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  1. I caught a glimpse of the range of offences, fraud seemed to be the most serious, unless I missed some of them. Feels like some sort of physical assault charge is appropriate, not that I'm any kind of legal expert, but knowingly injecting someone with something not as described seems like a physical attack on that person.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Reading documents online as a way of learning and revising is ineffective at best, certainly for me anyway.
  3. The relevant bits of maths for personal finances are how to work out simple and compound interest, and how to add and subtract numbers. Nothing more, and both of which are currently taught at school in Maths lessons. The rest of personal finance is terminology and the different kinds of financial instruments, absolutely nothing to do with the teaching of maths. They are the bits that should be taught in form period or PSHE, along with the application of the relevant basic maths. Maths is relevant to all kinds of professional careers. The relevant maths for most peoples lives is adding up sums of money, primary school stuff, which is where it is taught.
  4. I don't get the argument about teaching people about finances, as an alternative to maths. Its a few lessons in what I knew as form period to learn about mortgages, credit cards and the like. Hardly a subject in itself, and hardly taxing mathematically. Similarly, the operation of money markets, government finance and taxation, stock markets could be, and maybe is covered in form period or PSHE. Mathematics at GCSE and A level is one of the crucial building blocks of science and engineering education and all that comes from that.
  5. Etc who? The list is huge tbh. Food and drinks manufacturing and distribution, packaging manufacturing and distribution, wholesalers, cleaning contractors, fuel production and distribution, public utilities operation and maintenance, national infrastructure operations and maintenance, public transport ops and maintenance.......etc.
  6. Already happens. Also, many schools provide breakfast and after school clubs to allow parents to work.
  7. Dunno if you're aware but there's a global pandemic, so your local GP is probably a bit busy dealing with that rather than people ringing up asking questions.
  8. But the vaccine you are given will be part of your NHS record. So why would you need to know in advance? I didn't ask what flu jab I was given. Why would I?
  9. Just so you know, that will be a dreadful, grinding journey if a daily commute. I would estimate an hour each way. I've done similar length commutes in the past, and its such a breath of fresh air when you change jobs and your commute is much less. Until you stop, you don't realise what you have been tolerating.
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