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  1. zach

    Learning to Drive?

    Or as some of us would say... Welcome to the Sheffield Forum. We are a friendly bunch that will never take everything you say in the literal sense until you say otherwise!!
  2. They are appalling people. For Gods sake, just look at the bloke! When I had to go there, they had decided that I wasn't ill, when I gave them the sick note from the GP they said "that's no good to us as it's the same condition we say you don't have" When I tried explaining that it says that on the note because my GP, the Prof from the Hallamshire and another specialist doctor say I do. Their reply was very quick...We are sanctioning you. That was it. Worked since I was 16, never claimed but treat like dirt because an illness took 15 years but eventually got the better of me. I was lucky in that I had a couple of quid to fall back on, my heart really does go out to the genuinely ill people that have to bow to this scum just to eat! I honestly could write a book on how they treat people... none of it would have a happy ending.
  3. Chicks at the Notts one .
  4. zach

    iPhone 5s Screen

    New 5s from Apple Battery had bulged causing the top of the screen to pop out. Replaced the phone. Probably refurbished but I'm not complaining.
  5. zach

    iPhone 5s Screen

    Apple are going to have a look next week. It seems it's a fault on the 5s. I can't see them swapping it or repairing FOC but I'll let you know the outcome.
  6. zach

    iPhone 5s Screen

    It looks too thin to be an LCD so I'd say the digitizer/glass ( under 1mm thick) The screen was showing yellow edges though, this was before I noticed the glass lifting. I was wondering the cost of a new screen and would it make it an easier job with the top bit lifting. It all works ok but as I said, it's a spare phone so I'll have to look at the cost and go from there.
  7. zach

    iPhone 5s Screen

    I was thinking of fitting a new screen to my spare phone (5s) as it was yellowing on the edges and not looking as sharp. I noticed today that the screen has started lifting and looks like black sealant under it. I'm wondering if the screen lifting would make the job easier, or is it a sign of more serious problems? If I decide to do it, I want to keep the finger print unlock etc. Worth it or not? Also, what kind of money if someone did the job with parts and labour? Thanks
  8. Have you checked to make sure any power saving isn't on for any USB ports? In your power profile under USB. Turn any power saving off. Device Manager. Right click on the USB devices and turn off any power saving. You mentioned that you have been in device manager... nothing showing as down? Anything in the BIOS about disabling USB ports?
  9. I remember the Dev as a kid, we would have to sit in the car with a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps. In my younger years it was a pretty standard pub for the area. Later on it became what we see today, with more emphasis on food and family. The problem I see in there is the same as a lot of pubs of this type, they allow so called parents to get hammered while their kids run riot. It's not all the parents but as usual, the few spoil it for the many! In answer the OPs question. Until the <removed> head parents are sorted, it's a playground! (at times)
  10. Blacklisting? Do you have software that won't use Intel HDMI audio, or is it that you don't like it? I'm just trying to work out the term "blacklisting" I'd just do what Ghozer said if it's an option...disable it. It won't alter how your motherboard or add in card audio if you opt to disable. I'm lazy! HDMI is the best thing since sliced bread... Video, audio and even a remote (sometimes), all in one lead!
  11. There's some on 7dayshop (online) Not sure of the resolution but I was going to look into them a bit more. They are under £30 with built in wifi I think they are called .......dog, lucky dog or clever dog (a quality name you would definitely buy!!)
  12. I'm not sure how it works in Linux but sometimes you have to add custom resolutions. Is the monitor/TV full 1080p? I can't remember the last time I bought an audio card. Having said that, I'm the person that bought a 5.1 sound system and the my daughter pointed out... "why did you buy that dad? you're deaf in one ear!" 😂 Kids!!!
  13. It's all good for now, had to install macOS High Sierra until Apple & Nvidia sort out their issues. Did the Zotac card come? And if it did, everything ok?

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    GIGABYTE X470 AORUS GAMING ATX as new condition with original box. Very little use, it was bought to use while my RMA was sorted. SWAP for... Micro ATX motherboard for Intel 8th/9th gen. Ideally Z series but may consider other chipsets.


  15. zach

    Waiting for cache

    I'd not noticed that most evil term was replaced with asterisk! Very petty IMO but their forum, their rules.

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