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  1. I'm wanting to update some Geograph information about an old house on Skew Hill in Grenoside ... and have been told that a Frank Goddard lived there with his wife, and was a Coalman. Does anybody have any memories or history of Frank Goddard ?
  2. Good story Arfer … certainly the 1905 map shows the CCDH site to be undeveloped.
  3. Looking at the Picture Sheffield examples of Jessop Hospital on the Leavygreave Road site ... There are some which show a Covered Bridge between the original buildings and a more modern mystery building to the left. The bridge is at first floor level. The clearest picture is dated 1994 ref s23436 The plasticky looking Jessop West building is now on the site of the mystery building. Does anybody know what this building was? Another picture shows an Ante-Natal Clinic on this site but this looks to have been an earlier building. This picture is dated 1971 ref s23424 Thanks
  4. I test that the Sewer Gas Destructor Lamp on Leavygreave Road, next to the original Jessop Hospital building will remain ... ... Forever 'cocking a snook' at the new Engineering Block.
  5. Thanks H ... Interesting stuff ... Especially about The Star nams
  6. Brilliant, says it all ... Thanks you ... And regards to pippo! PS I like your 'footer' ... Makes me smile every time I see it.
  7. Hi ... I can't find any information about Charles Clifford ... I suspect he was a Dentist of sorts!
  8. Thanks Hillsbro … Herbiegrass … yes, the building is on that corner … and as Hillsbro describes, Craven Street is behind it.
  9. Hi … thanks for the reply but the building I am talking about isn't honey coloured. Despite being built in the mid 1960s it is a modern looking glass and concrete type job.
  10. Hi … On Netherthorpe Road, next to the Shell Garage is a one storey building called Netherthorpe House. The NHS' Department of Social Care currently use this building as part of their Art Therapy Programme. For some reason I remember this building being called or used by a company called Escafeld … possibly as a Food Wholesalers? Can anybody confirm this … or have any other memories of it … or has it always been part of the NHS As always … thanks in anticipation
  11. Hello and thanks for the replies … I have now had a look at (and taken some photographs of) the pub on the corner of Wood Street and Langsett Road … and, although now called The Hillsborough Hotel, it was originally called the Wellington Inn. Indeed this name is carved in stone above the double doors on Langsett Road. Because of its location I m assuming that this was the 'Top Wellie' I have posted the photographs on the Geograph web-site and linked them to the 'Bottom Wellie'
  12. I notice the sign on the side of The Wellington at Shalesmoor describes it as the 'Bottom Wellie' ... ... Which would indicate that there is a 'Top Wellie' somewhere. Any ideas where?
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