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  1. Providing it's clearly advertised/labelled as such, then there's nothing wrong with that.. it's when they sell them the same as 'in date' products it becomes bad....
  2. For future reference, for everyone... your Mobile network will usually unlock for Free, after the contract period has ended, or after 1 year on PayG If the phone was purchased 2nd hand, you only need a sim card of the original network, and then contact them to get it done!
  3. Then what about families who can't afford the extortionate prices for many school uniforms, so purchase cheaper alternatives that follow the colour code - they will still get singled out and picked on for not having a 'proper school uniform' - happened to me, I hated school, and the fact that I didn't have a proper uniform, just things that were the correct colour...
  4. I think you're missing the point, if you had read my link above - modern batteries have a small circuit built into them, that monitor the charge/discharge and the battery level etc, this reports to the phone the state of the battery.... there is no such thing as 'recalibrating' your phone for your battery, regardless whether you think it's the phone OR battery, doesn't make a difference.. Otherwise, you would have to do it after replacing the battery, or updating the OS or when turning on/off BT/WiFi etc (as they affect battery use/life)
  5. Nope, you probably think you have recalibrated it, but done nothing tbh.... Li-Ion / Li-Po do NOT have a 'memory effect' and do not need recalibrating, purely due to the physics and chemistry of the batteries..... regardless of what you think you did... that's not what happened....
  6. Sorry no, modern phones/batteries don't need to be 'calibrated' or even re-calibrated' etc - it's a falsity.... One of the MANY articles on the subject... Just google it, there's 100's of links about it, all saying it's not needed/wont make a difference etc....
  7. replace it, re-calibrating or whatever wont work, as modern batteries Li-Po or Li-Ion have almost no memory effect, (as opposed to older rechargeable batteries) its likely that the battery has degraded and needs replacing.. One thing i would try though, back up all your photos etc, and reset the phone, it could be some software draining it (though not as likely)
  8. Thanks, have updated the list - That was only added August 2017, so if it's been "at least 2 years" someone's lied somewhere
  9. That's not the same at all... The BBC was originally funded purely by the TV license, and were NONE COMMERCIAL (didn't play any commercials on TV or radio) but since they expanded, and with modern society they have multiple sources of income (including some commercial channels) and so continuing to 'require' a TV license is a joke, other channels/companies manage(d) without a license (I know they get a small % of the current license, but it really is, a SMALL %) the TV license is only there now, because it's always been there, there should be ZERO reason for it to exist... but it's fine, as I don't watch TV any way, I stream anything I watch (and I don't bother with iPlayer)
  10. not played with 10G myself, but have watched tonnes of YT vids.. the LTT (Linus Tech Tips) one is a good one, though 3 or 4 years old now.... and the Craft Computing one is good for a budget
  11. It's been a while since I use windows shared drives (not used them at all since Windows 10 tbh) but I know with Windows 7, there was some 'reconnect mapped drive delay' setting in the registry (can't for the life of me remember where) - you could adjust this and tweak... there was also an option for 'reconnect on access' or something, even though it was set to reconnect on logon, (means it would only reconnect it the first time you attempted to access it) I'll try and find the info / links and let you know....
  12. Mod Note: Have locked the thread, before it turns into a "Win v *nix" type thread, or bashing one or the other.... What's needed to be said has been said, any links and info provided for anyone who might be interested, no more needs to be said
  13. It's not too bad, anything below 100 is fine for gaming generally any way Though I just did a Speedtest on my 4G and got 24ms ping
  14. I thought this, but the ones I have are 28v or 32v, and both are 2.8A
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