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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    I'm selling 2x Galaxy S6 phones, both exactly the same (32GB storage, Unlocked) Both need replacement rear cameras and camera lense/covers... both phones are working otherwise (cameras work, there's just black spots on them due to bits of dirt) asking £80 ovno for both, may consider selling separate!


  2. a call center was just an example, I gave another example also, which doesnt have the ability to 'just hang up' as you stated.. my point was there is abuse no matter what job you do..
  3. It works from both sides.. I have seen customers being rude and abusive to bus drivers, yes, it happens... but doesn't happen on every bus, every day, to every driver... I have also seen the flipside, Drivers treating customers badly, being rude to them etc... you can't say "the drivers put up with the public so they deserve more" - what about everyone else who 'deals with the public' - I have worked in call centers and have had abuse hurled at me, I have also worked in a shop behind a counter and also had abuse hurled at me...
  4. Ghozer

    Need mac os mojave recovery usb

    If you have access to another mac (or the mac boots and can access the store) you can make your own....
  5. Ghozer

    Web page loads then goes off.

    Hi, what browser are you using? try disabling any plugins you have installed (if it's chrome especially)
  6. Ghozer

    Traktor S4 MK2


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    Fridge has died, need money to replace, so reluctantly selling my Traktor S4 MK2 controller.. Comes with box, cables, and traktor license can be transferred... £300 ovno, buyer collects, can be seen working...


  7. Ghozer

    Microsoft word and fuzzy toolbars.

    Try this: Check under File>Options>Advanced>Display and check the box for "Use subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen" and also try changing the setting for "Disable hardware graphics acceleration"
  8. Ghozer

    Problem with galaxy S4?

    new Phone, i'm on an S6 still, and that is now pretty much 4 years old and getting quite slow..... i'm changing asap!
  9. Ghozer

    TV mystery

    never heard of TFC on freeview, there's a subscription based one that's online only, but it's Filipino.. and depending on your phone/TV, yes, you can control the TV from your phone, but you would need a specific app to do it....
  10. Ghozer

    Ideas Wheel Templates

    Usually i'd just draw it all out in an image program, or even just MS paint...
  11. Ghozer

    Firefox Nightly - Does Chrome have an equivalent?

    www.google.com -- 5 seconds later.... https://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel
  12. But it's true - I couldn't name a single previous lord mayor we have had, other than MM, I never really liked him from what I saw tbh, but it's still true that more people probs know who he is than any previous lord mayor....
  13. The old Rectory, handsworth
  14. No, it wont turn it's self on to do updates, so if the computer isn't on during the slot you specified, it will install them the next time you startup and the machine isn't doing much... (it will delay them more if the computer is in use)

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