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  1. My youngest daughter has just been told to get glasses, and while shopping for them I noticed an ad in Optical Express(i think) for £595 per eye for laser correction. Seems a good price, has the price come down a lot in recent years? Seems logical.
  2. I used to do this job for Currys a good few years ago and hated it, even back then tho we were warned that cars and vans follow your van around hoping to steal either personal belongings and/or stock that is on the van(e.g. tv's laptops) One pair of lads did actually get a large plasma tv stole off their van, it was about the time that lcd and plasma screens were launched and it cost a fortune. One of the worst jobs I've ever had.
  3. Must admit I felt the same about Pinders. My eldest starts at Forge Valley this week, and Pinders did a sale evening of stock at the school. We arrived only an hour after the start time and a lot of the stock had gone, which says to me they didn't bring very much. The stock answer was, "Feel free to pop over to the shop", Er, no. I hate Crystal Peaks, its a good drive from our end of town, and from the service we got at the school it didn't fill me with confidence to waste fuel 'popping' over there. They also did 'hold up garment to child, yeah that looks ok' style of sizing. Hopefully they'll get dropped by our school to someone who can actually supply properly.
  4. Blimey, Radio 2 would soon shut, what with Zoe Ball and her hangers on, and the idiots with the decrepit Steve Wright they could save a fortune!
  5. Yes he was back again this Sunday AM! Quite a sight while slurping my mug of tea in the garden!
  6. Yes it flew directly over us from Bradfield area we saw it land too, at first I thought it was connected to the incident on the Parkway, but it landed to close to us for that. Was a huge machine, either military or medical at my guess.
  7. Absolutely heartbroken for you all there. Me and my daughter attended the Family Open Day just a few days before, like many other people, we even got a tour behind the scenes so we know what amazing work goes on there. My little one is just coming up to 8 and she heard me talking about it, she was so upset when I told her, just thank God I didn't have to tell a 7 year old animal lover that animals were harmed too. Wishing you all the best in getting the centre back running properly again, don't let the scum grind you down, you all do a fantastic job!!
  8. Nice to see his family read this forum too...
  9. What a joke this area was today. What a day to actually decide to pneumatic drill across the road next to the Tesco Local. Why on earth that couldn't be done at night I'll never know. Kelham Island was a no go area and bumper to bumper.
  10. Indoor car boot sale today. RSPCA Animal Centre, Stadium Way S9 3JN between 11am and 2pm.
  11. Thought I'd resurrect this thread. Anyone in the know what happened to the new pub that was promised? I guess either they soon ran into problems, or it the refurb price costs are frightening.
  12. We too have loads in Lower Walkley, last year I walked out to my car and a large fox was sat bold as anything at the side of my car at 6:30am! They are always trotting up and down our street after dark, and playing on the grass opposite our house. One year too we were sat on our decking late one warm evening, and a large badger just wandered up the passageway while we sat having a summer evening drink. Closest I've ever been to one that, just wandered off when it knew we were there.
  13. Must just be me, but, I never got him. Never found him funny in the slightest. He always seemed to be trying to force a laugh, and came across as trying to hard.
  14. Can anyone remember the orange sports kit car that had Stevie Splash's name on it in the early/mid 80's? Was regularly seen around crookes where he lived on the next road to us.
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