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  1. So taxed more than a zero VED rated car? Why?
  2. A great addition to the Kelham Island options, but give it a miss on Sunday evenings. Most places are either running out of food or are shut. I can understand why they are, but either do it right and open fully, or close on Sunday evenings.
  3. How are you defining "worst road user"? Causes most pollution? Causes most deaths? Causes most traffic jams? Causes most wear and tear to road surfaces?
  4. I like Proove, eating in at Broomhill and delivery. Never had a problem with eating in, but a few deliveroo deliveries have been less than warm, and a few unsliced. Neither is an earth shattering problem but just smacks a bit of carelessness, which shouldn't be happening. Not a particular fan of the toppings at Porter pizza, a bit gimmicky. Hard to beat a good margherita tbh.
  5. It is for those who cannot afford a car, only a bicycle, and are not on a public transport route. Try to think outside of your own experience.
  6. Rightly so in my opinion. Falls from height are the biggest cause of fatal injuries in construction. Nobody should be asked to work in an unsafe way to save somebody else a few quid. A large part of my working life has been spent on engineering construction sites, and you see all sorts of dangerous acts, and wonder why people choose to do it, for somebody else's benefit. But they do. Anyway, back on topic.....
  7. A ring final circuit should be protected by a 32A MCB or 30A fuse. As already mentioned, yours are likely to be radial circuits. Best practice is to put fixed appliances over 2kW on dedicated circuits. So the suggestion to replace the cooker outlet with a socket is a good one, if you can terminate the 6mm cable into a socket.
  8. I cycle to work every day. I stop at all red lights, as do the vast majority of cyclists I see, in town and along Ecclesall Road, so I'm doubting your statement about it being very rare. In truth though, I would rather see a cyclist going through a red light than another car on the road. A future full of more and more cars is not sustainable.
  9. I'd say you're wrong on both counts.
  10. I'm quite happy for pedestrians to cross the road in front of me, or wander along cycle paths, but please don't gawp at your phone whilst doing so, paying zero attention to other users.
  11. Not middle middle class or upper middle class then......anyhow, I (we) always shop on a Thursday evening, gonna have to change days now I know that's what "old" people do!
  12. Why do ex-servicemen, or ex-servicewomen, deserve some special exemption? Should a rape be exempt from prosecution after 40 years if the suspect is ex-forces? I don't see why.
  13. Do you speak for all local people or know their priorities? Climate change and the policies it affects are very high on my list of concerns. For example, better provision of cycling routes is important to me, hence my Green Party vote at the recent elections.
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