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  1. After wasting millions the roundabout is worse than it was before works started, makes you think who has had pockets lined by such a useless set of road works .
  2. Giving our own team a kicking now or are we .
  3. No but there was a family member who lived in Eyam not far away from Buxton .
  4. This has made my day Nick , I spoke to your mother many years ago ,she was a great help to me at that time . The PM situation will sort its self out eventually. : I have books and photo's about Maurice myself he was quite a famous Sheffielder in the Fifty's .
  5. Yes he Was , My mother Beatrice was his sister , was your mother called Jean . I think you need around three posts before you can be reached by P M . So I will wait to here from you .
  6. Its hard to tell who is actually who on not only the football section but the forum as a whole , I some times read a post thinking I know that writing style or subject to find out that the moniker is not as First thought .
  7. Yes they are 10 league title s between them . Two of the top teams in the Country .
  8. Reminds me of the time our dog was licking his nether regions and Mr Humphries next door said "I wish I could do that" my old ma replied "well he'll let thi if tha wants".
  9. Agree , they should have sacked em. Same as builders sack workers for being crap.
  10. Yes that was Steely ,A great guy and friend who died to soon .He also worked at the Admiralty .. He used to drop pieces of of silver down a drainpipe and collect it up from the grate later , he also made perfect ten Bob pieces , all for charity though as he bought us all a pint in the Red Lion on Holly Street when we were skint . Another pub Ian frequented was the Grapes on Trippet Lane where he would take a seat in the snug and read his belovered Observer news paper .
  11. She was , but did not know it just like so many Sheffielders , I have others I may mention when in the mood but hope to hear about other ordinary lives that have effected others on these threads . Than you for your kind reply .
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