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  1. gamezone07

    New forum feedback and questions

    Hope the new classified site works ok, been a very good source of good quality items for me.
  2. gamezone07

    New forum feedback and questions

    Good to see the classifieds ads will have sub sections, bought quite a lot on them, not been ripped off either, unlike other sites.
  3. Eh, the Left was totally marginalised under Blair, even under Kinnock*, many were expelled for supporting the Anti -Poll Tax campaign, especially the 'Can't pay won't pay' element *and i don't mean Militant.
  4. as above, to cover rotting floor boards to stop splashes of water, etc, going down downstairs to my neighbour's flat any other ideas welcome.
  5. gamezone07

    Fly infestation

    No pot plants, they are not large, medium, it is quite unpleasant and concerning as i have a compromised immune system, landlord won't do anything.
  6. gamezone07

    New forum feedback and questions

    Can i ask if there are separate boards for computers for sale, etc, , etc, i can't seem to find it.
  7. gamezone07

    Fly infestation

    As above, in my kitchen, had a good look around, under cupboards, etc, for dead mice, decaying food, but can't find anything,
  8. gamezone07

    Free alternative to MS Office

    I use Libre Office, it is good but it crashes every single time I open documents, win10
  9. As above, there are exceptions, mafia 3 DLC is reduced, but only on a couple of sites, but most PC DLC is ridiculously priced, AC/Origins Curse of the Pharaohs' is still full price, etc. feel very tempted to erm....
  10. If this is the case, then it is truly alarming.
  11. It is more nuanced than that anyway, it is off topic, so i will leave it now.
  12. How can you know, when I lived near Benwell in Newcastle, you had to duck all the time from flying bricks, no provocation, the above don't get a pass just because they are a minority, just as innocent kids from the same community shouldn't be lumped in, feral is feral.
  13. This is now the basic refrain from liberals, absolving the perpetrators and clouding the nature of the crimes, read the radical and left sociologist Lisa Mckenzie, she has a different much more nuanced view . https://lisamckenzie1968.wixsite.com/website/blog/a-difficult-discussion Btw, maybe if the left has done more for the poor areas of these cities instead of moving down the identity politics line, the appalling events may have been identified earlier as the girls may would have come to them.
  14. gamezone07

    Egypt considers Burqa ban

    Not all left wingers, since the failure of the miners strike, retreat of most working class from the left, etc, there seems to have been a growth of a particular middle class left who see nearly all politics through the prism of identity politics, seem to be prepared to do moral somersaults to shore up their entrenched ideological positions, anti-imperialism, endorse complete open borders, etc.
  15. gamezone07

    Grenfell Tower effigy burning

    There has definitely been a sea change since then, Twitter?