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  1. Fair - then I would potentially be looking at either.. a Misconfigration / incorrect drivers for the WiFi or a possible fault.... Without being with / sat at the machine, I couldn't say at this point..
  2. Then there's Windows Updates, if the Desktop isn't used very often, it'll pretty much start checking and downloading/preparing updates within a few minutes of booting...
  3. Uh, Actually - Sky/iPlayer etc DO run a service in the background, and you are a P2P host for any of the shows you have downloaded to watch (if downloading not streaming) It's how it's run since day 1
  4. My guess is there's something running in the background on the desktop, causing a slowdown.. You said you have tested each device individually, but the next question would be - with the desktop turned on, booted up and connected to the internet, does the speed-test on your other devices still read correct? or does it cause the speed to drop for all devices when the desktop is on? If the speed is still good on the other devices (while desktop is turned on), and only slow on desktop it's likely something faulty or misconfigured on your desktop.. if the speed slows down for ALL devices (while desktop is turned on), then it's likely something running on the desktop, that's using your bandwidth, (Could be Windows Updates downloading, things like ITV Player App, BBC IPlayer App, Torrents, etc....)
  5. You will rarely get full speed on WiFi - there are so many factors to consider, the ONLY way anyone will garuntee full speed is when plugged in...
  6. Business rates raise also, but usually at a different time!
  7. plug the router into the first socket in the house, unplug everything else from your phone line, let it connect up, connect your computer or laptop directly to the router via a cable... Run speed tests again...
  8. You just phone them up, saying you're trying to cut down your monthly bills a little, and that you don't need the speed you have at the moment, and a lower package would be better... they cannot refuse if you wish to down-grade.
  9. It's actually cheaper to get BB with a phone line, and just simply don't plug in a phone.. I have asked many times to have my line disconnected as I don't use it, but they said the price would go up - I just continue not having a phone plugged in... I recently got an email saying mine was going up by 2.50 - and soon, they are due to upgrade everyone's speed, so once mine gets upgraded, i'll phone up and drop back down 1 step (back to what i'm on now) and end up paying less than I was previously!
  10. Well with regards to the 'system' - Just download the stock firmware for that device, make sure your google account is synching all items, and they are all recently synch'd too (via settings > accounts / sync) - if they are, and you have all your personal files backed up, then just flash it.... having a backup as you put it incase you brick it won't help, because if it's bricked, you can't flash anything to it - not even a backup, the backup (as I said above) is just a copy of the original firmware for that specific device.... (if by 'bricked' you mean simply not booting, but you can still get to the boot/FW menu then you could still re-flash stock firmware to restore functionality)
  11. What exactly do you want to backup? Pictures/downloads/mp3's etc - can just be copied to your computer by connecting usb settings, contacts, calls, etc - can be saved on google cloud and re-synch'd when you sign back into your google account....
  12. If the box was able to record and receive encrypted channels without a subscription, then it was illegal as the box had been modified to do such! You can however record the 'free to air' channels if you have a functional box, but you still need a Sky card for it to work... it was changed a few years ago - once the subscription ends, the card reverts to a 'freesat' card.... - this may be how you were using it
  13. or get a piece of card-board, tape it over the CLOSED CPU socket (Carefully) just to stop anything else going into it...
  14. That still doesn't mean it's Just-Eat who set the charge, the shop have control over that... if there's a "no charge over £10" - and that's not working, then yes - Just eat need to fix the website so it does work, but they don't set the charge.... if the shop decides to offer no delivery charge via their own website, then that's up to them - but since Just-Eat charge the shops a % for every order, some add a delivery charge on just-eat to cover those costs (so they still make the same amount, or more than if was via them directly) I have seen how the Just-Eat system works in a shop... BTW, Just-Eat have a price-promise thing ( see: https://www.just-eat.co.uk/pricepromise )
  15. Nope, sorry, for most places it's the restaurant who set the charge, and their own drivers who deliver.... Things like KFC/SubWay etc that don't have their own drivers, Just-Eat set the delivery charge for those (As they are Just Eat Drivers) Smaller independent places have their own drivers, set their own cost.... I even ordered last night, was free delivery, when I asked them who specifies the delivery charge, they stated they do.... as I suspected....
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