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  1. Ghozer

    Building a new PC

    I'll have to have a nosey at the 2080 when I bring you this CPU back round zach (I will get it back to you :)) - I'd love a 2080 (hell, even a 1080 haha!) but my 1070 will do for now
  2. Ghozer

    Changing account on ipad

    nope, apps are linked to the Apple ID account, not the device, removing your account would remove access to any apps.. (Note: Free (none paid) apps MAY still work, but otherwise, they will need removing/reinstalling..)
  3. Ghozer

    Building a new PC

    honestly, I would wait a bit, it's a bad time to build anything at the moments, prices are fluctuating like crazy, the new stuff will be due soon (Q2 stuff) and SSD prices will be plummeting... Also, I wouldn't bother with DDR3, it's old and slow, and can actually cost more new than DDR4 at present, and most 'new' boards/CPU's you'd pick wouldn't work with DDR3 any way, you would be looking at old(er) generations and more than likely Second hand... It's easier to tell us your budget, And then can go from there...
  4. Ghozer

    PS-IO Installation?

    Relatively easy to do, I used to chip these back in the day
  5. Ghozer

    Laptop- dead battery - mains not working.

    Yes, sounds like the battery has given up, when looking at replacements, be weary of "compatible" or none official ones...
  6. Ghozer

    Query about an email address

    I have seen this before, some ISPs did it this way, Some you could use either the phone number or a users email address and it would get to the same place... I have also known US ISP's implement something similar, and any text delivered to the email address, got read out as a voice mail down the phone.... (I don't ever recall seeing this over here though) some ISP's use "PHONE#@ISP.xxx" as the username for DSL connections!
  7. Ghozer

    A book for my IPad.

    The Apple website has clear instructions and guides on how to do MANY things... To delete Safari History See this article: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201265 NOTE: the usernames being saved etc is known as "AutoFill", Clearing History/Cookies/Cache will not clear AutoFill information, it states this on the link also...
  8. Ghozer

    A book for my IPad.

    Honestly, there's nothing in there you cannot find out just by either playing, or googling... What do you want to know? what do you want to do?
  9. Ghozer

    Mourinho only offered £60,000 per game.

    "only" - I wish I was paid £60k for 90 mins of work....
  10. Paying someone to do it, wholly depends on what you want done, how fast, and your budget... a 'website' can be anything from £50 for a basic single page, up to ~£3k -or more- for a fully secure, user account based, GDPR compliant, secure shopping cart, ecommerce site.. If you would like, drop me a PM and we can discuss what you're after and go from there
  11. Ghozer

    Too Old To Drive

    Channel 5 is owned by "Viacom International" - which is is an American multinational mass media conglomerate, part of MTV and Paramount pictures, also the same parent company as CBS, BET, 5* and 5USA.. the parent company, is a Privately held theatre chain company "National Amusements Inc" and is fully controlled by Shari Redstone and her family
  12. Ghozer

    Gaming Pc Parts

    I know someone interested, i'll point them this way... good luck!
  13. Ghozer

    Gaming Pc Parts

    Monitors are only £65 each new from Amazon any way.. and GTX1060 6GB's are ~£160 used, most places now so 970 not worth that imho...
  14. Ghozer

    New forum feedback and questions

    Obviously not...
  15. Ghozer

    screen repair needed for HUAWEI tablet

    if it's the "Mediapad T3 10inch" - the replacement Digitizer (glass front) and screen is around £45... and would take about an hour to fit... so you'd be looking at around £70 in total....

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