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  1. I attended Crookes Endowed from 1961 - 1967 and Mrs Thomas was the Head Teacher then. I remember Mrs Kirk was the infant teacher & Mrs Brittain was the juniors teacher & also Miss Ramsden. It was only a small school but a very good school I think. Mr Sencer was the caretaker & Mr Howarth was the lollipop man outside the school. I also used to live on Forres Road so only a short walk on Carson Road past The Masons to school .
  2. Hi we must have been there at the same time to get the free tickets but I left in 1975.
  3. Hi Sheffworker I also worked at Debenhams (Pauldens) at that time and was given free tickets to see the Hollies gig and really enjoyed it. What was your mum's name and which department did she work in I might know her?
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