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  1. Wednesday can now field two teams and use a completely different eleven . All they have to do is play foot ball ,its not as though they are doing a 12 hour shift in Steel Peach and Tozer is it!
  2. We have got a Jackdaw that will not go away. My mrs rescued it from a cat after it had fell out of a nest the bird not the cat,she brought it home we fed it on dog meat and various scraps for a few days then sent it on its way but!!!! every morning Jack comes back shouting and screaming until we give him a tit bit or two ,he will also go to neighbours and shout out until they chuck him some food .
  3. Jordan already has thousands of refugees . The other two maybe part of the bigger problem
  4. Perhaps Australia,Russia , Canada who have thousands of miles of virgin land and space could open up their borders to these unfortunate people . They need help now.
  5. He had forgotten what it was like to lose;)
  6. Got mi ticket, Grand stand six quid.
  7. If people were paid on results ,no production no pay ,then it would make no difference if the company was private or public . All some workers have to do is turn up and they get paid wether they do owt or nowt.
  8. On the train I use the carriages are a disgrace the backs of the seats at head level are coated in grease and hair detritus . You could plant potatoes under the seats with the amount of muck and rubbish left to rot week after week .
  9. Sorry he just jumped in the Jags ,then the grace and favour flat ,then the Towers then the Lords,
  10. Most blue collar workers gain their income from an employer and then promptly give the money back to those company's . Gas,Electricity, shop , transport,food, agricultural workers along with many more.
  11. One of the funniest things has been the sight of John Prescott on the B.B.C. news ,grinning away saying a fresh look is just what Labour needs. So we have it straight from the mouth of one of the Architects of new labour. Who knows the Sheffield mob of Blunkett , Betts and Cabourn may be coming out and admitting they let the socialism that they gained power on down in a big way. We can dream.
  12. Country yards. I was a member along with Graham Slinn ,[slinney club turn].
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