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  1. I have a Haf case, i had a water leak and took the radiator off, so now I need to cover the open holes at the top, does anyone know what i can use for making dust filters?
  2. recently purchased a swan 10 l dehumidifier, hardly used and in vgc, it worked for a couple of weeks, though not huge amounts of water, the humidity metre was around 70-60 degrees and was directly in bathroom, now it is not extracting water at all, not a drop, the humidity meter is averaging 50-45, the fan is on, very noisy, cold not hot warm air is being emitted, I have cleaned the filter, etc reading about, I did have it in the bathroom, very wet, etc, it was on an extension cable, but surely most will be,
  3. Baffling, I spoke to them again, and again it was LL permission, tried call centre, closed due to corona virus, getting nr to contract end now, looked at one stream, but they were shut today! just tried to sign up(part way) no mention of LL permission update, further in the sign on process, it does ask you for permission to inform him, maybe should say i own the property!
  4. Very worrying, even the most progressive locals are becoming concerned.
  5. Spoke to Virgin, they said they has to put the cable through bottom flat, would have to get LL permission, crazy, but that is not viable for me, anyway, not sure if i need 106m though would be nice, wouldn't be ready for switchover either.
  6. I would also like to see 'wanted included in respective categories, at least tech ones, computers, mobile, etc, i suspect most tech sellers don't look in wanted, its a bit of a dustbin option tbh, in other words, allow,wanted ads on the for sale category
  7. bit complicated , 2 week wait for installation , they have to install to flat, letter of permission from landlord, and we don't have a good relationship with him, he will take ages answering
  8. FB marketplace, 49.00 for 2tb Seagate refurb, its only 55 new, WD NVME 500gb on gumtree, 52.00 on offer from amazon! do people really buy the former?
  9. yes, of course, though their coffee is often bit off, the one nr ladybower has nice coffee though.
  10. thinking of going with them, they have a great offer on atm, 106mb mge for 24,00 month, its broadband only, but i don't use landline any more, bit concerned not uk tech support, also, they have to lay a cable don't they, does this mean switchover takes longer? any experiences, tx
  11. its the classifieds for me, they were the best anywhere, bought loads, and you know seller will be reliable I suspect business will be more the focus atm, no ads on computers or mobile phones, there used to be tens a week
  12. Hi, been there, dam is little away, thing about FD is the lake is next to the cafe, it makes a difference
  13. As above, discovered Forge Dam cafe this weekend and being right nr water it did wonders for my asthma(temporarily) etc, i am aware of a cafe at Thrybergh Country Park, but its closed due to Covid restrictions, and Endcliffe one there is no easy access for those with mobility issues.
  14. I hope the volunteering which was on a massive scale in Sheffield and across the Uk during Covid1, can happen again, but times are different, for example, a number will now be unemployed, and the DWP does not allow 'freelance' volunteering.
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