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  1. Give us an idea of your budget and we can show you what we would buy. Although you don't play games, it might be worth mentioning it's main use too. It's also worth looking on John Lewis, they usually give a 2 year warranty at no extra cost.
  2. Maybe not, do you only use your broadband for TV? I know I don't. It does add a cost but so does buying the TV in the first place, and the electricity to run it.
  3. Why do people keep comparing a commercial company payment to tax? The BBC fee is NOT a tax. Really? Which basic one are you using to compare? I listed a few below that I use. I don't really watch 'normal' TV as most of it on all channels is tat (IMO) Amazon Prime - £7.99 (£13.12 paid to BBC for live sports events included) Netflix - £8.99 BBC - £13.12 Freeview - £0.00 but £13.12 paid to the BBC because it's live TV Freesat - £0.00 but £13.12 paid to the BBC because it's live TV The above are based on a per month cost. The main problem in my opinion is the way the BBC charge to watch any other live TV, even if you have no intention of using their service. I can understand the people who like, and watch the BBC looking after their interests, but is it really fair that the people who don't use the BBC have to pay for your TV viewing? I doubt we will ever see a solution which is fair on all...time will tell.
  4. Try power management first (turn it off) Device manager > Right click on network adapter > Properties > Power tab (Disable anything in the settings to do with turning it off to save power etc.) I'm not sure of the WiFi or NIC is that PC. You can get USB adaptors but they can be a bit hit and miss. Just because Dell say it's not supported, doesn't mean there won't be a newer or better driver to use, a bit of trial and error at times though.
  5. I think it depends on the landlord and contract. We can't have it installed. As a halfway agreement, all the flats have dual satellite and terrestrial TV points in all the main rooms (living room and bedrooms)
  6. I used those for all the vertical, and who I was planning on buying from. I've never found any cheaper. I know we have to measure and fit, but that's not exactly hard if you follow the measuring instructions etc. Do they open and close like a 'normal' venetian? Also is the fitting neat, as in doesn't stick out too far? I did a test quote for one window and that was over £100, I have a lot of windows but by the sounds of your feedback, they may be just what I'm looking for. Thanks
  7. Thanks spider, I'll keep it in mind for now. I've seen a bit more about them online but all in a showroom environment. No great rush and I know it will be expensive, so I want to be 100% sure before I pay the money.
  8. Does anyone have this type of blind fitted to UPVC windows? My new flat is amazing, apart from one small niggle, the windows all open inwards. I have bought vertical blinds for all the windows but they catch the blinds top fitting, this limits the opening to a small gap. I noticed a few that fit to the window frame, PerfectFIT, EasyFIT and ClickFIT. Things always look nice and easy on a website, I just wondered if anyone has these and are they as easy to fit, and do they look good? I was thinking of a Venetian type as I'd like the option to have some privacy while still allowing light in. I doubt it's going to be cheap so I wanted some 'real world' feedback on looks and fitting if anyone has them. Thanks
  9. There may be others that use it. Just google 'Continious Ink' or 'CIS' That should get you on the right track. Or if any forum users use it...step in 😉
  10. Fairly sure I get that on mine. In the Winter it's nigh on every day the fault shows and I have to fill the system. During the warmer months, it never happens, even if the heating comes on every now and again. I just turn the 2 valves and top it up. I've had engineers out 3 times now and they can't find the fault. No leaks on the system but I do hear a low banging noise from the boiler at times. A couple of things mentioned that could be fault was the vessel (whatever that is) and the pressure relief valve. Mine is also just over 5 years old, last engineer came and did the service and gas test a month ago. As it gets colder, I'll soon find out if it's fixed!
  11. No need at all for a disc with drivers on, go to HP and just download the latest ones. Continuous Ink systems aren't those subscription things some companies now have, it's a fitting to an existing printer that you fill the (much bigger) tanks on. I'd never use it enough and it sounds like you wouldn't either. If it worked then stopped, it is possible it has dried, or it's just knackered The steps max lists above are well worth a go, nothing to lost by running a few tests/clean etc.
  12. Lock down!! Got to pass the time doing things 😄 Happy birthday to both of you.
  13. Don't let them get to you. Just more crap people have to put up with on phones. I don't use my landline (no phone plugged in) but my mum who's in her 80's used to get these calls and really fret over them. I just advised her on a 5 second type rule, if you say hello and no response in 5 seconds, just hang up and get on with your day...don't give it another thought.
  14. It might just be a bad one. Will the company take it back or exchange it? I'm fairly sure that some HP ones have the print head on the ink cartridge, buying used/refilled can cause problems. I have also had issues with genuine ones from HP but they were always exchanged. I can fully understand why people buy the cheaper ones as the price for genuine can be more than a new printer in some cases. I've read that people tend to go for Epson printers for use with aftermarket inks, have a read and see if it's still the case. If you do a lot of printing, one that can use a continuous ink system might save you a fair bit on ink costs.
  15. If you use iPlayer or other streaming services you need to make sure the broadband is unlimited (no data caps) 33-36 should be OK for that, but check your area and see what the average speed is. With the 700 minutes of calls, do you use the house phone? Do you need 700 minutes? Is it just to UK landline numbers? Is it off peak and/or weekends only? If you mainly use a mobile phone or the times you use the phone don't fit in with the package, it's just wasted money. 24 month contracts is fairly standard for BT. If they don't give the minimum guaranteed speeds, you can leave without penalty. I have the higher speed ones so check the small print on the 'Essential' package, it may not apply on that one. EDIT: I missed the Fibre 1 part, for the sake of £3 per month, it sounds like a better deal.
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