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  1. I knew a youth who ran the shop - from about 1966 - 1969 - he rented it from 'Rowlinsons' round the back , I think it was - but had to cease trading as it was just losing money.
  2. Looked at the video'... very realistic... good job that it all seems to gone in one take !... imagine building it all again !
  3. Only trivia'... I remember the old 'Lantern theatre as a derelict.. we would play around there during dinner break from Sharrow lane school.. a pal got inside for a nosy around.. I recall shouting a very authoritative sounding ''Oi'' through a hole in a door.. my pal scurried out terrified.
  4. Further to my earlier post - I used Barlborough... it was N.H.S treatment though... yes the new knee lasts only so long - hence me being put off by doctors until I was into my 60s. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  5. Hello... I had a full knee replacement around 9 years ago... at 65 years old.. the pain killers for me helped less as time went along.. it has been a success.. the constant pain disappeared .. the only difference ( to me ) - is that the joint is not as flexible as before.. but I feel a lot depends on how much work the recipient puts into exercising the joint after the op. I had an epidural injection and I asked them to put 'plenty in' I think they did because I was almost out cold with no recollection of any procedure going on... following the Op. it was about 2 months before I could feel comfortable with walking normally again... I don't expect the repair to last a lifetime.. but so far so good... feel free to ask any questions... Cheers..
  6. A first for me.. but maybe not for 'you'....after many years and many hours of brush painting doors around the house.. I gave gloss from a roller a try.. using the brush rarely only for intricate parts and wow ! what a time saver !.. use a pack of small rollers from any store.. don't clean them - just chuck when done. I obtained excellent results from a non drip paint - but stirred it really well before use to make it more manageable.
  7. Gotcha'... R.Man.. sorry no photo's.. and before my time too.. // As soon as the all clear is given.. we'll fix up a meeting.. // Hope you are fine.. all is good with us. // Cheers and 'Good wishes' to you.
  8. I did 32 years in Sheffield Fire Brigade... started at Division street in 1969... and would know most blokes on most stations back then.
  9. My old Dad... used to say... ''The world's gone mad''.... // Blimey ! what would he think of it all today ?
  10. National carriers a huge warehouse.. yes I was there... as part of a fire crew from Mansfield road 'Manor top' fire station.. we spent quite a few days and nights there .
  11. I didn't work there.. but in the early 60s we bought a brand new Reliant 3 wheeler from Ropers.. myself and dad were allowed drive those cars on a motorcycle license providing that the reverse gear was blanked off. Upon picking up the car, we had a free driving lesson.. from the shop. I can imagine how terrified the sales guy must have been... taking out two customers onto the road who had never driven before. .. btw..we all returned in one piece.
  12. Many thanks.. will do.... Cheers and 'Good wishes' too...... from ...> Oscar2157
  13. I too had a 'do not give details' message.... I am only curious - not grumbling. So if we want to locate an old friend - pal or whoever... what would be an accepted method ? Cheers ...from oscar2157
  14. Brilliant !!..... I have been hoping to meet you for a good old natter for some years.. .. we go back a long way.. I need to contact you somehow.. other than on here... I don't think that I can private message you .. with your so few posts. .. I'll be back...very soon.........Keep well and Best wishes ... from .....> DJ.
  15. I have no information on the 'Hammond' family .. but just out of interest... my parents ran the corner shop on Franklin street - we had daily deliveries of delicious warm crusty bread from 'Hammonds' bakery on Lansdowne road.. I seem to recall the driver / delivery driver who we knew well as ... 'Don' ? ... Hammond.
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