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  1. Totley Sports (playing from Forge Valley school in Hillsborough) are looking that a goalkeeper that can commit to playing most, if not every week in the Sheffield District and Fair Play league on Saturday mornings 10:30 kick off. We also train, usually on Tuesdays, at the Norfolk Park playing pitch, opposite goals car park. We move to a 3G facility when the sunlight prevents evening training. We have recently won the SDFPL second division and are aiming to compete in the top division next season so ideally the GK would be of a decent standard with experience of playing for a good amateur team. If present at training, the GK can benefit from specific GK training. Regards Tom
  2. Hi, Totley Sports (who play from forge valley school, Hillsborough) Have just won the Sheffield District and fair play league division 2 and are subsequently looking for players to add to or push the first team players so we can compete in division 1. The standard of football in division 1 is very good with most teams playing on quality pitches such as Warminster road and HSBC. We are running open trials this summer and train opposite goals at the Norfolk park pitch. Realistically we desire good quality players who have played at a decent amateur standard. We have a structured training plan aimed at developing all aspects of 11 aside. If you are interested please email b2003389@my.shu.ac.uk or text me on 07428104038. Regards Tom
  3. Any football teams looking for a friendly on Sunday the 12th of April. Ideally 2 pm kick off but can be flexible on this. Had arranged one but the opposition has just pulled out. We play in the SDFPL division 2. please private message me or email b2003389@my.shu.ac.uk
  4. Player wanted for an 11 aside team in the Sheffield District and Fair play league in Sheffield. Kick off times are Saturday mornings at 10:30 and we play at the Sheffield Works department at olive grove. Please only respond if you believe you are of a good enough standard to play in the top division as the current team sits top of division 2 having won all of their league games thus far. The team is well organised and trains at springs academy school on the 3g facility Tuesdays 8-9pm. Players will be expected to come training as match tactics, set pieces and partnerships are worked on at training. Please email b2003389@my.shu.ac.uk if you are interested and would like to attend training. Regards Thomas
  5. Totley Sports are looking for sponsorship for the forthcoming 2014/2015 season. We are looking to acquire possibly a new kit or training jackets for the new season. Please reply or PM me Tom
  6. Goalkeeper wanted to play on Saturday mornings in the SDFPL. Ideally committed to training once a week and playing on a Saturday.
  7. Yes looking some where. thinking about moving to the swd
  8. Depends what you are wanting to do and what the team want. I`m a manager of a Saturday team and our kits cost 270 for 17 shirts with printing. You could always look into sponsoring the team name or the trainingwear which may cost less. I know this says you are looking to sponsor a youth team but if you are interested in sponsoring an adult team then our team is in need of a sponsor. Just been made homeless as our pitch is unplayable. You can sponsor us with as little as much as you want. Regards Thomas Hunter
  9. Hi, I run and manage Totley Sports FC in the Sheffield District and Fair Play League and we are looking for a sponsor for the forthcoming season. We have unfortunately had to leave our home pitch this season as the council are failing to look after it. The use of sponsorship money would go into helping the costs of a new pitch. We are a community run club and have been running since 1924. The club is willing to partially change its name to fit any sponsor (e.g. if Hunter plumbing services wished to sponsor then we would change our name to HPS Totley Sports) or the typical name on trainingwear and shirts. Thanks
  10. If an away game sells out there should always be an option for a beamback. More money for both clubs
  11. Agree with corks. Since dave jones has took over chris lines has been a different player. Much better on the ball, driving forward etc. Over season its going to be a semedo v danny batth for player of year. I'm going danny batth. Sing him up
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