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  1. Pkingy

    Over 60s

    Have a look at Meet Up Sheffield site.
  2. Pkingy

    Spion cop mansfield

    Been for a look round here this morning 3 people fishing all catching. What a hidden gem
  3. Is this the first time there's been a flypast done entirely by US aircraft in the UK
  4. Pkingy

    Torksey in the 70s

    I used to know Neil Very very good angler. I think he bought a house down there
  5. Pkingy

    wnter warmers

    Looking for some good old fashioned winter warmer recipes for these cold winters night. Know any? Thanks
  6. Not been to a chippy for ages it all went wrong for me when they started to chuck chicken, sausage and god knows what else into the same fat as they cook the fish and chips in. Sure it would taste better. I only know one that does this but they are in Manchester every time i'v been past they have been queing outside the doors
  7. Pkingy

    Advice about trees

    Don't think it would be covered by a tree preservation order its an old cooking apple tree. She never uses the fruit it just falls to the ground and rots
  8. Can anyone remember a shop on infirmary road think it might be called Blanchards back in the late 50s. In the shop window display they hid a pin with only head showing if you could spot it you could win a prize. I might have got this completely wrong. I was very young at the time
  9. Pkingy

    Advice about trees

    No. bought this house over 25yrs ago. trees can get awfull big in 25yrs
  10. Pkingy

    Advice about trees

    t thanks for the advice but trees don't reach into my garden, But in full leaf they create complete shade to my garden and I can not get a sky signal. meanwhile they are getting sky signal but because of their trees I cannot this can't be right or fair
  11. Pkingy

    Advice about trees

    She won't let me set foot in her garden
  12. I I live in my own property. Next door is a council house. The problem is they have large trees which are more suitable to a forest than a council house back garden the trees are so large that it stops sunlight getting through to my garden also affecting my sky signal. The lady next door has refused to do anything about it and the council say I have no right to light and they won't get involved in sky signal problems. Any advice?
  13. Pkingy

    Sunday lunch

    thanks booked
  14. Pkingy

    3 tier electric steamer

    3 tier electric steamer ideal for a family can be seen working £25.00

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