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  1. Agreed, stuck 10 on an old (7+ year old) Laptop, (Dual Core Celeron, 2GB DDR2 Ram, 120GB HDD) and it runs much faster and smoother than Windows 7 EVER did on the same machine!
  2. quite simply, don't... upgrade to Windows 10, get used to the slightly different layout compared to 7 (but much improved speed and stability) and have no worries about learning a whole new OS (which no matter now much similar Linux looks visually, its completely different)
  3. Ah, It'll be difficult to find drives that fit, without first finding matching caddy's.... 😕 Ideally need to know what the CPUs are too, needed for a specific task - not got a live CD to boot and check it out?
  4. What cpu's and ram? All caddy's there for HDD's?
  5. It's likely that the skype account is linked to that email address, you will either have to regain access to the email, or contact Skype support via the logged-in one (tablet) - or change your email address from that logged-in one! or, you know, stop using a buggy, out-dated, insecure piece of software, and move away from Skype full stop!
  6. I'd have to see it in front of me really.. But it sounds as though either they have had a corrupted user account profile, and it's reset/rebuilt it, or someones been messing with something they shouldn't have - try, creating a new administrator account - making sure you have "View all files" enabled will show hidden files and folders then) and try a search for a document name she can remember, or even just the old username (if she can remember it) the user may have X:\Users\USERNAME\ (C or D drive) that they cannot access as they are not the 'owner' if you find the users files/folders, you will have to change the permissions to reclaim them, back them up, reformat/reinstall and put files back... I wouldn't try and 'fix' the issue and let her use it, find/backup files and start fresh
  7. it all depends who your provider is, who is this website you are paying to track visitors? they would usually have given your web developers some code to place in your website, to aid in the tracking.. Any "? & =" you may see in the url, are usually part of the actual web language, used to navigate a webpage, they could mean anything, think of them like indices... and giving you a "correct term for topics to learn about this" isn't as easy as you think as it will depend on a few factors as to which route you need to take, as there are different web coding languages, that all use and handle those indices differently and for different reasons.. such as PHP, they can be used for navigation such as site.com/forum/?page=1&topic=32 - this would obviously show page 1 of topic 32 from within the forum, but it totally depends on how each website/page is coded, as to what they are specifically used for.. if, like you suspect, it's something to do with the place you are paying to track visitors, then your best and most accurate answer will come from them.
  8. What's the issue? Apple products are generally easy to use, and you can usually walk into an apple store, talk to someone there and they'll show you what you're having an issue with!
  9. A mobile has to be able to make a 999 (emergency) call regardless of status of sim-card and/or credit... I believe, you can even call 999 without a SIM card on most phones/networks...
  10. They are likely to be 100% fake, Fake size, fake internals etc... Stick with known brands, you should be good.... I have picture of what was supposed to be a 1TB External drive, but inside it's just a 16GB USB Thumb Drive, soldered internally to the connectors, with a chunk of metal for weight.... that's literally all it was!
  11. Can I ask why you are using a VPN? Unless it's for work purposes, or to bypass geo-locks on websites, there should be no need or reason to use a VPN!
  12. Honestly, this sounds like what I suspected, the VPN software is interfering with something when you're not using the VPN, causing normal/standard connections to fail/fall over etc.. By the fact you said that when using an IP, it still gave "site can't be reached, took too long to respond" - this tells me that there's some other/deeper issue, and that it's not JUST a DNS issue...
  13. I don't mean using the Router as DNS or google, I mean, leaving the router as default on your NIC, going into the Router settings and specifying the DNS servers there, so all devices going through router, it will use those DNS servers instead.... instead of your ISP default (which your router will default to) Ironically, the error with update 1903 (Error 0xc1900223) is a problem downloading, which could be related to your DNS issue... Also another thought, (if you haven't already tried) - get the IP's for common websites you use (use another device if you have to) and when you have a DNS issue, use the IP directly, (to check if it is just DNS error/timeout)
  14. Ethernet works fine, then that would tell me it's specific to the wireless or some setting-with it.... fair enough The WiFi signal strength is a consideration, as is the channel and such, hence why I said to check those... but you said it's the same next to the router, so that would generally eliminate those... have you tried specifying the DNS servers via your PC's settings, or did you do it via your router it's-self? Also, you're using VPN, it could be that the VPN or whatever plugin/app it uses etc has affected your settings someway, that it's causing issues with DNS.. maybe, if you're not connected to VPN, your PC may think it still wants to use whatever DNS it was using previously, which may only work with the VPN connection, hence timing out otherwise... (just a thought, as I have known similar before) again, purely for diagnostic reasons, uninstall anything to do with the VPN (making sure to save/note any settings/usernames and passwords etc you may need) - then reset your Windows network settings AFTER.. then try it, see if you still have any DNS issues, or any others etc....
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