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  1. It's been like that for a while - I have a 'windows 10 install USB' i update with fresh install files every couple of months, so I always have pretty much the latest version available to install fresh whenever I need it
  2. Also, when using an SSD for your C drive, it's good practice to try and keep around 10% of it's total size, available as free space - this helps with the drives TRIM feature and speed etc (you can google to get more details as to how/why if you want )
  3. Personally, I would backup anything you would like to keep, and do a rull reinstall... I generally do that every 12 months or so any ways, good practice (what with patches and updates installing on/over other patches and updates, does good now and then to start fresh) Also, C drive may be an NVME, but if (like me) you have documents/other stuff stored on a mechanical/large storage drive, then check the condition of the mechanical drive, as it may be failing!
  4. because it's good practice to change your router password (if possible on a regular basis, every 3-6 months) - even from the standard / seemingly random one provided, purely for security reasons...
  5. You dont even need to do that, just be there ready to verify DPA, and then explain and pass to the other person...
  6. I wouldn't stick with that, use google, look around - there are cheaper/better options around! and usually you just unplug your old router, plug in the new one, and wait 30 mins or so - no configuring to do.... But I would honestly scrap off TalkTalk, and look else-where
  7. Well, if you can download things you need, just make sure to backup any photo's and documents etc you wish to keep (and potentially any browser bookmarks etc) - then you can Create a bootable USB from any other machine using the Windows 10 Media Creation tool, and just install a fresh Windows 10 when you install an SSD You may be able to use the MicroSD > USB adapter, it should (theoretically) work - it might not be as fast as a standard USB Flash Drive though, but it should still work... (although if there are any issues, that is the first thing I would try to eliminate)
  8. There is usually a way to make a recovery CD or USB from within windows, many manufacturers include their own software to do this, which includes all the 'bundled' bloatware that they usually include... This is what I could find on the HP site... Although it's quite vague as to whether or not it will include the bloatware. https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c04641788
  9. It won't work? what wont work about it? And you can buy a cheap mouse from poundland/tesco/most places similar...
  10. Ghozer


    I believe there is... it's at https://discord.gg/8UK4nT
  11. Found an interesting article with lots of info https://www.thestar.co.uk/retro/sheffield-ancient-street-name-game-castlegate-festival-641977
  12. Where did you go from the front page? I clicked through each one and couldn't find it.... maybe I'm going -more- blind Ah, never mind - it's right there in front of me... doh!
  13. am I going crazy or has the Sheffield History forum disappeared? 😮 Can't seem to find it anywhere...
  14. The issue is... ads are only active for 7 days then need renewing / reposting.. which sucks, especially when you bookmark till you have the funds, then try to contact the person only to find the ads gone / timed out... they aren't sorted / categorized well.... the market is just plain bad, and buggy - so no one uses it
  15. i phoned yesterday, got straight through the menu, and was answered in under 2 minutes.. query answered and issue resolved in under 5 mins....
  16. purchase something like the link above, then do it yourself
  17. Just take your time, take pictures of each stage of disassembly....
  18. It was that which they screwed me over on, I was on a certain PayG sim, happy, using it as I did - Then they changed the terms, reduced my data and texts, I had no notification or warning it was going to happen etc, and when I called their customer service they were extremely rude, wouldn't offer a solution or reason as to why I wasn't even informed of the change before it happened, or even why it happened on a PayG sim...
  19. I jumped from 3 about a year ago cause they were a total rip-off!!!
  20. Make sure you have the correct Chipset/System Management drivers from the Manufacturer website... beyond that, You could check if the battery is actually still working, potentially in the BIOS (some have a battery diag/monitor option in there) - or something like a Linux Live boot or something! If you're still stuck, remove the battery, boot up windows, make sure it shows as 'plugged in, not charging' (etc) then insert the battery while windows is running, see if it changes / reports it differently.. it could always be that you just need to use it, (charge/dis-charge) a couple of times for windows to realise also! (shouldn't be the case, but I have known it)
  21. AM Note:Closing and Locking this thread as discussion about piracy in any form is against forum Rules: Copying from TV to a DVD is a grey area in piracy, and so to be safe I have locked the thread...
  22. Providing it's clearly advertised/labelled as such, then there's nothing wrong with that.. it's when they sell them the same as 'in date' products it becomes bad....
  23. For future reference, for everyone... your Mobile network will usually unlock for Free, after the contract period has ended, or after 1 year on PayG If the phone was purchased 2nd hand, you only need a sim card of the original network, and then contact them to get it done!
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