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  1. Well, for a guy with his price tag and everything that goes with it, even before this he's been utterly underwhelming. Just wish folk like him, who choose to get behind a wheel when they've been drinking would just grow up. The fact that he is a footballer is secondary to his selfishness and utter stupidity.
  2. Music evening to support Andy's Man Club - a charity that I help facilitate in the city. Aimed at allowing guys to open uo, talk, and reducing the horrific number of male suicides. Sunday 6th October, 7pm at Dronfield Peel Centre, multi award nominated British Country artist Kezia Gill. A good portion of each ticket is generously being gifted back to Andy's Man Club. Facebook - Songs and Stars music events page. Www.songsandstars.com Tickets £12 (inc £4 to charity) available at Geoffs DIY and Cafe Familia in Dronfield Civic Centre #ITSOKAYTOTALK 👌
  3. The OP seems to describe a simple case if driver error. There's nothing wrong with how the junction is laid out and been through it many times.
  4. Blundell leaving leaves another hole in an ever more depressingly empty Civic Centre. I still shop at Geoffs and have done for years. I'd far rather pay a bit more occasionally and use small local shops. Stuff the chain stores, and speak to the staff who care about what they're doing for us.
  5. We have a chance of a trophy. We should have a right good go at it. They deserve to , and should finish the job properly. The Peroni bus will still be there after Sunday ......
  6. Love what we've done, in a brilliant end to the season. Personally, think it's time we saw less of the lads drinking - there's a title to play for and another game that needs playing yet. Get on it after that. Then, roll on the Premier league.
  7. Interesting game to finish at home. Ipswich have zero to lose and not a lot to gain either Messrs Wilder and Knill will ensure we go at it the right way - no worries on that score at all. If the Blades 'be us' on the green bit, we'll be fine.
  8. Got my last long run in yesterday afternoon. Only 9 miles so need to get the other 4 on Sunday. Have a good last week folks, looking forward to my second Sheffield half now.
  9. Love Wilder and what he's done for us, but this smacks of desperation. A lad who can't get a start at Cardiif, hasn't scored in ages and, at best, a questionable character. For me, this feels wrong or CW going to prove that he can bring in 'one of the boys' and make it work. Genuinely disappointed with this supposed move. We are better than that - surely there's players out there who've actually scored recently??
  10. I overheard a woman telling another that Christmas only starts when they get to see the Coca Cola truck. Pathetic.
  11. I was there, and go every year. I choose to wear a red poppy. My view is simply that the folks who died in conflict over many years, fought for freedom for people like us all to think/ believe and express what we believe in. Remembrance is deeply personal for me. I don't expect anyone to hold my beliefs nor to have anyone else's imprinted on me. Disappointed maybe , and having seen the mayor parade off with his eyes cast down and not making eye contact with the public - he maybe felt something else. We move on. His views are his alone. He won't be in his position next year.
  12. It's not a competition to show who's done what. Just head out Sunday morning - there's parades and ceremonies all over the city. I'm off to the cenotaph at the City Hall. It's very relevant, appropriate and moving.
  13. Great first half. Billy was finding loads of space between and behind their back line, but the service was lacking. Could have won it in the first 45. Second half - Sat back, no real pressure on the Rams at all. One chance of any note - the O'Conell header. Coutts was well off the pace and the whole side underperformed. Derby finished us off when we failed to do the damage in the first half. Second in the league will do, but we need to be better across the whole game. Realistic Blade.Roll on Tuesday night. UTB!
  14. Don't think Duffy had one of his better nights on Wednesday, and so far yet to be convinced by Ben Woodburn. There'll be changes today I'm sure, and hopefully a positive reaction. Blades to win, narrowly, in another game that might not live long in the memory.
  15. Just dreadful news again. There is no need for new laws, however well intentioned that suggestion is. There are more than enough on the statute book to cover knife crime. The sad facts are that society has changed - carrying weapons is now widespread in society, and almost expected amongst large numbers of young people, and we now have far fewer cops patrolling than before. More offences committed that can't be detected as there aren't enough uniforms around. Successive governments have let us down - funding cuts, replacing fully warranted officers with PCSO's, talking the talk and failing to step up. I feel genuinely sorry for the parents of young people today - and for the few cops there are out there patrolling the streets. The genie is out of the bottle, and it won't be forced back in anytime soon. It's just so very sad.
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