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  1. 2 good deep swims in the car park next to the Gardeners at Neepsend
  2. We always have it as a starter and if there's any left spread some jam on it and have it for tea
  3. My idea of a real Yorkshire pudding. It would be cooked in an oblong tin which the meat had cooked in take the meat out crank the oven up to its highest setting. when its smoking hot pour in the batter. Thats the way my old mum used to do it and i'm sure thats a proper Yorkshire pudding. It would never enter her head to pour batter into a muffin tin and call it a Yorkshire pudding
  4. Cook it like you would a stew replace stewing steak for oxtail job done no need to complicate things. i have mine with crusty bread and butter
  5. Ceased trading what does this mean to customers
  6. Ceased trading what does this mean to customers
  7. Recommendations please
  8. Might be too late to avoid a points deduction
  9. Don't think you can get them anymore. The older ones had asbestos in them. If you are thinking about taking them up best get an asbestos report or ask the council they will know
  10. How do i get rid of. To big for the car
  11. Can you still call yourself a professor if you are no longer working or is t for life
  12. Do we stilll have to wear masks in shop been in one shop today and it was a fifty fifty split the staff wore them when serving then took them off whe they working round the shop
  13. And another thing i was on the phone for 50 mins. Can i send them a bill for a 50 min phone call
  14. does anyone think like me that the council an all the other service providers are using the pandemic as an excuse to say sorry but due to the pandemic there will be longer wait to answer your call. In my case 50 mins to get an answer on a council phoneline
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