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  1. I can't see any negative comments on here. However, there are a lot of photo's of the graffiti to remember it by, nothing stays forever, if it did we would still have the Hippodrome and countless other building falling apart with us. Time moves on
  2. I expected a lot of answers to this being Love Island lol. Well I hardly watch any tele usually have YouTube on so I guess I can't really answer that. I do notice all the horrible reality tv is on a lot in our house and includes the one mentioned above but what anybody see's in them is anyone's guess.
  3. Certainly not. The protest would have died down after a few hours, maybe best pull it for a day or two then put it back on, there protest would have benefited the cinema as peoples curiosity would have brought more people in to see what the fuss was all about
  4. John Lydon was on that awful Phil and Holly programme last week I think it was and he said a swear word on there. It was live and not seen anyone offended by that, made me laugh though Phil Schofield didn't know where to put his face
  5. Born on Fowler Street, lived at 56 Groves Street then moved to Woodseats for about 18 months and then Andover Drive from 1963 to 1978.
  6. Protesting is a right and sometimes I get it but for something like this then it just makes me want to go and see it, like some others I'd never even heard of it. I went to see Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) a few years ago and they were protesters outside the City Hall telling me I must tell him not to sing Israel. There is less chance of Ian Anderson listening to me than me listening to them and to top it all I had never heard of the song
  7. Thanks for the link, that explains why i left it out
  8. Well I did say I didn't know him that well despite meeting up in his company a few times. I chatted to him in the boxing club and a sauna a few times and he came across ok with me. Errol Graham was definitely a nicer bloke who also chatted with in the gym sauna. Not saying Naseem is a saint far from it, I know all about his brushes with the law but I judge him as he is with me and I found him ok
  9. I've met him a few times seemed alright to me. Once tied his gloves for him in the ring at Ingles gym as he approached me to do them for him I tie laces in a very unique way and could see his expression after I had tied them like who the hell ties laces like that 😁.. Also used to see him in the gym on West Street early 90s with Errol and Johnny. He might have put weight on, which retired athlete doesn't but I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a toss about what others think. Not gonna kid and say I really knew him but on the times i have met him he is a decent fella
  10. In all my 62 years of being on this Earth living in Sheffield I've never been to Rother Valley Park 😄
  11. Someone tried to access mine the other week and FB spotted this and locked my account. They also threw me out and my messenger and had to use new links provided by FB to get back in and change my password. I was emailed to confirm the intended intrusion and they were refused entry.
  12. S3 Parkwood Springs S5 Concord Park and Wooley Woods S6 Loxley Bottom
  13. I remember an article about Mr Pass when he died, was he connected to Regents Court in Hillsborough
  14. Probably used by people waiting for a bus at one time. As someone mentioned they were funded by the Council but don't get me started about them.
  15. That doesn't surprise me Tipstaff, Moffatt was ex BBC and so was Johnny Moran I think but Stuart I don't think was.
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