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  1. Woodhead is open (but slow) according to https://glossop.online/traffic/
  2. Pia, no community as such, but plenty of Filipinos around in Sheffield and Rotherham. Try the Catholic cathedral for starters, and just walking around the main shopping areas in town (or Meadowhall) is likely to bring some encounters.
  3. We've been using online deliveries since 2010: Tesco, Ocado, Sainsbury's, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons. Tesco proved too unreliable, Sainsbury's were not good with substitutions, Asda just not suited to our tastes; Ocado are good, but a little expensive, Waitrose even more so. But for the last for or five years, we've used only Morrisons: the service is (mostly - none are perfect) excellent, they are reliable and helpful, deal with complaints quickly, and we're familiar with their products. Things to consider: online may not be the best option for fresh items (meat, fish, fruit) you have to pay for the delivery, of course (around a fiver, but depends on day/time) Morrisons don't give you the choice of no plastic bags, and they charge a refundable 5p per bag: you can either return them on the next delivery, or (as we do), empty everything onto the floor and give them back immediately .
  4. Back in 1998, I was on a bus from Beijing to the Great Wall and got talking to a Chinese lad who asked where I was from. "Sheffield," I said, expecting a blank look. "Ah! Sheffield Wednesday! A great football team!" was the reply. Full marks for awareness of Sheffield, but zero for judgement 😎
  5. If the Office of National Statistics is to be believed, Sheffield has a long way to go before gaining international fame. Reading? We can't even beat Reading?!
  6. I've been using Serif Affinity Photo for some time now, and it's a great alternative to Photoshop if you don't mind paying. It's currently on offer at £38.99 (one-off price, no subscription), and does allow you a free trial. The interface is very Photoshoppy; some things it does better than Photoshop, some not so good.
  7. Very true. If it had been a man, Field wouldn't have dared get out of his seat.
  8. TBH, infallible e-mail address validation is impossible - it just depends on how much effort organisations are willing to put into it. For a start, the only way to be 100% sure that an address is valid is if you know e-mail can be delivered to it, and that's not something you can check yourself. So, it's just a question of syntax checking the given address, which brings its own problems. It may be syntactically correct, but that doesn't mean it exists; and - the biggest problem - the allowable syntax for an e-mail address is horribly complex now and no one seems to have come up with a 100% reliable validator - take a look at this discussion for example.
  9. 10 minutes?! According to Google maps, that'd get you to the bottom of Broomgrove Rd... 34 minutes to Peace gardens.! Talk about misleading (did he even visit?). Dear Sheffield people, please keep an eye out for hordes of confused tourists along Eccy Road...
  10. Thanks for recommendations. Gone with 1st Choice 1st Class (£65).
  11. We might need a taxi to Manchester Airport this Thursday. There are historic postings on this subject, but does anyone have recent experience/recommendations?
  12. Glasswire is what I use under Windows 10. It's free, and sufficient for most needs, but there is a paid-for version too.
  13. There are posts about this issue on the HP forums. If you have a look at this one you will see that using a browser other than Edge fixes the problem (and Edge may be sorted at a later date).
  14. They're not just a Sheffield thing: urban foxes have been common for years. Even so, having lived in Oxford, London, and Bristol before I moved to Sheffield, I never managed to see one... My first was crossing Northumberland Rd (years ago), and, since moving to Greno, we've had the pleasure of individuals passing through the Temuchin estate. And leaving a calling card...
  15. Getting off-topic, but we recently spent a couple of days in NY (Manhattan) and found that vaping there is really no different from in the UK: just use a bit of commonsense and consideration and there's no problem. The only annoying bit was that there is not a smoking area once you're airside at JFK; but I seem to have survived that without any noticeable physical or psychological damage...
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