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  1. You know what, that's a fair comment. As said before, I actually have nothing against Sheffield as a place, but some of the people I met weren't the nicest. I'll hold my hands up and take it on the chin.
  2. Doing this wouldnt help. It is harder to turn a power steering rack when the car isn't running and you need the pump to be running to allow the air to bleed out in the first place! Bec, did the car cut out or the steering cut out? Where was the grey smoke coming from?
  3. Yes, I am "moving" back to Sheffield next month. I say moving, but what I really mean is living there while working, and heading back South on my days off. So I am currently on the look out for somewhere to live again! Exciting. I hope life has treated you all well since my last visit
  4. I'd never use it on the basis that the adverts are annoying. And I dont need it to control my heating while I am out..
  5. Cheers . I didn't find them nasty, just not my kind of people
  6. I have a 17+ year old Tag Heuer 2000 series automatic watch. Got it when I was 15. Has needed new internals since as I managed to get water in a waterproof watch. Needs a service as it loses a bit of time here and there
  7. Cheers guys. Sadly Sheffield hasn't been very kind to me in my time here. I don't have much intention on coming back unless I really have to. I have nothing against the place as such, but some of the people I have met here haven't been that nice. Technically after Thursday morning at 4:30am, I only have around 12 hours left in Sheffield.
  8. Was a good match. Blades deserved the win completely. Was sat in the kop end. That Brandy is going to be a cracking player for them, he was a handful. Didn't wear my hull city shirt!!
  9. I can appreciate that. Cars are big killing machines, but it's rarely the cars fault, it's the idiots driving them. I drive a big powerful car but I drive safely. I like big cars because i feel safe in them. You'll get there slowly, and I'd suggest if you're concerned about driving, that you probably shouldn't drive with your kids in the car while you're getting yourself back into driving more confidently. Also, the additional stress and worry will not be helping your driving. Good luck
  10. True, but as I shouldn't of been here anyway, I'm just righting the wrongs . How very astute of you Cheers, warning healded!
  11. I had a big accident 10 years ago. I had to jump back in a car ASAP so did so within 2 hours of being discharged from the hospital. I was panicky and nervous for months after it. It gets better!
  12. Well, after just over 2 months of living here I will be saying good bye to Sheffield. I move to London next week to start my new job. So long Sheffield, thanks for all the fish!
  13. With the ability to be able to access most things over the Internet etc, one day there will be no real need to ever leave your home. That thought concerns me and I think it may be something that I will witness in my own life time.
  14. Just wondering how you learnt it / if you were taught it anywhere in Sheffield as it is something that I would like to learn as well. Cheers!
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