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  1. How do you stock up on gas? Bottled gas? LPG?
  2. Neither spelling is incorrect, unlike your punctuation.
  3. Lecturer salaries at University of Sheffield are £42 to £50k, so not exceptional by any stretch for the level of knowledge/experience and skill set required. Dunno about pensions.
  4. I booked an Uber 1 hour in advance, and with 5 minutes, got a message that no driver was available. Went back on Uber app requesting an immediate booking, and got one virtually straight away. In general, the number of car icons on the Uber app live map thing seems to be less than pre-covid
  5. Not unusual on that roundabout, had a few close shaves myself there riding to and from work. Drivers approach pretty quickly from Bernard Road or Foley Street, a quick glance and they're on the roundabout. As you say, twaaaats.
  6. Once in a while? You must be one of the more regular posters on this forum. Much like arguments against Brexit on here have no impact in the real world, the ranters against bike lanes and cyclists delaying drivers have no impact outside this bubble. Its a forum for discussion and putting across opinions, nobody is expecting the world to change because of it.
  7. Nope. Out regularly on my bike, I'll look out for you giving me a t-cut pass, was that not you inferring that you will drive at other road users that you seem to have an irrational hatred for? Do you actually try to put other people's lives in danger or is it just a bit of grandstanding? Hopefully it's the latter, because if you really think it reasonable to drive dangerously close to other road users, you need to calm yourself down. Imagine thinking that the appropriate response to being delayed momentarily by some mum or dad cycling to work is to threaten them with your car, or to endanger them. Is that the kind of person you are?
  8. Exactly not correct. The consequences of the Millenium bug were mitigated by the effort which went into preventing the predicted issues.
  9. No, not really, just some no-mark threatening to drive her car at other road users.
  10. Not quite Sheffield, but one that many on here will know, the site of the now derelict Rising Sun in the Hope Valley is being redeveloped. https://www.insidermedia.com/news/yorkshire/harris-cm-starts-work-on-peak-district-hotel Good to see.
  11. Where, at your local NF meetings? As for the comment about either working on fruit and veg picking, or studying medicine, idiotic. Do we have enough fruit farms to support the huge influx of untrained young people, or the infrastructure or the support structure. You know, like the armed forces do, at huge expense. What are your other designated sectors?
  12. Some made up calculations on the back of a fag packet.
  13. No Time To Die....9/10. An entertaining Bond movie. Long, but didn't feel over long I thought. And great to be back in a cinema, The Light, best cinema in Sheffield.
  14. What an uninformed, and frankly, repugnant comment that is. If that's a reflection of you as a person you need to take a hard look at yourself.
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