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  1. You have to remember, that around 100k people are working on GNU/Linux, to some extent... Windows on the other hand has around 1000 developers, at most! Then there's how many of those GNU/Linux people have been doing it for decades, vs how many at MS are relatively new in comparison!
  2. ^^ if only there were reactions to posts, the above would get it!
  3. Nah, it's ok - Until 100% perfect compatibility with the software I use! (and ZERO interest in Emulating/Wine/VM etc) i'll stick with what works.... Linux can still get virus' too....
  4. You are not allowed to refuse pets or "dhss" anymore
  5. Each time anyone asks me "what AV do you use?" I always just Say Windows Defender! people laugh, and say it's terrible, I disagree.... finally though, it's now poven xD https://www.eteknix.com/windows-defender-rated-as-one-of-the-best-antivirus-programs/?fbclid=IwAR2r2uwOP0UgyFdLQNlEgQBgtEKpv26BGyXxggi48URf-tkv3surz6qpJh4
  6. yeah, that would tell me now it's something to do with the desktop... if you would like me to come take a look, drop me a PM and we'll discuss etc...
  7. most phones have one built in now.. just install and try one of the many free apps..
  8. You cannot just drag it straight onto the tablet, you may need to check on your tablet from the top- pulldown that it's in File transfer mode or something else.... Then, you also need to put it inside a folder on the tablet, you cannot just put it straight onto the tablet by dropping it onto it like you tried.....
  9. Have you tried re-tuning them? If that fails, then yes, it could be that the panels are blocking some of the signal, but you would need to eliminate everything else first (such as, moving a radio to a new position, re-tuning, trying the radio(s) outside (on the garden etc) It will also partly depend on where the panels are in relation to you / the radios...
  10. There will be a way of getting it going... don't scrap it, i'll have it if you're not that fussed about it
  11. Did it come out of a Gateway? it could be they use a different BIOS key... For accessing the BIOS, I have known... Del F2 F6 F10 F12 and even Escape (on RARE occasions) try all of these? - otherwise, don't scrap it if it's otherwise working, you can often cause a CMOS error or corruption, that will allow you to get to the BIOS that way, pull the battery, leave for 15 minutes and try it
  12. Well, looking at your board - my guess is it will only work with a PS/2 Keyboard to access the BIOS (relatively early days of USB) - a USB > PS/2 adaptor would work though if you have one something like this... https://bit.ly/2K87mi9
  13. Some times you have to plug the keyboard into the 1st USB port (usually the top-most pair, left socket) - haven't known it for a while though.. also, if the keyboard has any additional functionality (such as media keys, macro keys etc) it may cause issues with (some) BIOS' - use a standard £7 USB keyboard and it'll usually not have a problem.
  14. My laptop's dedicated GPU recently died, and the manufacturer is refusing to repair it - I can use onboard Intel HD graphics, but for my use-case it's kinda pointless having it at all.. so I have thought about sticking a linux distro on it, and getting back into linux a little, you keep on about Zorin so I thought i'd check it out... Anything you can recommend before I do? is there any caveats etc? Laptop is specced as such i5-6200 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Intel integrated (default) graphics Nvidia 940MX for '3D applications' (which I would disable as it's faulty)
  15. As above, it's mostly about density... As components can shrink, the heads that read the data from the disks can also shrink, meaning finer and more tracks of data on each disk the same physical size, meaning more data per disk (or platter as they are called in a Mechanical drive) - then they can stack platters to 2, 3 or even some times 4 height within the same physical dimensions... as for SD cards, and other flash memory, it's a similar story, but as they don't use heads, it's the number of transistors and elements within the chip that increase in numbers, as manufacturing processes improve etc, - can store more per chip, then like the platters in mechanical drives, they add more chips to increase capacity past that point.
  16. And all terrible, can't say I watch any of them - also don't pay TV License, only watch none BBC things on catchup, or stuff from Netflix/Amazon
  17. My advise... don't, the entire city is a building site at the moment, and will probably remain so for the foreseeable as various projects and builds loose funding and get put on hold! If I had the opportunity to move out of Sheffield, i'd do it pretty much instantly imho!
  18. 3/3a (replaced by 56/95) - but that's not the full story 😕 Reducing from every 10 mins to 15 mins - they were never on time any way, so does this mean A) no difference, or B) even worse? and what the hell are they doing switching it around that much, changing it to two separate busses and different routes... the 3/3a was only introduced a few years back, it was previously 47/48, that then changed to 1/1a, route was changed, and 3/3a was added as it currently is - now they are changing it again!!! 🤬
  19. Fair - then I would potentially be looking at either.. a Misconfigration / incorrect drivers for the WiFi or a possible fault.... Without being with / sat at the machine, I couldn't say at this point..
  20. Then there's Windows Updates, if the Desktop isn't used very often, it'll pretty much start checking and downloading/preparing updates within a few minutes of booting...
  21. Uh, Actually - Sky/iPlayer etc DO run a service in the background, and you are a P2P host for any of the shows you have downloaded to watch (if downloading not streaming) It's how it's run since day 1
  22. My guess is there's something running in the background on the desktop, causing a slowdown.. You said you have tested each device individually, but the next question would be - with the desktop turned on, booted up and connected to the internet, does the speed-test on your other devices still read correct? or does it cause the speed to drop for all devices when the desktop is on? If the speed is still good on the other devices (while desktop is turned on), and only slow on desktop it's likely something faulty or misconfigured on your desktop.. if the speed slows down for ALL devices (while desktop is turned on), then it's likely something running on the desktop, that's using your bandwidth, (Could be Windows Updates downloading, things like ITV Player App, BBC IPlayer App, Torrents, etc....)
  23. You will rarely get full speed on WiFi - there are so many factors to consider, the ONLY way anyone will garuntee full speed is when plugged in...
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