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  1. Hello, all, Some years ago for a wedding gift I was given a Viners Studio Carver set - comprising comprising blade and fork. Did Viners produce a Studio carver steel sharpener to match this set? If so, anyone know where to purchase?....I appreciate a very, long shot!!
  2. The `sasparilla café was called Jack`s....black, greasy haired bloke with a `tache I recall...
  3. Hello, sounds like `R Waistnidge` may be the brother of an `old` schoolfriend of mine - Alan Waistnidge…?? Lived near Balmain or Dunella? Rd
  4. Hello.... just looked again re info`...on map 10 minutes ago!! look at:`Ordnance Survey Maps Six Inch England and Wales 1842 to 1952` (National Library of Scotland)…..go to `As Individual Sheets using a zoomable map of England and Wales`.....use the zoomable map to look at South Yorkshire/Hallamshire....there are 8 maps....Cave House is not on the 1894 publication, but appears on the 1924....not on the 1934....it was abandoned around 1932....bits of plaster, bricks and doors were there in 1970 and up to 1983ish...so was I!! Probably no evidence by now..another 35 years on...
  5. Hello.....used to walk past there many times years ago-its very near trig point. In the 70`s there were still bricks, mortar and wallpaper!! Look on 40`s map ( on `old maps` website) for exact location.
  6. Does anyone out there know when this `lane` was last used by motorised vehicles?? ……...maybe it never was….perhaps just a cart track...old OS maps don`t distinguish..
  7. Anyone with any information..photos etc...of an inn/beerhouse at Rowell Lane, Loxley?? Guessing closed in 1930`s/1940`s....
  8. ...another Hallamshire lad in Dudley..? Thought it was just me..!!
  9. Anyone remember a changing room/scout hut?? on Wadsley Common in the 60`s or 70`s?? When I last visited after a very long absence, it had disappeared...Is this just my imagination or something more sinister...??
  10. Must`ve missed early threads....I, too, used to pop into the Luke Lane sweet shop..I remember the names, Nellie, Feebie and Mandy..they went to live near bottom of Dykes Hall Road. I also recall the Maccabbi pitch - I was there ( 1965?) when Mike and Bernie winters did the opening ceremony...we used to play up there on Sundays - the ball forever being hooted down the rocks!! Names I recall included the Samworths, Bob Grimes, Malcolm Dixon, Triggs , Schofield , Dyson and others - there even used to be a changing room further up the Common...possibly 6 pitches in all..... Can anyone out there remember the name of the passageway opposite Betney`s ??....also Allison`s bakery down the gennel..!!
  11. Anyone around who worked at J & J Dysons in the 60`s ..70`s..? Remember Fotheringham and his explosive temper??
  12. Must surely have crossed paths with FIRETHORN11 -same pubs, same era - I caught the bus near Wadsley and the last Wisewood - or walked back...
  13. re recent thread - Best Chippy in Sheffield..someone responded about one at the bottom of Dykes Hall Road. Wasn`t there another, half way down/up opposite the Castle/Sammy Twelves shop??
  14. Memories of forty years or so ago - when they transferred the business- Vaus`s fishcakes opposite Wadsley Church, Worrall Road...unbeatable..I`ve found no other chippy in the country to compare with those fishcakes - and they were the real ones - not scallops.
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