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  1. The EU pumped 750 million into South Yorkshire in the early 90s to support the regeneration of some hard hit areas.
  2. This thread is 4 years old, and the OP hasn't been back on in all that time.
  3. And you know that how? Presume your innate sense of superiority allows you to detect just that. You know it's just personal taste right? Purely subjective.
  4. Half a billion would be £2750 each, seems high?
  5. Are you not able to take them to a charity shop?
  6. He was one of my own too, a human being. Couldn't care less whether he is an immigrant, unlike yourself. Thanks for judging my level of education and knowledge of history and geography on not recognising a local accent, I must have skipped that particular lesson.
  7. Got more chance of winning Euro Millions than motorists obeying restrictions on where they cannot park. See it every day on pavements. Yellow lines yet they still park.
  8. Arco, and other workwear suppliers.
  9. On a point of pedantry, energy is not measured in Watts.....but I know what you mean.
  10. Immigrant Irishman? You know that NI is part of the UK, as is Morley, so why would you assume he is an immigrant. And so what if he is, people coming to the UK enrich our society.
  11. I think you are missing the key point, which was to inform others about the purchase of a Mulberry bag.
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