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  1. Ian Wright picked out utd as the performance of the week,and paid them some hefty compliments
  2. Listening to 5 live and Ian wright made utd his team of the week,he loved their approach and how they played just purrred about their performance and system,which aint new BTW was done by Burley at Ipswich way back when,played a simular system and approach,but it blew up and he got the sack
  3. Scored what should have been the winning goal in the first replayed match of what became the arsenal saga,Beat Jennings in the air quite legitimately late on,none of the arse fans complained nor did their players,but the ref ruled it out,and we all went to Leicester for the many replayed games. RIP Big John
  4. Fulham will be big Hectors next club,they tried to tie up a deal today but the Sessignon deal took an age to sort out,with Onomah bieng part of the deal,it got protracted and they failed to get Hectors transfer sheet in on time
  5. I dont think it so much sour grapes,as the fear of getting beat every week and watching your side getting torn to shreds,most sides in their initial season play on the back foot as it takes time to build and blend a squad with the quality to compete on an equal footing even for the mid table spots,Wolves were fantastic last season and bucked that trend,so it is achievable,I think wolves are in the qualifiers for the europa league this season,tremendous achievement but it didnt come cheap............
  6. Any players in will be loans due to the financial situation,Luongo will cost a minimal fee,along the lines of Iorfa, as qpr are keen to get his wage off the books. Cant see us getting Hector back,the fee is way too stiff @5M Lampard wont do us any favours and chelski have an embargo of their own to overturn,we need a foreward to replace LJ,if as looks likely Rhodes joins Norwich,Hogans just gone to stoke,and leeds are also looking at Kodja on loan our options are narrowing,talk of Burakov having to step up and would have got a run out in the up comming League cup tie,alas that tie may not go ahead now due to Burys financial situation.
  7. Reading are paying by instalments of 850K X4,so not quite 5 million,and the add ons will never materialise like promotion or 20 goals in a season,theyd just rest him on 19 anyhow,the other is a bonus if he gets into the efl team of the year?Bizare,weve let the only foreward capable of 20 goals in a season go for peanuts,the mind boggles. Its crap business on our part,but the owner is the one thats got us into this mess with reckless spending and his trust in CC and Doyen sports,the one saving grace is Steve Bruce threw out doyens influence and possibly opened the chairmans eyes to how hed had custard poured down his pants,Bruces recruitment team are still at S6.
  8. 1960s,there were 8 different champions that decade,starting with Burnley in 59-60,Ipswich were the shock winners in 62,everton won it twice after a gap of 30 years,leeds got their first title,with man u and liverpool and spurs,man c won it in 67.its allright quoting theres 4 different winners each decade,but,Leicester apart and Blackburn one year its always been the same clubs,these days its man c man u or chelsea
  9. Very suprised to see Palmer at LB ,VERY lucky not to go a man down on 21 mins,Lees clearly handles it on the line but Reading didnt appeal? Reading wastefull infront of goal,nice easy game to start with,expect reading to end up in the bottom 3,not reading much into that as well face MANY stiffer games starting next saturday,nice to kick off with an away win. Still a lot of issues within the club that need addressing,Bullys not the man for that,we need a manager thats larger and more valued than the hierarchy,personally Id go for Moyes,reckon our set up would suit him,we dont need major surgery just strength in leadership and a guy that can stand up to the owner
  10. Im fast approaching the point where I lose interest in football altogether,spend my summers watching cricket and would gladly watch it all year round if I could. 22 multi millionaires falling on the floor.nah Im not buying that garbage. Sky ruined english football along with the FAs prem league,it used to be a fairly even competition back when i started watching,but its a procession these days,just like F1,I just yawn while Im watching,i no longer miss it when I work the weekends
  11. Possibly because we never sell anyone and weve kept the same side thats failed to achieve anything for the last two years,despite most of it handing in sicknotes everyweek,while its on some of the best wages in the division and the watchers pay the highest ticket prices in the division. I find that strange
  12. Not as far off as some may think,sky are in talks with the major clubs and have been for sometime,around a euro league,and a majority of top euro sides are in favour,its all about getting the legal obligations rite,you could see shadow squads playing in national leagues to begin with,prior to the breakaway,once skys legal people iron out the obstacles expect swift changes,EPL will see a huge drop in income. The FA may well relinquish their control of top flight football,and revert to EFL control.which would be a welcome move.
  13. I certainly dont relish finishing 7th,I want to win the league and compete at the highest level.
  14. Hes got flaws in his game,the biggest being he lacks physicality,not unlike brian deane before bassett got to work on him. If he could iron that out,he could have a hell of a career in football,hes capable of playing at the higher end,hes got ability by the shed load for a tall guy,he just needs the right coach to light up the runway
  15. Weve no chance with wagner,hes the boss at shalke now,in the bundesliga
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