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  1. Protect a company that put all it's best repeats on a paid service? Protect a company that used to have local news, now it's more of a vast area of the North. I have just paid my dues to the BBC but I'm thinking of calling it a day with live TV in general. I'm sure some like the cooking, selling, buying, dancing and soaps...not for me. Repeating these all the time just makes me want to push the 'cancel' button a bit more. Digital radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting) You'll need a DAB radio to use the service. I have it in my car and it looks like it shows the channel and song playing etc. The sound does seem better, but that might just be me!
  2. If it's a service and an ongoing thing, it might be best to trust your instincts. If alarm bells are ringing, move on. A service or warranty is only as good as the company giving it. The company goes under, so does your money, in most cases.
  3. No problem, I think it will be a good move. You should get an AIO for decent money (printer, scanner, copier) I didn't think I'd use the scanner or copier but the network scanner gets used more than the printing or copy. Running your ink down should give you chance to look at some reviews and prices, don't forget to factor in the cost of ink.
  4. As above. While on Linux try and add the printer to the other PC. Although it's the same print device, it's not the same OS. If it works and your wife wants to print, she'll have to ask you which OS you're on and select the right printer. I know throwing money at a problem isn't always the answer but I'd invest in a Wifi/network enabled All in One. The printer would then be an independant device on the network, no need to leave a PC on, no need to create printer shares and the OS can just connect direct. It will save a lot of time and problems. (IMO) I think mine is a Canon MG 3650 and cost about £50. Not the best but for my needs, it does the job well. That model will probably be out of date now. The only downside I found on mine is that doesn't have a display so you have to config the WiFi via USB, then it just sits in another room waiting for jobs. It sleeps after 15 minutes so I never unplug it. Tested on Windows, macOS and Linux...all connect and work without issues.
  5. Does the printer connect to the WiFi or use an Ethernet cable. Or is it USB to your PC? Did you share the printer via Windows, and your wife connected to the shared printer? Make/model of the printer will help. If it's wireless and/or ethernet, there's no need for her to go via your PC to connect. She can just connect directly to the printer. I have a very cheap Canon wireless printer. It's setup on the network with its own IP address. From each PC (Windows. macOS and Linux) I connect direct to the printer. No PC has printer sharing as there's no need for it. If we know what printer you have, it may just be a case of showing you a better way to set things up.
  6. Totally missed it. Updates are on auto. Maybe a bit lazy on my part but all my PCs do a backup image every couple of days. Too many 'new features' have caused issues in the past. A macrium restore only takes 5 minutes 😉
  7. It was news to me! Used the links provided...it's now gone. Thanks for the heads up Janus.
  8. I was tinkering with my old i5 and used a live Linux USB, the interface to install alongside Windows didn't look too friendly to new users (IMO) Credit where credit's due. Kidorry doesn't like the 'No or can't' words 😉
  9. It's always quite expensive to build anything good from scratch. The big question needs to be asked...do you keep spending on old tech? No problem with a newer GPU but most of your other parts would have to be re-purposed. The system you have now would be a decent Plex server but I'd be trying a newer/faster GPU first. I use ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte and Palit GPUs, all have been good up to now. Like most companies, all the ones mentioned have budget lines. I try to avoid the cheap ones if I can. Used parts can go for silly money, compare used to new and post links if you want to. I don't have anything at the moment but I'll ask around.
  10. I remember my daughter saying she had issues on a wide monitor with a GTX970, not tried on a 1050ti but it is what it is. It's not a bad card but start throwing high resolutions at it, and it might show. You could upgrade the card but without a budget idea, it's dificult to know. The 4th gen i5 and 8GB of RAM could also be a bottleneck in performance. I have a test machine with near on the same spec (16GB RAM) It's OK at fairly low settings but take it up to 1440 etc and it starts to crawl. The CPU and GPU are at 100% and the RAM is high. A better card could take some of the load but it might be time to think of other parts too. Budget?
  11. Although my mac is newer, I run it in a fairly unconventional way. macOS is on a Thunderbolt 3 NVMe drive (macOS seems quite happy on external) I split the internal Fusion Drive and installed Windows 10 on the 128GB SSD and set the 2TB mechanical to exFAT (So both could use it) Getting to your question. How about installing Windows 10 on it? Just get the drivers via Bootcamp, do a Time Machine backup (just in case) Although not 100% sure, you may be able to to run your macOS from a cheapish external SSD if you needed it again. Just use the option key when you turn on to choose OS. Do a bit of reading first, as I said, my mac is newer and it might not be an option for you but it should be OK. So bits needed... Backup macOS if you want Get Windows drivers via Bootcamp on mac (no need to run the .exe, each driver needed can be found in the folders) Download latest Win 10 from MS (make bootable USB) Plug into mac and hold option key after turning mac on. Select Win 10 and Wipe all old partitions then install Win 10 on the clean drive. ** I'd keep a copy of your mac OS and run from USB if possible ** (just my opinion) Anyone feel free to add if I missed anything, or it's different on older macs. I have no issues at all with Windows 10 on mine. Give us a shout if you need more help.
  12. My last 3 cars have had the electronic ones. Very odd at first but very good once you get used to them. I use mine the same as I would with the handle type. Obviously no sync between the pedals and the handbrake like before. The 2 second hill start took a bit of getting used to after decades of doing things the 'old way' A couple of mistakes but all good after that. I see the older handbrake in small cars that are usually a cheaper make/model. I like my whistles and bells in my car so the old style handbrake hasn't been an option for nearly 8 years (for me). It's not really a 'handbrake' now, just a finger switch. Not sure on the answer to Q2. I still call it a handbrake although it isn't really the same thing. Either way, I like them but probably won't if they ever go wrong. I'd imagine an expensive fix.
  13. I would imagine the shops will just play a new game with the mindless rule makers. Instead of BOGOF, they would simply make it something like: Buy one for £1 or two for £1.05. The second being only 5p but gets round the silly BOGOF rule.
  14. If any product can be sold at 2 for the price of one, simply charge the 50% reduction and sell more. Simple business isn't it? This country has a bad habit of taxing and banning things in the name of health. Punishing people that are already struggling with finances isn't the answer and never will be.
  15. Good on you. A bit of learning and sticking with it...result! Your options are quite open now, you could just have Linux or run both from the same drive with a dual boot. You should be OK with a 240GB SSD which will make things run smoother (as mentioned above) whichever way you decide. Just remember to do backups first, things can and do go wrong at times. You know where everyone is if you want advice. Merry Xmas to you too.
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