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  1. If it's fully paid up, then contact whoever set it up/hosts it and provides the support... Also, without seeing it we can't really say what could have happened...
  2. in the "last fortnight or so" Flash player was ended... and websites had to move from using Flash to 'HTML5' or other alternate (Java, or other) type players.. Maybe this is something to do with it?
  3. Using online services like Google Docs (or even the new MS Office 365 Online thing) you shouldn't need to "cut / paste" stuff, you can just open them as normal, like using any desktop app... Then there's Open Office, Libre Office, FreeOffice, Polaris Office
  4. It's not that "Adobe Flash stopped Supporting HP" it's that Flash is dead and gone, all support and anything using it is over/done/no longer working.. But basically, this is saying it cannot find/load/use the driver for the printer.... Check the HP site for driver updates or something... Rip out / Uninstall any existing HP software/drivers, and install new one from the website....
  5. It might work, but I really wouldn't use it... There are plenty of modern, up to date and FREE alternatives... Even down to Google Docs....
  6. I will admit, It is a strange one... let's compile everything together (feel free to correct or add if I missed anything) - You have slow internet on your PC, - You tried both Ethernet and WiFi, it was still slow.. - Virgin Attended (or you phoned and talked to them at least, in the first instance) - no problems were reported or found etc... they said it was your PC or Cable. - You also tried your phone on the Virgin WiFi, which got 290mb(?) download speed - which seems fine.. - (Did virgin attend a 2nd time?) - You formatted/reinstalled your PC, and the speed is still bad on WiFi and Ethernet.. - You have just purchased the Win10 netbook, which still has slow speeds on WiFi, but Ethernet isn't really that good either... as I said, Sorry if I missed anything/got it wrong above, feel free to correct But, going on the above, here are a couple of things I can say... 1) Your phones speed seeming ok on WiFi, would GENERALLY point to the Internet connection (Virgin) being ok.. - is your phone STILL getting the decent speeds even now? - have you tried it multiple times through the day at different times, to see if the speed varies/is intermittent? 2) a new 'just purchased' laptop (and indeed a freshly reinstalled computer) will have various Windows updates to download, and install the first couple of times you boot up, please ALWAYS make sure you manually update windows, and wait until the update is complete before running any form of speed test. 3) Virgin came out to your property, they must have tested the cable coming into your home, they will have checked the modem/router settings, the signal quality of the line etc, they will likely have even either connected to your WiFi, or plugged in with ethernet, and directly run a speedtest on your connection, resulting in them saying it was ok, and it was likely your PC etc... --- if this is the case, then logically, it's either intermittent, and it wasn't an issue at the time the engineer attended, or it is indeed perfectly fine.. (which your phone also backs up) So, basically I would say (and I know it can be annoying, if it wasn't for lock down I would offer to come and take a look myself) as above, make sure that both the PC and netbook are both fully updated, and not doing ANYTHING else in the background before running a speed test.. (also note, which netbook? as many netbooks may have a lower end CPU, and hard drive/SSD, which may not be capable of pulling the max speed from your internet/WiFi, however, it should still be a reasonable speed) And also, if possible, run multiple speed tests, at different times of the day, throughout the day on your phone and PC/laptop etc, try to catch if it is indeed intermittent..
  7. Only met Mort a couple of times at old meets and events, always seemed nice and friendly, tho never afraid to speak her mind :)
  8. VM Routers/hubs are 1Gb Ethernet ports....
  9. I doubt it's Windows 10 at all.. And Cancelling the Direct Debit, and ordering Sky wont make a difference if the connection isn't the problem (and I honestly believe it isn't) - and I honestly also believe you will have more problems with Sky, than you did with Virgin.. And besides, phone Virgin, and Cancel it, don't cancel the Direct Debit, as you are then in breach of contract and liable for court action.. (as you pay behind, for the month you have just had, not the coming month..
  10. If you are still having issues, and you're sure it's not the PC.. It's not the connection as Engineers have been out and tested ok, It was ok on your Phone too (post further up) then the only other option is as the engineer said... the Ethernet Cable it's self has a break/fault.. or if you're using WiFi, you might just need to change the WiFi channel....
  11. Honestly, if an engineer has been out, he will have isolated your connection, tried it on his own thing, and seen no problem... Then you connect up your PC and it has a problem, it's likely your PC.. and the fact you were getting decent speeds on your phone when mentioned further up... As I said above, something downloading something in the background maybe, (Windows updates, updates for 'other' apps) - or maybe there's some software you have installed (like a printer driver) that is trying to update and causing issues, or it's simply some configuration issue... The only other thing you can do, is A) try someone elses laptop or computer on your connection, B) try your computer on someone elses connection.. besides that, it would mean backing up and completely wiping and reinstalling the PC, and starting fresh!
  12. You seem to have missed my point.... it wasn't that shops aren't open, it's that stock is low and short supply EVERYWHERE, so unlikely you will find any in actual stores... just like being hard to find online.
  13. If they pay for the blinds.. .sure... But it's not just about the light, the main gate/entrance is DIRECTLY opposite my front window, every time anyone enters or leaves the school the steel gate slams and makes a right noise, any vehicles coming in/out of the place, such low engine rumbles, headlights straight into my window.. Kick-out time, cars parked all over (double yellows) and idling all over the place, such a racket I can't use the front room at all during the day/these times because of the noise.. That's not even counting the pre-7am deliveries (there are laws against such) and the noise the kids make....
  14. You will struggle to find one in a brick and mortar store, especially at the moment.. you may even struggle finding one at a decent price, and in stock online.. many PC components at the moment are in short supply and high cost.... I also need one, and am resorting to repairing an old(er) one I have instead of purchasing a new one.. (mostly due to cost, partly due to time)
  15. The School/Academy they built opposite me a few years ago does this, the building lights are on pretty much 24/7, and the 'outside' lights auto-come on at 6am-10pm, every day, even at weekends... (why? no school at weekends) the lights are so tall that the light goes straight into/through my window, when i'm sat on my settee they can get blinding... have reported a few times, nothing gets done.. Been a nightmare since the day they started building...
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