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  1. That says it all - although it may depend a little on your VPN provider.. many public VPN companies have their own software to download which sets it all up.. Otherwise, they usually have clear instructions when you first sign-up etc.
  2. You only need something like this... https://www.amazon.co.uk/REDGO-Updated-Digital-Converter-Recorder/dp/B07MCTQRSP/ref=asc_df_B07MCTQRSP/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=294797661583&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1439856514963100547&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9046360&hvtargid=pla-717022233799&psc=1 And something to play the tapes on... easy to do from there
  3. I know the Classifieds needs fixing... so many issues with that section... This is an example of my biggest annoyance... https://www.dropbox.com/s/wet2b1vqaio85pn/needsfixing.png?dl=0 Shows the last post, but shows 0, and shows none when you go there, but it's also BOLD as though there's a new post... but there's nothing there..
  4. i'm surprised you can't get a WiFi Signal.. I can go out front, cross the road, and walk a good 50 meters or so away from my place before the signal drops... But your best bet is a homeplug type thing, with a Wireless Access point at the other end if you need Wireless, or just plug any devices into the home plug directly....
  5. If you have electricity, you 'may' be able to use the HomePlug solution, then put a small Wireless Access point in your 'bar'... Otherwise, You could get a WiFi extender potentially.... depends on your current router etc partly too!
  6. This is because of your low Screen Resolution, not having enough width to fit all elements on... bad design on the forum side, should be accessible for as many devices as possible... Logo top left, navigation (user stuff) top right, nothing really in the middle.... On mobile it looks worse still, with the logo at the top, then the "portrait artist of the year" banner below, THEN menu THEN advertisements... and only then do you get to see the content 😕
  7. Blue is inherently harder for us to see, Blue blurs edges and lines.... it's not about contrast, it's about the diffraction and how colours bleed/interfere with others around them... Such as... Black on yellow, is easier to read than yellow on black.... - same contrast difference between them.... 95% of my family is disabled/blind/partially sighted, it's something I have grown up with all my life... Blue is also harder on the eyes, that's (partly) why we have 'blue light filters' and such on PC's and phones...
  8. Yeah, I don't like the look, feels cold and unfriendly... and less accessible for disabled... Also don't like the new logo font!! 😕 Personal preference, but if it looks like this I feel i'll be using it less...
  9. Horrid colour, looks broken/cluttered, 1/2 the stuff are impossible to read, white on light blue, black on dark blue "If it aint broke, don't fix it" springs to mind! Really don't like the 'new' look.. SheffForum has always been "red" the "leeds forum" was a blue colour feels cold and unfriendly!
  10. Not had a single patch break anything... What do you mean "Except for the start menu" it's cleaner and simpler, can still do everything from there
  11. Honestly, windows 10 has more support for older stuff than 7 ever did, and is 10x more stable... I really don't know what you have against it... it's superior to 7 in every way tbh!
  12. Odd, as W7 drivers work perfectly fine on W10... and i'm using an Asus Prime and never had issues myself
  13. Indeed IPTV services themselves are not illegal... what can SOMETIMES be illegal is some of the content/channels they provide... but that's on a per/individual case basis....
  14. Ah, I get "This app is not available for any of your devices" Probably why it wasn't showing at all... it's too old... Which tells me, the app is out dated and shouldn't be used...
  15. Doesn't show for me either..... Maybe it's because you had it previously? no idea... Tried on 3 devices, not one of them can find it
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