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  1. Here it is from the front line, thanks to the BBC website. UK police say that people breaking lockdown rules are using the actions of the prime minister's adviser Dominic Cummings - whose 260-mile trip sparked controversy - as an excuse. West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson told BBC Radio 4's The World At One that the public are telling officers, "if it is okay for Cummings, it is okay for us", and "it looks like there is one rule for us and another rule for the people in No 10 Downing Street". He said if the rules are interpreted as flexible by people at the heart of government, "then it is almost impossible for police officers to be able to carry out their job effectively". Police were getting "quite a pushback" from all generations, he said. "Now that is a bad sign, showing that confidence in the rules, confidence in government and thereby the police's ability to enforce it, has been undermined very much in the last few days," he said. He should go, now.
  2. This is it in a nutshell. Anybody with any shred of intelligence and sense can see it.
  3. Just a side note to this shambles. Dominic Cummings sister, Alice Cummings, was appointed a director of IDOX, the company given the contract for the new track and trace app, on 14th April 2020. 14th April, whilst he was knocking about in Durham. Cheers Tory voters, for voting in this shower.
  4. Blah blah blah....drivers etc. If anybody was in any way bothered about anything other than own convenience they would use alternatives where possible and we would have less traffic and pollution. You know that people live on those roads that you want to convert back to rat runs full of cars, pollution each morning.
  5. It is a good idea. Unfortunately a £500m fund for the entire UK isn't going to touch the sides.
  6. Quite clearly, it's a general comment. Why would I pick out a particular motorist, you for example, and extrapolate from there to conclude that motorists kill no one. I would make the wrong conclusion. They as a group kill and maim people, they drive vehicles which emit fumes which have detrimental impacts on peoples lives. As for ridding the world of bees, there are a handful of deaths caused by bee stings each year. 27500 ish deaths or serious injuries caused by cars. Air pollution causes 40000 to 60000 deaths per year. Because cars would be nose to tail, stationary, engines running, along charter row, past Moorhead and onto furnival gate.
  7. "For others they will see it quite rightly as another nail being banged into the coffin of Sheffield city centre." I would interpret the above quote from yourself to mean a drop in visitors, a drop in spend. If not, what do you mean by it?
  8. All true though. News reports on overcrowding in countryside beauty spots and beaches, and huge amounts of litter left behind. What sort of people leave their rubbish behind?
  9. And yet the evidence points to increases in retail spend after pedestrianisation. Please provide your evidence to the contrary. You seem to be arguing for wider, faster roads through the city centre?
  10. Here's a link providing a bit of evidence on the benefits to retail, environment and public health after pedestrianisation. https://www.rapidtransition.org/stories/reclaiming-the-streets-the-increasing-trend-of-pedestrianisation-around-the-world/
  11. Please post a link to your evidence that the decline of Rotherham town centre is all thanks to pedestrianisation.
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