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  1. Obviously you have no breathing problem issues, etc
  2. Hoppers on Eccy rd is a real danger zone, long ques, funnelling people passing in to a narrow pavement, its very expensive as well
  3. Very very few bargains, a decade ago, could have got a basic Gale for 30 quid, they are asking triple now
  4. Just been to Glastonbury, sorry Endcliffe park, and a group of about eight lads, possibly students were sitting around, they then met their girlfriends, etc, which made about a group of about 13, who then set walking, and very little social distancing in general in the area, I am not space police, etc, but that is just too much, people are dying and the numbers are rising exponentially, oh, and medics, key workers, are risking their neck daily, seems to be a sense of entitlement around that area and I don't think i have seen a copper for many weeks
  5. I am really looking to just add a bit of extra timbre really, and at some point i will be selling the amp, i am far from a hi fi buff, but the cyrus does still sound lovely, just needs that bit more
  6. As above, just wondering if say i could use a Panasonic Kelton Sub from a 2.1 home cinema with my mission cryrus amp, using the auxiliary or other input, would i need a active sub, they seem hard to get cheap these days,
  7. as above, haven't been to town in ages, and just wondering if the stalls are there given the Covid situation?
  8. Brilliant organisation, please all support them.
  9. Some one on FB is asking 250 for series S Xbox, no shortage of them so what is going on? he even shows the receipt again with 249.00 as the cost price
  10. Juts went for test at hillsborough park, 12pm, hardly anyone there for tests, bit surprising, at Glastonbury, sorry, Endcliffe Park, there are huge crowds all mingling and in the local shops as well, Star noting sharrowvale as one the highest rates of C19 in city
  11. I think organised crime may be involved in some cases, the mark up is huge
  12. as above, they seem to be proliferating, latest is xbox x and ps5 at nearly double costs, one guy on FB marketplace even had the gall to show the receipt: 200 pounds less than he paid for it! not just Consoles: on FB the new RTX 3060TI graphics card, is selling for well over 200 more than cost by these dubious characters, high end 2nd hand PC components are also being sold at ridiculous prices, Of course, now i expect to hear the usual 'its market forces', but is it actually distorting such trading, many are buying in bulk, Adam Smith would have something to say about it all, I think its a moral and perhaps a legal issue as well. I don't think the warranty is valid either
  13. I have a Haf case, i had a water leak and took the radiator off, so now I need to cover the open holes at the top, does anyone know what i can use for making dust filters?
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