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  1. Just let them go , Tell the people and the press the date and time .
  2. Had the same , "Thats one helluva accent you got there "
  3. Good God, the very mention of that collection makes me envious , Although I have had Jags and MGA's and B's . I also had a Wolsey ex cop car in the early 60's complete with bell , forget the model but got it from a garage at Crookes on Heavygate Road £35 it was .
  4. Matchless 500 twins £99 -and a shilling , Greys on Bridge Street , At sixteen you could take out a thousand CC Velocette black panther and ride it straight to Royal Infirmary . If you got that far that is
  5. I made the local motor bike shops rich , they welcomed me with open arms , they knew that soon they would get their bike back and keep my deposit .
  6. I have tried Pat , but the publishing houses want proper type written script . that takes me to long . So its on here ,just hope its readable as my English and spelling are crap . Just thought I once had a play performed on radio Sheffield never heard it since , the actors could not do the South Yorks accent reeeight , so it disappointed me . **** on . man bird on .
  7. At one time lads and lasses started cooorting , You know they met one neet ont Manor Top or at a youth club ont Parsons Cross. As time went on they saw less and less of their old school mates , this was due to being in love wi Mick or Mavis and knee trembling int entry. The entry's in them days all had a hot spot , the hot spot was where the inside fire place was , this meant that the warmth from the fire came straight through the entry wall and created the hot spot at a level where next weeks weshing was worn. This ritual went on for a few months or in some cases years , until one neet after a couple of pints of Stooooneses best bitter beer the fateful words were uttered in that entry in the hope that the roll on would at last roll off . "Lets get engaged". It some times worked but in most cases getting engaged was like getting a bike for thi birthday and not being able to ride til Christmas (times change don't they) . Any way she would utter the freeetening words "Thal have to ask mi dad" ' This asking the dad was usually done in the pub or club after tha had bought the old fellow a pint or two. Straight out wi it, "Can me and your Doris or Sue ger engaged " So dad looks at you , tears fill his eyes and he says " no" "tha can't" , just for a laugh. then after a couple more pints you are the best pals ever . A couple of Saturdays later its bugger the football match , ( never missed one for years you ampt ) and down Town you go to H Samuals the peoples jeweller . A look in the shop window , you pointing out the bottom trays while her eyes are on the top row . in the end you go in and the sales lass takes over , the two of them start trying on the display holding the sparkly up to the light oohing and cooing until the one that fits like a glove and is from the top row is decided upon . You start to think about sending your motor bike back as this will flatten the bank and you will have to start working all day Saturday for weeks on end , so no football , no motor bike and from now on you will have to roll on riding that bike you got for Christmas while she starts filling the bottom drawer wi cutlery , tea services , bath towels and pots and pans. Then the whole plan goes tits up . due to the heat in the entry one winters neet when the roll on is ditched for the first time, A couple of months later all the plans for a white wedding at St Aidens wi a week in Blackpool to follow are a distant dream as you stand shivering in the register office , Her side is tutting and giving your side dirty looks , your mates are all giving you the thumbs up and that two piece suit your belovered is wearing will not zip up reight due to her being just little bit on the plump side .
  8. Remember it well , it was on the cricket pavilion , We was all stood together , Unitedites ,Wenesdayites and Isrealites no problems .
  9. How do you post photo's on Face book from your I cloud collection .
  10. Thats small fry when compared what they really get up to. As to owning football clubs thats just money laundering to them ,gets their feet under the table in our Country , A nice little bolt hole if needed. Chansari must be the worse money launderer ever to walk the walk , He must be millions down the Swanny , mind you the big Teli and false desi grass he bought us is big improvement on the old score board where a chap in a corduroy cap used to run out wi 3-0 when United were loysing away . Usually the biggest cheer of the day that was .
  11. It is not the poor people in rubber boats we should be worried about . The tax dodgers in Monto Carlo and the British Virgin isles are robbing our Country of millions .
  12. Perhaps the Saudi royals will buy us , they are working miracles at Newcastle , both on and off the pitch .
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