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  1. Ah, just tax or insurance as well? its a peugeot 307.
  2. ah, i think thats going to be a problem, I don't have a driveway or access to private land
  3. as above,car insurance finishes at end of month, and don't have the finances, I think it would only be for about a month, maybe less. it still has lots of MOT.
  4. just sold a MB for a good price on ewbay, want to send it securely, but don't have a CPU protector, have the box, Anti static, bubblewrap, etc, any ideas
  5. Puegeot 307 2006, firing but not starting Hi, The car was sorted last time, it was a broken immobiliser key(tx SF'ers), it then ran ok for a while, but today tried to start the car and it just won't start: if fires up, and that is it, the immobiliser key is fine, the battery seems ok, charging another one,
  6. Huawei p8 lite not worth that much, especially in light of Google removing apps! actually i think it may be a hair!, maybe when i was replacing sim..
  7. I have just google and seen lots of lots of articles that using toothpaste, bicarb, glass polish, etc, you can remove some scratches on mobile phone screen, didn't work for me! Anyone had some success using this these methods.
  8. Thats interesting, any links?, the left, civil society has been very poor on these issues, a hierarchy of oppression.
  9. Thats the Miners workers model village below isn't?, some residents wasn't very friendly when we drove through it to have a look, shame given its heritage. I think there is an ancient woodland nearby.
  10. won them, converse all star, new without box, 23.00 inc postage, 30p in it. could be fakes though!
  11. If i have already bid more than is displaying, I put in a fair bit more than the item is going for, can an automatic bid go above me? sniper software?
  12. While other other online controversies rage on this is being reported, though only to a point, this will be the tip of the iceberg, and of course its is just as bad IRL, for many Disabled and Sick People(DASP) the online space is important as they may be housebound or have issues with the public arena. But, it doesn't seem to get the traction it should do, the disability movement seems very weak at the moment, and the allies Disabled and sick people need and want, seem to be largely absent.
  13. Pretty skint at moment, and am highest bidder on low price for something i really need, but the item usually goes a lot higher going by completed sales, suspect a sniper will come in at last moment, any tips,
  14. YES!!!, thats it, DRONFIELD, the part I visited, around Church St is quite affluent, the cafe, I recognise, the other row of shops, the church and refectory, so its complete, it was driving me bonkers, tx Will visit it soon
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