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  1. It's not cheap. If anything, eBay are bloody greedy! As for an increase of 0.35%, I doubt that will put most private sellers off. Businesses that are selling many items per day will either stop using them, or pass on the increase to the buyers...probably a 1% increase to the latter.
  2. You did the right thing. Listen to those little alarm bells in your head! We all like a bargain, but not at risk of being scammed and/or your bank details ending up in the wrong hands.
  3. It got me. I think it's just on the last bit now. I'd say about ten days to now, maybe a couple more until it's near enough gone. I'm quite lucky, I usually only get a cold (or whatever it is) every couple of years or so. This felt different. A deep and painful cough. Fairly bad headache, and just felt drained of energy. I don't take anything for colds. But whatever you use. If it makes you feel better...go for it. Quite a few blokes I know have got or had it too. I'm sure plenty of ladies are in the wars with it too.
  4. Yes, they may test it with mobile units first. Nothing at all to do with safety. Making sure it will be a good earner before the pay for a permanent one!
  5. Have you seen how Disney have destroyed some film and TV franchises with their politically correct and woke madness? There's a good chance they will go ahead and destroy this one too.
  6. Through experience I've found that I buy the cheapest frames possible after the eye test, or free if your entitled to them. Make sure the glasses prescription is right for you. Then buy the ones you want to keep. There's a gamble factor doing it this way, but always getting a copy of your eye test results (including pupil distance) then buying the final ones online, does tend to save you a good few quid.
  7. This is where it gets odd. I wouldn't go there ever again. Went to Kemps first (Herries Rd) no problems. Then for some reason, I went to Specsavers Hillsborough - 3 visits before I got anything near. Tried Specsavers Archer Rd after that. In the end, they just said they wouldn't try again after 3 or 4 tries at getting varifocals right. The glasses aren't bad but certainly not right. They did put me on a 12 month eye test, rather than a 2 year one. The 'odd' bit at the start of my comment comes from various things. Is it my eyes? Is it varifocals? Is it Specsavers? I'd rather have the old way of testing, not the new optical machine that auto swaps lenses (I doubt I'll get that) I won't be using Specsavers again. I'll try Martin Kemps. But I think I'll also try separate reading and distance glasses. I still won't be using Specsavers again due to the 'rushed' feeling I got during tests. When they try a lens and I say "no, that's not right" and the young man replies "but it was better?" Yes it was better, but not right, and he just carries on with that selection. Just for clarification. I've used varifocals for 10 years plus. I know they can be a bit 'odd' the first time you use them. It's not the case with me. The short answer! I won't use Specsavers again Probably try Martin Kemps again Open to better options
  8. Make that another 'Agreed' @The_DADDY People tend to forget about the innocents involved in conflicts/war such as Ukraine, Russia, Palestine and Israel. Not forgetting the many more going on around the World. As usual, a small number start it, a large number pay with their life for it.
  9. They'll not be happy until you retire on Friday and you don't make it past the weekend. They should spend more time and effort going after the people that live their entire life on benefits, but have no illness or disabilities. That would take hard work though. It's much easier for them to keep the good taxpayers working as long as they can.
  10. It used to be very busy with some very basic questions on how to do things on an OS to very complex questions. People weren't put off to give their best advice. Now the section just seems to have died to to lack of interest, or fed up with the know it alls that can't or won't admit if someone has a better idea.
  11. I used to really enjoy the long, but very funny posts by a certain member. He once said that it took him up to a day to get the post just as he wanted. I believe he became victim to the despot mods & and "I am God" Admin regime, and posts removed, then banned or left. I seem to remember there were others with a good sense of humour. Now all gone due to silly rules and starring out not so crude words. Most of us are over an age where they don't cause offence. Around that time we had some funny posters, some more serious but very factual. Not so much copy and paste as it is today. They were always open to sensible debate. I used to remember a For Sale section that was very busy. Well laid out and easy to navigate. Scam merchants were quickly found, named and shamed...remember Dennis? He's still on Gumtree with his 20+ user accounts, all with one star! It was a good section and very few problems with buying/selling reported. I remember when people weren't scared to ask a basic question in the Computers thread without getting a snide reply from people that really know nothing. It was also a very busy section of the forum. Anything illegal started as a topic would soon have been handled by the Forum Helper, but they got the boot too! It was a good forum, that was enjoyable to be on.
  12. As long as you have the time, commitment and money. German Shepherd But one thing to get in your head. No dog will be the same, or replace B Dog, but hopefully on a par in its own way. I've owned GSD's all my life until I became ill and had to be realistic about owning another, I decided it would NOT be fair on the dog, despite my wanting one. Every one of them was a fantastic dog. But also very different in their ways. Good luck with whatever your final choice is
  13. R.I.P Carl. An underrated actor that could have played many more roles well, if given the chance, or wanted them.
  14. Now then, where to start. 1. Pink Floyd (obviously) 2. AC/DC 3. Rush 4. Led Zeppelin 5. The Cult 6. Black Sabbath 7. Heart 8. Queen (Early) 9. ELO 10. Nickelback No order, apart from No1. Tomorrow I'll probably reorder, add/remove, and add the +1
  15. I don't gamble on anything regurlarly. If I spend £5 a year, I've gone a bit OTT. When I see odds of millions to one, I tend not to bother. That's exactly what they want. People that have the same numbers every time. For the reason you mention, it can become an expensive debt. It started at 1 draw for £1, then two draws at £2 each, then the Euro thing at £2. £312 a year for one line on each. Most people have more than one line. There's probably a lot more to buy. I don't look, so I don't really know.
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