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  1. I commute pretty much daily by bike and have yet to see all these black clad cyclists with no lights weaving through traffic. I never see them out riding 4 abreast either, and I'm out most every weekend in the Peaks.
  2. Or catch a train. Endcliffe in SW Sheffield is a short walk to Sharrowvale and Broomhill, and Ecclesall Road where you'll find cafes pubs and restaurants, delis etc. Also a short walk to parks and Botanical Gardens. And 20 minutes drive to the climbing edges in the dark Peak.
  3. Had some nice plates of food here last night, and a few drinks. Recommend a visit.
  4. Or actions in response to requests from people on the receiving end. I'm guessing that the Daily Telegraph managed to pick out the juiciest sound bites from whoever it interviewed. Standard practice from right wing rags. As is just making stuff up.
  5. Common Fisheries Policy was introduced to stop overfishing no? To allow stocks to replenish. What's the major market for fish landed in the UK? Either way, those jobs are gone and are not coming back, and the loss of that industry is a tragedy for those concerned. How does that justify the disregard shown for further job losses in other industries?
  6. They are also moving 200 other jobs to Geneva. I'm guessing that both moves are important news for those losing their jobs. At what level of job loss does it become newsworthy?
  7. A million European and American tourists in 2018. When was Lebanon a 95% Christian country? Never, at a guess. Have you heard of Google? You can find out facts about the world, rather than making stuff up, or reading the Mail or Express.
  8. Can you provide a link to your cost model of demolition v refurb.
  9. A minute of Google, and the CIA worldbook tells me that Lebanon is 58% Muslim, 36% Christian. If you ever plucked up the courage to visit Beirut you would find a great city full of wonderful people, great food, bars and restaurants. Yes, there are places you wouldn't walk around, just like every city. But the general population don't hate Westerners, and Westerners haven't been thrown out of the country.
  10. I travel by bike or public transport to Rotherham, so not the easy option. It's quicker by car usually, but far more unpleasant. The electricity used to charge your Tesla, how's that generated? You have arranged your life - where you live and work - and make zero allowances for it. Thanks for pointing out the deliberate spelling mistake. I would pull apart your grammatical errors but that would be a bit childish.
  11. Just as long as you aren't inconvenienced in the slightest then I'm sure all will be OK. Just keep pumping them exhaust fumes. There's a bus every 10 mins from Dore to town btw. Catch it myself quite often in a morning . It drives past all the stationary traffic on Ecclesall Road, so I'm doubting your claims about being quicker by car.
  12. Why would anyone need a sign to tell them that? You could tell them until you were blue in the face and it still would make no difference.
  13. It's about time those drivers took a look at themselves, shouldn't need the police or anyone else to tell them they are being selfish and inconsiderate. Irony alert.
  14. Because I've been quite a few times for work, and met some great people. As for having a job getting out again, utter rubbish. Same in Syria before the current conflict, and Lebanon and Jordan. All countries with a tradition of hospitality, and certainly the general population don't hate British people, but you will never know that in your bigoted, xenophobic and hateful little bubble.
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