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    Peugeot 307, 2006, 1.6(petrol) for spares,repair lots of new parts, timing belt, exhaust, and replaced parts, could be a runner, but has a high clutch so needs clutch and has some damage to rear: a gash, large scratches, etc. Engine is in very good condition, all cowlings, etc. Mot runs out in December available end of next week photos to come 350 o.no


  2. Reported to police, re halfords, is that for two sets? does the supplier need to be registered.
  3. as above, had them stolen and need to replace tx
  4. The Peacock nr Dore, good view of Sheffield
  5. Can i ask what has happened to the jobs part of the site I have used it for carers in the past, but there is only five posts listed, is it still being read?
  6. Has it finished? I go in local cafes, etc and didn't see any flyers, etc
  7. Someone has written a book about this corporate malfeasance: 'The Silent Company,' no human beings at all to speak to now at many of them.
  8. They closed the one in Durham as well, only went once and the waitress was quite rude and kept pestering to but more food.
  9. It is running fine, just needs new clutch, i can't afford to run it as I pay 400 pounds a month back to the council towards my care, which really defeats the object! the gash is unpleasant though
  10. Yes, some quite new parts, though some replaced 2nd hand
  11. tx, its a Peugeot 307, engine is in very good condition, but it has a large gash at the back where some nice van driver decided at a stroke to reduce its value,, and other dents, it also need clutch replacing, months MOT 16th December.
  12. Ok, that is what advice they gave the landowner, they couldn't do anything but notify me, obviously I need to speak to him/her, maybe offer small donation to charity, police took ages, still need to sort it though can the mods merge these threads, to updated one?
  13. Well just had a call from local police turns out my carer had moved it from the agreed place to somewhere else, the land owner has been complaining to them for weeks but no one got in touch with me, now they have asked me to move it and I am not sure what to do, it now has no tax or insurance and I really need to sell it, options, maybe 2 day insurance so a prospective buyer can look at it, its not worth much. having said that the land owner may not give me much time, but the police were aware for weeks., tx carer and keys not in country till next week
  14. Which number is it people are using? could be the councillors read this thread!
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