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  1. The anti-semitism critics were mainly from his own party.
  2. Given Labour’s obscurantist brexit policy over the past 3 years, leavers didn’t have much choice. In addition, if the claim that there are now more remainers than leavers is true , then Labour should have gained their votes.
  3. Yes, and it appears that Spain (and others) has bought 90% of Welsh quotas, quotas which are decided in Brussels.
  4. You could be right there, it's not hard to wonder why. In 1970 Grimsby was perhaps the largest fishing port in the world; it started its decline due to the dispute with Iceland, then more rapidly when Ted Heath gave away the exclusive rights to our fishing grounds (EEZ) to the Common Fisheries Policy.
  5. I've read it, that's where the quote originated.
  6. A comment his father Tony made sticks in my mind; just after Right-to-Buy was introduced, he said he felt depressed when knocking on the doors of ex-council houses when he saw the new owners had painted them a different colour from standard!
  7. I removed the plugs and the centers are a smooth black indicating that the fault is giving a rich mixture. I've ran the coils and the flash from all 3 plugs lights the garage up. Would this indicate the coils are ok? The engine now fires but stops after 2-3 secs.
  8. The faceplates of most irons nowadays are either stainless or ceramic, the former I would think is a non-rusting grade (some grades do develop a light film of rust in salty water).
  9. Citroen C1 engine fault. It's a Mk 1 at 57k miles. Other night I filled up at a garage in S5, I had let the fuel run a bit low and was about 10 miles into the reserve. A mile later the engine began to misfire and hold back when accelerating, it would run even at light throttle but when depressed the revs took time to catch up with the throttle opening, worse on the hills. Pulled into a car park and in neutral the engine could be revved freely once it caught up with the throttle opening, and it would tick over as normal. Managed to nurse it to my destination and parked up, ticking over ok. Next day the engine eventually started but ran lumpily so I switched off. Smell of petrol from exhaust. The management light did not show at any time. The AA man said no faults were showing on his diagnostics, crank sensor read ok, and was inconclusive about the fault. Possible coil pack (3) The symptoms (on older cars) were classic fuel starvation/blocked fuel filter. Any suggestions please?
  10. Collin's horse and cart loaded with rags and goldfish parked outside the local pub at lunchtime, the driver inside having a few. Believe it's still an offence to be drunk in charge of a horse!
  11. Company search on that name hasn't revealed anything, so probably is not registered at Companies House.
  12. Visited the Trafford Center on Wednesday, well worth it just for the exotic and ornate styling and the Xmas decorations, much better than M/Hall! Whilst there, my friend recommended a £1.99 chicken and chips from Kentucky- wish I hadn't bothered. Small piece of greasy chicken and a few chips, had to ask them for a sachet (stamp sized) of ketchup, and they didn't have any vinegar. I would guess their "extras" are of similar minimal offerings. Can't expect a meal on £1.99 I know, but with hindsight would have got better value buying a decent sandwich from a supermarket.
  13. Possibly carved on the wood panelling that surrounded the local sweet shop window, we were only angels 99% of the time!
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