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  1. And have the video in a small area (less than 1/4 of the screen) with the rest of the page etc below it, instead you can just use the "picture-in-picture" plugin (like said above) and have a fullscreen video playing, AND a 2nd (the size you choose) over the top.... using 100% total screen space for video playback, instead of less than 1/3 overall..
  2. Not quite... "the event cost £10m ($13.8m) at the time - less than 1% of the council's budget, according to him - and this was paid off in two years. But others are quick to point to the loans taken out to build venues such as the Don Valley Stadium, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre and Sheffield Arena. This debt has been refinanced four times, and the council says the final cost will be £658m ($913.5m) when it is finally paid off in 2024." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-57837682
  3. no, it normally means, you work for the month, then get paid at the end of the month... so you work then paid, instead of paid at the end of the month, for the month ahead!
  4. Effectively what I was getting at above, but with much more detail
  5. There should be a yearly pot, X amount towards renovating and improving listed buildings... "Historic England" as it is, should take said pot into account when deciding which buildings to give "listed" status, if they cant afford to improve/renovate said building(s) they don't get status... Would make them think a bit more and harder on their decisions of which to list and which not...
  6. Not really, it's just normal black for me, never seen blue or different colour - if this is the case, you likely have some extension or something that's modifying it....
  7. Nope, it was last updated when it was sold to the current owners (sold by an individual, to a business) they have added the 'reactions' thing since then... (although it was already running invision) I believe it was sold around the start of 2021 approx.. and while they have added/tweaked/changed things, they haven't really fixed some of the core issues (such as how bad the market is)
  8. You will eventually, when it gets to a point there's only a few left refusing install, they will make it a requirement for service, and cut you off if you don't install.. not saying this will be tomorrow, maybe another decade, but it'll happen eventually...;
  9. Depends a lot on your network, I have seen over 100mbps on 4G
  10. **EDIT** was already said/answered above... no point repeating
  11. O2 has the worst 5G coverage, but Sheffield is mostly 100% covered by all networks. at the moment, there's no 'reason' to go to 5G from 4G Unless you need the speed it offers, if you're just browsing the web, sending emails etc then it really wont make much difference... Although, eventually all phones will be 5G, and 6G will come in...
  12. tbh, I kinda agree, there should be some 'range test' type tool they could use to test if it'll work properly.. I know when the guy installed mine, he said he wasn't sure if it'd work due to the distance/position etc... (and the fact it's outside, i'm on top floor (of 2) and it's through a brick wall as well) - but we found a place in the corner of the kitchen it gets signal 95% of the time (Unless like I said in my first post) This was my choice, cause he said "I can still do it, but cannot guarantee it'll work", I said it was ok, and to continue.... I wonder what % of people with issues were warned of potential problems, but still agreed to continue.. I wonder what % were not warned of potential problems... etc.. No, When people talk about faulty smart meters, they are generally talking about the IHD (In home display) which wont display their usage/balance/credit remaining etc... the 'Smart Meters' themselves (that replace the older gas/electric meters) use the old 2G/3G mobile bands to communicate directly back to your energy supplier(s)... These will pretty much always work, even if they loose 'signal' (for whatever reason, bad weather as an example?) they remember the data, and send it at the next opportunity... I'm not sure about other ones, but my actual meter (not the in-home display) does not display anything beyond a single letter, so I wouldn't be able to give any sort of reading manually any ways, They would want me to use the IHD (in home display) - which is where (as I have been saying) most of the issues lie, not the 'smart meters' themselves...
  13. approx 10 years... we're on version 3 of the meter, an average of around 3.3 years per 'version'... That seems about right to find an issue, fix it and redesign, manufacture, and start shipping the new version.. It's how most 'tech' goes, but lots are fixed with software updates. Not everything can be 100% tested for every eventuality, by a handful of people... it's only when they get out 'in the wild' that problems can arise.. looking into your "31%" of homes reporting issues, it seems most are exactly what I said above, keeps loosing signal (so nothing is displayed on the IHD) - this is due to limitations on the radio frequencies they are allowed to use, and is improved with the new(er) versions, as they have greater range.. Again though, every house/location/property is different, they cannot test for every position/eventuality to cover every possible installation...
  14. The issue with them, is the fact they don't have a great range from the meter outside, to the IHD inside, I have to keep my IHD in a specific place or I loose signal, and due to where I live, if a neighbour leaves the (shared) cupboard open, then I can loose signal altogether. Other than this, I find it useful and handy to have... There will be teething problems, as with anything that gets introduced to the wider public, but issues will be worked through time... if you can only find a handful of people having issues, out of the millions that have been installed, it's not that bad tbh! I have also connected my IHD to my home WiFi, so it can report back to my energy company easier, and be updated easier.. Some IHD's don't automatically update display of certain things, but this is due to older vs newer versions, I believe they are just starting to roll out V3 in some areas, the V1's weren't very good overall, I have a V2, it works, and is handy but could be a little better You can usually manually set your tariff's and daily limit warnings etc
  15. Same, I click in the SEARCH (top right, on pages) type something, and nothing happens...
  16. Since windows 8, there's a "Reset this PC" you can choose to full reinstall (and delete everything) Reinstall Just windows (keeping files and documents etc) etc... Only time I actually use a USB image is on a fresh/new drive for a first install.
  17. Honestly, Cashless is the best way to go, imagine the reduction in pollution from not printing and pressing the notes and coins alone, then shipping them to all the banks throughout the country, oh and getting the old money back and 'incinerating' old notes, or melting down the coins... causing more pollution... Then there's all the other things surrounding physical money, such as hygiene, and 'other uses' people have for notes, oh yeah, and forgery... Also less chance of money being physically stolen or lost.... Society will go cashless, and it can't happen fast enough imho.... *edit* oh, there's also the 'ease of use' factor, not everyone lives close to a cash machine or carries cash on them at all times, easier just to use your card or phone as you usually have at least one of them on you.. plus, you don't have to deal with change, or 1p, 2p, 5p coins etc...
  18. And? my link to the reddit thread is still relevant to what I was talking about.. when I said "im referring to the comments on the thread...." etc, I was talking about the REDDIT thread, not this/the forum... Just in case you didn't know/realise...
  19. I'm referring to the comments on the thread, talking about how there's too much student housing etc, and crookes is named specifically.. there's too much generally in Sheff imho!
  20. eh... everyone has their own opinion, i'm just going on what I hear from people who have lived up that way all their lives (30+ years) and ppl who have worked up there.. seems i'm not alone in thinking there are too many in general... https://www.reddit.com/r/sheffield/comments/w3ghm4/too_much_student_accommodation/
  21. Outlook.com is a free email service which contains ads. If you want to remove ads in Outlook.com, Microsoft offers premium Outlook features with Microsoft 365
  22. So you say to the ppl who own the house, and have lived there for 30+ years to 'move to another area' because of students? they were there waaay before the students...
  23. Where are you viewing your mail? An app? A website?
  24. That's kinda what I mean, there wasn't really that many flights you could get from there, not enough operators flying out from there etc.... and why was that?
  25. I honestly can't think of a single person I know who has ever flown from there, that's 1/2 the issue...
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