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  1. Mine have come back now! Thanks for the info Ghozer👍
  2. Yeah, mine has done the same, all the shortcuts etc have disappeared. It happened about 18 months ago, and I had to reset them all up.
  3. Mine has done exactly the same, and I use a PC.
  4. The escalator hasn't worked properly for over 10 years at least. It very rarely works going up, on the odd occasion it does, within a day or so it is usually broke again.
  5. Apparently it is because the club are waiting to hear which years accounts the stadium sale will be included in.
  6. No, plus the fact his transfer fee is paid over the duration of his contract, therefore we pay £2m a year to Middlesbrough, so he in effect costs us over £4m per season.
  7. Even with the ground sale, that years accounts only show a £2m profit.
  8. The FA have nothing to do with any of it. It is an Independent Panel, who have been appointed by the EFL. The panel has 3 people on it, 1 appointed by the EFL, 1 appointed by Wednesday, and 1 independent person.
  9. The Wick has new owners, that spent £500,000 acquiring the property, according to the Star last week.
  10. You are only allowed so many loan players at once, and can only name so many in any match day squad - loans are not the answer and often work out very expensive.
  11. Bannan has another year left on his contract.
  12. No red button games for the remainder of the season.
  13. We lost ours twice again yesterday, working so far today.
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