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  1. Following on from Thirsty, I'm not sure Chap Academy is particularly well served by public transport if you are going to be travelling by bus etc. Might be worth investigating travel links
  2. Have you checked that they aren't Quakers or Methodists or one of the other groups that eschews alcohol?
  3. I am a gammon face - I genuinely am. I had to have my face reconstructed after an accident involving a combined harvester many years ago. Medical science & the NHS weren't as amazing then as they are now & they had to rebuild my face with pig flesh & muscle material. I'm outraged at being called a Tory voter - I'd rather fall in a threshing machine again
  4. What 'rule' have I broken? Having a different opinion to someone else is at the very heart of a debate
  5. The hoarding has been there for nigh on 2 years - no-one was 'shocked' because no-one saw it. Now the Star create a clickbait headline & a few people are clutching their pearls. I'll let you into a secret - Outraged of Batemoor doesn't exist. Outraged of Batemoor is just a vehicle to carry a story of mock horror - it's common practice. I used to work for a large PR firm - we did this kind of thing all the time - usually to give interns experience. You'll note that there is only 1 outraged 'entity', not hordes of them. Now I'm not saying that some people aren't happy with the 4 letter word in question - or its ilk - but they've had to have the 'outrage' pointed out to them. It's a classic media / PR set up. How does it help them? Well we've all clicked the news item - increased clicks helps sell advertising. Imagine you're selling advertising space in a newspaper or some such, which one sounds better to a client: "We've had 4 visits to our website today" or "We've had 4000 visits to our website today". As Public Enemy said "Don't believe the hype"
  6. My bold - what is this incorrectly perceived problem?
  7. Perhaps the drivers 3 week old baby was dying & the only way it would survive was if the driver got to hospital to provide a blood transfusion? What would you do in the circumstances? Drive 'respectfully' & watch your baby die
  8. Don't think the deceased will have been overly bothered. Getting upset for people who aren't upset seems to be de rigeur these days
  9. Sheffield get about 250 at home when they are doing well. A 1000 seater stadium would be more than enough. Even if they apply for a 20000 seater stadium it will still only have 200 fans in it
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about visitors to the football thing - it'll be single figures per day. There's a big difference between what Manchester offers & it's (fairly central) location compared to what Sheffield will be offering which is (comparatively) remote & not near any other attraction
  11. Moore out - he's lost the dressing room
  12. Heckinbottom out - he's lost the dressing room that he never had
  13. I guess this thread can be closed now....
  14. Should he get the sack? After today, yes. Get Pulis or Pardew in to sort everything out & then get Steve Bruce in to keep us out of Division 3 (as was)
  15. Probably time to let Wilder go & manage a team in Division 3 (as was). That's his level & he's excellent at it. We need a Pardew or a Pulis who know how to battle & win ugly
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