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  1. This thread reminds me of the day 40 years ago when Sheffields togga had its most historical episode . The day when our Johny come lately's were relegated to div 4 , no bouncing up and down then , just utter shame that our City the home of football had finally sunk into the bottom division .
  2. Its 40 years since Sheffields most humble togga day , Our Johny come lately team was relegated to the fourth division of English togga. No bouncing about back then ,just humble pie for tea , I even know one kid that had a tattoo dedicating winning the fourth div title , He has had it surgically removed due to the barrage of embarrassing comments when ever shirtless .
  3. Lump hammer and bolster chisel , mark each side and tap int middle .
  4. No I was educated at Prince Edwards school at the Manor Top , my arse still hurts from the corporal punishments carried out by ex war veterans who were now teachers to us lot . Mind you some of us were toss pots but a lot depended on how well dressed you were .
  5. Thats him . but would have left that year I think .
  6. Yes saw them in the market on a Friday lunch time two or three weeks ago .
  7. Mick still lives there , Worked with him on many occasions .
  8. These teams know that in the end they end up with a pot of gold to take away to division two, A better league in my opinion but not a level playing field due to the parachute money .
  9. Read ,The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck , people where leaving Oklahoma in the thirty's and heading for California due to the land becoming a desert . It has now spread to the coastal regions of California ,
  10. I got my nephew a game with Arbourthorne EA , he is a big lad and played centre forward . I asked him how he had gone on as he had a swollen nose the day after the match . One of the twaaaaaters hit me said our Graham ,"was it the centre half " said I . "no it was our own player " he said I had missed a sitter . he never bothered going back .
  11. Still use the old feet and inches , imperial weight is now on show on most stalls in Barnsley market . not many of them in a pound was a shout often heard at one time .
  12. One of Sheffields best hod carriers Slinny , I know all the people you mention , some no longer around . The lasses in the mambo where all very smartly dressed , I remember Carol Hancock , Ann and Eileen Jackson , Sandra ??? who was courting Pete Ansell or Anson . Also gas lamp a 6ft tall lass who I once took out , she used to kiss me ont top of mi head for a laugh . The mambo had a bad reputation but it was unfounded as it was a mix of all nationalities in the early sixties who all got on together . Well most of the time any way . Ralph Goodman who's dad owned Barney Goodmans tailors two doors up from the Mambo used to lose a fortune on the pin ball machine in the Mambo , some one had fixed it so the story goes .
  13. I know we live in the past , but Sheffields togga history put us in the top 20 all time achievers in league football . Now ,well I personally have accepted that we are on par with the Accringtons and Notts County's in football , it used to hurt but it now makes me laugh at the antics of the masquerade that is the premier league where the top teams just buy titles . A bit like princess Ann winning the olympics on the best horses money can buy .
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