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  1. Again, have a look at the news, businesses all over having to close at short notice because of staff being pinged. It really isn't a big problem in the current situation we are in. Businesses all over are having to close at short notice due to staff being pinged. Try and get a bit of perspective maybe.
  2. Dunno if you've seen anything on the telly about a bug going round and leaving many organisations short staffed and prioritising work?
  3. Just watching a BBC news report about professional football defenders being 5 times more likely to have a degenerative brain condition than the general population. Is the price they are paying worth it for us to have our entertainment? Certainly wouldn't be tolerated in other professions, safeguards would be mandatory regardless of whether the participants are adults and have a choice. Risk assessments are a part of all work settings now.
  4. all i can say is you've posted something unintelligible in the wrong section
  5. How big would that be? Not trying to pull you up on anything, just a question out of curiosity.
  6. Right about what? The intention is to limit hard headers to no more than 10 per week in training only, nothing to do with matches. What's the problem with that? How many players with some form of dementia is acceptable? You seem to see it as acceptable, can you put a number on it?
  7. To be fair, they aren't. The proportion of bikes on pavements v roads is very low.
  8. Where are all these pavements full of cyclists? Which part of the city? I occasionally see 1 or 2 in a month in S11, no issue whatsoever. I see motor vehicles parked where they shouldn't be, every day of the week.
  9. Another potential use for the Library building, a larger theatre/arts space, although I fear it would dilute the Lyceum/Crucible offering. Then utilise John Lewis building as the central library, in part. Where would you see the boundary between Inner Sheffield and Greater Sheffield? Access to the centre is easy, loads of buses, from Ecclesall/London Road corridors. I imagine it's pretty easy on tram routes also. I welcome the huge increase in people resident in the centre, whether they be students, or young workers. They spend money, which is the lifeblood of shops/bars/restaurants, and keep them alive.
  10. Just checked on my app, says the tickets are valid for an hour? I would agree, looks like they can be used on a bus across SY, not just in the town/city boundary.
  11. Its about average compared to other years. No, it's not. Hope your job doesn't involve anything serious, because your lack of attention to detail is shocking. It's about 8% up on previous years totals, for the boroughs listed, which is in line with the Cremation Sociey figures and https://www.statista.com/statistics/281488/number-of-deaths-in-the-united-kingdom-uk/ That's a lot of extra bodies. Killed by what?
  12. If I knew what/who/where Wilson Gomperts was then maybe.....before my time I think Jeffrey.
  13. Of course, but in this case there is first hand evidence and statistical evidence from multiple sources.
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