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  1. That was fascinating, I can pinpoint where our old house used to be. That map also shows the brickworks on Normandale Rd, possibly built to supply the houses being built in the area in the late 1800s. Later maps show the brickworks have disappeared and Stalker Drill works built on the land, Normandale Terrace is re-named Drill Square.
  2. It's good if the M.W. can be raised without increasing inflation or putting some out of business. I worked for a national retail company for 9 years and when I started there were about 50 on the payroll (at my branch), and wnen I left there were barely 30. You see this at supermarkets where the smaller ones run a skeleton staff, and the steady progression to self-service in the larger ones. If say the M.W. is £10/hr, would this be the minimum that anyone doing a relatively unskilled job would be expected to charge as self-employed (?) Consider a pensioner who employs someone for a day to cut the hedges and weed the garden, the expected price would be £80 minimum for 8 hrs and if a firm were employed, the price would be higher with possibly VAT on top.
  3. Hi hillsbro, you'll know the "Brick Hollow" on Primrose Hill which was waste ground with a few tin garages on it, we played here as kids. Parkin Street is also there at the top, just 4 houses with a path to the front doors. A lot of the residents moved into the newly built Kelvin Flats when demolition came, as you say, between 1969-71.
  4. Tin foil hat "If you're thinking of finally wiping out the high Street, I'd say that's about right." The figure I suggested was a guess as to what I thought Anna's idea of a living/ minimum wage would be.
  5. Anna appears reticent to suggest a figure, bearing in mind that it ought to be a fundamental part of her admirable crusade for higher pay and a fairer society. How about £12/hr, or is that too low?
  6. How much do you think the minimum (or living) hourly rate should be?
  7. OK thanks, I'll be first in queue for a job!
  8. But what would you do if you were gifted an equivalent amount (I know what a lot would do with it!)? In 2002 he nearly went bankrupt, and if he had, I suspect people would read about it and say "too bad Jeff, you took a risk and lost", and faded into history.
  9. Quote "It is now the dominant political ideology permeating the public policies of many governments in developed (and developing) countries" Anna, in your opinion, are there any countries which are not neoliberalistic?
  10. That's precisely the stuff I use, but as there seems to be some controversy on whether petroleum products affect rubber ( I know it's not natural rubber), I avoided mentioning it!
  11. Your probably nearer the mark with 3.5mm diameter UNC thread as the unit is made in USA, although some of their more modern equipment possibly used Japanese parts and screws. Also appears to be a crosspoint head, probably Phillips. The 3mm diameter would have been 40TPI which is too fine to match the photo.
  12. In case any of us can't remember what they look like, here's a pic of one
  13. Squirt plenty of WD40 through the keyholes, also helps to de-frost the locks. Spray or apply silcone polish onto the rubber door seals.
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