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  1. Other smaller pubs seem to be doing ok in area tbh
  2. What's happened to the place ,Last few times I been it's been dead Why no Football on Tv or Music being played ? I'd be surprised if it can carry on making a Profit with such a large venue not being used to max
  3. DM is an average Manager From what I've seen The team don't seem to play attacking football and I'm sure fans are not that happy seeing this boring football being played I can't remember last time Swfc had a Attacking thinking Manager or one That will get fans off their seats when watching the team play Sadly this will go on happening .I don't go to games no more apart from odd times when I get a free ticket and even then 50/50 if I really want to go Sad times for owls fans
  4. £50 a day ? Who comes up with these stupid ideas all that will happen is a Knock on affects to Prices in shops , Businesses ,Bus fares etc
  5. Don't go to town center much anymore .Back in Day was a great thriving place but now sadly lacks alot of things ,Shops closed and not as welcoming as used to be Mostly go to Meadowhall more and only then if have to 😏 try to keep local And help local shops etc
  6. Our Adults friendly Team Playing a Training game however opposition can't make it, so looking for 11 players to play We only play for fun/fitness Ko 11 pm Grass pitch
  7. Our friendly team looking for a Training game this Sunday. Any 5aside players fancy playing in it ? Need at least 11 players Ko 11am Grass pitch
  8. RvB Hillsborough Are Looking for players for our Adults Team We Mainly Play Friendlys and Chairty Games Every Sunday , But also play in Flourish Lge once A month. If You enjoy your football , want to get Fitter and Improve your Mental Health. Get in touch . We only ask you You give it your best and Pay subs on time
  9. Looking for a decent pitch for nxt season s6 areas or near Not council , sunday mornings ko we only a friendly/Charity team
  10. yes pal looking for players our first training sesh back Hillsborough park 11am sun
  11. Our Adults friendly team looking for Players ages from 20 + 48 , we play most Sundays vs other friendly Teams , Mainly for fun and fitness while still being competitive , We based Hillsborough area, but do play all over Sheffield. We train every wed 8-9 in s6 area . We also play Charity games odd times for good causes, and Lge games once a month in Flourish Lge , If your interested in Just enjoying your football and getting a bit fitter , Get in Touch asap . msg us
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