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  1. Unless it's a business lunch....maybe, not sure, unsurprisingly as clear as mud.
  2. Man belives everything that gets pushed through his door without any fact checking. Speechless.
  3. To summarize, you have no idea at all about the financial scale of this, nor the number or seriousness of any incidents, but are advocating a wholesale bike and scooter training, testing, licensing and taxing system. What do you think the cost of all that would be, in comparison to the benefit. I ride a bike and I'm paying more tax than most, and get little in the way of infrastructure for it. Most cyclists are car drivers and tax payers. So your argument about paying nowt....plain wrong.
  4. Are you a professional timetable planner? How do you know professional timetable planners haven't looked at it and concluded that what you suggest is not feasible?
  5. Live with mum?? There will always be exceptions to the rule, just as there are uninsured drivers, lots of them. But in general, it is perfectly possible to claim against the individual concerned. Can you provide your figures for the number of accidents caused by scooters.
  6. What makes you think our mayor is unwanted? Unwanted by you maybe.
  7. No idea who plays at Davy, but certainly games have restarted at Hallam, up at Sandygate.
  8. You can make a claim against the individual at fault, regardless of whether they are insured or not.
  9. I work now, and have worked in the past, with European migrants in high tech manufacturing. They are nether cheap, and they most certainly aren't unskilled. Such a tired stereotype. Manufacturing and engineering does not and cannot exist in a national bubble. Engineering companies need to have the ability to move material and people easily across national borders.
  10. Good news for the area, no doubt on the back of the refurbishment of Fitzalan Sq. A refurbishment decried by many.
  11. Apart from the huge influx of spending in our local pubs and restaurants, promoting and supporting cultural events and venues, bringing a diverse outlook.
  12. I hardly ever see bikes on the pavement, nor scooters. When I do, its never a hazard, nor an inconvenience. I see far more cars parked on pavements, blocking pavements for legitimate users. I see far more cars running red lights. Every day at park sq roundabout, for example. On the question of tax. I pay tax at the higher rate. Should I march around expecting those who pay at the lower rate to give me right of way on footpaths, after all, I've contributed more. The answer, by the way, is no. Because society doesn't work like that. We all contribute and we all get something back.
  13. Stung? Or chanced it and got caught, knowing full well the intention of the signage.
  14. Or maybe they couldn't fully realise the affect that it would have on their lives, having not lived in the house.
  15. Speaking for myself, a public apology from the council holds no meaning or value. It rights no wrongs, nor plants any trees.
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