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  1. I just want them to crap in their own garden and stop killing my sparrows just for fun .
  2. Sad to hear that G ,Syd is a legand among Sheffield racing cyclists , He was always good for a laugh , Along with his brother Jim he will be rememberd
  3. So here we go again .more mass shootings at a school , Who needs a gun
  4. Cheers its back on . Putin has been interfering with me .
  5. The building trade union was always not fit for purpose Anna , We were often told to do as the gaffers ordered or get the sack .
  6. Celebrating that disruptive load of free loaders is like treading in dog ****tte and thinking aren't we lucky to have this ****tte to celebrate .
  7. I seem to have lost my aol mail , no response when trying to log on, any ideas please .
  8. I once had a Reliant , One day while driving through Stainforth our dog jumped on mi knee and I crashed through a wall on Church Street , Some pals from boat yard came and lifted the poor old Robin out of the Garden and we pushed it into the canal basin , I was despatched over to the car spares for sheets of Fibre glass and isopon glue plus a tin of Reliant Green paint . By five o clock the Reliant was back on the road looking like a wounded soldier in green bandage but went on another two years before it got pinched in Newark by the local toss pots and set on fire . I rebuilt the garden wall , The dog never showed any remorse for all the upset , Stainforth miners went on strike, the place has never recovered .
  9. Along with The Grapes of Wrath Anna .
  10. Read it over and over again , Robert Tressel a joiner wrote it his only book . I was in the building trade from 1958 and things were just as bad then, no safety on sites , they then brought the lump in , Blokes would wait Around in pubs inc Lion on Holly Street and Adelphi where the snooker theatre now stands , A gaffer would walk in and say "there is a job at so and so ,its five pounds a thousand laid " some had to take it , some would tell him to go forth and multiply . Saw blokes injured and killed on sites , Remember one incident on Hyde Park Flats where a bloke died the gaffers covered up the scene to make it look better when the so called safety team came in to inspect . I my self was on a scaffold that collapsed while working on the Bank on Glossop Road now a Sainsbury store , When asked no body saw ow't as usual , sill limp on a bad day just to remind me . Riding on the backs of lorry's out to sites miles away in mid winter you were wet through before you even got to the job , The building trade was ****tte even then in the early fifties , sixties and seventies , much improved now .
  11. John Steinbeck wrote an iconic account in his 1930's book The Grapes of Wrath, It was about poor workers in Oklahoma America starving due to the economic situation at that time . I opened todays Sheffield Star paper this morning and was saddened to read seven pages dedicated to poverty in our City . Workers who cannot afford to eat or heat their Holmes ,mothers and fathers who are down to there last few pounds despite working at jobs that pay just the minimum wage , Disabled people struggling to survive due to a benefit system that does not cover the basic cost to the care they need and so on ' And last but not least folk being evicted for not being able to afford the rents demanded by the property speculators who now run the buy to let system in our land . The last comment above is the one that made me me sit up and take notice as I turned to page 26 in our local rag . The heading on that page , Fabulous Barn conversion for sale , Followed by a asking price of around ,one point eight million quid , This is a recurring headline we see in the Star most days, property's pictured costing many thousands or even millions of pounds marketed by the Star showing photo's of fantastic views, lounges that are as big as tennis courts , double or treble garages that are as big as terrace house at Walkley or Sharrow , . Now you may think so what ,Its Life , !!!!! but is it,!!!!! how can a society exist when the gap is so massive , on one hand property being bought and sold for millions while on the other side people being evicted for the sake of empty pockets . The Grapes of Wrath is alive and kicking in our City just as it was all those years ago in the Mid West of America.
  12. Or Clinton Woods ,A proper Sheffield lad and boxer , undefeated British Light heavyweight as well as a World Champion .
  13. Sadly bang on comment, Its funny how we in the West pick who to support in a crisis .
  14. Erdogan and his Turks are constantly bombing and killing the Kurds our allies from the Afghan and Syria wars , as well as backing Azerbaijan who are constantly invading the small Country of Armenia , we ,Nato and Russia do or say nothing about this . strange that int it .
  15. I know all about the East European Nazi parties , they are rife in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine among others . also there are elements in Russia . I do not believe that Putin has attacked Ukraine because of this , its more personal to him and his cronies who still believe The Ukraine is part of Russia .
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