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  1. carosio

    Printing UPS carrier labels

    I clicked on the "reset to default" button but it didn't affect the print-out. Just find it odd that for years I've been printing the labels in the proportion that's shown on the screen, but recently they come out nearly half-size.
  2. The labels are being printed nearly half size of what they used to be on both my Epson printers (RX 700/ D88), too small in my opinion, less than 3" wide. The screen display of the downloaded PDF file looks the same size as it's always done and the various printing options on my Win 7 laptop don't seem to work. Any suggestions please?
  3. -three potato four, five potato six potato seven potato more... can't remember any more, but when playing at "hiddy" (hide and seek) the last one to get tapped with a clenched fist in the group circle would be "on" and the rest would disperse into back gardens, up entries etc whilst the one thats "on" counted to ten.
  4. The re-surfacing work on Burton Road/Harvest Lane S3 and Church Street Oughtibridge is failing. Also a few manhole covers subsiding and chunks missing from the tarmac on Penistone Road. The bus stand outside Southey Library has developed permanent depressions due to the bus wheels, despite being repaired a few times. Can't they come up with a better method?
  5. carosio

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    It appears that he made some comment comparing the Senegal football team to beach sellers.
  6. carosio

    Were the moon landings fake?

    The "wave" looks like a PSU smoothing problem with the equipment.
  7. carosio

    Clifton Park

    I think you could spend a bit longer than 15 mins; worth a visit though.
  8. carosio

    Guidance selling a house

    If you're considering using an agent, this is good advice: https://hoa.org.uk/advice/guides-for-homeowners/i-am-selling/how-much-should-i-pay-the-estate-agent/
  9. Playing cowboys and Indians in the street. Collecting sticky buds (Burdock plant) and chucking them at each other. Racing bicycles around the Mousehole track ( where the Rivelin fire station now is). Tying two front door knobs together then knocking on them (after dark).
  10. carosio

    People going to work on bikes.

    Appears that one bike is parked on a seat. https://www.thestar.co.uk/our-towns-and-cities/sheffield/row-over-bikes-on-trams-1-9414014
  11. carosio

    Climate change protests

    But isn't this representative of the orthodox sciences that you have been accusing (in other threads) of being not valid?
  12. carosio

    Strongest Superglue?

    Thi This could fit the bill, it slightly dissolves the mating surfaces: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TECHNICQL-RIGID-HARD-PLASTIC-REPAIR-ADHESIVE-GLUE-PVC-ABS-WATERPROOF-TRANSPARENT/263024706116?epid=22011031511&hash=item3d3d7e8244:g:t5IAAOSwi7RZN8uJ
  13. carosio

    Strongest Superglue?

    It might be futile in any event as some of the fracturing has occurred across an M2.5 grub screw on a tone-arm component. The plastic looks a very brittle type leaving a mirror finish on the fractured surfaces. It's a long shot, but ultimately i might have to make/have made a replacement component.
  14. carosio

    Strongest Superglue?

    Is there such a thing? I need a good one to glue a piece of a small plastic component that has broken off. Some makes claim that theirs are "industrial strength" etc. Are these better than the normal loctite, UHU?

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