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  1. There are 1000s of monuments dedicated to the various Tory governments all over Britain - they are called food banks
  2. When the judge sentenced him to 2 & a half years, Becker asked how many months that was The judge replied "30, love" I'm here all week...
  3. What a choice - a corrupt basket case of a country run by a corrupt immoral narcissistic charlatan........or go to Rwanda
  4. To paraphrase Jaws "they're going to need a bigger freezer".....
  5. Last chance - road tax does not exist, it is no more, it is an ex tax Please tell us all that you've got it, please, please
  6. B1, I would like you to go back to your desk & write out the following 100 times please: NO-ONE pays road tax EVERYONE who pays income tax contributes to the upkeep of the roads
  7. We'll be ranked much higher HHR when the Meadowhead Bullet Train comes into service - empty your pint pot in Leopold Square & be home before it hits your stomach
  8. I hate to break this to you but dear old Freddie passed away a number of years ago
  9. Apart from that, LovePot made a perfectly valid point.......
  10. No, Gary Numan is at the wheel - he told me (in song)
  11. That's neoliberalism and globalisation for you - typical Crosspool, they don't want your money if you're not one of them
  12. Just because something predates another thing, it doesn't negate the other thing
  13. No it's not - its an opinion
  14. A bloke on Greenhill forum told him they were parked illegally, thus it is now #FACT
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