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  1. Four days after this memorable game,Wednesday went to fourth division Exeter for a league cup tie and lost 1-3,losing John Ritchie to injury that night to boot,hed miss 12 games in total. This was Jack Marshalls one and only season in charge after Allan Brown left to go back to Sunderland,Marshall had taken temporary charge the previous season. His first controversial decision was to change the formation from 433 to a 424,but the squad lacked wingers,and the board didnt back him in the transfer market,he tried to bring Barry Lyons in from Notts For,but the player declined the move.Despite the setbacks Marshall continued with his philosophy and the side stayed in the top 10 right through to march of 69,when he was told he wouldnt be manager the following season,so he left,and Ron Staniforth took charge while Marshalls successor was appointed. During that season,Marshalls controversial tactics proved deeply unpopular among the squad,with senior players submitting transfer requests,McCalliog and Mobley both asked to move and Eustace, Ritchie and Fantham were all deeply unsettled. Staniforth failed to register a single victory and the side slipped 5 places,on March the 5th,Arsenal spanked a lacklustre Wednesday 0-5,with Radford 3,and Bobby Gould the scorers. There was one other noteable game that season,an Fa cup 3rd round replay at elland road,with Leeds the overwhelming favorites following a 1-1 draw (Ritchie) young Brian Woodall wrote his own page in Owls folklore by scoring two well taken goals,Wednesday were helped by an injury crisis at Leeds,Mick Jones was replaced by Albert Johansen and Bremner,carrying an injury limped off early doors,but Leeds scored and early goal,ironically from Johansen after 8 minutes,but from then on it was the Owls who took control in a pulsating game that matched the Man Utd match in august. It was a season that saw us touch the highs and lows in equal measure,but it was memorable,if only for it being the last season wed feature in the top half of 1st division for close on 20 years!
  2. Spot on,everyone leaving the ground agreed Jack scored 4,I can still visualise it wrong footing Stepney LOL The teams that day were; Sheffield Wednesday: P. Springett, G. Young, D.H. Megson, (captain), S. Ellis, V.J. Mobley, P. Eustace, J. Whitham, J. McCalliog, J.H Ritchie, D. Ford, J. Fantham. Unused Sub: A Warboys. Manchester United: A.C. Stepney, S.A Brennan, A.P. Dunne, (F. Burns 3 mins), J. Fitzpatrick, D. Sadler, N.P. Stiles, W. Morgan, B. Kidd, R. Charlton, D. Law, G. Best.
  3. yes he played,scoreres were Witham 2,45,72,Ritchie 15,Stiles og 47 Best 10,Law 12,26,Charlton 36
  4. staninoodle

    Who stays, who goes at S6.

    Time to move on,for me they can all leave,shame about Palmer hes really stepped up this season,but hes 27 and never really pushed untill JL left,the rest are ageing and mostly in the physios room far too often,we need players that are available for 42 games,Westwoods had his injury woes good luck to him at huddersfield. Id love to see us bring in Hector & Aarons if poss on terms,we need Rhodes hefty salary off the books and a more mobile striker with pace. Big summer ahead of us,not a fan of Bruce or his brand of football,but hes a massive upgrade on JL. Heard Keiran Lee & Boyd are off to Preston or Wigan this summer,wish em both luck,Hooper has a few offers to consider for his 26 games a season,and Abdi is off to foreign parts since he was banished from the squad,great irony is the guys been fit ALL season! Matias will go back to portugal,Jones is talking to several clubs in the NW,Blackburn his most likely end point. Hopefully we will finally land Darlow this summer,if the mags bring in a new keeper as expected,depends on Benitez if he signs a new deal,which would push him out to 3rd choice,he almost came with the other two loanees,but regained his place on the bench the month before
  5. Pretty sure it was Spurs v Chelsea on MOTD finished 2-2,YTV had Leeds on sunday afternoon,who else,they beat Liverpool 1-0,the great irony about your comment was my Dad said to me on the way out of the ground "TV cameras missed a treat today kid didnt they" For the record,utd lost at Bolton the same day,2-4,dont have the scorers,and only Crewe scored more goals that day beating Bristol Rv 6-1 at home in Div 3
  6. Germany cant prop up the eu forever,once we leave,there on their own,italy and spain will follow us,with france swallowing up the budget,Im not paying another penny to keep france afloat theyve milked the eu for far too long
  7. staninoodle

    Hillsborough 30 years Remembrance Thread

    I was on the kop on the day with the forest lads,had a few drinks with liverpool fans prior to setting off. Witnessed it all unfold across the pitch,one of my saddest days at a football match.
  8. Brexit party,lets give the people what they voted for,let germany carry on bailing out europe,give it 5 or 10 years and the germans will bail out as well,france will swallow up all the spare change and have a bigger voice,italy is close to bankrupt,the whole things a mess and not one of em can agree to sort the problems out Weve had a close shave,could have cost us billions more had we stayed in,were getting out just in time
  9. staninoodle

    sheffield wednesday v aston villa

    Same as last seasons villa visit really,we bashed villa and should have 5 by half time,but got done by two very late goals,this time they both came in stoppage time. Allover them like a rash 2nd half but just didnt convert the chances,so de ja vue time,picked up another two injuries to key players as well which didnt help the cause.
  10. I wont pay the tenner,must be 100 streams showing it live like today,quick as they shut em down another 100 spring up,same with movies,sky have ruined sport for the occasional fan,but if you know where to look you just tune in to the freebies anyhow
  11. staninoodle

    Stoke v Owls.

    Stoke were the better side,2nd half especially,closed us down much quicker,Allen had a really good game for them,just buzzed allover MF winning balls and breaking up play for them. Bit suprised we didnt go with Adthe and Winnall from the start,we never really got in behind them at all,Aarons pace was a big miss,hope hes not out too long. Decent away point against a decent team that just struggle to score.
  12. EU trade is shrinking so fast EVERYTHING is bigger,we could re negotiate old EU deals and grow our own economy overnight by twice the rate the EU is shrinking at a swipe,we only need to wipe off the EU tariffs and negotiate our own
  13. EU only has 36 trade deals outside the EU so thats the rest of the world in a shell
  14. But luckily jobs will also be created by us trading in markets we couldnt trade in while under EU rules
  15. staninoodle

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Religion is just a tool conceived by Rome to control masses of people. Other emerging states soon followed Romes lead and promoted religion to the masses and so it spread.Its a clever ploy,but the romans were WAY ahead of their time.In times gone by,a god and head of state were almost seen as one. Still amazed by the fact that all the old roman con tricks are still in use even in this more enlightened age and how state controlled we all still are.A free will and liberty are still almost non existant and its 2019!

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