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  1. Try it in incognito mode first, if it works ok, then it's a plugin or setting you have, and I would advise going through your browser plugins and disabling some and try to figure out which one is causing it...
  2. Be Careful changing it though, as some players can only be changed a certain number of times before it's locked totally.. if you can, set it to 0 - that will play any you put in it, from anywhere
  3. I still have mine, and if my player hadn't died a few years back it would still be hooked up and in use... Unfortunately, not many places will take them for many of the reasons mentioned here, plus more.. (even many recycling places won't take them now either) if I had a working player/recorder, and the space i'd certainly take them from you, but at the moment it's not an option for me im afraid 😕
  4. DVD's since release have been tied to a region... We are Region 2 Latin America / Australia are Region 4 There are some region 0 dvd's (work in any region) You can actually change the region on many DVD players (google to see if/how you can) as you want, and some will even let you set to 'region free' which will let you play a DVD from any region... but yes, this has been the case since their release in 1997
  5. You may be able to get a VESA mount compatible stand, check the back of your TV for 4x screw/bolt holes in a square on the back.... if it has them, measure the size between them (or check the manual for the size) and buy a compatible mount... Or get an adjustable one like this.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Perlegear-TVs-Securely-400x400mm-Height-Adjustable-Management-Black/dp/B077P3SZGT/ref=asc_df_B077P3SZGT/
  6. Ignore this, 99.9% of external HDD's and USB Memory sticks don't require a driver, as they use the Windows Standard USB Storage driver etc....
  7. im in S3 and didn't have a problem....
  8. Don't leave it plugged in and charging while using it, once it's hit 100%, unplug it and discharge to around 30% before charging again. If you need to run it on power for extended periods, remove the battery (if possible) don't over-charge/leave 'full' and still charging (batteries do have protection against this, but it's still good practice regardless) don't let the battery totally drain to 0% before charging again. don't expose to sudden temperature changes. don't shock/hit/bend etc the battery (common sense, but you know, even accidents can happen...) - picking up your laptop wrong (especially if is very thin) can cause a slight flex - and can some times cause problems for the battery or it's connection(s) Anything else is your general common sense stuff (don't get it wet, don't use wrong chargers etc)
  9. as long as it's powered, and plugged in to a working USB socket, it should work fine, and shouldn't require any drivers.. Does it have/need it's own external power supply? Does it have any lights / are they on/flashing? Can you hear it start-up and spin etc? Are there any errors, or is it just not showing?
  10. You can turn them all off in your user settings... Go to your profile thing at the very top right, then click "Manage Followed Content" - you can turn things off in here....
  11. Even new batteries often only have a 6 month warranty, due to the chemical composition of batteries, they can degrade, and if not treat right they can fail after only a few months... it might work after a rest, might charge - but it will discharge fast, and wont last too long....
  12. Just cancel everything except the BB and Phone (for some reason VM make BB cheaper as part of a package with the phone line, even though phone-line isn't required (like DSL connections)) You shouldn't need a new aerial for freeview, that's a fallacy... only around 3% of people would have needed a new aerial, and they should be sorted by now with how long freeview's been out!
  13. Yes, this is because (as a pure example..) if you have PCM 2.0 and DTS 5.1 selected, but your soundbar doesn't support DTS, the game may try to send a DTS signal (as you told it the soundbar supports it) but it wont work right... YouTube, is only 2.0 stereo as standard, so will pretty much always be a standard PCM signal... I mean changing your PS3 settings btw - not sound bar
  14. Go to sound settings, make sure it's set to "optical" and try setting as 2.0 to start with.. Also, because you choose Digital Out (Optical), as an option, iy will ask you what "formats" the device supports, (Such as Dolby Digital, DTS, AAC etc) - You would need to make sure that ONLY compatible ones are checked (so you could check Linear PCM to start with) - having something selected incorrectly here, can cause problems (and noise) later...
  15. Yeah, the PS3 outputs a standard audio signal, and should work fine (if setup correctly) how is it connected to the sound-bar?
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