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  1. Are there any pics of this please? Tries searching online but can't find anything.
  2. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/uploads/monthly_2024_02/Screenshot2024-02-11at15_07_51.png.ce62e81e9597ef6ff9a0b63468d0ae1b.png
  3. Nah - as a Wednesday fan I can assure you that happened about 25 years ago.!!😁
  4. Anyone else hear/feel it - sounded like a bomb, our house shook - the time was 09.13 Monday 29th Jan 2024.
  5. Vito's is by far the dearest of the 3 - but also probably the best. The wine at Sette Colli is nowhere near £50 though.
  6. Only had Proove pizza once, at the Food Festival a few years ago. Bit into it and the crust was still raw, couldn't be bothered to trail back through the crowds to get a replacement/refund.
  7. Tramlines was 'conceived' to bring trade into the city centre during the summer holidays, because the students were no longer about. It was free, there were fringe events all over the city, and everybody got a piece of the action. Now it is in a suburb, with a charge of £110 - and here is the worst bit - once you enter, you cannot leave and return, meaning no trade for the local businesses who have to endure the weekend, with many taking less than a normal weekend.
  8. The British Red Cross on Middlewood Rd, Hillsborough would welcome them.
  9. There hasn't been any music in there since they closed the Deep End.
  10. You do know anybody can edit Wikipedia?
  11. Nobody truly knows what the players earn, unless you are their accountant.
  12. There has been one every Saturday afternoon for the last 4 or 5 weeks, flying for hours round and round in circles over Hillsborough - they still haven't found me yet though.
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