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  1. going to Barcelona in june for a long weekend..can anyone recommend a centrally located hotel..? cheers
  2. these pipes are approx. 100mm in diameter
  3. anyone know what the purple coloured pipes are for on top of the new m1 central reservations are used for..?
  4. anyone know where I can get old cameras valued.got about 12 that I need valuing and possibly selling. cheers
  5. try citynites http://www.booking.com/hotel/gb/city-nites-london.en-gb.html
  6. cheers...................................
  7. anyone having problems with Hotmail...?
  8. I use western digital (Thailand) hard drives and find them to be the best that I have used so far
  9. on VM broadband 120 at the moment at 2.4ghz just wondering if I switch to 5ghz network how this will affect my units as running xbox 360,2 no laptops(asus and Packard bell both mediocre laptops) Samsung galaxy tab,lenovo ideatab and I phone.. or do I simply stay where I am..? cheers
  10. cheers went there and got some..yes £4.87 but wanted some for my father..;)
  11. hi does anyone know where I can buy sarsaparilla locally.. thanks
  12. hi, just a thought.i have recently bought a lg smart tv.it is connected to the wireless network superhub via wi-fi.I have a TiVo box in another room downstairs.Can i connect the tv to the TiVo box wirelessly or do I need a couple of powerline adapters and connect them with Ethernet cables..? cheers in advance
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