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  1. Bargepole23

    Light switches wiring diagram required

    Assuming of course that the looping is done via the ceiling roses. Hopefully and assuming are poor ways to work with electricity. OP, get an electrician. Nothing wrong with not knowing what to do. Then it will be done correctly and safely.
  2. Bargepole23

    Light switches wiring diagram required

    Why do you think the yellow wires are earth wires. It's just old three core and earth cable, red yellow blue and earth, very commonly used in two way switching for lighting. First job is to ignore any advice about testing it live with a neon screwdriver. Then, find the earth core in all the cables coming into the backboxes. Sleeve them green and yellow and connect to faceplate and link to backbox. Those yellow cores arent it. If it's been snipped off then you need to replace those cables.
  3. Bargepole23

    Speed Limits

    Nothing more predictable than somebody boasting about their own driving prowess on a driving thread. It's a shame that winter is over and you can't tell us all about driving in snow.
  4. The point that I highlighted in bold in my original reply, regardless of what the thread is about, although it is pertinent. Your point was that providing security was just as easy in a hotel as in an apartment owned by the government.
  5. Bargepole23

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    Ecclesall Road, just on the town side of Hunters Bar.
  6. Bargepole23

    Ecclesall Road in trouble

    The old Yummy Hut and Pennywise building is to be a cafe bar over three floors, currently in refurbishment.
  7. Where have I tried to justify the purchase, or made any comments about what happens to other travelling dignitaries? I was merely refuting your point. Try reading a bit harder next time.
  8. Clearly, that's not true. Do you think a hotel would be happy to have a proliferation of CCTV cameras and a viewing suite installed?
  9. That's not a museum, so not on public display.
  10. What's been sacrificed? It was a run down red light district, not a thriving industrial area at the start of the refurbishment of Kelham.
  11. Traitors? That's rich coming from the IRA funder.
  12. Bargepole23

    Speed Limits

    No different to other cities. Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle all have convoluted routes into the city centre, and I would say the parkway is a better route than the options into the cities above.
  13. Hope so. I don't really understand the desire for a Yorkshire wide devolved region. Much too big, and aims are much too diverse IMHO. The South Yorkshire region is a decent size and fairly homogenous.
  14. Bargepole23

    New coal mine approved

    Have you worked down a mine? No, me neither, but I'm guessing there's nothing noble about it. Are you suggesting that their is something more noble about working yourself into an early grave?

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