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  1. I dropped passenger off successfully at 8.10am in the £5 drop off point near the terminal, time to pop to toilet as well. I noted the laybys, service stations on the route in as pointed out earlier. When I stopped at the ticket machine, it wouldn't respond properly with my Visa card and the small green screen had very small text which made it hard to see from the car. I pressed the HELP button and the voice from the speaker guided me through the process but machine would not respond properly, so he just said "have a good day", which I took to mean get on your way, the machine is faulty. I did notice the driver before me fiddled with it for a while. The penalty is now £100 for unauthorized stopping. Thank you all for the advice.
  2. Ok so the choice is £5 near the terminal or 1hr free at long stay park, up to my passenger to choose. On pick up it will be her choice again.
  3. Looks ideal but I presume there are cameras everywhere trying to spot cars stopping in places where they shouldn't
  4. Thanks for the tips, it took me 18 months to get rid of the last parking fine, don't need another one!
  5. I'm dropping off a friend tomorrow for Ryan Air, is it possible to do a quick drop off without incurring parking tickets etc?
  6. If any of the said parties got into power, I suspect they'd be falling over themselves to grasp from us as much of this 'sordid' money as possible.
  7. Quote from the article: "Given that EU legislation, one way or another, affects virtually every area of law and policy," If there is a democratic deficit as posited then the Labour Party (or other) at the next election could campaign on the issue, or, if in power could amend the legislation, at least without having to consult Brussels.
  8. To be honest I haven't seen the game, perhaps he considers the £10 a donation to the church!
  9. Ah, point of principle, is it for himself or the the church roof!
  10. Doesn't appear to be gambling, more a contest of knowledge.
  11. One of the reasons why rich continental lorry drivers went back was due to having to pay more tax (IR35). There is a fact check article on the EU tax evasion avoidance directive: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/50168357
  12. It's one major step away from a United (or federated) States of Europe (unless that's what some want)- witness the succession of treaties since 1975.
  13. I'm north, but I used to get my super from Sainsbury's station, Meadowhall, when in the area.
  14. Do you mean 2 star, I think most super unleaded RON97/98 is still E5.
  15. True, likely to be less wear, although wind, rain, snow and ice, salt and floods will still do its damage nevertheless. I suspect that many of the cars and some vans/lorries travelling down Eccy Rd will not so much be going to city center, but on longer journeys to join Parkway/motorway or A61.
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