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  1. If this is the case, then fair enough, I retract -most- of what I said.. I haven't seen the other article, so only have the one posted here for information and context....
  2. no, not in the slightest... Read the article, I haven't said anything on this thread thats not obvious, or not inferred due to the article....
  3. The kid was born in 2020, likely got her lips etc done while she was working, before she was pregnant.. And yes, as discussed already, there are other sources of income... Still don't see an issue here...
  4. Apparently so.. says in the article "Kasey, who previously worked as a dancer and model, "
  5. he might do, I know someone who was majorly spoiled (i'd say close to this extend) when they were younger, they recently turned 21 and are one of the most mature down to earth 'normal' people you could meet... We'll just have to see
  6. I agree to an extend, but at the same time, it's kinda like putting money in a savings account for him... he reaches 18 he could potentially sell much of the jewellery and fund uni or as a deposit on a first house etc... I agree she is a little 'mithering' - the whole girlfriend "would you get rid if she didn't like me" stuff - but he will rebel, she'll get a shock and it'll sort it's self out, things tend to... Just because she was a 'dancer and model' and looks like she does, people are keen to jump down her throat... Just because she's not raising her kid to your standards/the way you expect etc.... at least she's not taking all the benefits, using them on booze and drugs and leaving the kid to fend for it's self, like the many you hear about.....
  7. I question if ppl actually read through the article, as yes it says shes on benefits but also says if she cant afford something she will ask her ex partner for the money.. And she also puts herself out for the kid, not like shes spending on herself.... Im in by no means defending her, but shouting 'benefits scrounger' when its explained, isnt on... She may be worse off working, once taking child care and travel and other expenses into account, we don't know if she's going to get a job once hes old enough for nursery, we dont know just how much her ex (and family) helps with costs.. there are so many factors..
  8. Personally, i'd leave it on... What I said is accurate, and what the other guy (fools? I think) said is also accurate... so let me do what I wasn't going to do, as I felt I had already answered.... Yes, repeatedly turning it on and off CAN affect speed (it's a known and proven thing, ask any DSL/Phoneline Engineer) however, this generally needs REPEATED on/off cycles, usually multiple times per day, and often with short time between - however, The threshold for exactly how much on/off and often or close together can vary from one provider to another, so I advise to leave turned on just to be sure, as I have known it cause issues (personally) in the past. don't forget also, that many other devices that use the WiFi/internet update at "offpeak" times (this usually means over night) so if you have a Smart TV, or other 'internet connected' devices, these may not update, and could cause them all to try and update at once, when you turn the router back on etc... Turning it off can also maybe save you pennies each year, If you think the average 'asleep' time being 1/3 of the day (or 8 hours) and this is usually when your router is off, you would save roughly 1/3 of the cost to run it in a year.. an average router costs between £8-15 to run (hard to estimate atm due to the constant fluctuations, but i'm sure you can calculate your own) - so it's up to you if you think the savings are worth it or not.. But also, turning electronic items on and off wears them down a little faster than leaving them on, routers (and similar) especially, as they are basically mini computers (think Rasperry pie-ish for an idea) that run the WebAdmin interface, handle authentication with your ISP, manage devices and WiFi passwords etc, so when you turn a router on - it effectively has to 'boot' up (this is why there's usually a few minutes delay for things to work, after turning it on) - this booting operation can cause higher -than average- power draw from the power supply... Doing this every day, is relatively easy to see how it can reduce the life span.. If there's any more questions, feel free to ask, but I hope I covered it here... covering what I said, and what the others said...
  9. The Account merger is a relatively recent thing (this year) but Microsoft owning Mojang has been a few years.... And they 'should' know how to play with each other.... Unless his friend is on Console, they can simply join the same game together (or one host a game for both etc) - Consoles can't join PC players in MineCraft - the MC versions are a little different
  10. What was the procedure 'as described on Youtube' that you followed? It may have been loading into boot loader or recovery menu - which it will keep booting to, so wont be starting up fully anymore... Without over explaining, or over complicating or giving any more info than asked for, tell us the EXACT procedure 'as described on Youtube' that you followed previously... And just plugging in for a few minutes, generally isn't enough - if a battery is FULLY dead, it could take a couple of hours of charging for any life to return to the phone... Be careful with what you are pressing and doing, and software you are trying - as you may inadvertently wipe the phone, deleting any data on there...
  11. births over 100 years old and deaths up to 1957 (those records that have been digitised) are available to search free of charge, via the GRO website at www.gov.uk/bmdcertificates For 'newer' births and deaths, you can order birth, adoption, marriage, civil partnership and death certificates from the General Register Office (GRO) to help you research your family history and family tree.
  12. Don't use "Wondershare Dr Fone" is a load of BS, have tried it for things in the past (even so far as paying for the 'full' version) and it has NEVER worked on ANYTHING I have tried... from the sound of what you said (the fact you called it, and it rang ) sounds like the phone 'works' just the screen is dead... However, having messed around with it, it 'could' now be stuck in a loop booting to recovery menu, and not actually booting all the way.. Samsung KIES does not require an app on the phone, it's already 'installed' however it does require 'auth' effectively... You would need to use ADB to force the bootloader into recovery mode, then copy files off the phone via ADB, It's complicated, and also kinda needs 'debugging' to be on, unless you can get into recovery menu with button combo (but you have no way to be sure what's on the screen) it can be a lengthily and difficult process, especially without a screen....
  13. Microsoft (and Mojang) recently 'merged' MineCraft's... There was previously 2 'versions' - Java edition, and Bedrock Edition.. Java edition was via Mojang and the launcher, while Bedrock was the one that's available on XBox and Windows App Store etc... Java and Bedrock previously needed separate accounts, (Mojang for Java, Microsoft for Bedrock) - but now they have merged them, you have to migrate the 'older' Mojang account (from which ever it originated) to an MS account, and use the new launcher.. see here for info and instructions.. https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/4403181904525-How-to-Migrate-Your-Mojang-Account-to-a-Microsoft-Account
  14. I generally wouldn't do this if your connection uses the phoneline, because the exchanges monitor your connection, if it detects it drops out regularly, it can believe there is a fault, and reduce your speed to try and stabilize the connection. not saying this WILL happen, but it can, and has a higher chance the more you turn your router off..
  15. If you mean your router, they are designed to stay on... If you mean the WiFi on your phone/laptop etc - when you are not using the WiFi, then yes - it could save some battery life if you do, but it's not a MUST!!
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