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  1. Don't have one spare, but which end do you need? the end that goes in the steamlink or the wall-side? Get something like this, https://www.amazon.com//dp/B07N18XN84/ - set it to 5v, it'll work fine
  2. Alex Turner above Helen Sharman? and remove David Blunkett, he deserves zero recognition.... he's part of the reason I left school with nothing!!
  3. They do work, but it depends on the drive and data, how much there is, the drive condition, and if you have already put new data over the top of where the old data was etc!
  4. no issues here, those links at the bottom seem to work fine for me, no issues with quoting or removing multiples etc.... - tho I don't see anything "20mm above them" it's just empty space above them for me, before the "previous / next thread" links... make sure any ad-blockers (if you are using them) are not hiding elements that are effectively still 'over the top' of other elements etc.... purely as a test, try it with all your browser plugins/extensions disabled or in private/incognito mode....
  5. Not at all, I am interested from a historical context, at which point that version of the spelling may have disappeared/dropped off the view etc.. and out of sheer curiosity
  6. What dictionary? please also provide the revision and publish date, and/or ISBN if it has one..
  7. https://grammarist.com/spelling/flu-flue/
  8. According to their Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/p/The-New-Forty-Foot-Page-100063495491896/
  9. There's someone on Reddit who said they saw it.... https://www.reddit.com/r/sheffield/comments/18oh4fe/just_witnessed_a_youth_fire_a_gun_and_two_other/
  10. If there's no machine, then you need to download the app and/or use the website... you can pre-book from what I can see on the site... https://www.sabaparking.co.uk/
  11. 🤣😅😂 the TPM device is just a small chip that generates cryptographic keys for use with things like bitlocker or encrypting files etc, and also checking windows is actually what it's supposed to be etc
  12. That is the drivers, ..and supported software!
  13. you're probably right, I didn't even notice that model number in my link.... mistakes happen, my bad If it's an old WiFi dongle, it could simply be too old.... older won't work on more modern networks, they may not even pick them up at all... *Edit* If it's this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000FO6QYU Then it should just 'work' in current windows etc, however if your laptop is from the last decade, you (in theory) shouldn't need it as it should already have WiFi built in.... If it's for a desktop, it 'should' just work, but again, may just be faulty
  14. Why wouldn't 112 do anything? that's the number that is 'standard' across the EU member countries (and us as we WERE part of it when that was introduced in 1995) it's also part of the GSM standard for over here! 911 is for the US!
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