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  1. Sorry but you have to blame the parents, our two children were out of nappies at seven months old apart from at night when they wore one for another month, it's not hard to train children they are not stupid, at three months old we held ours on a potty making the usual sounds and they got the idea.
  2. The column is now part of a play area at Upperthorpe and has been for years, the mythical animals outside the Poundland crossing on High Street were cast from the originals from the Crimea monument, I don't know what happened to the cannons that were there, Victoria ended up in Endcliffe park. The council don't give a toss about the history and heritage of Sheffield, all they can say is " knock it down and build student flats "
  3. I'm sure horse riders are not allowed to ride on grass verges - hence - on the road.
  4. I can't understand these hatred laws, I only hate one person and he's English and white, the rest Immigrants included I just don't like so why is dislike and hate bundled up into one
  5. Vet all prospective tenants, it doesn't work thinking bad tenants will learn from good tenants.
  6. I heard the the Tridents blue paper touch paper got wet !
  7. Don't accept anymore Channel immigrants crossings.
  8. His manager once approached me for information on historic areas of Sheffield, for ideas for new songs for an album he was making.
  9. I just cannot understand the cod lips,face piercing, multiple tattoos on their chests and necks. I know it's their decision but do they think of how they will look in old age, I known I shouldn't but I avoid them in shops.
  10. I know exactly how you feel, the council denied getting any reports from me covering over eighteen months of incident until we told them how come we have them on a floppy disk I'm now holding, reaction was instant, on we've found them. Still nothing was done, during the time we endured her, four close neighbours near her moved out again council disregarded their complaints too.
  11. We both loved our maisonette and we loved Gleadless Valley until the council ruined it. We now live in a two bed bungalow ten miles away, brilliant neighbours, no out of control children and teenagers, no out of control dogs at the side of what we reluctantly left it's like heaven, I forgot to mention our nuisance neighbour used to pour buckets of urine off her veranda and down on to ours, you can imagine the smell of stale urine, reported it to council, two women came out one went to try to speak to the neighbour and the other stepped on to our veranda, the snell was still strong then the official uttered these words " I can't smell anything as I have a cold" they went, we never had any feed back , we asked for our veranda to be steamed cleaned, no response after three requests, so we cleaned it ourselves.
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