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  1. Bargepole23

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Next to Spar? Old Yummy Hut etc? What's in store for that location, I know it's being refurbished.
  2. Nope. He's talking sense. The decision is clearly influenced by the EU Japan trade agreement. Do you think the direct job losses and indirect job losses are a price worth paying? What about the BMW announcement? Do you think the loss of production is a price worth paying? Can you identify a single gain from the Brexit process, that negates the list of losses?
  3. Honda to close its Swindon plant. From Sky news... "Sources said that Honda was likely to relocate the manufacturing capability at Swindon to its home market of Japan. The ability to guarantee tariff-free exports to the EU is understood to have been among the factors persuading the company of the merits of its decision." Hopefully, those leave voters at the plant will still be happy with their choice when they lose their jobs, and will consider it a worthwhile sacrifice.
  4. So many new cars on the roads now. Personally, I have little or no interest in cars, other than they be reliable and clean, but I can see why others do. The number of older cars, say 7-10 years old seems to have dropped, and there do seem to be lots of higher end cars, Range Rovers and the like. I can afford one, but I don't one. I always think that the vast majority must be financed in some way, because to go out and drop the best part of 60-70K on a car requires a lot of disposable income/savings...or pension pot drawdown. Anyway, all a bit OT, so back to it.
  5. Bargepole23

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    And the pedestrians?
  6. Bargepole23

    Candytown - closed. When did it shut up shop?

    True. Mediocre food. Much better options are available elsewhere in the city.
  7. Bargepole23

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    The world doesn't revolve around motorists, and scrapping bus lanes would acheive what? Ecclesall Road has bus lanes either side in rush hour, which are essentially parking bays outside of rush hour. Presume you would make it a dual carriageway during rush hour?
  8. Bargepole23

    Gender pay gap!

    Yep. I think the gender pay gap is wrong, and to refer to someone's comments about it as carping illustrates to me that you don't see it as an issue. She has every right to comment, and her own earnings are an irrelevance.
  9. Lapdogs? Is that how you speak about people who have a different opinion to you?
  10. They're immigrants, not ex pats.
  11. Bargepole23

    Enforcement Officer

    I'll accept your 2 weekends litter picking, for chucking litter on the streets, but I'll raise you a means tested fine.
  12. I wouldn't, it will give people the impression you have nothing to offer other than raking over the past for little gain or purpose. Time to move on, embrace what is now happening.
  13. I know. It's a forum, that's how they work.
  14. Bargepole23

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    It's a step in the wrong direction. One of the original reasons for the 40 limit was to reduce traffic noise for local residents. Does your need to save 18 seconds override that?
  15. Other than buying fags to keep European people smugglers and the like in funds, of course. I doubt he has the courage to admit that though.

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