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  1. Outpatients have lifts that serve A, B & C floors only.
  2. Well you could well say the same about Sheffield University staff, their staff now pay on this bus, a few years ago they travelled free. Students still travel free though.
  3. think they stopped travelling free about 3/4 years ago now.
  4. Agreed. 8500 lorry loads of fumes into a greenbelt area? nice. Even the Sheffield City Council agree.... "The biggest cause of pollution is transport, especially diesel vehicles. The UK, including Sheffield, has been in breach of the legal limits for Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂) levels since January 2010."
  5. Had a look at this and the driving range is wanting to extend it's business and driving range. Looks like it's Hague Plant who've been granted the permit to move the aggregate. There has been an obejction already from Bradfield Parish Council. Quotes from the plan below: PLANNING PERMISSION REF: 15/00502/FUL EXTENSIONS TO DRIVING RANGE AND RECONFIGURATION OF EXISTING GROUND FLOOR LEVEL TO CREATE FLAT DRIVING AREA "PROPOSAL The area to be filled is in accordance with the approved plans ref: "Existing and proposed Sections, A14-169/03 Revision A. The amount of material, consisting of inert soils and aggregates, to be imported to achieve these levels is 77,000 cubic metres. This will amount to 8,500 truck movements." https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=PZU7JINYMX500&activeTab=summary This is the link above to the application. The planning application number is 15/00502/COND1 is anyone wishes to object or send comments to planningdc@sheffield.gov.uk Hope this helps.
  6. Actually STH fund this bus, out of their budget, therefore their staff travel free. SCH don't contribute, so their staff pay to use this bus.
  7. Absolute death trap this junction, hate it. Seen plenty of accidents here, and thats just me passing thru to meadowhall of an evening every so often. Thought if a black spot had a spike in accidents then action was taken? like cameras or junction rethink?
  8. People finishing work popping in for stuff for evening meals?
  9. I have grave news..... It is well kept.
  10. Must admit I am not keen on the Loxley range on beers either. I had high hopes for them but they seem bland to me and not very moreish. The Loxley is a strange pub for me, I prefer it in the warm summer months and like the outdoor part, interior wise the novelty has worn off with me now. However the food is still v good the couple of times we have been. Not a pub I'd spend ages in, but a stop off for a pint or 2 at the most. So, I doubt I'll be rushing to the 'Raven' ? is it called? Are they doing food here btw?
  11. My bold, this is definitely true, the roads would simply be a disaster if this was built, Rivelin Bank, Stannington Road and Rivelin Valley Road are already at capacity at rush hour as it is.
  12. Didn't realise that Longden Doors closed Feb 2019. Sad end really after all those years. The name still lives on in County Durham as the rights to use the Longden name and branding were bought by another company. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/jobs-lost-as-historic-sheffield-door-firm-closes-134381
  13. My youngest daughter has just been told to get glasses, and while shopping for them I noticed an ad in Optical Express(i think) for £595 per eye for laser correction. Seems a good price, has the price come down a lot in recent years? Seems logical.
  14. I used to do this job for Currys a good few years ago and hated it, even back then tho we were warned that cars and vans follow your van around hoping to steal either personal belongings and/or stock that is on the van(e.g. tv's laptops) One pair of lads did actually get a large plasma tv stole off their van, it was about the time that lcd and plasma screens were launched and it cost a fortune. One of the worst jobs I've ever had.
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