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  1. Any left in Sheffield. Fed up with supermarket cheese
  2. This may be a bit far for you Spion cop near Mansfield 4 lakes 1st one you come to is the silver fish pond Roach bream rudd the dominant species are the Ide. The next one you come to is 20 pegs Barble chub carp bream. Gated access no waiting for gates to open if you are a member you have your own key most pegs you can park at the back of your peg
  3. Anybody remember the star walk. Think it was held on one of the bank holiday weekends. My grandfather always entered always finished but never won. He did come 4th one year
  4. I fish Trent at Dunham bridge Rotherham side. Fished it 5 times since lockdown no one been round for ticket.. If you can fish the stick you will have a good day feed hemp and casters for chub hybreds and the odd good roach
  5. Anybody remember Ricks hardware shop near the Swan. Used to sell fire works to us kids. Anyone remember the old fireworks bangers, jumpingj jacks airbombs. Anymore?
  6. We went to Red Lion sat outside with the pooch really enjoyed the beer and the food
  7. Just got back from Bakewell all the pubs are open serving food inside and out
  8. Superfish in Hull have them either fillet or on the bone £12 per kilo and they do deliver. Have a look on their website they have an amazing variety of fish. their wet fish is straight off the boats
  9. Are these also known as demijons?
  10. Or buy the book fish it by Chris Keeling all local venues with loads of info and a lot of fishing tackle shops sell it
  11. Planted some carrot seeds in early spring some of them have shot up shoots with what i can only describe as seed heads and no carrots underneath what did i do wrong?
  12. When the pubs and clubs open where yo going for your first pint?
  13. Black lives matter. get that, but shouldn't the mantra be all lives matter. All colours all beliefs. All lives matter
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