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  1. I believe it's to do with translation from Arabic to English, different pronoun use etc.
  2. No, I don't believe in God or gods as depicted in the major religions. We have always wondered what is the origin of life, matter and the universe and what becomes of us after death; perhaps one day it will be discovered but until then (for many of us), a God will fill the gap. In other words, if we believe everything was created by a higher intelligence, problem solved! As for your proposed new post on Allah please proceed, but be prepared to be subjected to awkward questioning as post about religion attract more sceptics than potential recruits, so to speak!
  3. As Apelike says, trying to promote a religion through science references is, at least, tenuous and problematic in today's scientific world. I do believe that there are many more appropriate aspects of the religion which can be appealing to enquirers. Despite all these "facts" (even if true), they have never been a source of consultation by later scientists in their quests for knowledge and discoveries; that has been accomplished from other sources. Belief in a religion in itself though has given inspiration to enquiring minds.
  4. As Friendly Muslim invited forumers to do their own research to confirm what is being claimed, I did. I'm sorry if this doesn't concur with what is written in the Quran, I'm simply showing what the orthodox view on skeletal development is, which is summarized here: https://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/fetal-development/fetal-bones-skeletal-system/ "The skeletal structure that will one day support your baby’s whole body starts out as flexible cartilage that gradually ossifies (or becomes hard bone) as your little one absorbs more calcium from you during the pregnancy Month 1: The embryo develops three layers Soon after conception, the embryo differentiates into three layers of cells. The mesoderm, or middle layer, will develop into your baby’s bones – as well as her heart muscles, kidneys and sex organs. The inner layer (called the endoderm) becomes your baby's digestive system, liver and lungs. And the ectoderm, or outer layer, develops into the nervous system, hair, skin and eyes. Month 2: The start of arms and legs Big changes are happening to your little embryo. It’s starting to develop a clavicle and parts of a backbone, for starters, while the neural tube forms – the source for parts of the nervous system as well as the spine and skull. By about week 6 of pregnancy, your little bean is also sprouting arm buds as the legs follow suit. About the only thing that isn’t growing is its tadpole-like tail; that’s shrinking and will eventually disappear — leaving only the tailbone at the base of the spine."
  5. Don't know how familiar you are with brushes/commutators, but the copper can become coated with a hardened film which reduces the current, and the grooves between the segments can fill with carbon, these will need carefully scraping out with a suitable fine blade. Not for the faint-hearted though dismantling these when the case halves are parted, note how the switching mechanism etc is assembled!
  6. Might be the commutator needs a clean, or as you say the brushes are worn right down and losing pressure. A very long lead of course reduces the voltage available at the motor, and hence the required current, although it doesn't usually result in a dead motor. Mines a 550W and measures about 15 ohm across the plug pins, a 380W will be a bit more than that. Plenty of carbon brushes available if you know the exact size.
  7. Thanks for the link, put an end to being dogged by the cat!
  8. Just out of interest, what wattage is the troublesome trimmer?
  9. On the two scientists that you mention, I don’t think (after a brief search) that they are truly neutral in their views. The Muslim scientists of the medieval period contributed greatly to science, at least until the Enlightenment. Also it is also claimed (as you do) that their religion afforded them a more rational approach to scientific study and thought than their Christian contemporaries in the West who were hamstrung with church doctrine. One of the greatest, if not THE greatest theory ever devised was by a man who, despite being steeped in the Christian culture and thinking of his time, let rational thinking and the evidence prevail over doctrinal beliefs, and that was Charles Darwin. To add: From the info I have found so far, the eye starts to develop at day 21/22, slightly before the inner ear.
  10. On the 4 examples that you have given, can you then show us the relevant extracts from the quran which you claim has advanced scientific understanding?
  11. They have to consider existing vehicles. Presently, the diesel nozzle is bigger than the petrol one.
  12. Some advice here: https://www.ebay.com/help/buying/returns-refunds/get-help-item-hasnt-arrived?id=4042
  13. Does this mean many of the newly re-surfaced roads and pavements are going to be dug up again?
  14. To do that on modern cars involves consulting manual and removing engine covers etc, yours probably just needed a jubilee clip unfastening and the pipe pulling off! A neighbour (back in 50/60s) had a big diesel car and ran it on a mixture of sump oil and paraffin. Those were the motoring days!
  15. My Peugeot 107 passed MOT shortly after the "event", but I haven't got away scot-free as "P 0420" shows up approx. every 40 miles, usually at light throttle in top gear. As a start, I inspected the top oxy-sensor (very clean), but the bottom one is proving difficult to undo even with a gas torch. I've read that the ECU can be re-set by disconnecting the battery for a short period.
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