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  1. It could be many things. One that fits with today's weather, it got too hot and shutdown. Home routers usually have passive cooling, no help from a fan and they get a bit toasty. Some electronics have a thermal cutout...too hot, turn off. Only a guess though, and the list of could be is long.
  2. 30 Days of Night 30 Days of Night - Dark Days A bit of a modern twist on the vampire horror films. The first is much better IMO, so, 8/10 for the first, 5.5/10 for the second.
  3. I don't use them on my phone/tablet. I've found most don't work, or don't work the way I want. It might be worth trying another browser from the store. Only a few minutes to test and can be deleted just as easy if it doesn't work.
  4. Not sure Alan. A tablet of that age shouldn't have problems with it. Have you rooted the tablet and added anything via that method?
  5. I know what you mean now. I have a couple I use on my test bench but usually too lazy to use it, just cross the pins with a screwdriver...Not the best way to do it!
  6. This one? Yup, that's like me with them! 😄
  7. I just checked again on my tablet (Huawei M5) running Android 9 on Chrome with no addons. No issues at all. My phone is Android 10 (Samsung) also with Chrome, no issues on that either. How old is the tablet and what version of Android?
  8. Which Operating System and browser are you using? Normally there's options on the top right of the browser windows, from there, look in settings/extensions (or addons) People have said that using Microsoft Edge has caused problems. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/471894-sheffield-peregrine-falcons-2020/
  9. re-open? I was there a couple of weeks ago for an MRI. It was a 07:20 Sunday appointment and they did say the Hallamshire one was for COVID patients only. I know there's many types of scan, just saying that I was there recently. My GP told me last Thursday "things are changing on a day to day basis" Probably not the answer you want. Would it be an option to go to Chesterfield? Might be worth mentioning if you can.
  10. Same here. Tested it on Windows PC with Chrome Android tablet/phone using Chrome iMac using Safari As of now (10:06) Adult on perch, chicks in view at the back corner. It might be worth checking any browser addons blocking things.
  11. Forgot about the cashback option. Like you, I mainly used at CO-OP for it. I haven't even asked after the virus was announced but my local one does still accept cash. I'll not go into my misadventures with self service checkouts...any of them! They ALL hate me! Fully agree about phones, and not just cheaper ones. Useless in bright sunlight. My daughter is the photographer of the family and spends a lot of money on cameras and lenses etc. She would quote you word for word about a viewfinder.
  12. Those plugs can be VERY tight!! On the PSU, chances are the fan only starts when it's needed. Some run all the time, other start when under load. As I said pervious, the lights aren't really my "thing" I know you get RGB and addressable RGB. I have loads of odd 3 and 4 pin wires for it, they are still in the motherboard box! What do you mean by "old power switch"?
  13. I'm not with you, Your admin would give passwords over the phone? in the case I mention the users were logging on every day. If somebody forgot their password, a single use password was issued but they had to then immediately change it to one that that met the password rules before they could fully login to the system. The rules that were written into the company security policy but not implemented by the previous admin. I got every excuse under the Sun on how it was a bad idea. We had a meeting with the department heads where I showed the information that "could" be accessed on the system depending on their level of access. I also explained ways to come up with, and remember strong passwords. It wasn't a case of waving a big stick because I could, it was done to protect theirs, and other peoples very personal information. If you think of it like this. If you work for a company, someone at your place of work has access to:- Your full name Your address Your NI number Your DOB Maybe your car info (Reg number etc) That is a very basic list. I don't know about you but if someone had information like that about me, I'd like them to secure it properly.
  14. No, wouldn't have a clue what the buttons are if I couldn't see the screen, and I do use them a bit. Are the buttons the same layout no matter which company/bank? I have had the screen glare, my glasses go dark and that doesn't help at all. Not sure if it's the same as wearing sunglasses. Creating a bit of shade with your body or hands but I'm a bit OCD with hiding my input with one hand, block the sun with the other...you see where I'm going with this 😄
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