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  1. Grace Dent or Alex Pollizi. or both if they were up for it………😬😂
  2. Good idea for a cookbook - would sell well locally.
  3. Good post. I find myself liking you sometimes these days. 😂
  4. Because it’s pretty obvious for a number of reasons - the main one being that anyone with such knowledge would not be posting the explanations you have provided on an internet forum for sheffield residents.
  5. Why do you think you know about testing nuclear weapons?
  6. Resident nuclear arms expert posting the explanation on sheffield forum - who’d have thought it.
  7. How did it destroy the lives of you and your brother and each of the people you describe? Im not having a go i’m interested.
  8. A lot of people like to think they’re cleverer than other people and are somehow “in the know” when it comes to all things covid. they can then refer to themselves as “purebloods” and such like to make them all feel part of the same group of people that were one step ahead of all the “sheeple”. it’s absolute twaddle obviously and they mainly range from low to high level conspiracy theorists - the likes of @Irene Swaine who believes all nhs staff have been required to sign an NDA to hide “the truth” etc. to others who are less outrageous and are mainly misinterpreting data or relying too much of the interpretation of data by others - those others mainly pushing an agenda on social media to their own benefit etc.
  9. It’s cleared up at the end of the express’ latest rant A Met Police spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “We’ve reviewed all the bodyworn video of this 11-minute incident. While the wording on the man’s sign was an accurate reflection of the law in relation to Hamas, it was also apparent he was there to provoke a reaction from the passing crowd. “The priority for officers was to de-escalate the situation to keep everyone safe and the most proportionate way to do that was to ask the man to move away from the protest. Ten minutes passed with officers repeatedly asking him to move further away and eventually minimal force was used to get him to do so.
  10. It would be nice if all these businesses succeeded - but sometimes they don’t - and it’s not always other people’s fault. I’ve been tempted a few times into opening a restaurant over the last 15 years - and everytime I’ve swerved it - lot of work for not a lot of money.
  11. If they’d put it on the fourth plinth the headline would have been “khan to erect queens statue on site of former “woke” transgender sculpture” Catch on folks for gods sake…
  12. My thoughts are it’s another nonsense headline by the express to get people dead dead angry and that
  13. Why are you going about mosques in a thread about the green belt?
  14. So in your mind do we need to build in the green belt to suit the right type of development - or to accommodate people?
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