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  1. Please see apple support page : https://support.apple.com/manuals/iphone
  2. Then that's why you still have moderators, to step in if such things happen... Honestly though, if I replied on a thread, and my reply kept getting deleted - i'd just stop following that thread... or if it was one specific user who was always deleting my posts, I just simply wouldn't bother reading their stuff anymore... It's an idea I have been toying with for a few years now, no forum anywhere (that I know of) has anything even close to it... It works (mostly) on FaceBook - think about it, you post something, someone replies - if you don't like it you can remove/hide the reply etc, it's just a similar idea...
  3. Your fridge is probably just set ever so slightly too high, and the combination of the foil tray, the mass/size of them, and the moisture in them, caused them to freeze... and you know, hot water freezes faster! (known as the Mpemba effect)
  4. Then those users threads (the ones that simply remove anything they dont agree with) will stop getting replies and then they just wont bother.. it will weed-out most of the useless crap as a result But I agree with another above, there needs to be some message when a thread or post is deleted, telling you WHY... Especially if a rule was broken, so said user can avoid it in the future... there used to be an SFBot that messaged you if your post was deleted, but that stopped when they changed software
  5. One quick and simple solution.. Allow the original poster / thread creator to moderate their own threads... Allow deletion (but not editing obviously) of replies to a thread, so the creator can remove posts they feel are inappropriate or don't contribute to the original subject etc.. if they are too erratic and keep deleting a certain type of post, or certain users posts, then that user, or everyone in general, will learn who's threads to avoid, as things are always deleted... Simply avoid them, and not reply or post on them... You could then have a 'reduced' moderation teem, that can resolve any conflicts, and general queries.... but I think that would take a LOT of the work away from the moderation team, and allow a little more freedom of expression in the threads.. Obviously there would still BE a moderator team, as users may need to be banned, whole threads removed, certain things dealt with etc, but I really think it would solve a lot of the problems people have surrounding moderation.
  6. It depends if they prepare and reinforce under the pavement first, or place 'root blockers' so they can only go down, and not straight out across the pavement...
  7. Also, LIbre Office, and Open Office both work on Mac.... and are fully compatible with MS Office...
  8. Sounds like you need to adjust the page margins etc... Every editor/company has slightly different margins set by default, there's not really a "standardised" thing for them....
  9. ah, 'ink blob' - i see... It's actually a Jigsaw Piece I believe... representing an extension or "plug-in"
  10. Most laptops now will do the above required... light video editing, confrences and such... some light audio stuff (audacity etc) MINIMUM i3 9th Gen or newer... or Ryzen 5 3rd Gen or newer.... really... But for the size (around 13") it may cost a bit more, the prices for the smaller/slimmer ones start from around £700 - but I wouldn't bother with that one (another Celeron) - so you're looking close to 1k, which you can get MUCH better for your money if you go slightly larger...
  11. Extensions, could be a chrome extension then.... When you have chrome browser open, click the 3 dots in the top right, then "More Tools" and "Extensions" - you should be able to enable/disable (or even remove it) from there... if it's a chrome extension...
  12. That's an interesting one, not seen that myself - maybe it's a Chromebook specific thing, and not 'chrome' glad you got sorted anyhow
  13. https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/6076237?hl=en-GB
  14. Cranes have been 'popping up' or have been a pretty much constant view of the city skyline for at LEAST the last 20 years... and the city center has been a building site for pretty much the past 15 years or so.....
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