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  1. Do not go gentle into that good night , old age should burn and rave at close of day , Rage,rage against the dying of the light
  2. Not one word about those rapes , Those young lasses stripped on their lower half and left for all to see . Not one word about the lasses being paraded around covered in blood on their lower half . You and your co pal are truly despicable human beings .. One of you is now admitting that the Palestine men who invaded on that day are indeed terrorists . Words cannot describe you two just pith off once again I am out . The situation now in Gazza should stop , If the Palestinians really do not want Hamas in their midst then they can give these murdering rapists child killers up . These brave men who started this just a few weeks ago . Let us hope that the Israeli army do not lower them selves to commit the atrocities that happened that day if they do then may they rot in hell .
  3. The BBC evening news has just shown evidence of rape and sexual attacks by those brave Hamas soldiers of Palestine when they attacked the music festival . Young girls with their lower half naked and legs open laying dead on the ground covered in blood on the lower region . Some alive on video again with blood around the mid body being paraded for the cheering citizens to spit and jeer at . Some on here say this did not start on that day well i have news for them it bloodyy well did . One eye witness described what she saw , But you can bet some will say she is liar as per usual on these threads .
  4. The children are indoctrinated from birth to believe in fairy story , They are told that their god is the only true God , From an early age they are forced to kneel down and pray for this god to help them in their fight against non believers . This also happens in Western Countries now where most of us have stopped believing in such crap as to a mystic figure in the Sky who must be worshiped . The people who settle here are trying to impose their way of life on us and they are succeeding due to a weak Government who do not want to upset the main oil providers lead by the Saudi Gangsters . If you look back just five weeks ago there was peace talks going on between the Israelis and the surrounding Countries , Hamas (Palestinian Government) saw this and decided to act . Now all hell has broken loose and the people who are taking the blame are as usual the Israelis . all discussions on a peace full solution have gone .
  5. I have been thinking of Mrs Walters these past three weeks , Thinking how horrified she would be at situation in Israel . A lovely human being she was and i am honoured to have been a friend .
  6. Today I was told that Hamas are not Palestinians , Good job I do not believe all that the tellers on here tell me int it .
  7. John Glossop the builder who had a yard on City Road sacked me on Friday and set me back on the following Monday . Was that the shortest .
  8. You are right , take away 2 house points ,send me to stand in a corner wearing a scull cap .
  9. Show me were i have accused ordinary Palestine people of doing any thing . Then show me where ordinary Jewish people have done any thing .
  10. I do not want to kill any one . Do not try and get through to me I have my own opinions ,and they are not based on any thing posted on this forum .
  11. You are right of course , Some should have told the Palestinians when they attacked , raped, beheaded, shot and took music festival attenders and a farming community . OK
  12. It is very much like being accused of backing Israeli terror . Some thing I have not done , Only its right to defend its self. .
  13. Be careful for what you wish for , means Chansiri can make the situation a whole lot worse if pushed ,He can do as he wants and if he decides to walk away and develop the ground area then he can , Get it listed .
  14. We could end up with a team , but no ground to play on .
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