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  1. Nice one Sheffbag - thankyou.
  2. Its going very well, thankyou.
  3. Mate ... if you need to talk - Andy's man club is here for you. Lots of us have been where you are. Take care mate
  4. For men over 18 - a safe, confidential and non judgemental talk group to meet other blokes and help each other through life's struggles. If you're going through a storm, been through one or feel like something's coming your way - and want somewhere to talk it out - please join us. 92 venues now, UK wide and with more planned. 1. The Limes community centre in Beighton 2. South Yorkshire fire and rescue service HQ in Eyre Street, Sheffield. Every Monday night at 7pm til 9pm. No booking or referral needed, no fee - just turn up and we'll look after you. Free tea, coffee and biscuits too. Check out 'Andy's man club Sheffield' on Facebook. That's us! #ITSOKAYTOTALK
  5. We've been going regularly for a good few years now. Walk round the park - parkrun on a Saturday morning - coffee and food in the cafe. This time of year it's not at it's best - but where is? From Spring, every time you go it's different and the gardeners and Friends of Millhouses Park put massive efforts in to making it look great. It's really well used and visited. It's a lovely place, in our opinion of course.
  6. Brand new coffee/ cake concession opened today near the bandstand. Great coffee, cakes/ croissants/ sausage rolls. Can't miss it ... blue converted horsebox. Tried it today ... fabulous coffee and cake.
  7. If he has been 'chinned' then using self defence at that time, to protect himself may have been a suitable defence. If the video is as it looks, reacting with violence to verbals isn't self defence. Let's see how it pans out. Taken all together, I hope he and Mousset move on and wish them well. Tired of the nonsense in their private lives now, on top of not producing on the pitch. Give them time to decide what they want to be remembered for.
  8. Think Berge will go. He's well enough thought of and young enough to carry on developing. Loads of people think Mcburnie will come good in the championship. Personally, I don't see it happening- he's been woeful for us, and Scotland.
  9. Loved what he did but have to agree with the poster above. Got tired of the endless mentions of his links with the club. We get it .... but it's not HIS club, its OURS. He bought some great players in to get us out of league one, and they are still the majority of the current side. They pretty much peaked in our first year in the PL and there was little or nothing there to back them up. CW was stubborn .... play to one system that got heartily found out and we had no plan B. Anyone else would have been sacked months ago. That side haven't been a settled ship for well over a year - leicester away last season where he panned the players after a loss was the start of it for me. He threw them under the bus that day. Maybe a bit of humility and acceptance that he was part of the problem, then some reflection on how he was coming across to the media and public might have helped. OUR success wasnt just down to him - the whole set up got us to the PL. Love what THEY ALL did for us but his time was up I'm afraid. WE move on, and so will he.
  10. Last season pushing for Europe and not waiting to get a point to avoid Derbys record low. CW isnt the manager of the previous 4 seasons. He looks shot to pieces and his whole tone has changed. So many injuries, mistakes, players who seem to have peaked last season all coming together plus the fact that we really can't compete financially at this level. Plus, years of CW being the 'chosen one' and de facto leader of half the city, while the other half looks on in grudging respect is a big weight to carry. Anyone who thinks we're coming straight back up needs to think again.
  11. Not sure that you blame the board - the @£120 million we've spent were on buys that CWAK wanted and, apart from an occasional flash of excitement, have failed to deliver. CW is stubborn and seemingly (for many) can't be questioned. We're simply not good enough - across the board.
  12. The CW we're seeing now isnt the same guy of last season, neither is the rest of the team/ squad. When you look at where we've come from, it's been several years of the squad performing at a higher level and more intense pace. Last season we punched well above our weight but while our lads got one year older at the top level, the other 19 teams have simply worked us out. CWAK have been the heroes for half the city all that time, and the other half largely respecting them for what they've done too. The set up has taken us as far as it can. The big money buys haven't worked out, and after last night there is no doubt that there is no plan B, we are totally one dimensional and we fully deserve to be where we are. Does he stay or go? It seems the Prince is backing him but there are questions about his ability to spend and work at this level. The table doesn't lie. We are awful this season and last night proved it. I dont believe that next season will be easy without some major changes, fresh legs and change of plan. It's still a tough tough league and no one will make it easy for us.
  13. To be honest, speaking cynically it's probably been worth over 200 million quid. Yes - we can question what its been spent on, but we've no automatic right to stay there. Everything being said - the run from 2016 has been the most fun since the Warnock years and we've had two years at the top table and played some of the best football I've ever seen at BDTBL. This season has been pretty dire but we got promoted earlier than we were planning, so we drop - suck it up and go again. Fingers crossed we win more than this season too .......
  14. Obviously CWAK read this and used it as motivation. That was much, much better! UTB!!
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