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  1. Just got the dates wrong after 3 months of now tv at half price, went to cancel for Sept, but money taken out on august 30th, I can honestly say after Chernobyl (superlative), and maybe the Das Boot remake, there is nothing i want to watch, and haven't done so, anyone i can ask for a refund, for this month, haven't even put my NOW tv box off on for weeks.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-49450035 https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/politics/council/deputy-leader-of-sheffield-council-resigns-491939 BBC now, Newsnight next?
  3. Quite significant news(for those who take an interest in local politics) Deputy Leader and Cllr Olivia Blake who i believe is also Board Member for Finance( a major role ) has resigned from said positions as have Councillors Moya O’Rourke and Adam Hurst (though not from being cllr's). They say they want to campaign for a move to a committee approach to decision making away from the current (blairite?) board member system. https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/politics/council/rift-in-labour-as-councillors-clash-over-deputy-leaders-resignation-492098 "Cabinet member for the environment Lewis Dagnall and cabinet assistants Sophie Wilson and Fran Johnson also resigned on Sunday. In a collective statement they said their resignations allowed them “the freedom to campaign both for democratic reform, but also for a radical Labour government and Labour council that puts the people first.” This means that four out of 10 cabinet assistants and two out of nine cabinet members have resigned from their positions." Labour sources tell the Star that there may be two more cabinet resignations in the coming week and that there is widespread speculation as to whether Ms Dore may face a vote of no confidence. " https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/b/sheffield-labour-establishment-rocked-further Not sure what i feel about the salient issue, but it is clear that what what seemed like a monolithic instititution that brooked no dissent is crumbling. Hope they don't get involved with the current iteration of Momentum.
  4. i was advised in the other thread that it still needs to be sorned even on a private drive way anyone have any news about update
  5. Ah, Hi Andy, sorry about that, bit desperate, i have emailed you lots of times, i recall your involvement in the Tyzack community planning work, as well as your R/S work. issue acknowledged mods pm sent will resnd email/info on social care crisis to andy.kershaw.01@bbc.co.uk
  6. as above, have 174790k, 970, 16gb ram, games like Atilla total war have slowed to 5fps, in battles, mafia 3, to 16fps, both were in their forties a few weeks back, on SSD as well
  7. I meant so i won't get a fine, which would have been certain.
  8. I encountered him when he first became an MP, he was very keen to help on social care issues, sent a very nice email offering full support, its a tragedy all round.
  9. Apart from the obvious one, don't go out in the sun! I have a weak immune system and can burn through a t shirt, was wondering if a holey/string vest would help, for my head as well as a hat, some sort of gauze, lace, inside the hat, Going to Spain, early sept
  10. Been trying to contact Andy Kershaw for many weeks about significant social issue, no reply whatsoever. i thought he was a decent community minded guy.
  11. Suprised no one has mentioned this, a number of cars have been trashed windows smashed primarily in nether edge, SOC crime offiicers there, etc, six or seven cars, so significant number/indcident sadly, one of them is mine, though good job i had it sorned! lots been happening the above in sharrow as well
  12. Whats happened to the numbers posting in the classified, i use to buy and sometimes sell in the computer board, and a few others, hardly any there now, it is a vital avenue for those on low income, E bay sellers are asking for ridiculous prices for 2nd hand components, shavers, etc.
  13. Done now, was using wrong doc, tx 25 pounds for a new V5 if I hadn't found it,, Govt really is a racket now
  14. Trying to sorn it now, using new keeper details, not accepting my Doc ref no
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