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  1. Is this the sort of thing you would say to the face of someone who couldn't see family members before they died, accuse them of suffering sheep mentality?
  2. Personally yes, and have friends who did the same. Does that meet your requirements for me to post on the subject?
  3. And that's the important point here right, whether I accept it or not? Not the timing of the whole annoucement from a gvt who have been arguing for weeks about the impact a windfall tax would have on those companies and why they shouldnt impose it? Where's my hypocrisy? The support for those who need it is very welcome, and people have rightly been asking for it for weeks, as you say. Please point out where I have said that it shouldn't happen? No 10 having parties whilst people not being able to raise a glass in the company of others to see off a loved one is nonsense? You are beneath contempt.
  4. Doesn't affect Chekhov directly, therefore can be dismissed as of no consequence
  5. Surprisingly, the gvt have announced a huge cash splurge to reduce the impact of rising energy costs the morning after the rancid liar in no10 is attempting to weasel his way out of his betrayal of those who sacrificed precious last moments with loved ones.
  6. You are describing an automatic weapon as a tool? OK, it's a tool for efficiently slaughtering people, that nobody outside of the armed forces has any requirement to use, let alone own, for any purpose. But you keep supporting all you want.
  7. I think you'll find Dr Checkov analysed a month or so of data and used his non-existent knowledge to extrapolate to "no long term effects". He might be along to verify the above soon.
  8. So a race to the bottom wage-wise, and you will end up with a disenchanted workforce, and attract those with the ability and will to accept the lowest of pay and conditions. That's not who I want driving trains transporting hundreds of people.
  9. Didn't realise the film title was Top Gun : Maverick plus Goose's Son....oh wait, it isn't. Unlike Starsky and Hutch, or Cagney and Lacey, there is one lead role, despite whatever you have made up.
  10. Sorry if I missed some sarcasm or joke here, but you know Tom Cruise is the lead in the Top Gun sequel right?
  11. Absolutely. But of course, there's traffic in cities which is necessary, and traffic which isn't. And by providing viable alternatives in the form of better cycling and walking routes and joined up public transport, a lot of that unnecessary traffic goes away. There's also antisocial driving and parking. There's also many many times more facilities for car drivers than that provided for cyclists, in every city and town in the world, similarly in Toronto, so let's not pretend that prioritising cycling and walking has somehow tipped the balance in their favour.
  12. What would your advice be to those who has been in direct contact with a confirmed case? Go out and spread the love, or act like a grown up with a social conscience and avoid contact with those at most risk.
  13. Have you read the BBC article you linked to? The EDF spokesperson and the UK gvt spokesperson both state it will have no impact on UK taxpayers.
  14. Is this through a company (could just be your carer as a company) or just an informal arrangement? Do you get invoiced for the service provided? Feels like the mileage is a business expense and your carer should be claiming it back from her employer at 45p a mile. I've no experience of the world of care provision, but in my world, that's how it would work.
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