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  1. The Manager

    Sheffield utd v sheffield wed

    Sorry to say 4-1 to blades
  2. The Manager

    Mick McCarthy set for owls job

    Cant see SWFC Affording to sack manager to be honest . but Between names said Bruce or Megson
  3. The Manager

    Owls v Boro yet again !!

    Start positive and theres a good chance of a Win , Swfc will concede at least one goal but has the owls got the strikers to score 2 or 3 ?
  4. The Manager

    International weekend.

    Non lge footy is worth going too if get chance
  5. The Manager

    Dog bins overfull or not there anymore ?

    Near me a dog bin was removed near a park it was used all time and overfull, (council empy it every month it seems) The council got rid of the bin and replaced it with a black rubbish bin , within 3 weeks the council came to remove the black rubbish bin and Now no Bin at all !! Now why should ppl bother if council cant ??
  6. The Manager

    Swfc V west Bromwich Wednesday evening.

    And tonights result , I rest my case ---------- Post added 03-10-2018 at 23:32 ---------- a fair result after being 2-0 up:hihi:
  7. The Manager

    Swfc V west Bromwich Wednesday evening.

    never know which owls side will turn up on day , could be a draw or heavy loss
  8. The Manager

    Mass brawl at Sheffield School

    seen some of vids and clips does not look very nice sad times we live in now
  9. The Manager

    Sheffield Club, the hot ticket

    Wish they had there own ground in Sheffield I'd go watch them more
  10. The Manager

    Nottingham forrest v sheffield wednesday

    Well another poor game by sounds of it , Up n down season again it seems ,
  11. The Manager

    Sean clare signs for SPL Hearts

    He moved on for his career - can't see nothing wrong with that , and let's face it playing in bigger stadiums/crowds is something most players would want , if he fails he's lost nothing but if he goes on to do well - then its been a great move
  12. Any teams fancy 5/6 aside game sun morning or can get 6/7 players out to play mixed age range side friendly
  13. There's alot of incidents of knifecrime that goes unreported in sheffield or not in news, Hospital deals with alot of cases , its all gang related alot of it
  14. Possible friendly wanted 23rd , we only a friendly team Mixed ages 18-40+ so looking for like minded team or lower lge team to play , ---------- Post added 17-09-2018 at 11:09 ---------- Players also wanted
  15. The Manager

    Wednesday back on Radio Sheffield

    Do know who really comes up with the ideas at Swfc but agree it is to save face and get fans back on there side !! Chansiri really needs some Swfc fans as part of his Advice team

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