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  1. (Forget to mention that I sent you a PM about this...)
  2. PM sent. I see that the tracklogs.co.uk domain is still up for sale (starting bids at £100!). They're surely having a laugh - that traffic stats graph it shows is just not credible (plus it gives no idea of the units on the Y-axis!).
  3. Sometimes, I wish there was a Post Of The Year award...
  4. Well, that's what I'm suspecting. In which case, thousands of others will be seeing the same issue, and I'd have thought it would have been flagged up.
  5. I thought I was imagining this, but, over the past few years, in the 3 or 4 weeks before my house insurance or car insurance are due for renewal, the amount of spam I get rockets up and then dies down after the renewal dates... None of the spam is insurance-related, just an increase in volume of the usual nonsense. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  6. If you're getting loads of white vinegar in, another possibility is vinegar + salt + washing-up liquid. AIUI, the vinegar and salt are the destroyers, the washing-up liquid to keep it bound to the weeds. Suggested mix (scale as appropriate): Vinegar 1gallon (4.5L) Salt 1 cup WUL 1 tablespoon
  7. We had Justfascias in earlier this year to do exactly what you are looking for. Very impressed with them, right from first contact through to completion, everything very professional and considerate.
  8. There's a discussion about posting photos here. Basically, you need to upload it to an external site and then link to it in your post. Delighted to hear that a red kite has been seen regularly in these parts. I still remember being astounded by my first sighting of one, on Alport Towers back in the mid 80s, blown over from Wales by strong winds.
  9. Well, some enterprising person/outfit snapped up the tracklogs.co.uk domain on 5th December and registered it for a year , and is now seeking bids for it - starting at £100... Don't think I'll bother...
  10. There's a fly-through video of the proposed route in a 2018 Highways England page at https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/trans-pennine-upgrade/ Does that still apply? I can't find any updated video.
  11. Well, to absolutely no one's surprise, the domain was not renewed and is now flagged as "*** This registration has been SUSPENDED. ***". (See https://www.whois.com/whois/tracklogs.co.uk). It seems that the domain will become available for purchase 90 days after the expiry date (4th September + 90 days). So, if I were to purchase the domain, is anyone able to advise on the legality of using it to host the final version of the software, along with the purchased maps that any subscribers can provide (which are and will remain out of date)?
  12. I've sent you a Private Message...
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