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  1. It is none of them will try to find similar and photo on ebay
  2. difficult to post pictures on here, not dexterous enough to do it myself
  3. Its a Technic's(i was advised when it went before) connector for a old but still amazing Digitheatre surround sound, the connector has come away from the cable, last time it was crimped, but didn't last
  4. I don't think there are many none online electrical stores left, the mkt one even used to sharpen the shavers blades, There is one in Crookes, but not sure if they do repairs,
  5. See my post above about disabled and sick man starves to death during Covid(not yet troubledf with any reply), hard questions have to be asked why liberal/civil society are just not intererested in disabled and sick people (this is well documented.) Where are the big mass marches for them, the crowfunders, when David Clapson , the ex soldier starved to death?
  6. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-death-starved-disabled-food-lockdown-bell-ribeiro-addy-streatham-a9584286.html Very little media coverage/public outrage of the disabled man who has starved to death(yet another one) during Covid, yet again disabled and sick people seem to be ignored despite facing discrimination and multiple hardships. disabledandsickinvisible#
  7. Just wondering is there a way for the classifieds to get their mojo,back, the Computer and other ones were a godsend to me, and i suspect many others on low income, as well as those who just love a bargain, and there were plenty on there, (i got a good car) Even before C19 they were diminishing in numbers, but certainly now on Computers, just a few.
  8. Apparently Sadiq Khan has set up a Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm, looking to replace statues of slavers, etc, which for those who know their history is remarkably similarly(if not in purpose) to the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution. I think some of what is happening is a positive thing, things like this happened in Toxteth years ago, though amongst BLM aims is to 'appriopiate white property', but it all may have unexpected consequences: Imo, it was clear the covid19 and its contingencies would lead to radical demands and change, whether that happens is another thing, but very few people would have said it would be around BLM/racial inequality that a mass movement would coalesce, the lynching of GF was a catalyst, but this type of movement was already growing, though the majority being young, may have helped with its depth and intensity. It is great thats it has happened, but when the smoke clears, milllions more, will be unemployed,, capital will push for lower wages, conditions, etc, see British Airways. If a wider social movement doesn't occur, and there are no signs it will and it didn't in 2008, many young people just don't see politics in terms of ecomomic inequality, especially the new left, then we are basically stuffed and of course it will be minorities, disabled and sick(lost 28 billion in benefits and services, lost lives, etc) W/C, many BAME, who will suffer the most. Then, of course there will also be a right wing/populist backlash, which is also happening, its a febrile time and its going to more so, meanwhile, disabled and sick people who have seen 28 billlion taken by the Treasury in benefits and services, and whom many hundreds have taken their own lives, hounded by the DWP, lost benefits are largely invisible, not a fashionable cause.
  9. as above, hoping to venture out today, such nice weather, I am self isolating, but not in govt shiedling group, are there many taxis about, what hygiene measures are they taking. Are black cabs still operating, I know there are a fair few drivers on here who can inform us, tx
  10. But thats what my post is about, I can't seem to chose such options and with prices.
  11. I may do that, but why can't I just buy postage on e bay like normal, there just isn't an option there for sellers.
  12. Looks like 2nd PC compnent have risen post covid, i was going to sell my old 970 gtx up for about 80 quid as that was the going rate , 2months later, on ebay, they are going for 99.00 plus postage, some 120 pounds, some on Amazon are asking for 160! quite a rise. They are still a useable card though obviously people are bored and want to play games, so good for sellers, like me, 1 pound fees all May, collection free as well, not so good for buyers, haven't looked how much more 1070'S /1080's etc are now
  13. as above, trying to sell something on e bay, a graphics card, and there doesn't seem to be the option in the drop down boxes for postage where e bay calculates the postage cost, the box with the price in doesn't fill with the cost , even with e bays own pack link and when tried to price it myself with couries, Hermes is asking for buyers post code, but of course, havent sold it yet
  14. Worse it has ever been in the ten years as a sufferer, i also have MCAS, so allergies can be quite extreme, etc, I went to the woods today near home today, and the tree pollen has floored me, made me sick, stopping my fenofexedine as it has not helped, been advised Cereterezine can help, anyone know if cheap brands like Allocan are ok, as buying it myself.
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