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  1. Re the ground its in the hands of one of his companies for now, hes maxed out loans against the ground word is he cant loan any more and he will have to inject cash, a note in the last set of accounts from the auditor said they didnt have confidence in DCs ability to do this.
  2. A consortium involving the Easdale brothers plus a swiss investor plus one other are in negotiation to take over the club from DC, deal could be done in two months time once ratified by the EFL and all checks completed, the deal is pretty close to being agreed by all parties. The brothers were photographed at hillsborough in the directors area at the recent Plymouth home game when DC was present. The same consortium made an attempt to purchase Derby County but withdrew prior to due dilligance
  3. Well if there100,000 as is claimed theyl take some replacing and where would that leave the NHS staff wise, just when its under severe strain. Loads of NHS staff throwing their uniforms at the gates to downing street and ITV have dared to air some of the footage tonight which is a change from the norm.
  4. Saw a nurse with a placard at the NHS rally in london this afternoon reading; The Unvaxed are having to cover shifts for the FULLY Vaxed
  5. Didnt take their chances 1st half, stonewall pen turned down could have gone in 4 up! Once Oxford changed shape the game became more even Defended like mice 2d half we have a small back 3 and they routinely lose headers, god knows why Brown came on, missed a guilt edged chance and lost his man for their winner absolute joke of a footballer. So weve finished up snatching defeat from the jaws of a win, to say we were supposed to be going for auto promotion, we now sit 14 points off 2nd place.
  6. So how will the jabbed and unjabbed get blood transfusions when needed, will blood be channeled into to seperate groups, would a jabbed want a life saving infusion from an unjabbed person? are unjabbed allowed to give blood?
  7. att chansiri has started following tyreece john jules an arsenal forward recently loaned to blackpool where he ripped up zero trees but may fair better at a lower skill level, same goes for storey, not an outstanding performer for PNE, but should find this level his bag just like Palmer has
  8. Well Ive been told by utd fans that actually went that they chanted summat else this time, about a sex offender and it got under his skin, NOWT about his child.
  9. That incident was in the match four months ago and everyone me included called it out as wrong, not heard any mention of that carrying on in saturdays game.
  10. I dont think were too far off, but to achieve our aim we need to recruit strongly in this window, LB and at least one CB are going to be critical going forward, we cant keep using Johnson at CB if we are serious about making a play off push.DM obviously doesnt rate young Galvin enough to give him a go
  11. The party of Bullcrap and liars, cant even organise a garden party, and still borrowing more than labour ever did. Hopefully consigned to the bin at the next GE and never heard from again, this lot have to be the worst ever right up there with Thatchers out of touch pocket liners.
  12. And unfortunately, its those false dawns that bring you backdown to earth. Had we duffed up a fully fit strong Plymouth, Id have been very impressed, as wed never managed that in the 3 previous games, fact is wed never scored a goal or looked like scoring one. As I said lets hope Oxford have covid issues as well, wont work every week though will it
  13. Cant work out which one to get, heart and breathing difficulties or the russian roulette blood clots and headaches, but then theyre all like roulette as there experimental, thats why they constantly collect data so they can tweak the effects.If they were confident in their effectivity thered be no need for them to be protected from future prosecution. And its your blind faith the rest of us despair at! Come on lets be rite here, your never going to see the protests on mainstream media, youve got to look harder, where theres no .GOV control, do you really expect the .GOV run beeb to show you the anti gov feeling, theyd never get those faulty jabs in your body . Come back and tell me Im wrong in a few years time when the non gov analysts have all the data, if your still alive then! And Il gladly apologies, if Im still alive obviously, and not struck dead by the common cold. New version of bird flu kills 3 in China, new covid? New vaccine you heard it here 1st
  14. Never said my twitter lol, I said id seen it on twitter. Surely the thing you need to be asking yaself is, If their frontline AND in ICU and theyve no faith in the vaccine, what science and data do they have, that a government minister cant trump.............After all the deal with this stuff everyday and send the results to the data gatherers!
  15. I wasnt watching from my account I watched another persons phone, im not even on twitter, but the express say 100k are risking their jobs, so must be un vaxed
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