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  1. Indeed, let's not forget the many pubs in Attercliffe and other industrial areas in Sheffield that had a thriving lunchtime clientele where the steelworkers and toolmakers were replenishing their lost sweat from the heavy tasks they were doing.
  2. Possibly related, but back in 1975 (or thereabouts) I caught a nasty flu which put me in bed for a few days. Shortly after I had "recovered", I began experiencing bouts of fatigue and tiredness- mow the lawn and that was it for the whole day. No matter how long I slept, it wouldn't go away. This went for months but it lifted very gradually; it must have been 18 months until the last vestige disappeared. Believe it to be called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  3. On the face of it they seem an excellent idea and perhaps they are, but I would want to know how long they last (efficiency), could they be easily replaced if one breaks/goes faulty in 5/10 years time, and how much extra will the insurance (Council) be?
  4. I've been exploring the availability of plastic cladding, the type which is between 8-10" in width. This appeals to me as it should be much easier to cut and apply than dealing with large sheets. There's a choice on ebay but I would prefer to buy locally (at competitive prices, of course). It seems that locally the choices are limited to the large panels which, as a DIY newcomer to these materials, I don't feel confident in handling. So, can anyone please suggest a stockist/supplier?
  5. I use Firefox, but works ok on Chrome. From the home page, I just type the street name into the top right search box and away it goes.
  6. This one dated 1958, there's no more earlier on the site. Ref: S24489 https://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s24489&pos=11&action=zoom&id=26942
  7. Here.s a pic of the school from pic. sheffield https://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;w00496&pos=4&action=zoom&id=45811
  8. A very distinctive, instantly recognizable voice. I had an LP of theirs on the Colpix label (before Spector signed them), unfortunately I sold it. One of my favourite tracks of hers is "So Young"- suits her style down to a tee.
  9. Is it the one near the police station and car park? We bought some chips from that shop in the summer, they were awful, strange taste and texture like rubber! Got thrown away.
  10. Don't forget caraway seed cake.
  11. It's dough cuttsie, dough! Doe is a deer that might or might not be female (unless it decides otherwise)
  12. These will be general traffic offences which will involve the police/council, nothing to do with private parking companies.
  13. https://www.transportxtra.com/publications/parking-review/news/64735/dvla-defends-sharing-vehicle-keeper-data-with-private-parking-companies/
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