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  1. And gave you another excuse to start a pontless reply with... 😄
  2. Is this what you're looking for? AMD Intel It seems the compatibility tool is in for repair, and has been for about 4 days. But have no fear, it's "coming soon" 😄
  3. Sorry you feel this way mate. I think you're making the right choice by taking a back seat, but not going fully away from the forum, if it's come to this point. The main thing is that you're doing what you feel is right. A loss for a lot of forum members, but you need to look after number one at times. It's not just about the people Beca. We have been asking the new owners to sort certain sections from day one...nothing done! Well, apart from the barrage of scam/junk posts has gone through the roof. While I agree about some things the new owners have failed on. Most of the old moderation team were very power mad and loved the 'power of delete' Although, some should have been kept, I'm not holding you personally responsible for the junk, I also don't expect you to be on here 24/7. My point is, how's it getting through much more frequent than it ever has? Anyway, back on topic. All the best Ghozer. I'm sure we'll chat again soon.
  4. They removed the option to split bands on the latest router. I've been using one for a while and it seems to sort things out fairly well. My newer/faster WiFi goes on the 5Ghz, and the slower to the 2.4 I'm not sure if they send out different routers depending on which speed/plan you go for. Fred G, I've used an S8, S9, A71 and an iPhone 12 on the BT router and never had an issue. If I was trying what's mentioned above by removing the network from your phone, also delete the device in 'My Devices' on the router. Although not a problem on phones up to now, this has caused issues on PCs etc.
  5. Sarah - Thin Lizzy (Phil Lynott)
  6. And... Are you looking for him, or another company to do some work?
  7. I do, it was the 'functioning' bit that I was curious about. Not everyone is legal to drive, or has a passport. Which other forms of ID have a photo? I'm sure there are, i've just not heard of them.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by that. I don't always carry ID, does that mean I'm not a 'functioning' member of society? If you mean a certain section of society, please elaborate. Might be an interesting conversation.
  9. You're right, it can cause issues on mobile devices running Windows (maybe others) WiFi and USB power save are a thing I turn off without fail. It can be a very annoying 'feature' This rule of mine applies to mobile and desktop type setups. Although a good point, I think the OPs issue may be a bit deeper than a power setting. We'll see, if they get round to digging into it a bit more.
  10. If 3 has worked well for you, no reason not to stay. I had issues so I switched. You might get a better deal by calling the 'want to leave 3' number/option.
  11. No, you tried hiding the referral from the OP. Be open about it, nothing wrong with getting a bit of commission IMO, just no need to hide the fact (or try)
  12. Fair enough. I shall bow to your better knowledge 😉 As I said, the £8 O2 deal was just what I wanted, and the right money IMO. Plus I wanted to play with the eSIM & nano SIM in the same phone.
  13. The link should read http://referme.to/t0FBhHp At least tell people if you're using a referral link.
  14. I'm not sure if you have to give 30 days. End of contract etc. I'd just request the PAC code. Double check as I'm not 100% sure. I was recently on 3, then moved back to Giffgaff and found them both a bit poor on coverage. I ended up with a better deal from O2, but it was a 12 month contract. It was cheaper than the Giffgaff goodybag, and with 2GB more data. Very odd with the signal, being that Giffgaff use O2. So, I got 10GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited text for £8 (6 months of Disney+ too) I've had no issues but I know that some people don't want contracts.
  15. It only carries 10 people It can only do 100 miles (not sure how many miles the average bus does per day) It does whole 20 MPH! It's ugly (IMO) But... It's a possible first step to a cleaner transport system. I think it will provide some much needed 'real data' as to how, when, safety...and a 100 more Q&A's that would be needed before we could move to this type of transport. I would imagine so. All guesswork ATM. Time and the results of trials will answer the questions. Maybe the target is tied in with the all electric cars.
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