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  1. Are they the odds on him getting paid on time?
  2. Presumably you've read that somewhere B1, having never seen or heard of him previously?
  3. I know of two other old ladies that this happened to. 1 had a really good stare but the other one couldn't see the point.
  4. I know a similar thing happened recently - in front of 2 old ladies One of them had a stroke.......but the other one couldn't quite reach
  5. Their fundraising effort raised a magnificent £1900 & they are still taking donations 2 days after the auction ended - isn't that tantamount to fraud? Wonder if they'll return the money or keep it & not tell anyone?
  6. There is definitely an air of desperation in some of the 'X for Wednesday' posts - they are in the same league as Lincoln City & probably less attractive to prospective players
  7. 'Park Hill flats get demolished' - 'what a waste - we need quality accommodation in the city centre' - 'grrrrrr who made this decision' 'Park Hill flats get a stylish revamp' - 'what a waste - they needed demolishing' - 'grrrrrr who made this decision' Welcome to 2021.......
  8. I never knew they served Stones ale there....
  9. So 100% of the council spending decisions are wrong? Is that what you're saying?
  10. Why haven't SCC spent our money to bring this to our city centre? WHY? WHY? WHY? Negative beige council - we want fights, destruction & vandalism to rank with other cities
  11. Getting a very decent 5 a side team together
  12. It appears fairly conclusive that no/very few local authority regions are putting up city centre big screens (it is all being done by private enterprise) this thread can probably be locked / deleted as it is irrelevant
  13. I've not heard that statement for ages! My dad used to use it all the time!! Often aimed at me!!!
  14. Is there some punctuation missing from this statement or is it truly garbage?
  15. I neither live in Meadowhead or give a monkeys about Hallam. Am I genuine football supporter (on Man In Cretes terms) I don't know, only he can decide. I moved to Sheffield in 2001 & since then I've missed 3 Cefn Druids games - 1 when my wife died & 2 games when my daughter was in a coma due to a car crash.
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