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  1. Hi mate. I’d be interested in getting involved in this. What is the standard like?
  2. Hi. Is anybody after any 5/6/7-a-side players at the moment? I don't mind whether it's in a league or a casual kick about I just would like to get playing football again! I can play any evening and at the weekend and would be able to commit to regular games. If you want to get in touch you can do so on here via direct/private message or email samuel.wilson1889@yahoo.co.uk. Alternatively my mobile is 07857699688. Thanks.
  3. Hi. Is anyone looking for any 5/6/7 a side players at all? I can play most week nights and some weekends dependant on other commitments. Not bothered if its a competitive league or just a casual kick about I'm just wanting to get playing again. Just let me know on here via direct message. Thanks.
  4. If they'd committed to getting sporting events held there on a regular basis they could have kept it running. Criminal how they just expected it to keep going whilst it lay vacant most of the time!
  5. I'm looking to get back into football after a few months out so if anyone needs a player I could commit for a few weeks at a time. Feel free to PM me
  6. Are you still looking for a defender. I played right back/left back in the uni intramural league but haven't played since leaving uni back in May/June and I am itching to get back playing. Also, as I've only played intramural league so don't know how that compares to your Saturday league?!
  7. Hi, i'm interested in playing football next season as I'll be finishing university in June and moving back to Sheffield. I play right back at uni but can also play left back and right mid (left mid at a push). I'd describe my self as being a reasonable player who is quite fit and has a decent-ish long throw. Have you got more details about this at all?
  8. Oright, I'm interested in joining you if your still looking for players. I currently at Hull uni but finish in June so I'll be living back in Sheffield from then so would be available to start training in the summer ready for next season. I play football at Uni and have got really into it again as the least time I played before going to uni was U12. I play right back mainly but can also play left back and right midfield (left-mid at a push) and I would describe myself as being a reasonable player. I'm reasoanbly fit, have a decenti-ish long throw and I'm still quite young at 20 (21 in August) so can still get better.
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