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  1. I gave the answer above, and works exactly like you would hope/expect...
  2. I have already told you... You CANNOT setup a VPN ON a console, there is NO WAY!! - if it's as simple as "google it" then why don't/haven't you done it by now? the ONLY way a Console can connect via a VPN is to connect via another device (Computer or laptop) - which I already provided the link with instructions on how to do it... But I reiterate, It will NOT prevent you from being kicked from game servers. It will NOT prevent your internet connection from dropping out. (Talk to your ISP about this) Man, whish I still had my Assistant MOD access, this thread would be closed due to answer(s) have been provided....
  3. I honestly doubt anyone is DDoSing you, it takes MANY connections, of a reasonable speed, so the players would need control of botnets or multiple servers, and as I said, as soon as your ISP detects a DDoS attempt, they re-route that traffic and black-hole it generally so it doesn't affect you.. to DDoS you, it would require at MINIMUM -to guarantee an effect- at least 3x your connection speed... so if you are on Virgins 500mb, they would need 1.5GB's (upload) available to them to be able to knock you offline.... and if, some how they were - you can report it to your ISP who can track via logs and report back to the source etc... It's more likely the servers you are routing to are in different countries and/or unstable connections, or your own connection is unstable so you get packet loss and resulting in a kick for high ping and packet loss... a VPN 'may' help with this, as it will route the traffic differently... I gave you a link from their own website on how to use it with a console, this is your ONLY option, as the console has nowhere/no way to enter a username and password for the VPN, so you cannot "install it on the console" as you originally said, you have to set it up on a computer or other device that allows network sharing, and connect your console VIA that device, this will then route it through the VPN.. There is no way to directly configure it on a console..
  4. I don't frequent here often anymore, but saw this... as stated above, that's not how VPN's work, not at all.. What OctoVPN CAN do is stop people directly targeting you with DDoS attacks (which is unlikely to happen, and your ISP would generally help prevent against this any way) Also, it won't stop you being kicked/removed/banned from games or servers... And, it won't help protect the game servers you are connected to, that's out of their hands... And how to use it with a console.... https://help.octovpn.com/en/article/how-to-use-octovpn-with-a-console-sharing-connection-87ogf8/
  5. I wasn't going to get drawn into this, but just to stop everyone questioning and whinging.. Part of the whole 'here, take charge of this section' was because there was many instances of mods removing posts that they felt should be removed, when they shouldn't have really.. A thread that mentions even a slightest hint of something illegal, Such as (for example) a thread where someone mentioned being able to update a "naughty" version of Windows 7, to Windows 10 without issue... To me, this was ok - they didn't say HOW to get the illegal Windows 7, or anything similar, it was just a perfectly valid comment about the subject in question based on an observation they had made... or, if a user had asked about copying audio to their computer, I saw the thread get deleted without question... when In fact it was their own work (something on cassette tape) they wanted digitizing... the mods had deleted it thinking "Ohh, illegal activity, must delete", without question... MULTIPLE times I raised queries with the help desk "why was this deleted? nothing illegal was discussed" etc, and so on and so on... (remember, this is just an example) so, when the Interest Groups and Assistant Moderators were added (they added the AM role because of the Interest groups I believe) - I was approached, and asked to look after the section, to help avoid deletions like the above, help moderate something I had more knowledge about, than any of the full moderators did... This included renaming titles as required (so if I user just posted a title of "HELP" or something, I'd have to rename to something descriptive of the question) deleting spam and ACTUAL rule breaking posts, locking threads once they had run their course/the original question was answered etc.. I was also given the ability to pin... and as I was mod there, I was able to edit my own pinned and locked post - and now I cannot update the pinned post as an example.. I cannot rename titles to actual questions where needed.. I cannot lock threads to prevent questions and answers being lost behind multiple pages.. I cannot delete spam posts, useless replies, and false / bad info.. and again, I cannot edit my own pinned post to redo and update the info (as it is very out of date atm) It was partly about ease, and partly about keeping the section tidy, and if questions arose regularly, I could pin it (even temporarily), to avoid multiple posts about the same thing, the info was just 'there' (I have done that on odd occasions in the past) whether or not you understand why, having that limited ability did make things easier.. And as I said, this isn't the ONLY reason I'm doing this, it's just the final thing that pushed me over...
  6. Haha, no, not at all.... There is a need to 'announce my departure' when I was effectively running this section, and many people often asked me for help or advise (yes, even directly) so... yes, there is/was a need...
  7. We were given the ability to run our own groups, given the ability to pin/lock threads as needed, delete spam threads etc... Yes I 'could' still use it, but I choose not to.. And the Discord was talked about here long ago, has been mentioned before, along with the SteamGroup.. Also, the Discord is nothing to do with me, It's just a sheffield gamers discord i'm on, what's the issue here?
  8. I used to lock threads once the original topic or subject had run it's course, or the original question had been answered etc... last word has/had nothing to do with it... This was my choice to do here, and it was to keep things tidy, help prevent random spam posts on old threads etc.... simple as that... I can't say anything about the rest of the forum, as it was not my decision... There are MANY threads I left open or left alone, that were later closed or removed by the moderator team, and I often queried "why was this thread removed/locked?" - as to me, there wasn't a valid reason to remove/lock it... One example of what I am unable to do now, is update the Locked/Pinned thread with the list of companies... Oh well, not my problem anymore...
  9. not really, I said in my original post.. "I may lurk on rare occasions, but the number of posts and replies from me will be extremely limited..." But not getting into argument, as this forum is known for.... I'll just leave it here... Generally, i'd lock this thread now......
  10. Indeed, I was only here to give my reasons for leaving (well, greatly reducing my time) - not get into a long drawn discussion
  11. Exactly, and that is against the whole idea of what the interest groups were originally about... No one on the new team seems to know (or seems to care) about the history of the Forum and the the time it's users have also put into it... Interest groups especially, the whole idea behind those was to let people run those, moderators kept things within the rules, but that was about it... like the comp and tech chat, there was a lot of things the moderation team didn't know about, and were locking threads that shouldn't have been, deleting threads that mention the slightest hint of anything even remotely close to bending the rules (which seems to be happening again) so it was handed off to me (there was other people, who had other sections in a similar fashion too) I could rename titles, lock posts, delete spam and pointless stuff, just generally help out with it.. it's not about the access, that's part of it (as I now feel I cannot keep the section as tidy as I used to, I cannot edit my own pinned post, I cannot remove it, or pin others to update (same as the pinned in the gamers group), that and how the whole thing has been handled, the whole "we were given a list, you weren't on it" fair enough, still doesn't change how it was done, and how you since responded.... its more that it feels like its now a business, rather than a community forum that just runs ads to keep itself running.
  12. I know, I said that You replied initially, telling me that all mods had been removed etc.... But I have not had a reply to my last response, or an answer as to how you are going to deal with sections like this now, and especially the interest groups (As users were moderating their own group that they suggested to be added, and there was a whole approval process etc) - cutting off peoples fingers here imho...
  13. Intel from 6th Generation onwards support PTT which is TPM2.0 compliant/compatible.. Just enabled it on my 7700k....
  14. It's not just about that... this has kinda been the final nail, but it's been building a while tbh... And yeah, When I realized I no longer had any access, I opened a helpdesk query, was told all moderator team was removed, I replied saying I wasn't informed, and asked about the Interest groups, and such, and haven't yet had a reply... This was back at the start of May..
  15. Well, it's been a long road, but a while coming.... I think it's time for me to quit the forum, including this section... I have enjoyed many of the interactions through the years, some funny, some stressful, but with the direction the new owners are taking the forum, I feel they are effectively cutting off their own fingers... If you didn't know (and you probably did if you had been around for a while) the old owner and team, had set up an "assistant moderator" team, to help with individual sections of the forum... I was asked to 'look after' this "Computer and Tech Chat" part, I had limited moderation powers (locking/deleting threads, editing titles etc) - but only within this section (I also had the Gamers Interest group too) - this meant that It was easy for me to help get rid of illegal posts, useless replies and anything else that needed.. With the new owners and team, they have removed the ENTIRE moderation team (including the assistant mods) meaning myself (and a few others) no longer have access to the sections they were assisting with, OR their own interest groups that they started... I was unaware of this change, until I tried to do something one day a couple of months ago, I couldn't so queried it and was told all moderators were removed... honestly, this has been the final nail in the coffin for me... I may lurk on rare occasions, but the number of posts and replies from me will be extremely limited... If anyone has any jobs/work for me, Please DM me directly, as that is the ONLY thing that sill notifies me now... Thank you all for the ride, and keep safe everyone!
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