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  1. As far as I know it's the same group that have done a Great job of Kelham Island with shops/Food/Bars etc I welcome it to city center .
  2. My mistake Tramlines , Let's be honest Tramlines gone from a free event to make as much money as you can event nobody can argue with that fact tbh
  3. Anybody know where most bands are At The Fridge this year in town ?? Refuse to pay over top prices for Tramlines
  4. Twenty two sports , think they in crooks area
  5. Be interesting to see what signings come in and if some will be sold , It all depends on What DC has told Moore and what is expected by owner
  6. Will This ongoing problem ever be resolved ?? It Seems the Council do clean it all up but within days you see ,Chairs/Mattress and God knows what else put at side of Council litter bins in the hope council move them . The area is full of Litter most of time but I think Sheffield council are losing the battle in this long term problem - who knows what the solution is to be honest your thoughts all
  7. Seems S6 areas are being targeted in all areas , Sheds as well , Hopefully the scum get caught soon
  8. Asking for a friend who's been offered a flat on Deer park high rise in stannington is area is OK . what's around area for older people etc
  9. Trying to get old game to work on upgraded pc Empire earth , 2nd one seems to work fine any ideas or help
  10. for 14 million snap Utds hand off , hes 29 now i think so deffo worth selling at that price
  11. I cant understand Why The owner cant seem to balance financial books at the club , Chansiri been at the club long enough to know you have to buy and sell players in football and to also Stable the club . Im not a business man but Hes not daft is he ?
  12. Well worth a watch Credit to those that put this Together
  13. He Also said he hoped he be welcome back as a fan and to Support new owner , also what was said was on swfc page , IF not true it takes a min or 2 for SWFC to put a statement out Denying Clubs up for sale ... To my knowledge despite it being said on Sky,Calander, Radio and in paper Swfc have not said it is not true
  14. for some reason Abdi jones Hutch or Westwood not getting any football at first team or U23s level - This is very odd if for example You wanted to try sell these players in Jan window , The club Knew about FFP BACK IN april but did not tell fans until the season started . I also recall Chansiri saying - Choice of pay high Ticket price for Top players OR choice of lower ticket price to watch youngsters/u23s ?? Questions have to be asked Why hire a head manager Who was going to retire and never seen championship . Chansiri has also admitted to some mistakes but also seems to make more
  15. Im just as shocked as you , a child cant help having Mental problems But to say they should be beaten is crazy ---------- Post added 17-11-2018 at 01:22 ---------- Some Children do have Adhd and other issues and Schools like Forge valley DO HAVE things in place for this and Teachers thats trained in this field of work , Any child should not be punished for having any type of Mental Problems in this day and age ,
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