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  1. Planted some carrot seeds in early spring some of them have shot up shoots with what i can only describe as seed heads and no carrots underneath what did i do wrong?
  2. Not what iv heard 8 point deduction minimum
  3. Pkingy


    When the pubs and clubs open where yo going for your first pint?
  4. Black lives matter. get that, but shouldn't the mantra be all lives matter. All colours all beliefs. All lives matter
  5. What about the now shut down medical centre on lowedges road
  6. All those cuts are good make sure you brown it first.
  7. When we can get back fishing where do you want to go first?
  8. For me it's when the schools go back. But remember before we had all these lakes and ponds to fish it the season started on june the 16th
  9. What's it going to take to get you back on the bank. Easing of the travel rules, complete end to lockdown or anything else
  10. Iv got a full head of hair iv shaved the lot off think I might keep it like that
  11. I still miss the old glass ketchup bottles that you had to shake like mad to get anything out and when some did come out you never new how much you would get. No fun these plastic bottles and I think its thinner than it used to be
  12. Try NEWLEAF NURSERY they are delivering now. Have a look on the website
  13. I didn't say I was going to do it. Just showing how unfair the rules are. Been out 3 times today shopping for disabled tenants been in contact with more people that I ever would fishing
  14. I know this is against the rules. But if I got in my car in the garage and drove 18mls to the fishing lakes which has locked gated access. Its a private fishery and the membership is pretty low so I will be half a mile away from anyone else. I will drive back home and put the car back in the garage. How could I be more isolated?
  15. Any chippie that doesn't chuck chicken fryits and god knows what else into the same fat that the chips and fish are cooked in . I know one in Manchester where their menu is cod haddock plaice and mushy peas and chips that's it. I go past twice a week an they are queiuing in the street. been in three times and I can see what all the fuss is about now
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