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  1. Except the "Electric people", or National Grid as they are more commonly known, have stated there is enough generating capacity, and that by managing charging outside of the domestic peak period, the grid will cope. So, no need to choose between heating and driving. You can always choose scaremongering though.
  2. The Mauritanian, based on a true story of a young man kept in US custody for 14 years without charge, mostly in Guantanamo. 9 out of 10 from me, was on Prime I think. A shameful and ongoing episode in US history.
  3. Is the turn off the wicker onto blonk st a bus lane? Not been through there on my bike for 12 months, but pretty sure it wasn't then.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56767116 Another business on the ropes, with the company itself partly blaming Brexit, partly Covid. Still, those on the dole will be happy to know that "the tangible positive long term benefits will be enjoyed after years rather than a few months"......whilst they struggle to feed their families.
  5. You're equating the actions of William Wilberforce with those of Nigel Farage. Seriously?
  6. I was in my local library at the weekend to drop some books back, and chatting with the librarian was informed that the old website link I might have stored in favourites was no longer the correct one and I should use the new web address https://library.sheffield.gov.uk/client/en_GB/default It's finding stuff from the Central Library, and is a great deal quicker to search. Maybe answers your question?
  7. I'm sure there are so many more effective ways of training young people than building a new royal yacht. You're right, a select few doesn't have to rich people or the royal family. Except it will be, as it was before. All that guff about the yacht and palaces belonging to the nation. Maybe technically so, but they are generally for the sole use of one ridiculously privileged family, and their friends.
  8. Deals which could equally be done without a yacht, like every other country manages to do. The royal family are an anachronism, and for an mp to suggest we should fund another floating gin palace for them is sickening, and tone deaf. Train young people for what? Shipbuilding? Build some lifeboats or some other boats which have a use beyond providing a free, floating pleasure cruise for the very select few.
  9. What's your experience of managing city centre redevelopment and budgets on this scale? Your experience of negotiating with retailers who appear to hold the upper hand? Presume you must have the experience to know what's required and to therefore know you could do a better job.
  10. Agreed, but as with all things devising a solution that suits everyone and can be done within budget and time constraints is nigh on impossible. Somebody will always have different needs.
  11. Holidaying in England is not allowed until tomorrow so a problem entirely of their own making. Remove the car and hit them with a punitive fine for its return and their flagrant disregard for the law.
  12. I won't miss him. It's a sad day for his family but for me, any death is a loss, his death is no greater loss than any other human. In what way has he served his country any more than countless others who work every day. It's just work, however you choose to dress it up, and he and the other royals were and are handsomely rewarded for it.
  13. Vice, about the political life of Dick Cheney, particularly when he was Vice president. Christian Bale, great as always as Dick Cheney, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld. Enjoyed it, 8/10 from me. It's on Prime for those interested.
  14. The problem being if your child deteriorates on the way to hospital, such that they require immediate medical intervention, you are not equipped to provide it. Not saying either decision is the right decision, only that there is more to consider than just time taken to get to hospital.
  15. Dunno if there's any more on this list.... https://sheffieldcitycentre.com/featured/beer-gardens-and-alfresco-dining
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