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  1. zach

    Building a new PC

    I do quite a lot of video editing/encoding and have found the Ryzen 7 a good CPU. I have both the 1st and 2nd generation and both are good CPUs but the 2nd gen plays much better with RAM. To save a bit of cash, go for the none "X" versions... 1700 or 2700. Both these CPUs are 8 Core/16 Thread. A minimum of 16GB of decent speed DDR4 RAM would also need to be on the list with the above CPUs. I never got the Ryzen 1700 to run stable at anything above 3000, the Ryzen 2700 seems ok with higher speeds. You'll need to check which CPU and motherboard before buying RAM. Other good workhorse CPUs I've owned are the Intel X79 and X99 chipset ones. I keep seeing these pop up on Gumtree from time to time at the right money. These are usually 6 Core/12 Thread CPUs like the 3930k Although workload can be passed on to graphics cards, I'll not go into those as they tend to add big numbers to any build. If you let us know your budget, it might help in picking the best new/used parts.
  2. zach

    Laptop- dead battery - mains not working.

    Sounds good. If the battery does charge, it might be worth a couple of full charge/drains.
  3. zach

    Laptop- dead battery - mains not working.

    I seem to remember some Dell laptops wouldn't work off mains if the battery was dead. That was years ago though. Have you tried... Removing the battery and just use mains. Do you know the charger is OK? Any lights on the laptop to show it's working? If you give the make and model it might help.
  4. zach


    Good idea. Any reason you go from Gmail to Yahoo, or just the way you prefer?
  5. zach


    If you go on XDA Developers site and search for your phone, it should list all the ROMS/Firmware and how to flash it. Some phones are easy, some require a bit more work. I've always done my own in the past but you need to understand the risks... if anything goes wrong, it could "brick" your phone. It might be worth asking at a good phone shop as to what your options are, and how much. Mine usually went like this... Unlock bootloader (warranty void) Flash ROM Flash GAPPS if needed (Google Apps) It's been a good few years from the last time I did one so have a read on the above site and see what's being said about the do's and don'ts on your phone.
  6. I use Macrium. I used to buy Acronis but found that Macrium did all I need for free. Very easy to use but have a read first.
  7. zach

    hard disc from video recorder

    I'd say the HDD will be formatted to some none MS file system. Possibly Linux? As for the files, don't try and use stock video players. Depending on the file extension it may play in some thing like VLC or MPC-HC. I know my DVB-S2 card records to .ts but the list of video output types is a long one, some we still use, some not so much. I know it doesn't answer your question but have you ever thought of a TV tuner in your PC? It's not for everyone but I find it very handy for a central record and network share type setup. I left mine at default (.ts) but it also records in other very standard formats.
  8. I have to agree that the idea of giving updates to PC's on the internet is taking it way too far by MS. The idea of one PC on your network updating your other PCs can work well...as it did for years with WSUS on their servers. The second link swarf gave has some good tips on how to save some data, one main one I mentioned in my first reply.
  9. Updating a desktop via mobile data isn't the best option. Chances are that your XP machine had all updates. Depending on how new your Win 10 install is, there may be some very big updates. You can set the connection to your phone as Metered Connection, that should cut it down for you. When you look in system > about... what version does it say?
  10. zach

    Egg poaching.

    Love a poached egg! but not had one for years due to too many failures. So... Egg from fridge or room temp? Setting on the microwave? It might be time to test, and blow up some eggs 😃
  11. zach

    Problem with tv and iplayer

    If your TV doesn't have HDMI for your Chromecast, you cant use it directly. At 10 years old it's had a good run. Might be worth option 2. As for price, it all depends on size, quality and features etc. A lot of the lower budget TVs have iPlayer and other catch up services. Some also have DVR built in, you can record direct to USB Drive/HDD Have a think on... How much to spend Screen size & resolution Features Make (If bothered) Price is the main starting point but with an idea of the above, people should be able to point you in the direction of a decent one.
  12. zach

    Job vacancies

    Good to hear Josh, thanks for the update.
  13. I always tell people to have a good think on what, how and how many could be using your network at one time. I won't use the home plug adaptors on my network. Good AC WiFi and direct cables work much better IMO. NAS: I would never buy the pre built ones in most cases. Far too low powered and cost a lot of cash for what you get. For some people they are ideal and will keep all your files in one place and backup if you want. As said above, keep another backup of the really important files elsewhere. As my NAS does a lot of transcoding (Plex) I have always built my own. It's not the easiest but I find the power to £ ratio far better on self built. I'm not sure what router your ISP give you but from the above reply, you might be ok with it.
  14. zach

    Motherboard longevity

    There's no guarantee as to how long any electrical item will last. I have motherboards that are over 10 years old and still going strong, I've also had to return them after a few hours/days/months. The board in your link (ASUS) do tend to be decent but the above can still apply. The problem you may find with your current system is drivers and/or new software. It's your choice which OS you use but keep in mind that Windows 7 is near end of life and won't be supported by Microsoft afterwards. Windows 10 isn't as bad as some think and does tend to work on most hardware. Why not try a copy on a spare HDD if you have one? List the details of your old system and we can advise you more on it.
  15. zach

    Ces 2019

    Anything catch your eye that may be at CES 2019? Intel releasing a discrete GPU? AMD 3rd gen Ryzen? Or why not a roll up telly from LG? A few that caught my eye while having a quick look this morning.

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