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  1. carosio

    Fireman Sam sexist

    Doesn't fit in with the song though, does it?
  2. carosio

    Would You Be Annoyed ?

    A friend of mine ran a swop shop for 18 years, and he said that generally, if someone brought in a new, unused and boxed item, they would be offered 1/3 of the usual retail price.
  3. carosio

    paypal and money laundering

    If you bought a car with the paypal account, the money would then become "clean" when it was transferred to the seller, then the police would have to seize the car. You could of course give it to charity, or spend it on a holiday.
  4. carosio

    Speed Limits

    Most of Jaw Bone Hill going down to Oughtibridge is NSL, but I think the section of Halifax Road from the railway bridge to Lidl ought to be 30.
  5. Trying to remember the name of the chap who had a machine shop I think at Dunford Bridge, or possibly a village in the area. It was in an old stone building. He specialised in motorcycle/car engines. Must have been well know at the time (1960s) as the racing fraternity used him. His first name was Jack.
  6. carosio

    Anyone got any frog spawn yet?

    Remember when there were loads of spawning frogs at the waters edge in Dam Flask where we went fishing.
  7. I think you meant 1/4" tape. Might have been recorded on a Revox A77, perhaps at 15 ips, either 1/4 or 1/2 track. I had one of these but sold it last year, still have 3 others though.
  8. carosio

    Climate change protests

    Yesterday I drove past a chap pushing a yellow framed bike up Halifax road, it reminded me of something familiar but I can't remember..... Thats it! Why don't the protestors form a company hiring bicycles in Sheffield! Problem solved.
  9. carosio

    Best roast pork sandwich shop ?

    Bought a pork sarnie at Funks this morning. Nothing to complain about, apart from the rather small breadcakes they use.
  10. carosio

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    I'm not familiar with airport procedures, but doesn't everyone have to show their faces to customs prior to boarding the aircraft?
  11. carosio

    Glasses needed

    There is this option: https://www.glasses2you.co.uk/virtual-mirror
  12. It would be in the early to mid 60s and I was with my father in a Morris 1000 van, we were waiting behind a shiney new red scooter at the Wosternholme Road lights. As he set off, he must have dropped the clutch too fast, the bike reared up, veered across the junction and smashed into the low wall of a front garden (house later demolished). We stopped to help and found that he had just collected his brand new scooter from Bradbury's.
  13. We had the blue bins emptied today, or rather the gales emptied them. Think I was the only one on the estate to secure a bin by a simple loop of cord from the handle to my gatepost- and the only bin on the estate to be left unemptied! Just a loop of cord which took 3 secs to remove. Makes one wonder why bother. Spring clean Sheffield!
  14. carosio

    On the fiddle.

    At Cyclone's suggestions on how I could pay as much tax as possible, rather than as little as possible. Isn't this what you wanted?
  15. carosio

    On the fiddle.

    Thanks, I'll get cracking on that straight away!

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