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  1. I agree, but in this case I suspect they'd be tempted to spend the £ notes before the holiday! I will check though as regards their bank account. I believe it's Spain. Post-dated euros would be the safest bet! The site gives 1.158 Euros to pound. For this amount it seems best to call in M&S or a biggish post office, as mentioned.
  2. I'm giving someone a small gift of 50 euros to take on holiday. What's the best place to get them (Sheffield) and is there any point in shopping around for such a relatively small sum?
  3. www.actnow.org.uk – the only data protection resource specific to local government Videos (schools) Before any children or young people up to the age of 18 can appear in your video, you must get parental consent. You can do this in the same way as for photographs of children, using the relevant parental consent form. Similarly, you must get the permission of anyone in your video who is not part of a crowd and is easily recognisable. The question arises as to whether parents can make video recordings of nativity plays and similar school events. Yes they can because there is an exemption under the Act for personal and domestic purposes. The School should inform parents who wish to do so that they should be for personal and domestic use and no other use. This should be done before the event and parents who object to their child being in a school play which may be videoed should express their preference when such a production is proposed. Also https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/jun/23/photos-children-school-ban
  4. Looks like that section with M&S to the right of the bridge, and the petrol station a bit further on.
  5. I remember an incident where a mobile crane had pulled up at the bottom of Burgoyne Road S6 and the jib (in its parked position) was extended beyond the front of the cab and into the road. A double decker bus travelling towards Hillsborough struck the projecting jib.
  6. The I.C.O's view: https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/schools/photos/
  7. Have just adjusted mine on Peugeot 107, just need closing up a few thou (10k from when last replaced) and I can tell the difference in low end torque. 10k I think is the usual recommended change.
  8. When I was working for a retail store in 2013, wage was £6.20/hr.
  9. I remember the engine shed and peering in through the windows.
  10. There was the brick hollow, previously a brick works near bottom of Normandale rd.
  11. The quickest and most effortless chance of getting rich is to do do the lottery (s), that's why 45 million hope to bag the £50 millon or so, and when they do, put it in an off- shore account where they might get an extra half % against 9% inflation! There are 6 lottery millionaires made every week, apparently Birmingham has 119 of them! Greedy devils!
  12. The exiles aren't required to pay tax if they live/work abroad for a certain period, that's the rule, and the giant companies pay the tax that the law says they have to pay, no more no less, just like you and I.
  13. Anyone can open an offshore account, particularly ones who work abroad. There are also more stringent checks on identity etc. Tax on income still has to be paid when it's brought back into UK.
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