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  1. Could be the best thing that has ever happened for ages & a good 'reset' for some No plastic tat getting binned on 27th December because it's broken / stopped working / wrong colour No mountains of food waste getting binned due to food avarice Instead just go outside, take a constitutional if you're fit & well enough, breathe in the fresh air, just buy the comestibles that you need (instead of thinking you're feeding the Chinese Army) & maybe talk to the people around you - unless you hate them or you are on your own. I'll be bladdered on supermarket own brand Baileys for the entirety so I won't give a monkeys.....unless there's a shortage of supermarket own brand Baileys
  2. I'm hearing repeat offenders are going to get jail time, & we're talking years - possibly up to 99
  3. Everyone - don't forget to put 'FACT' after every statement from now on FACT
  4. Why not get those who aren't in work at the moment to build a new road or overhead rail shuttle into the city - everyone wins then don't they Are we applying this new rule to everyone who isn't productive (pensioners etc) or just sections of the community that some posters don't like?
  5. Discarded ice cream cones are notorious for attracting rats, especially in local parks where children are playing
  6. It was The S*n HHR so could have been a picture of anywhere (desert regions excluded.....)
  7. HHR - don't say owt but it was the prototype for the new Meadowhead to City Centre express mass transit system - keep it to yourself though
  8. That's quite humorous, well done sir / madam
  9. No wonder the Housing Dept has got tens of thousands of staff & 1st class travel on the Meadowhead high speed bullet train into town
  10. HHR - I wonder if the OP has applied for a job in Housing - 4 days a week & all those perks!!!
  11. It has been commandeered as a mass transit option from Meadowhead to the city centre to help ease traffic congestion
  12. Perhaps they are taking the money from the indigenous 'scroungers' (your choice of phrase) A bit like Brits moving to Spain & other countries but only speaking English, only eating jacket potato & beans & only reading the Daily Mail?
  13. More importantly, can it be measured in fractions of a big red bus lie
  14. Beautiful: 30000 sign a petition 300 buy a ticket 3 protest 0.03 care
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