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  1. Ah, now E bay is saying item arrived, but i have not recieved it, and other parcels have come ok.
  2. He has posted the item without discussion, will just refund him, he pays rtn postage
  3. used paypal chat, they were great, said that, as I said no refunds, buyer is not partof the guarantee scheme, i did say no returns, though i don't think they were clear on the ground I could refuse rtn. They also said any bad feedback and i can appeal. But, not sure what to do, don't want bad FB at any period, maybe will allow him to send back at his own cost then refund.
  4. I have some cognitive issues, is there a phone option
  5. there was no option to reply, it was sold under buy now, annoying thing is i turned down another offer, and had to pay weirdly for an optipon that i hadn't asked for, had no issues at all with selling before, not that i have sold much.
  6. thing is, there is no option to reply to him, fait accompli, and, i think he would have the option for bad feedback, its also saying I confirmed the request, when i havent even clicked on it.
  7. Hi, a buyer bought an part for a cleaner off me, I clearly said it was for a particular model, and indeed the colour of the model, they now say the part is too small, and wants to return it, is this correct, and do they pay for the return postage and forfeit the postage costs to send it, or something else, I think i am going to be be out of pocket here, never had a return(give detailed info) Is it my responsiblity if the part doesn't fit? I note I did say no returns, but it looks like buyers can just reject anything
  8. as above I have a really nice e/f i bought on FB, but recently, it has been making a grating noise, I believe if it is the motor, and is getting progressively worse, though it could just be heavy dust for all i know, its ex B and Q, and afiak, i am not sure you can get the part(think its dimplex.) I think i may have contributed to its demise as i didn't put a chimney balloon behind it, wary of another, as it seems its a common fault even with rel new ones.
  9. Apparently couriers are charging admin costs, etc, at various rates The seller/company, say when i mailed them they have sold loads to UK, and buyers are informing them of custom duties charges, but they won't tell me how much,
  10. as above, want to buy something that is 34 euros from EU, its free delivery, but I think VAT/customs would be due, although I read somewhere there is a minimum price blow which you dont pay this There is this, but this says over 135 pounds before duties Britons buying from EU websites hit with £100 customs bills | Online shopping | The Guardian Type and value of goods Customs Duty Non-excise goods worth £135 or less No charge Gifts above £135 and up to £630 2.5%, but rates are lower for some goods - call the helpline Gifts above £630 and other goods above £135 The rate depends on the type of goods and where they came from - call the helpline You pay Customs Duty on excise goods of any value. GOV site, says nowt on goods below 39.00, which covers the above, but have heard horror stories
  11. Endcliffe Park, Bingham park, Sharrowvale, busier than ever, little S/D, etc
  12. Snobbery on here is incredible, do you mean, 'chavs' or people who may steal from you, cause problems? not completely interchangeable
  13. Yes, I know, but is the brazenness of some of them, they can see who needs avoiding, etc, but yes, they have sacrificed so much, my Covid volunteer, 23, usually so confident, is struggling emotionally now., we do owe them, a lot.
  14. So, unlocking begins, but anyone who has seen Endcliffe Park pover the last month, will wonder what the fuss is all about, weekends are like Glasto(same demogaphics as well) no 2 m S/D, congregating in large numbers around the cafe, no waiting for people to cross the bridge(even for obviously disabled/vulnerable) , real self entitlement, where are the police?
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