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  1. You could have said that the old John Lewis building is riddled with asbestos
  2. I recently looked at the Sainsburys website only to find that they didn't display any Tesco products, prices or store opening hours Grrrrr *shakes fist * clutches pearls
  3. I suggested that - & got the response that I clearly did not understand his / her question
  4. https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/
  5. Or 'penny for the Sty'.........
  6. I drove past Hillsborough earlier- there was a queue of 20 thousand supporters & each supporter was clutching a crisp, fresh £100 note #FACT
  7. If Dave Chancer comes to your door 'Trick Or Treating ' tonight, be warmed, he won't be fobbed off with a few sweets - HE WANTS YOUR MONEY
  8. £2 mill a month....every month
  9. Who are the Wednesday fans going to watch when there's no Wednesday???
  10. I'm sure @bassett one will be along shortly to tell us how Dave Chancer is an honourable man & more trite rubbish
  11. I think I can help you All together now No income tax, no VAT. No money paid to HMRC. Black or white, rich or poor. We'll increase our prices even more. Viva Chansiri. 🎶
  12. Our thoughts are with the unfortunate people who were in the vehicle with you
  13. You've just answered your earlier statement
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