves terminal and command line etc. Not the type of thing that anyone new or not confident really wants or possibly understands. I know it's a learning curve but most new users I meet just want a click and go type of setup.
  11. Will you EVER answer a simple question with either yes or no? (Applies to all MPs)
  12. If it's the original HDD it might have a recovery partition that you can reinstall 7 from. Or did it come with a recovery DVD? Backup your files Use recovery and reinstall 7 and fully update it I'd still clone the new install to an SSD. As above, you won't get the SSDs full potential but it will speed thing up a fait bit. More RAM is never a waste of money IMO but check the specs before getting any. Whichever way you go, it should be ok for the use you mention. The version of Office/powerpoint you have could limit the OS selection though
  13. The next month...or two The Walking Dead - Series 1 - 10 Star Trek Discovery - Series 1&2 Sons of Anarchy Sleeper Cell That should see me through to next year.
  14. You mention Jazz, Another of my newer finds is this bloke. Some say it's not jazz but either way, good music...IMO Gregory Porter - Hey Laura
  15. Wiring to the router won't really help start times. I'd go with an SSD and maybe Windows 10, If you wanted to keep it as is, clone the old clunky slow HDD to the SDD and swap them out. Or make sure you can see and read the COA and do a clean install of Windows 7 and use the existing key. You may need to get an OEM copy of W7, it's been years since I last installed it, it might not be as picky now! Other options too if you fancy an OS change but still worth a bit of cash on the SSD
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