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  1. American comic Ron White on being arrested for being drunk, "Apparently, I had the right to remain silent........................... but not the ability."
  2. Ronnie Dukes lived in Cawthorne, he moved there from Brinsworth in the '70s.
  3. Oh the irony, when it appears that ineptness and dysfunctionality is a prerequisite for a UK political leader.
  4. Saw him live a couple of times. First time genius, the second time his act was cheap and littered with unnecessary four letter expletives. I remember this performance from half a century ago, when it was more topical and relevant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVbslxmDzfU
  5. My wife and I called in last week and I remarked to her that the floor was dirty and none of the vacated tables had been wiped down. I'm not an over fussy type so it must have looked ropey for me to mention it. On the plus side, it was a decent coffee and for those who are interested (not me particularly) there are usb charging sockets which I suppose is a handy for some.
  6. If he survives any assassination attempt, this could get very interesting.
  7. Trump 1 ..Swamp 0..... The game is far from over.
  8. There has never been a time in history when it has been easier to get your stuff heard, but you still have to work at it because there are millions in the same position. Online, join everything, follow lots. Always post links to your channel!! A link posted on this forum might get you half a dozen views (they all count) A link on one of the music subs on Reddit might get you hundreds in an afternoon. You will have to grow a thick skin as not everyone will be positive and those that do like your ideas will steal them, music is a dirty business at all levels. Don't just rely on Youtube, there are loads of platforms...following like minded musos will aid in seeking them out.
  9. I remember working with them a few times when I was the drummer at Kimberworth Pk &Wingfield. Original and hilarious and Alan (Frenchie) was indeed a fine musician. Its 40 years ago... but I remember John talking about a comedy stunt that he was thinking about introducing. He was intending making one of THESE with a sparkler in the top and placing it on stage when the bingo was being called. I would have loved to have seen that. ---------- Post added 22-05-2018 at 23:24 ---------- I remember this gag. He marched around the stage with an intact flag and uniform....into the dressing room, where you would hear sounds of war.... he then marched back out with the props you describe .....American civil war.
  10. Downsunder's photobucket link doesn't appear to be working, for me anyway...so here is another: LINK
  11. I worked with her many times in my younger drumming days. She once turned up wearing hot pants.....thats how long ago..lol...A genuinely nice person. I remember her being thrilled at her first TV appearance, she said to look out for her in an advert for Cadburys Cookies. For those who remember, she was using the cookies to tempt a little lad who was hiding under the bed, " Come on... every goalkeeper lets one in sometimes"
  12. .........and because Downsunder is too modest to plug his book about life in Sheffield, I'll do it for him. Its called 'Alias Albert Rathbone' and its excellent. I guess you will have to PM him for details.
  13. There a loads on ebay, lots of them for under £100.
  14. I worked for a furnace repair company for seven years. It was everywhere. I've even carted loads of scrap sindanyo to the land-fill tips with the dust blowing back in my face The only person that I knew (personally) that succumbed to it, was a sparky at Sheffield Twist drill. Edit to add: I only found out about my friend's demise when I read about it online, some years after the event. Irwin Mitchell dealt with his case. They might be worth a a call.
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