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  1. Glad you got it working Which one did you get? I hope it's a known brand at least
  2. I could do with some stuff... Need a Wardrobe and draws... my bed is also approaching it's last legs!! Otherwise, charity shops and such
  3. havent' read, but all I can say is good luck.. I had a bike stolen years ago, saw them take it, saw it go, got a number plate for the car involved and everything... reported it to the police, and nothing ever happened, except for a leaflet through the door 6 months later "how to secure and protect your bike" never heard if they chased it up or anything....
  4. If you can hold out until next week I may be able to help
  5. Maybe because it's SHEFFIELD forum? Kinda akes sense to me....
  6. If it's virgin, you are pretty much given the same IP address throughout - mine hasn't changed in about 6 years or so, even through outages and router/modem reboots etc... All you can do is turn it off over night, and hope it gives you a new IP in the morning when you next log-on (although doubful) and as far as i'm aware, phoning them won't help as they won't/can't change your IP address.. All they will say is turn it off for 4 hours and you "might" get a new IP... What you could do, is log in to your VM Router/Modem admin page and go to "Admin" and "Info" (at least on my Hub 3.0) in there you will see "IPv4 lease time" and "IPv4 lease expire" If you want the IP to change, you would need to make sure your router is turned OFF, before this expiry time/date, and then turn it back on a few hours after... But this still won't guarantee an IP change, it will just give you the best chance...
  7. From my understanding, only certain groups / categories allow image embeds... not all categories do...
  8. Fair - im tired, that's my excuse But either way, you got it sorted so either way... but for future reference, as he said above!!
  9. OP is using a Mac.. it said so right in their post! This is what happens when you only read the title, and not the post!! or 1/2 read and guess the rest
  10. Just report as spam (instead of deleting)... Report them as spam, Gmail will start picking them up and filtering them the more you do it..
  11. I did say, "depending on the case and PSU" You ideally want 500w+ and a known (not cheap) brand... NEVER cheap out on PSU's
  12. depending on the case it's in, and the PSU, you should have no problem running something like a GTX 1060 6GB or 1660Ti etc...
  13. You obviously didn't read the thread, as they said it worked on their phone.... we're way past this point on the thread now...
  14. Would love to go to this, will have to see what the situation is like... oh, and funds....
  15. Honestly, don't... get a job else-where.... I'd take any opportunity offered to get outta this place imho... But as most others have said, heeley, meersbrooke, chesterfield road, nether edge etc....
  16. Now you are in that account though, you could use the support/live chat while logged in.... Also, if there's a phone number and address attached (and maybe another email address) - then maybe you can contact this "Michael"? Otherwise, now you are in - make a throw-away email address, change the email to that - then yours is free to use once more!
  17. Ah, no worries Still worth me posting that, as there may be others with a perfectly fine aerial, thinking about upgrading It's really not worth it, unless damaged, as yours was
  18. Why did you get a new Aerial? Most standard aerials that have been around since WAY before Digital TV, are perfectly capable of receiving DTV signal, and for 99% of people there's no need to change the aerial.... The only time you should need to change it, is if it's physically damaged
  19. Without you entering the address yourself, AND Confirming it (like said above) there is NO way the email would be active, and on a PP account... If you talk to PP again, ask them "is the account the address is linked to verified?" - if not, then the account (or at least the address linked to it) should have been dropped / forgotten long ago... If it's verified, then YOU (or someone with access to your email) linked, and verified it... -- Are you sure your email/password combo wasn't hacked or part of some data-leak some time over the past few years? Other than said above, there is NO OTHER WAY this email can be linked to another account, even if someone entered an address wrong - they wouldn't have had the "confirmation" email, and would have then gone back in, realized the mistake and fixed it... (unless paypal has some strange thing in place where it even remembers 'attempted' email addresses... but it's doubtful) And if the email address is yours, then surely you can do the 'forgot password' stuff, enter your email, click the link, change the password - then go in and delete the account/email associated etc....
  20. They never replied or sent me a message, so I'm assuming they got it sorted... You hiring btw?
  21. If it's "Sys Main" as you described, it's something to do with Superfetch indexing your PC hard drive... Take a look here for more info https://www.techosaurusrex.com/windows-10-sysmain-causing-high-disk-or-high-cpu-usage-heres-how-to-disable-it/
  22. Unless you intend to use WiFi, there's no reason to install one...
  23. Should be No problem... Drop me a Private Message, and we can sort something out i'm sure
  24. When Edge Updates, it often opens a new page (on first startup) with info about the latest changes, new features etc - and just confirmation it has actually updated.. When you close it (fully), and open it again, it 'should' return back to your original homepage.. When this 'new' one opens up, if you check the tabs at the top, your original home page is often opened behind in a separate tab
  25. If you can drop off and collect, It's something I could do for you no problem... Should take a couple of hrs at most... Although it depends if you also want a reinstall at the same time
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