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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOSHIBA-P300-2TB-High-Performance-Desktop-HDD-HDWD120/174180781767?hash=item288dfbcec7:g:fPcAAOSworhbu9eg OK, look at this, its 51.00 on E buyer new, this bloke is asking 71.00 year old! crazy,
  2. don't know where i would sell like that, you can 970's for 70 pounds now, strange cos it is still a powerful card for 1080P
  3. I can't get a decent signal with my Dab radio or my old Denon reciever recently, just mostly white noise xcept for Hallam FM, (NO'OOO!) used to be fine
  4. Hard to believe, but Kingdom Come Deliverance. still over 20.00 on sites is next free game on Epic Store 13 February 2020.
  5. I would like a 1070ti or 1080, not going to get those new cheap, and now not cheap 2nd hand either. from what I see on e bay is people set a decent price, but then people bid crazy amounts. Anyway we can lobby them, i am stuffed without SF classifieds update, a gtx 1080, just gone for 375 on e bay, you can get a 2060 for that
  6. Still happening, on E bay and increasingly Gumtree people wanting 40 pounds for HD's over 8 years old, graphics cards 2 yrs old, basically what they paid for them It wasn't always like that that, I can remember getting components about half price after about a year doesn't apply to SF prices are still reasonable, but sadly no one posts there on classifed anymore, shame i used to get most of my stuff there.
  7. Nandy was absent, pregnant when LP's M.Ps abstained against Smiths brutal welfare bill, but says she would have voted against, Starmer abstained but now says he wants social security to be fair with dignity.
  8. went to some early Sheff Momentum meetings, they were great, soon changed as the usual suspects took over though some decent people in it, but not for me, national momentum is a disgrace with its gerrymandering, the stalinists would have recognised it all. Long Bailey seems to be a lovely person, decent, very compassionate, convictions, great back story, but she just seems to be someone without a shadow, no charisma, sadly needed in todays politics, maybe she will yet surprise us Nandy was good on Neil interview, apparently the political journos are saying she smashed it. i am probably going to suprise myself and vote for Starmer, he is a QC and will be able to take on Johnson.
  9. I have both, a Polti steam cleaner and a VAx carpet cleaner, neither have removed food stains on the upholstery.
  10. as above, just been looking at prices for VAX solution for my carpet cleaner, the prices are steep, however i did try Vanish version and it just didn't work, are the branded ones the best generally.?
  11. There is a quite new condition, still poorly researched, where sufferers react almost immediately and often quite violently to allergens, etc, its called Mast Cell Activiation Syndrome, the reaction to peanuts a number have is a severe example.
  12. Still bad times here, 3 months of it since post flight virus
  13. Are you saying you can't buy a day saver on the bus anymore? thats really is rubbish/unfair. I like many don't want to monitored everywhere we go, either, watch them sell on the data.
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