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  1. No doubt it works fine now. However, the suggestion was that at busy times, all picker uppers would wait in that car park until summoned. That busy time for picking up would also coincide with a busy time on the roads around the car park and others entering and leaving the car park. So yeah, apart from all that, should be fine.
  2. Yep. That will work, a constant stream of cars in and out through the barriers at busy periods.
  3. Had a nice lunch one Sunday at Silversmiths, which has recently reopened.
  4. I don't suppose that you do the closing off at all. Leave that to those doing the design and build.
  5. Ok. Where do you wait near the station waiting for the phone call. Not an easy thing to do.
  6. https://www.freebirdfittedfurniture.co.uk/
  7. Maybe you could find some stronger arguments to support your point, whatever that might be.
  8. In your earlier post, you wanted them literally waiting there, and for it to be drop off only. The real issue is that a good solution requires more space for more cars and taxis than is actually available. People who are perfectly able to catch a bus or tram getting picked up in a car. It is a consequence of car usage,.
  9. I'm not sure El Cid knows how the candidate in question got to the ski slopes. Trains are available.
  10. Got to love threads about drivers, by drivers. Invariably full of drivers whose skill levels are beyond reproach. Winter is coming so I'm already looking forward to the annual "Advice about driving in snow" thread.
  11. Presumably you would want to pick your parents up close to the station entrance also, which presumably means in the area you have previously suggested should be drop off only? Also pretty difficult to time your pick up run so that the car arrives at or just after the person at the pick up area. Or are you saying its acceptable for people being picked up to wait outside? Presume this applies to your elderly parents also? Lets say a 15 minute wait in the rain or snow?
  12. In which case, close it off entirely to all traffic except buses and bikes.
  13. Good. Hopefully will force some of them out of their cars and onto public transport, walking, cycling or any other sustainable form of transport.
  14. Worksop council leader uses hindsight to apportion blame in floods.
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