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  1. Been to spion cop fisheries this morning was there at 5am (no waiting till 7am to get in) had 7 carp up to 6 pounds see the advantage of the side puller now. Had loads of other fish tench rudd bream ide and barbel and some cracking roach. A good mornings fishing
  2. Bought a new pole yesterday it came with 4 spare top 3 and 2 of them had a side puller system fitted. Here's the problem I have no idea how to fish with it. What are the advantages of a side pull system?
  3. Make sure the outlet pipe enters the sink unit at the top making it impossible for the water in the sink to run uphill. might need to drill a new hole at the top. Sorted
  4. Talking to a taxi driver yesterday and he told me there was a fishing lake in the grounds of Kenwood hall members only. Find this hard to believe myself. Anyone know anything about this
  5. Barkers on Lowedges road. They do all sorts of bread cakes white brown all grain regular or large all baked from scratch on site and their dripping is something else
  6. Who owns the transport ground at meadowhead. I have seen posts on hear saying it is to be sold. So who's the seller and who's the buyer and when and if it is sold will the members who paid money out of their wages to fund the club get a cut
  7. why have I got one to vote on the eu election when we won't be in the eu. It seems a waste of time and money to arrange an election. Or is this another plot to keep us in the eu
  8. I quite enjoyed it last year. My only gripe is there are far to many fast food stalls. Three or four would be enough. I think there was over ten last year!
  10. The nearest and best I can think of is Alderfen check out their website
  11. Been here today only 2 people fishing on horse shoe nobody on the other lakes. I had 18 ide 6 carp and 4 roach not bad for early april
  12. Who actually owns the ground there are a few bus company's in Sheffield now and which company do you need to belong too to become a full member
  13. Well went to fish this yesterday had a good day the only fault I could find is a lot of the pegs have steps going down to the water so you have a high bank behind you. Not good pegs if, like me you like to fish the pole. But ideal for waggler or feeder fishing. Don't get me wrong there are lots of pegs that have flat pegs behind you and you can park your car behind most pegs. All in all I must like it cos I bought a permit
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