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  1. Indeed... Thick brick walls, and walls with steel beams can have a big effect, also Cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, and other similar things can all interfere and affect WiFi strength and quality... make sure none of these sorts of devices are near your router, or other Wireless devices ideally!
  2. yeah, Git isn't really designed that way, it's more of a hosting site for code, where people can all contribute to the same code-base, and changes are applied and tracked etc... Where as command-line, is just that - a text based interface to issue commands, you would (as said above) need to use FTP (this is a built in command in all OS') on windows for example, you would open command prompt, then type... ftp <enter> open address.to.site <enter> - it will then ask you for the username and password etc, once logged in you will need to know the commands to navigate the structure and upload the files.. There are much easier (GUI based) tools to do the same, what is it exactly you are wanting to accomplish?
  3. Odd, as I have no problems with mine, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, both work fine - I can even still connect, outside, across the road and on the corner (a good 100 foot away, outside)
  4. Honestly, there are too many on London road, and the Wicker is a terrible place to open somewhere imho... You should target Ecclesall, Abbeydale or Broomhill imho..
  5. press the "Size" or "Mode" button on your TV, and set to "4:3" or "Auto" most likely...
  6. The 'new' classifieds are terrible imho... The expiry of ads is too short / fast... There's no easy listing of all ads, or all in a given category... There's also bugs, such as if something expires or is removed it still shows on the front page for that category for a while... The general look / feel seems clunky to me, lots of wasted space and such, BIG elements at top, then small(er) for the description/text etc...
  7. ah, FlatHub... What distribution of Linux are you using? (xfce is just the desktop environment)
  8. Maybe there isn't a version available for your Distro? - also make sure you're trying to download the Linux one and not Windows (It's silly, but an easy mistake to make...) I can't see a Linux compatible version on their website...
  9. Please dont confuse "Downloading" with "Installing" Downloading, is getting something from the internet/a website.. Installing is what you do with it after... (actually putting it onto the laptop) It sounds like potentially you could have a HardDrive Error... see how you go, and if you have any more problems, let us know here...
  10. Would need a bit more info in terms of "they just stop" - at what point? does it load anything from the disk? If it does, - does it stop on a screen with any text, or does it boot to the desktop and then freeze? or does it run for so long and then freeze? (Same question for the one you installed, and any others you have tried) it could be a number of things, heat, RAM issues, HDD issues... Incompatibility!
  11. I don't know why you have so many problems with DNS, I have been using Google's DNS for a few years, never had a problem, updates instantly if I need to make any changes to my domain, and cant say I have noticed it being particularly slow or anything... things resolve and load pretty much instantly for me!
  12. If there's a headphone socket, plug in headphones see if there's any sound from there even? if not, then you have factory reset it and it still doesn't work - it's likely it has to be returned i'm afraid! Where did you buy it from? as some places won't accept it back and you have to call and someone will collect/repair it..
  13. Generally yes, Allow up to 5 days for the line to settle fully.... However, That would generally mean your router gets disconnected and reconnects, it wouldn't affect the WiFi connecting (you would have no internet temporarily, but WiFi would still be connected to the router)
  14. Because the majority of Virgins cables are underground, and not attached to the tops of poles, strung across to the houses (like many phone lines are/were)
  15. If you restarted the router, and the WiFi showed, but wouldn't connect... Go into the WiFi settings (for whatever device your'e talking about) and "Forget" the network.. Then, reconnect to it (You will need to reenter the password)
  16. This is because I would assume that "MSPUB.EXE" is not in Windows Defender's default white list Controlled Folder Access, is a feature that is meant to protect your valuable documents from malware and intrusions, (pictures being one of them) - if defender didn't recognize MSPUB.EXE as a safe program (or you had some plugin/module etc for it that wasn't recognized) it would prevent access to any of those protected folders..... I'm not sure the reason why MS would remove the 2010 version of Publisher from their own safe list though... And the windows 'Fresh Start' has been a feature since Windows 8, it was called "Reset My PC" - it allows you to choose to format and remove everything, or keep documents etc, but reset Windows and it's settings etc... if you just click Start and type "Reset" (no quotes) it will show "Reset this PC" - this is how you access it
  17. I was talking about your example of BT Openreach specifically, never mentioned the OP (ChrisIB) beyond a comment that I hadn't heard of any issues myself... if it "broke Microsoft Publisher" - I'd ask what version of publisher he's using, and if it's setup in any none-standard way also...
  18. not really short sighted, simple practice within a large company IT infrastructure... You should never roll-out new updates to all clients, without internal testing first, if they failed to do that, and had problems, that's the companies fault, not MS' And that's why they test it, make sure an update doesn't break compatibility with software/other things that are needed or used by the company... Just blindly letting things update, is bad practice for ANY company that relies on IT infrastructure..
  19. honestly, not heard anything about any issues with 2004 (yet) - and if a company (such as BT Openreach Leeds) has an issue like that, then that's the companies fault for not managing upgrades properly...
  20. I'm running 2004 (Recent fresh install) and can't say I have noticed any problems.... You can't blame an update for breaking a (very) old piece of software, you should look for a new(er) version, or alternative... and saving to a 'protected' folder? what do you mean? Protected folders are usually system folders which you shouldn't be saving documents into any ways.... The only other way I can think it wouldn't save to somewhere, was if the folder was locked by some other method (some other software etc)
  21. You could be right actually, over means cover, on means hooked.... there's no "standard" it's just whatever the manufacturer wants to call it
  22. yes, AX will have backwards compatibility with a/b/g/n and ac!
  23. Yeah, 'on ear' means covers your ear, 'over ear' is the ones that have the little hook thing that go over your ear, 'in ear' is the small "earbud" type style.... generally
  24. I thought Complex had closed down a while ago? I know Charlies inside Peaks did, but was sure that Complex had also.... I may be mistaken though!
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