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  1. Anyone who dons a silly red coat to encourage dogs to chase & kill a fox, whilst telling everyone that they aren't encouraging dogs to chase & kill a fox should have the tables turned on them.
  2. How much does it irk you? Not much, keep on keeping on. Loads, pay someone to come & sort it out
  3. Humphey Smith being his usual sensible logical self it would appear.....https://www.thestar.co.uk/lifestyle/food-and-drink/brewery-boss-shuts-down-sheffield-pub-after-not-serving-his-favourite-dessert-2948789
  4. ECCOnobb, if Poundland closes but we all live longer is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  5. What's upset you flower? The gender, the ethnicity or both
  6. Maybe a good idea to remind drivers not to use their mobiles when driving That's why drivers are up in arms about the road works at Shalesmoor - it requires them to concentrate on the road conditions rather than texting their mates to tell them that they are stuck in traffic as they weren't concentrating on the road conditions
  7. MJ01


    Someone told me that they don't allow underlining
  8. I used to love it when he did the impressions of other snooker players - superb
  9. City Taxis also donate some of their commission to a nominated charity each Saturday - Childrens Hospital Charity this week - don't get that with Uber or Deliveroo I'm guessing
  10. Of course - not in their back yards. Don't forget that they tell everyone they live 'close to the Peaks' but don't point out that they mean Crystal Peaks
  11. Bit more info here https://iajgscemetery.org/british-isles/england/sheffield
  12. The Gallagher family suffers from congenital rickets - Noel has it too but not as severe as Liam - & it has left Liam with, what we used to call, Bowed Legs. The track 'Live Forever' was originally called 'Limp Forever' but the record company didn't like the name
  13. Moral of the story Tulip, don't come on here asking for sensible advice
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