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  1. Had 5Live on in car and they were lavishing praise on utd and wilder and rightly so,the arsenal fans were ruthless LOL tore into their manager. They drew the comparisons in players and their backgrounds,stark contrast or what. Fair play they keep turning out good results and the crowd are loving it,rightly so!
  2. Neither of the young keepers we have are of sufficient quality to push westwood for his spot,this has been an achilies for long enough. The fact their still regarded as promising and neither have managed to shift him from topspot shows weve never addressed the issue.
  3. Failed to convert the other chances that came their way and after a decent first half we faded in the 2nd,the ref was a proper homer,weve had him before,every 50/50 went to the home side,the kid who took the free kick,tomlin? has put his arm in Boerners face and never got a card,another ref may shown him the red. The antics at the free kick were strange but Dawson was poorly positioned and gave him the the whole left side of his goal to aim at and he couldnt get to it,had he put himself in the centre of the goal he could have saved it and weve dropped 2 points
  4. I know his daughter Leda,VERY well,she lived a few doors up from me in sunbury back in the day,met Ginger numerous times,fearsome bloke with a hell of a temper and HUGE heroin addiction,Leda was his favorite kid,he adored her and she him,they had a true bond. Last time I saw him was 2016 and he looked really ill lost tuns of weight and his voice was shallow,sad to see
  5. What a dismal game that was,wigan showed zero ambition,tried to hit us on the counter,and just got bodies behind the ball,untill they went behind,kind of game we used to lose or draw not long ago,so Il take the scruffy win. We got yet another weak official,Lee Mason? absolute tool all game,with some really poor decisions,the worst being an obvious handball at a throw in,which he evened up by giving us a throw when it was quite blatently wigans throw in,he books Odubajo,for a foul and Windass right under his nose pushes him to the floor and gets nowt? Not a fan of the 4141 set up,we need two strikers at home,be good to have FF available for our next game,Cardiff,this win keeps us in the mix but weve yet to look convincing,the first 45 at Boro apart
  6. Stoke manager sounded very defeatest after their latest loss,trip to inform swansea tomorrow,how long will the board stick by their man,reckon Stoke will have to bottom out,maybe in a lower division before they can move foreward,big overhaul and re build
  7. Great shame,really warm hearted lass and true Owl. Sad news RIP and respects to her family
  8. Once we got past halfway line,we didnt seem to have options,stray passes allover and no set peices to profit off.Looked fine defensively just switched off the once after a sub,and bingo sub scores very poor. Had enough chances,have to say that Harris has gone right off the boil and Murphy when he came on offered WAY more going foreward and the game really swung owards the owls,but too little to late,in truth the forewards arent good enough,no movement,no invention, no idea how to finish,it was game over once eves scored and i think we all knew it
  9. We played a lot of hoof,got it foreward quicker,but used the channels so it was a mix,it was mostly from crosses and set peices in and around their box,we went more direct to answer your question
  10. Brilliant first 45,we had Boro on the wrack at times,they seemed to really struggle with balls into their box and in all honesty we could have gone in with one or two more on the board,Bannan & Reach were hard to contain,and with the two big fellas pulling their defenders apart we suddenly had bodies in the box for once,big slice of fortune for the 1st goal,and a terrific equaliser,but thereafter we took the game to boro and they really fell apart. Boro got to grips with us far better after HT and pushed further up the park and begun to make a game of it,had asombalonga not been so wastefull in front of goal it could have been a very different story. Happy to see GM change the formation,worked a treat. Still a work in progress as a side but its encourageing after poor performances against qpr and fulham.
  11. But they didnt did they as 2 shots at goal tells its own story,they parked the bus and left it there for 89 minutes ,which wont work every week
  12. The manager has to see players in match action,hes only seen most of this squad in training & hel still be assessing what it can do. Had he played Bannan and Harris from the start and one or both picked up long term injuries hed have got slaughtered,Winnall needs game time hes the only striker at the club that can get 15 goals plus in a season. The result was poor but weve missed 3 guilt edged chances,but then so did they............
  13. To beat the better sides wel need to find a proven goalpoacher,Fletcher as the only out and out striker isnt going to get the goals we need,the MF arent busting a gut to support him,hes too isolated,and our MF arent big goalthreats anyhow. I think Bruce would have gone to a 352 & loaned in a striker,weve gone with 4321 Reach looks lost and ineffective in trying to support Fletch,as it is we look mid table.
  14. We got worked over today,they played the ref,left there foot in,and turned into a nasty game the last 20 minutes,to be fair they were FAR better then us,but we let them have the ball,which worked ok,but wasnt fun to watch untill 3 minuets from HT when westwood flapped at a peach of a cross and made a right mess of it. 2nd half was more of the same untill winnall came on,game turned more ugly one arter came on,the ref whod lost control quite early was completely out of his depth,we got the late equaliser but if it had gone on another 10 minutes,we might well have got all 3 points bizarely enough
  15. Youve got to hand it to Wilder,hes gone their with a plan and its worked a treat,they bottled everton up and they had no answers,it wasnt subtle,but it was effective and thats all the matters in a results based game,you snuff out the threat and make them do what you want them to do
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