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  1. Very sad news. Frank was not just a legend in Sheffield. I first saw him 1969 or 1970, playing at The Ancholme Inn in Brigg (North Lincs, my home town). Brigg was a bit of a small, sleepy town, but Frank livened the place up, and the pub was always packed and rocking whenever he came over - which he did often. Also saw him at The Greyhound on Fulham Palace Road, and Kingston Poly (supporting Al Stewart) when he was trying to reach out to a wider audience in the early 70s. Then many great nights at The Pheasant after I moved to Sheffield. He was always willing to spend time chatting to us, and even brought the band back to my parents' house after one Brigg gig. Top talent; top man.
  2. Sense swiftly prevails, as it should: https://sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/mayor-dan-jarvis-announces-concessionary-fares-for-elderly-passengers/
  3. These early supermarket slots are specifically for " elderly and vulnerable only". How and when would you suggest such people do their shop instead?
  4. The tracker is not 100% reliable, as we found to our cost on Monday. Went to catch the midday inbound 135 which was tracking OK all the way from Rotherham; it turned up, but showing SNIS... Similar instances with other services. And, even if a bus is not showing as tracking, it does not necessarily mean it won't turn up: all pot luck in my experience.
  5. Ah, the lesser-spotted 135... What a shambolic "service" we've been lumbered with. The age-old ploy in action: run down the service, complain that not enough people use it, then scrap it.
  6. A quick search for "files random size 221,184 Kb" shows you are not alone - and have got off lightly with a mere 164GB! Maybe have a look at this post for starters. And if you don't feel happy about deleting the folder immediately, just rename it (by adding a string such as ' disabled' to the end of the random name) and see if anything complains or breaks.
  7. Harsh VAR. Dier's knee and shoulder looked to be keeping Lundstram onside.
  8. There are mixed reviews about Shell Energy on Trustpilot, but, overall, 4 out of 5 stars. Some of the reviews are not pleasant reading (especially if you have an aversion to long, abusive rants in uppercase...). But credit due to Shell for at least being willing to reply there in a calm manner.
  9. So the scam's not as clever as I imagined. OK, so pressing 1 still gives the opportunity for a wind up 👍
  10. It's the first time I've come across this line of attack. Rather annoying, because I do enjoy the occasional wind up of a "human" caller.
  11. I've had a couple of landline calls in recent days where there is a recorded message played: "Openreach" going to disconnect me, and "Amazon" going to charge me for something or other. Both ask you to "press 1" to talk to a manager or whatever. I suspect doing so would trigger a call to some premium rate number... Anyone else experienced this?
  12. Oh... OK... The flippant answer would be because it's the only way I can get a stable connection! But there's more to it than that... I originally started using a VPN several years ago. I do a fair bit of travelling out east (China, Philippines, Singapore), and felt the need to have something on my phone that provided privacy/security and obviated geoblocking, so a VPN was the obvious answer. I tried two or three before plumping for ExpressVPN - not cheap, but seems to be the best regarding logging, DNS leaks, and WebRTC leaks. My main use for it has always been phone - also useful on public w-fi networks here. But it does come with a Windows client. There's mostly been no need to use that, but it has proved a godsend more than once. I have a (personal) website and on two occasions I have been unable to access it or its cPanel via my ISP. The first was a routing black hole several hops outside my ISP: VPN fixed that while I went through long and painful discussions with my ISP to accept it and negotiate with the offenders (Call27) to sort it. Then, more recently, my webhost was blocking access from this PC because the shared address that my ISP assigns appeared on several blacklists: VPN was the temporary solution, fixed IP the permanent. And now this latest issue. So, in the past, generally no need or reason to use a VPN on the PC: but it was always there for emergencies, and now it's a necessity.
  13. I came across the concept of "malformed LSPs" today. This is a new one on me, but symptoms certainly match mine and it's obviously not an area that I've considered. The fix is to do a "netsh winsock reset", but there are reports of this screwing up internet connectivity altogether, so I'm leaving this as a last resort (i.e. until even the VPN stops working).
  14. I seem to be getting a mixture of weirdness if I try to connect to websites using IP address. The first one I tried (from Chrome) was to (duckduckgo). This seemed to do a reverse DNS lookup to get the hostname, and then tried to resolve that to an IP address! Which timed out, of course... Yet, other IP addresses seemed not to trigger a reverse DNS lookup, just gave "site can't be reached, took too long to respond". I'm even having trouble connecting to the router: the web interface is hit and miss; sometimes, ping and tracert are instantaneous, other times they just time out... This is all becoming far too tedious, and I think I need to wait for inspiration to arrive. Just have to accept that I need to use a VPN on this machine.
  15. Yes, I've tried setting different DNS servers on the router, but no joy. This 1903 thing... I'm not sure whether or not that's getting sidetracked on a separate issue. I'd like to back out of it, but the manual uninstall instructions refer to components that do not exist on this PC (e.g. there is no C:\Windows10Upgrade\ folder) so I'll have to tread carefully over that. For now, I've just renamed the c:\windows\UpdateAssistant folder which was created by KB4023814 (I think!)... Yes, I've thought about getting a list of IP addresses - but keep forgetting to do so! Now done and I'll give it a go once I'm out of the VPN.
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