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  1. It's going to be a long hard season for owls And some poor results a long the way , But aim has got to be stay in Championship
  2. So many drains side of roads blocked I've noticed, and as soon as it rains it floods , what a surprise 😁 Now you would have thought Sheffield Council just might clean the main problem areas, But seems not Rant over
  3. Don't trust Cons or Labour both as bad as each other, unfortunately Labour will win as not a lot else
  4. also one at Hillsborough Bowling green 7-9
  5. Can anyone just come along etc
  6. A friend of mine been offered a flat on Donovan Rd , So this is for him really What's area like ? Good and bad points etc And any more info
  7. Your welcome m8 , Age of players is mixed we bk training first Sunday in October s6 area
  8. Our Sunday Friendly team wanting players We play for Fun/Fitness and Mental Health reasons playing like minded teams Ko are Sunday Mornings or Afternoons 11aside footy
  9. More than welcome m8 send us a pm We back training first Sunday in October We a friendly team that play for Fun/ Fitness and Mental health while still being Competitive. We wanting players for all positions,so if any interested PM us Or find us on Fbook RvB Hillsborough fc
  10. Wanting 3/4 players for coming season We Play Friendlys and Flourish Lge games Sundays Mornings/Afternoons Fun /fitness and Improve your mental Health is what we all about while still being competitive Interested let us know or DM us
  11. Perhaps it's just more in news or social media than normal but does seem an increase in Sheffield past few weeks for whatever reasons in Some areas I don't know if it's gangs related
  12. I don't trust none of them anymore tbh
  13. Arnt swfc having a astro turf near Old fletchers building ?
  14. I freely admit I don't go to town center much , for Many reasons , it's just not welcoming anymore I know money has been spent on The Moor area but overall it's still poor for shops and off putting with Drunks on corners in some areas in day
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