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  1. Ghozer

    Cat shelters

    Contact Sheffield Cat Shelter.. here's their website.. they are based on Travis Place, not far from town... http://www.thesheffieldcatsshelter.org/
  2. Ghozer

    Speed cubing

    I can't say it's something I have done, or are into myself, but <20 on a 3x3, he needs more practice.... I have seen a 4x4 done in under 20...
  3. Ghozer

    Skype and what's app

    It would help to know what you want to accomplish? is the person you're recording at an alternate location? and you're using Skype etc to communicate? if it's JUST audio you want to record, it's relatively easy, but recording the video aswell isn't as easy (if using a phone) but using a computer there are lots of options available!
  4. Ghozer


    on a side note, it seems to be split by title.. if you have messages to the same user, with different 'titles' then they will show as separate threads... This isn't a problem, I like it this way - just something to be aware of if there's multiple subjects with the same user...
  5. Ghozer

    Iphone 5s locked

    You can do a full restore via iTunes, and it will factory reset it to a fresh phone, but when they try and set it up it will still ask for iCloud login, as I stated above...
  6. Ghozer

    Iphone 5s locked

    Why wont it let you enter any? Whats it say? Whats on screen? You could restore it using iTunes, the on first startup t will ask you to log into icloud to unlock it..
  7. Ghozer

    Field needed

    have you thought about contacting some of the farms surrounding Sheffield? Or what about some of the Sports Arenas/Leisure Centers (Such as Doncaster Dome) as I believe lots of them have large grass areas..
  8. Ghozer

    E.mails not getting sent.

    What are the email addresses? ( only the bit after the @) are they the same? or similar? and what's yours? it could be that wherever you're sending to, has your email host (bit after the @) blacklisted for some reason, or your email address... (I don't know the reason, there are countless possibilities)
  9. Ghozer

    I7-2x00k or i7-3770k

    sorry, she managed to sort a 2700K, before I saw your reply.. Was going to see what finances I have, but also looks like potentially a dead RAM slot on the board too, so may end up going a different route, if we can find a decent board and chip for cheap enough, or go for a new Ryzen build - but would take longer to save for!
  10. You could try.. type -a mysql it's usually located in /usr/bin/mysql By default, MySQL is not installed as part of OSX
  11. Ghozer

    New forum feedback and questions

    Go to "Activity" at the top, and search is the last one under there (on the right, directly under)
  12. Ghozer

    Imac wanted

    That's fair, but he'll probably using Logic (only available on mac) which costs around £200 or Ableton (which is available, and exactly the same on Mac and PC) which costs around 350 Euro's (Just a word of warning, so advisable to get one with those included if possible)
  13. Ghozer

    Imac wanted

    Why specifically a mac? PC's are just as good for music/audio production..
  14. Ghozer

    I7-2x00k or i7-3770k

    only just seen this, will let you know soon
  15. Ghozer

    New forum feedback and questions

    I believe this has to be enabled in the forum settings, maybe an oversight?

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