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  1. Pkingy


  2. Pkingy

    Carp fishing syndicates near dronfield

    The nearest and best I can think of is Alderfen check out their website
  3. Pkingy

    Spion cop mansfield

    Been here today only 2 people fishing on horse shoe nobody on the other lakes. I had 18 ide 6 carp and 4 roach not bad for early april
  4. Pkingy

    new football ground at meadowhead

    If its been sold who got the money?
  5. Pkingy

    new football ground at meadowhead

    Who actually owns the ground there are a few bus company's in Sheffield now and which company do you need to belong too to become a full member
  6. Pkingy

    Spion cop mansfield

    Well went to fish this yesterday had a good day the only fault I could find is a lot of the pegs have steps going down to the water so you have a high bank behind you. Not good pegs if, like me you like to fish the pole. But ideal for waggler or feeder fishing. Don't get me wrong there are lots of pegs that have flat pegs behind you and you can park your car behind most pegs. All in all I must like it cos I bought a permit
  7. Pkingy

    Over 60s

    Have a look at Meet Up Sheffield site.
  8. Pkingy

    Spion cop mansfield

    Been for a look round here this morning 3 people fishing all catching. What a hidden gem
  9. Is this the first time there's been a flypast done entirely by US aircraft in the UK
  10. Pkingy

    Torksey in the 70s

    I used to know Neil Very very good angler. I think he bought a house down there
  11. Pkingy

    wnter warmers

    Looking for some good old fashioned winter warmer recipes for these cold winters night. Know any? Thanks
  12. Not been to a chippy for ages it all went wrong for me when they started to chuck chicken, sausage and god knows what else into the same fat as they cook the fish and chips in. Sure it would taste better. I only know one that does this but they are in Manchester every time i'v been past they have been queing outside the doors
  13. Pkingy

    Advice about trees

    Don't think it would be covered by a tree preservation order its an old cooking apple tree. She never uses the fruit it just falls to the ground and rots

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