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  1. It carries as much weight, more in fact, than a single opinion of someone who did national service 65 years ago. In the RAF presumably?
  2. If the Don was in flood, where would the canal water drain to? Looking at the map, the section from the canal basin runs as far as the Don at Blackburn Meadows, then the canal starts again a few hundred yards downstream and then runs as far as the Don in Rotherham.
  3. In what way does your statement demonstrate a link between conscription and a willingness to launch a nuclear missile?
  4. Sheffield to Rotherham canal burst its banks last year, several feet above its normal level, judging by the height of the plastic waste left behind in bushes.
  5. What's conscription got to do with Trident or its successor?
  6. And then you would get the responses of those who would benefit drowned out by those who can't see the world beyond the end of their car bonnet, backed by the likes of the AA. The same AA who were chuffed with an increase in speed limits through motorway repairs, citing a 68 second reduction in travel time as the tangible benefit.
  7. It's not as clear cut as death or recovery though. The evidence is suggesting that there a number of outcomes which are serious and life changing.
  8. Car, car, blah, blah. Try cycling through it for a different perspective.
  9. Of those, only Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster are in South Yorkshire. I would skip Rotherham and Doncaster as a kick off. Don't know Barnsley. I do know Sheffield, and S11 and parts of S10 is the place to buy for access to bars and restaurants.
  10. It's alright, leave voting UK sellers understood that at the time, and are more than happy with it.......in fact, when their fledgling businesses evaporate overnight, that's one in the eye for them pesky European furriners.
  11. Was about to suggest Abe books also. Great website, and an easy way to support second hand book sellers.
  12. Good shout about Grazie, forgot about that place, definitely going to spend some money there again soon. Never tried it. Worth a visit?
  13. Cast iron, extremely tenuous detective work there RR! First flight out to Riga and find that Simona Neila in the local telephone directory!
  14. As are Itchy Pig, Thyme Cafe, Proove and Broomhill Tav And The Greystones, Gigi's Cucina, Bulls Head at Ranmoor and Rising Sun (the Nether Green variety)
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