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  1. What exams do you have to pass to have the right to be called professor and is this higher than having a degree
  2. We used to fish the boating lake in early summer. Used to fish from 4am and pack up about 8am when the park patrol started. We too used to put all the fish in the fishing pond sometimes it used to take 2 of us to carry the nets. I walked round the pond last summer about 7pm one guy fishing. What supprised me was the amount of carp basking on the top. Good fish too
  3. Any one knows whats being built?
  4. Did he do a lot of work for Anglers world holidays or is this another Terry Smith
  5. Looking to have a new kitchen fitted. Thinking of going with HOWDENS. Thoughts?
  6. Depends what its made of. Some old soil pipes are made of Asbetos if that's the case you will need an asbestos removal firm first
  7. Paxo sage and onion stuffing mix. Sprinkle about a table spoon full then mix well leave to stand for about an hour the mix will become quite thick thin it down with milk or cream and bingo sage and onion yorkies
  8. The only way a plumber would get more money is if he is gas registered
  9. Sorry Funky Gibbon but you got your facts wrong mate. I worked for the council as a plumber for 30years took early retirement last year. The vast majority of tradesmen are employed by the council as was I.
  10. Going to have a kitchen supplied and fitted by Wickes, Any thoughts before I give them the go ahead?
  11. All depends on your budgets how many bedrooms ect. My first stop would be righmove. Find one you like the look of, then ask on here about the area
  12. Anybody remember the boat race? Think it was part of students rag week. Come to think of it anyone remember rag week seem to remember it was all done for charity
  13. Yep Dronfield has them got some yesterday
  14. S?hould have said can we travel or do we have to stay local. but how far is local
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