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  1. Hi all, I have an issue with my 2006 Astra sxi 1.7 tdi. It has happened twice now both on exactly the same steep hill. It is a national speed limit road and when going up the hill the engine management light has come on and I have lost power at the top end of the gears. The car works but it's as if the turbo is not kicking in. If I turn the engine off and back on it sorts it out. A local garage serviced it recently and I mentioned it to them so they plugged it into the fault reader but it didn't pick anything up. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi all, Just had to be rescued by RAC after my astra konked out today. Battery light, then ABS light came on and then power steering went completely. RAC guy reckons its the alternator and also noticed an oil leak. Any reccomendations on the best place/person to take a look get it replaced? Thanks. Dan
  3. I'm a pretty steady driver, do a fair few motorway miles and the commute to work without doing too much heavy braking. Just seems a bit odd when the last ones lasted 2.5 ish years.
  4. Hi, I had to have my car serviced and MOT'd a week or so ago. I used the main dealer as I usually do. Now last year on my MOT as an advisary they said my car would need new brake pads and discs on all 4. It wasnt a failure, just an advisary. As they were quoting a lot to do the work I got it done elsewhere a week later. Now last week when my car was MOT'd they said I needed new pads and discs on the front? Surely that can't be right? I have only done 13,000 miles since they were last replaced. My problem was that I was working in Brum so couldnt go in and look. I have asked them to give me the old discs back but I can't be sure they were even mine. Surely brake discs should last longer than 1 year/13,000 miles?
  5. I can fully sympathise with the OP. I had the same thing happen to me in February. A lorry hit my car whilst I was at work and did £1800 worth of damage. The only reason I knew any of the details was because a very kind gentleman saw the whole thing and got the reg of the lorry etc when it drove off. Unfortunatly even with a witness my saga is still ongoing. I have paid my £350excess and lost my no-claims until the other side admit liability and with it being a foreign lorry it is going to take ages. I hope someone comes forward and has information for you.
  6. Hello!! Cheers for that. I dont mind parking on a side road thats out of the city centre and a bit of a walk. £3 a days not too bad though.
  7. I'd be leaving at 5am (ish). Obviously if I end up doing it I will do a trial run beforehand. Parking is my main concern (well the cost)
  8. Sorry to slightly incroach on a thread but didnt want to start a new one about basically the same thing. I may be working in Leeds soon. The way my shifts would fall would mean I need to be there at 6am. 1) Is it doable in under an hour from Penistone (near J37 M1). 2) Anyone know anywhere cheap/Free to park? (I dont mind if its a 15/20 minute walk from city centre).
  9. Yeah usually (in my experience) the reference is done after the interview when they offer you the job, so the job offer is pending a successfull reference. Just never had to provide one so early in the application process.
  10. Hi Quick question. I have applied for a new job and as part of the application they have requested that they contact my current employers for a reference during the application process (I haven't had an interview yet). Is this normal? I am a bit wary of doing this as if I end up not getting the job my current employers are aware I am looking and it puts me in an awkward situation. I'm perfectly happy (obviously) to provide references when I have a job offer and thought this was the normal route of doing things. Any advice?
  11. Try and have a few lessons at the start to learn the basics. Then, like the above poster says, it's just a matter of practice, practice, practice. Saying that, I haven't really played for a couple of years so I'm hoping its also like riding a bike.......
  12. Hi Ed, Dan from (ex) Dead World Leaders here. Just having a listen to your stuff, really like it. I'm looking to get back into playing and would be interested in something like this which is different to what I'm used to. Drop me a line on here or via facebook if your interested and we'll have a chat Cheers Dan
  13. Incidentally, I rang my insurer today for an update and the MIB have traced the lorry's insurance UK handler and are in the process of retrieving costs. So yes, if you have a witness (which luckily I did) don't just sit back and accept it - get it reported and pursue the other party. In fairness I'm not even bothered about the driver getting into trouble. If I can get my excess back and my no-claims bonus re-instated that will do me.
  14. In fairness to the police they are pretty interested. The damage to my car was £1800 and currently the MIB and Police are tracing the lorry. They may not get the driver but with a witness and the reg number etc the company can be held liable and I should get my excess back £350.
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