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  1. provided you dont show anything that could reveal the identity of the other involved parties (without their consent) you should be good...
  2. a 1660 is WAY better... SLI will only work in a handful of games too, many are stopping support and such, and unless a game specifically supports it, it's useless.. (Yes, I know there's NV Profiler etc, to 'hack' support, but it's just that, a hack and never works perfectly)
  3. Stop saying refresh and meaning response time, or which ever way round you mean it... refresh and response are not the same... IPS has been known to go as low as 1ms RESPONSE time, and there are IPS panels with over 160Hz REFRESH rate! TN are Faster IPS are better viewing angles VA are better for colour reproduction and blacks
  4. actually VA is one of the worst response times, but generally can do higher refresh than IPS (though there are 144hz IPS panels) and do have slightly better contrast ratio, but that can be overcome with a decent backlight setup and calibration.. a decent IPS can be indistinguishable from a VA panel in terms of colour and contrast etc.
  5. Look for lowest Response time, reasonable refresh, IPS not TN, and I would always go for matt for a desktop monitor, nothing worse than light (including ceiling light, or any others in the room) reflecting on your screen while trying to play a game...
  6. Generally you need to get ones the same brand at minimum, usually the same model/range.. like, TP link ones, won't work with netgear ones, and such! You would need to make sure you purchase one that's specifically compatible with your original ones!
  7. nothing new, basically a 2-ended USB memory stick, you can plug into your computer, and directly into (most) phones! Indeed interesting how this user has registered and posted this, - seems likely a scam/spam advert (even just the style of it)
  8. wouldnt even boot on the 3 laptops I tried before..
  9. Probably two of the worst options imho.... Norton has always had a tainted history.... all you need is Windows Defender, and a monthly Malware Bytes and CCleaner check... Windows defender is currently ranked one of the best AV solutions....
  10. if you followed samsungs nagging to create a samsung account, Then it may have auto-set you to use the Samsung one, (as opposed to the standard android/google one) - samsung account isn't worth it, remove it, sign out, hide all samsung apps, just use google/android and life will be much simpler
  11. Agreed, stuck 10 on an old (7+ year old) Laptop, (Dual Core Celeron, 2GB DDR2 Ram, 120GB HDD) and it runs much faster and smoother than Windows 7 EVER did on the same machine!
  12. quite simply, don't... upgrade to Windows 10, get used to the slightly different layout compared to 7 (but much improved speed and stability) and have no worries about learning a whole new OS (which no matter now much similar Linux looks visually, its completely different)
  13. It's likely that the skype account is linked to that email address, you will either have to regain access to the email, or contact Skype support via the logged-in one (tablet) - or change your email address from that logged-in one! or, you know, stop using a buggy, out-dated, insecure piece of software, and move away from Skype full stop!
  14. I'd have to see it in front of me really.. But it sounds as though either they have had a corrupted user account profile, and it's reset/rebuilt it, or someones been messing with something they shouldn't have - try, creating a new administrator account - making sure you have "View all files" enabled will show hidden files and folders then) and try a search for a document name she can remember, or even just the old username (if she can remember it) the user may have X:\Users\USERNAME\ (C or D drive) that they cannot access as they are not the 'owner' if you find the users files/folders, you will have to change the permissions to reclaim them, back them up, reformat/reinstall and put files back... I wouldn't try and 'fix' the issue and let her use it, find/backup files and start fresh
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