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  1. Rather not say which practice, but just been informed if i want a non emergency GP appt, (i have suspected glandular fever) the earliest i can get on is 23 August! It used to be you could get an appt within a couple of days, say six years ago, and of cours Covid, and its the holidays, bit a mohtn
  2. Bingo, with all the names there
  3. finally got a reply to my complaint about my covid test results, basically it has gone missing, though only afew do mind, according to the call centre. This isn't an amazon parcel, it could be a matter of life or death.
  4. I absolutely can't believe the incompetence of this Govt, Corbyn and Co, for all their failings and wokery they would have done much better, especially with the NHS. less rubbish private test and trace, etc.
  5. My carer has just been pinged for the 3rd time, she has isolated twice already, twenty days with no support, now possibly another ten days, she is now going to delete the app, but i was planning on havingday trips this week with her, its just crazy and faith in the system is being lost
  6. Test results have gone AWOL, made a complaint, but it could take three days and they might not find them, so, what do I do, retest?
  7. Did you see Panorama last night? fake news I suppose I have Long Covid, its not nice and its real.
  8. clearly not aware of the misery and severe ill health(like M.E) of many many, inc young, Long Covid sufferers.
  9. Are there delays in getting results for the PCR test, with the huge increase in numbers asking for them
  10. Reading about new variant, Lamda, now in Uk, 10% mortality rate in S.America, very worried, my friend ex inf diseases nurse, thinks things are going to get worse.
  11. i have 3 carers, all young students, one has isolated for 10 days after being pinged, now has been told she has to do it again due to other ping, then the other one has just been told she has to isolate for ten days as her flatmate is C/positive, the other one has a flu like illness, and is off(lost of bugs around now)_ So, i have precisely no care, what i am meant to do? all the contingencies of the previous lockdowns, support, etc, seem to have gone
  12. No go for 4970k then, does every bit of kit have to have TMP?
  13. Sorry to hear you are leaving, valued your work and contributions. while we can discuss issues, i wish posters would start using the computer classifieds again, they were a godsend to those on low income, and very few scammers. Market place, etc is ok, but some strange sellers on there, everything is too much for them,
  14. Anyway of stopping(completely) post of something you just arent interested in/don't want on FB MP in my case, ridiculously priced flats(well rubbish single rooms basically)
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