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  1. As other 'entities' are commercial entities, and run on advertisements between programs... the BBC does not (although they do own shares in some channels that do) When the license is scrapped (and it will be) they will have to turn to a similar commercial model, and as a result there will be many more advertisements on TV! It's a few years old now, but there's a good breakdown on this link, should at least give you an idea! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/04/14/how-does-the-bbc-spend-its-5bn-in-licence-fee-money/
  2. I see this regularly out my back.. I think it's Sheffield Sea Cadets - they are up that way..
  3. It takes multiple cycles of ending around the same point for the memory effect to start kicking in.. It also depends if these are pure / individual cells, or part of a whole pack...
  4. Well, there has kinda been a virus going round, and some kinda pandemic of some sort... Where most people have been at home for the past few months... and businesses not operating... and as a result not sending out correspondence.
  5. an External HDD will be even slower, as long as it's USB-C (even USB 3.0) you won't hit the max capable speed of the interface, it will always be limited by mechanical components in a traditional HDD
  6. It may be compatible as-in the 'language' it speaks (Thunderbolt vs USB basically) but while Thunderbolt has a Max of 40Gbps as you said, the Drive is likely limited by the controller inside... The newest Gen4-PCIe NVMe Internal SSD's only just hit the 40+Gbps requirement, previous (Gen3-PCIe) had a max of around 6-8Gbps (or around 3800MB/s)
  7. It will be hard to sell DVD's and CD's now, as most people just use Streaming Services... Even myself, I love physical media - but don't think I have actually opened a CD or DVD box in at least 5 years... You will most likely end up either giving them away or taking to a dump Unless you do some crazy price as a job lot, then potentially....
  8. It depends which tomato feed you gave it.. Different feeds contain different things, Such as potassium, iron, zinc, boron, maganese etc... (these will usually be shown on the bottle like "N,P,K" (meaning nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)) - different substances can change the colours slightly, although this is only temporary if you stop with the feed or change it to a different one.. if you really want the best for the plant, you can get a home testing kit for your soil, then get the correct feed to provide what's missing or lacking (if anything)
  9. If they work, give them away..... There are lots of old(er) buildings that sill use old fittings and cannot use modern bulbs... better they used, than being landfill atm...
  10. It's usually the font/character set used... not all fonts / character sets have all symbols, so it may not have a £ in the selected font, so is replacing it with a blank or ?! It could also be the database encoding - i'm not sure how/where you're storing the info with the £ symbol... You could try and switch to HTML mode, then change all the £ symbols to £ - this will then show the "html" friendly version.
  11. The 5mm would have still been fine.... and the Headphones locking up is a common thing and relatively easy to fix - but the exact sort of thing I was talking about when I said I had some issues when I had one... USB is the best way, as if you ever change PC's you know it's going to fit/work with it providing it has USB
  12. Keyboards usually come off with one or two screws on the bottom (some times under the expansion bay door) - and some times they have a couple of clips on the top side in the top corners (near Escape / F1 and at the opposite corner) They usually cost between £15-25 for laptop keyboards (Unless it's some fancy mechanical RGB thing, which it wont be on the Pavillion) - usually takes about 10-15 mins to replace.... I'd say for the spec, and the cost of a keyboard, it's worth replacing the keyboard! EDIT: Price checked after I saw you posted the model number... Keyboard is £12.49 on amazon, and looking at it there are two screws for it on the bottom (they usually have a keyboard-looking image next to/near them any way) - and potentially clips across the top as I said above..
  13. There's always the chancers, people who are purposely over charging, and also those who just might not know what it's worth.... a single listing out of many shouldn't be a reflection overall
  14. Honestly, it wont restrict the air-flow.... 2cm is plenty for the airflow of the GPU fans... Unless you're doing crypto mining on the thing i'm sure it'll be fine... But for your own piece of mind, fair enough, it should still provide a workable solution
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