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  1. Well what a treat today was,Morgan injected some much needed urgency into the scoring ,what an innings that was,could have ended different if it wasnt for some sloppy fielding right infront of where we were seated,but thereafter,faultless,I lost count of the 6s,was it 33? Shame that Bairstow and Root didnt make 3 figures and a superb cameo by Mo right at the death,9 balls and 30 odd runs,AFG were sloppy in the field. They came back well with the bat,I was pretty impressed gave it real go but always well behind the rate from the off. Great days entertainment,slight concern over Root who seemed to struggle with a back problem,Vince will never replace Hales,hes way off,if Roy is struggling,we need Alex Hales if were serious about winning this. Thought we bowled well within our capabilities.
  2. McCabe has nade no secret of a desire to sell and now there in th e prem thatshould become a reality. The only blot on the landscape I can forsee is the unknown quantity of new ownership.
  3. Its only the owls fans that would like to see him depart,Id say hes in it long haul,yes hes frustrated by the background wrangles but I can see Wilder staying at the club he loves for quite some time,why wouldnt he? His managerial records impeccable,even if they go down,hel have a budget that will top the rest and be the envy of all but 2 other clubs,futures bright if your a utdite goodtimes ahead. Footballs a rollercoaster,you have to enjoy the ups
  4. How did you guess 😂 Take a look into the laundry contract for the US armed forces in Iraq,ok it was a warzone,but the figures are staggering. A guy on my FB used to post regular updates from the warzone,he opened up the can on many things that were going on,last vid he posted was him getting on the plane after his tour was done,looking foreward to going home and being with his family and playing with his kids again. The guy never made it home,he died in car accident despite the fact hed booked train tickets for his journey & his wife and kids were waiting at the station to meet him. Yeah love conspiracy
  5. Lets face it,you wouldnt want ANY of them in charge of the country,their a bunch of private school bafoons that are about as seperated from reality as you could possibly get. I used to watch that oaf Boris on HIGNFY,and he was a laughing stock on every appearance,run a country,he couldnt run a bath!
  6. Truth and reason gets in the way of facts when it comes to selling multi million dollar weapons of mass destruction,whats a few hundred thousand dead people,ruined lives,it doesnt get the Rothschild family to its next trillion,theyve funded every war since waterloo and quite possibly some before,take a look at some of the contracts signed during the Iraq war (2nd time around) they were staggering figures,but how do you fund daily lives of 250M people? Certainly not through everyday taxation,the food bill alone will swallow tax up,unless you **** about with food production,which is a frightening thought in itself with endless implications like growing rates of autism and other brain disorders..........and where would the run off gow?Obviously the water uesd will end up somewhere,the ocean maybe?But dont we all cosume what goes up into the atmosphere? Frightening thought when you consider autism &ADHD are rising worldwide at alarming rates
  7. Does it matter who wins,the winner will only be a puppet for the financial institutions that set the real agendas,the PM just has to agree a framework with them to work within,which they then filter down to the heads of various gov departments. Weve spent an eternity in austerity under the tories and ran up larger debts,and we lock up people for growing 10Ks worth of cannabis,but our politicians rob us of billions every year,take heed of some of their tax returns...............
  8. Yeah your spot on there,re scedule lost games for the following day,or as you say plan in reserve days,english summers are always unpredictable......... Only caught the backend and brief highlites of the much awaited Ind v Pak match,an amazing 400.000 requests for tickets for this game,India once more looked a class above their opponents in ALL departments,Pakistan did threaten briefly to make a game of it but once Fakhar and Babar went they crumbled,Rohit once more showed stunning batting skills. Ive tickets for old trafford on tuesday as day off work,just hoping manchesters weather is kind to us,not expecting to see Roy bat,possibly even no Morgan,both could be rested to give them a chance to get fit again. Must say Ive enjoyed all the games Ive seen so far
  9. The japanese reported flying objects hitiing the ship,not mines. Trumps had Iran in his sights and will use the slightest excuse to stoke the fire,I just hope we arent drawn into this as looks likely,another case of the US fabricating evidence and us supporting them,we clearly havent learned from the past. Russia clearly back Iran in the ME,it could get messy,Putins clearly the better statesman and has the entire country behind him,unlike Fart who just tweets when hes clearly had a few sherberts
  10. Suprised how easy we won today,Root was OOTW,sublime anchor innings,aided by a good toss to win,and some excellent bowling from Wood,and backed up by Woakes and Archer,with some equally stunning bowling by Root the spin king. Watching India the other day and they look a class above the rest,hammered the aussies,best side Ive seen so far. If only we had Alex Hales in the side,what a big miss hes gunna be,such a shame for this WC that couldnt have been sorted out,we miss him bigstyle. Shame about the weather,lovely english summer
  11. Wednesday strongly linked with southampton striker,Charlie Austin whose been released,29 yo and had his injury problems,surplus at st marys
  12. China bought access to fishing rites in african seas via some dubious method,and factory fished their seas,not permitted in african countries,and now their fishermen are complaining of low to no catches from fishing trips. They also claim to have invented a device to remove carbon from the atmosphere,and to mine minerals found on the moon. While we are fracking for shale gas and polluting our own water supply
  13. Could imagine the panic if all the idiots on the planet were in recipt of the facts
  14. Well said,the top six is predictable as is the middle10,every year the same procession,not unlike the grand prix,its barely sport anymore. its a pointless watch
  15. Pakistan had lost their last 12 ODIs so Id expected us to win this one,there was word that Morgan may be suspended again for slow over rates? Id have liked to have seen maybe Curran and Plunkett in for an out of touch Moeen and Wood,both offer you a touch more with both bat & ball than those two.
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