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  1. power shell is like the old command prompt, but with... well, more power... no, you dont need it, check the "Startup" folder for the user..... https://www.thewindowsclub.com/startup-folder-in-windows-8
  2. Sorry, but it really does sound accidental, or something like that.... if it was due to a virus, it would have been more serious files it moved, it would also have moved them back once you restorred them (or moved others) and who knows what else....
  3. Malwarebytes isn't a virus scanner... Run a scan using windows defender... Also, it depends what the files were, they may have just been junk files, or even moved by mistake (left click and drag when moving mouse, without realising) - happened to me before, faulty left click, it let go of a drag prematurely, and dropped some files in some random place, luckily there's Undo to move things back, but that wouldn't have worked in your situation... I doubt it'd be a virus in all honesty...
  4. This could be the problem, mechanical drives are slow any way, plus you said you put one from your old XP machine in also, that will be even older, and even slower.... get a nice new SSD in there, keep your current drive(s) for archive purposes etc, the system will be much better
  5. This has / had a rational reason though the same as on planes.. the frequencies they used to use, could interfere with some electronics... like how they used to cause a buzzing/beeping through some speakers if they were too close to a radio, and someone called you...
  6. You cannot really compare the two, as not only as the "core 2 duo" very old tech, it's not even the same range as the new Mac Air.. the "Core i5" (and i3 and i7" are the "Core i" series, and have been around for about 10 years now, the "Core 2" series pre-dated the "i" series, there were some "Core 2 Quad" (Quad cores) but they were still "core 2" (intel's 2nd major core-design change essentially) since the "Core i" first came out (around 2009/10) there has been at least 5 more "major core design changes" to the chips and as such you could say it's probably 6 or 7 generations out of date.... But performance wise, you likely couldn't compare them, you also have other things to take into account such as newer/faster RAM and hard drives (and SSD's also)
  7. they didnt start LA Guns, they split, some joined LA Guns, and some joned Def Leoppard
  8. They are as fast as each other for me, honestly.... Are you running on an SSD?
  9. It doesn't matter which as a standard user, the only difference is the x8 or x16, which is a technical spec that's mostly a concern to the manufacturers, as it denotes the configuration of the module.. VERY simplified, if you buy a 4GB stick, that has 8 individual chips on it, it's likely that each chip is 512mb (512x8=4096) the 8 together are the total ram for that module... the x8 or x16 is just to do with this and the way the module is configured... it can make a small difference if overclocking the RAM but it's not something you would be likely to be doing. if the crucial checker says they are both compatible with your system, then either will work perfect for you and it will not matter which you buy
  10. It works on release.... all keys originally worked on release, but through time a 'repeat delay' was added to some, that if detected it has not yet been released, it will repeat the command, until released.... more and more keys have added 'repeat delay' and there's only a few that don't anymore, mostly functional keys such as the Windows key, and I think Insert also,....
  11. When I 'mutually left' a job years ago, they sent me my final pay check and I owed them £12 - it was a similar situation... I never considered the legality of it at the time.. it was a while ago now so not something I could pursue now, but It interests me still
  12. I often notice it, over approx the last year or so.... I also have pictures and such... there seems to be nothing 'regular' about it.. I have seen it on clearer nights, and not seen it on cloudy nights.. I have seen it on cloudy nights, and not seen it on clearer nights.. Have seen it during mist/fog/haze and not been able to pinpoint a ground-source for it during these times either... I have also seen it in the evening, and early in the morning, I have seen it at 11pm one night, and then it's not there a few hours later at 2am the same night!
  13. 99% of them wont accept anymore, old tech, people don't want them, most have no way to play them anymore - they just end up in backlog stock and eventually landfill.. Much better taking to a recycling center or e-waste center to recycle.. I would ALWAYS check through originals though, if there's any rare/sought after though first
  14. Yes, this is correct... Windows 10 will be the last 'major' version of Windows, with only updates and 'Service packs' provided moving forward!
  15. to put it simply, it won't be an issue with your cable (between house and box on the street) it will be an issue in the box itself.. When your cable gets to the box on the street, it's effectively split into two signals, one for the phone and one for the internet, if the fault is PAST this point, and only on the phone side, then your internet will still work while your phone won't.
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