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  1. That would mean the road would have been much lower so don't think that was the case. I pass this spot every day and never noticed the archway. Access to Ivy Lodge was from Rutland Rd.
  2. Great news unless you live in Pitsmoor where you will have to travel to Parson Cross.
  3. I went through recently to and commented that the place looks tidy for once. I was looking for the usual arm chair but nothing to be seen. Didn't venture off the main road but who does
  4. Pat and Lewis ran it in the eighties she was my Aunty, my Dads Sister.
  5. I wasn't quoting that you had to be well off, just being able to support them is enough
  6. Same here in fact I echo your life myself.
  7. But if they haven't got the ability to look after them, feed them then it should be questionable.
  8. It's people wanting a career and Children at the same time. Having both just does not mix. If you want kids then stay home and look after them like the op said that is what happened with us until school age. Personally I can't see the point in having Children if your never there to actually bring them up, call me old fashioned but that is my opinion
  9. Think it might have been the East House Near Spital Hill and the Station was just under the Wicker arches. The Hole in the Wall was at the bottom of Spital Hill
  10. I saw Bob Dylan in Nottingham last year he was pretty good. He never did any of his hits from the past just some new stuff but still sounded great. The problem was he was sat behind a piano all night and never merged from it so just basically saw his head and nothing else. He also never acknowledged the audience at any time which I thought was strange but I suppose that is Dylan
  11. Well at least Taylor Swift is off the news now that was bonkers
  12. They should talk in plain English the selfish buga's 😁
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