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  1. What she showed me was a full tank, and then after, so she 'worked out' what she had left, and the cost was the difference another for the experts, sharrow lane to wentworth woodhouse, then wentworth garden centre, then back to sharrow lane, M1 going, burngreave rd, back, 1l Toyota Aygo, 2005
  2. no, she showed me the mileage at start of journey and how much was left at end of journey She also sometimes has a full tank and then sees what is left.
  3. Thats what she did, I think she is going to take it back to the mechanic who did a recent service, she is of course, worried now that all he journeys may be costing more.
  4. well, i do wonder if it is her car, we went to Wheata dental clinic, Wordsworth Ave, Parson Cross, from sharrow lane, last friday, lots of 4x4 traffic/school run, etc, and were stuck in traffic going, had to go though greystones etc, come out crosspool, etc, coming back quite smooth, penistone rd, came to 20 miles, she showed me petrol gauge and it had used 20 miles, really got to sort this, times are tough.
  5. Like bargepole says, Google maps says 7 miles plus, rtn, add on stop start, etc, surely no more than ten miles
  6. As above, Google maps, says 7.8 miles, carer is saying 19 miles, carer is very trustworthy, think they are just getting it wrong journey is: S7, Sharrow lane to Bole Hill to mushroom lane to Hallamshire Hospital to Eccleshall Rd to Sharrow Lane, stopping at all, reasonable traffic, cant seem to insert image
  7. I have a NIkon Dx40, so old now, D40X 10.2MP, is the camera as good as the one in my phone: Samsung A80?
  8. My friends screen has gone, she says that everything else works, though not sure how she knows, anyone recommend an honest reasonable MP screen installer, who may also be able to tell her if that is all that is wrong, she is a student on low income so can't afford mistales, etc also how long does such repair take? tx its a Huwei P80, yes i know, dead phone waliking, but its got all her infor on.
  9. is there any other way to insert images in classified, not just IRL, i hope there is. If there isn't could the techs see if they could implement this, classified could as busy as it used to be with some tweaks. How do you do use IRL IMAGES TX
  10. As above, reasonable price, good range of earrings(i believe these days you have buy at same place, decades since last done.)
  11. Don't agree, there has to be freedom of speech for party members, I initially supported Starmer, but he is basically becoming Blair Mk 2, he has even made the Hammer of the Disabled and Sick, , Yvette Cooper a shadow Home Secretary.
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