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  1. Sounds like you have tried what you can, other than a full reinstall... I'm afraid it sounds like a hardware issue - could potentially even be a dry solder joint, but unlikely....
  2. if there's power going to it (it charges your phone) but nothing is detected, Sounds like whatever controls the back ports could potentially have died... What version of windows? reinstalling / resetting the USB may help, but it honestly sounds like it's faulty...
  3. Ghozer

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    .... You can still use separate? don't HAVE to use the HDMI Audio? Just, disable HDMI audio or simply don't use it...?
  4. Ghozer

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    Can I ask why specifically you want VGA?
  5. I would assume there will be a 'final' update package you are able to download, even after auto updates no longer work... You can still download all the XP updates and Service Packs from the update catalog...
  6. Ghozer

    PS-IO Installation?

    Sorry, this had totally dropped through the net some how... I could have a go, but I don't have a fiberglass pen and i'm out of flux at the moment! the rest is no problem....
  7. Ghozer

    Waiting for cache

    Yeah, it is the HDD, CrystalDiskInfo confirmed it - i'd replace ASAP... If you need a hand getting anything from that one to a new one, or anything else.... there's many of us on here who could assist
  8. Ghozer

    Any charities that take old PCs ?

    Likely came out of a Packard Bell Imedia 2470, socket 775, DDR2, (same sort of level / era as the Optiplex 320)
  9. Ghozer

    Any charities that take old PCs ?

    I'm looking at building up a couple of old(er) machines for recovery from old IDE HDD's, and "retro" games etc.... I'm thinking Older than an Optiplex 320 though, that's still reasonably modern compared to what I was thinking...
  10. Ghozer

    Any charities that take old PCs ?

    Aspire wont take machines that are too old... What are they? I might be interested in the base unit and any peripherals (not CRT monitors though)
  11. Ghozer

    Illegal Microsoft Office?

    Libre Office, free, and is fully compatible with MS Office...
  12. Ghozer

    Waiting for cache

    a HDD issue was going to be the next thing I suggested... You could download CrystalDiskInfo, and see if it's all ok - it will give you a warning the first time you open it if there's a problem with your HDD...
  13. Ghozer

    Waiting for cache

    try resetting chrome to defaults first - or run it in "incognito" mode for a few minutes and see if you still have the issue (this runs with no addons/plugins and you will need to sign into any website needed when using incognito mode) At the top right, click the Settings. At the bottom, click Advanced. Under 'Reset and cleanup', click Reset Settings Reset Settings.
  14. Ghozer

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    the 10XX family nVidia cards don't seem to even spin the fans up unless the temp hits 55-60 or something... and the performance difference between the GT730 you posted and a GT1030 will be night and day....
  15. Ghozer

    Which nVidia card can run with 410/418 drivers

    Should still support VGA over DVI adaptor...

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