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  1. I had the pleasure of sitting in Radio Hallam studio for 2 hours while Ray Stuart was on in 1975 got to say he never spoke a word to me. He was a good DJ and It was nice to meet him though must admit I was disappointed that he hardly acknowledged me. I was only 16 keen on radio and still am
  2. We can only be dictated by the lay of the land and whether it is wide, straight, narrow or up cyclist's just have to do what is best to get from A to B. This should not be a problem for motorists all they need is a bit of patients and pass when it is safe to do so.
  3. Fully agreed, I drive but choose to take my bike most places and I disagree any form of tax should be put onto cyclist's who have 100% low carbon footprint and as you mention we already contribute.
  4. The 1st nuclear powered merchant ship NS Savannah named Camden NJ. Everyone was listening to Paul Anka I'm just a lonely boy and Bobby Darin was number 1 with Dream Lover. Yeah not a lot happened but it was a very hot day
  5. There is a facebook page Old Club acts which mentioned Jimmy and his Son confirmed he has somewhere to go yet but improving. Try looking on there and search for Jimmy Carroll
  6. Oh dear, here we go another one....Boring, change the record, pay tax as a motorist first. Findlay I agree with you 100% the roads in Sheffield have always been bad for cyclist's and it has got worse in the last ten years. I am also aware that the smell of cannabis by passing motorists has got much worse to and I believe that is a big contributor. I cycle a lot and I am much more nervous on the roads that I used to be because of bad drivers though I'm on the fence with cycle lanes sharing with pedestrians.
  7. I have Netflix but rarely watch it, I should make an effort. Your right TV has lost the plot same faces same drivel. I watch YouTube a lot now that's my entertainment these days
  8. I had one several years ago parked in the back carpark and it was a scooter. I parked it up against a wall at the side of the exit tunnel so it wasn't bothering anyone. It was a London firm that did it then, think they were called London eye. As someone mentioned there parasites
  9. Tom Bell won the climb and also set a new climb record and Bithja Jones won the womens
  10. Your lucky to be able to watch Youtube while at work most of us don't even get to use our phones at all
  11. are you by any chance related to the Rose family off the Flower estate. .pardon the pun
  12. Bill Campbell, is he the same fellow had a Sister on Longley
  13. Can you post a link for the concern I also like Peter Paul and Mary
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