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  1. intesrsting, to see you slag off indigenous workers, i thought you were on the left, or is that just when it comes to robustly defending migration, etc?
  2. If they turn up, see my post above
  3. as above, want to put it on here, as always reliable and imo, no scammers, but there isn't one sale at moment(strange its free and was effective)
  4. Not sure what is happening with City, not turned up three times now, today carer booked it, it said it had arrived (but it hadn't) in fact they said they had record of it! I have some disabilities , and have priority, but they don't seem to be following it. I also think they now use a call centre, which may explain errors, but also i can't always hear the dispatcher.
  5. Because the poster doesn't agree with his/her worldview
  6. Maybe, but its uncontestable that refugees are very very rarely hosted in wealthier, affluent areas, precisely the areas, these days, which are most ardent in the demands to allow more.
  7. Sheffield welcomed lots of chilean refugee's from Pinochet(many went back later), and then the Kosovans(many were sent back) , difference now is the huge number of others who are attempting to get here, and putting pressures on resources, etc.
  8. 800 on on one day is simply unstainable, how can they be funded, etc. I really wish the pro refugee/migrant rights lobby(which is huge and well funded) wouldn't elide genuine refugees with economic migrants, etc, then we could help the former with more support and reduce the pull factor for the latter and yes, it can be sometimes difficult to acertain which is which, climate refugee, corporations destroying locality, Shell in Nigeria, etc.
  9. Couldn't be greyer, where is the much predicted heatwave(though hope its fresher than the last one.)
  10. I have yet aanother mice infestation, the one during the lock downs were horrendous, they ripped through food items like potatos. The thing is for me, is every single time i have had them i have been so sick, much more than is usual for my conditions, especially severe stomach cramps. I am aware there are very serious Zoonotic diseases one can get from them, especially if like me, you have immune system disorders. I am on the second floor of old victorian mews flats and baffled why it is me who get them, its delicate but my neighbours flat upstairs is really not hygenic(mine is now spotless with cleaners) and downstair have said they can hear things in the (rotten) floorboards, but nothing in their flat. last time they completely ignored the mousetraps and am loathe to put poison down,
  11. I think it(the external battery in the sounds box), the indoors one we disconnected, may be drained no, but very worried it might go off again, my neighbour upstairs would like to decommission his as well. update: think i have someone now
  12. Anyone know a handyman local to S7, fair size ladders equipped, to switch off/cut off legacy Ashton alarm , on wall, which is making noise after power cut, despite power removed in house.
  13. Er, isn't this the page for help, etc, utilising the vast experience of IT fans, even workers.
  14. That is so common when challenged, how do you know what i have done, i guarantee it is much more than you. These are all 2016, post the migrant exodus to europe, I wonder what the statistics are now, less?
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