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  1. Shame it looks like its not going ahead. It would have been the best thing to happen to english football since winning the world cup,the self annointed big 6,who arent even in the top 6 of english football and dont look like changing that, and have brought us the premier league and greed,higher prices for everything from shirts to ticket prices to transfer fees and wages at every level of english football. They force through policy and have way too much influence over league decisions and have turned english football into an F1 like procession rather than the competitive struggle it was always meant to be, football shouldnt be about financial muscle and altering every rule to make sure your the best and allow you to steal from the poor for a pittance,when the lesser clubs put all the effort and time into development of players. I really hope they go through with their plan and leave english football to put right their wrongs,theyve ruined the game in every shape and form for the rest of the countrys clubs,hopefully the TV watchers will vote the same way and after the novelty wears off they end up playing at Ferrybridge United infront of 200 people on a cold saturday in january.
  2. Cheer up bud at least we havent spaffed 60M on strikers to have Own Goal above them in our scoring charts or 20 odd M on a keeper thats on 43K a week and no better than Wildsmith,and was ours in the first place but sold him for 180K,we might be crap but crappers just down the road in the S2 postcode pal! WAWAW
  3. A few rumours doing the rounds this week that DC is once again looking to sell and a bust up between Hutchinson and young Shaw that got a bit physical.
  4. We are left with the remnants of what went before,players not on other players wavelengths,lack of movement,lack of quality and a lack of ambition,players winding down their contracts before moving on to better clubs with more ambition and way better players.The legacy of what was the 2016/17 season and the failure to recruit players to a plan,more than just a manager. It was all predictable,but they went ahead anyway,and the cost will be certain relegation, most likely in bottom position. Its been coming for a few years,it could have been changed,but the opportunities werent taken. Worse will follow,Wednesday will fall a long way under Chansiri and his advisor,Moore will leave or be sacked, tough days ahead very tough.
  5. Wednesday struggled with QPRs pace and movement,at times youd thought they had an extra man their movement going forward was that good,but at 1-1 Windass spurned a good chance. A cruel deflection saw Wednesday fall behind,and then a very debateable decision for handball and a certain sending off was missed by the officials,Wednesday were then floored when Tom Lees for the 2nd time in the game lost Dykes in the box and it was game over,Rhodes couldnt get over the ball enough to reduce the arrears. Wednesday struggled defensively all game,but Lees wont be happy with his contribution yesterday,although its Wildsmith carrying the blame,he was left very exposed.
  6. Afgter seeing a few clips via on line links,I watched Panfilovs 28 men,a soviet propaganda film that told the tail of the eastern front and the halting of the nazi war machine outside moscow. Brilliant watch despite the subtitles.
  7. EFL isnt fit for purpose,somewhere along the line the EFL needs to sort out the championship and stop the EPL dictating the script. Coming down with 60M in failure payments isnt an even playing field,its either one rule for all or a free for all, the EFL needs to get its house in order before it dictates policy when it sees fit.
  8. The best luck Wednesday could hope for is Chansiri to leave and undo his mistakes,hes running the club into the ground. Weve had plenty of good luck this season,-12 changed to -6, wins at home to Derby and Middlesborough where we got battered and outplayed. Anyone who thinks Wednesday are good enough to get out of league one next season as it stands,is gunna get a serious wake up call,they will have to battle like hell just to stay in that division,they currently have an average goal tally of 38 goals for their strongest starting line up, weve scored 28 goals with 8 games to go. Its not science, its reality and bad recruitment,and a huge debt with no ground for the next 30 years. When will Wednesdays fans wake up to the reality........ in league 2?
  9. Had 0-0 draw allover this game,apart from a failure on Wednesdays part, to cut out the one telling cross Watford conjured up in the entire game,other than that both sides had three decent chances to score and both fluffed them, Watford had the movement and looked good in possession, but Wednesday snuffed out the threat and countered well, but lacked that quality cross or incisive ball around their box,where as Watford did pose that threat but we cut it out at source,apart from that one moment.
  10. Our U23 side have been really poor this term,U18s have picked up of late after a likewise poor start,hopefully our youngest guns can salvage a bit of pride in the up coming derby
  11. He was definately a West Ham target,but they valued him a fair bit lower though and pulled out,other than that Villa had kept tabs on him but never made an offer
  12. Cant see Wednesday escaping despite the Barnsley result they have some really tough games coming up, the huge error in judgement when Pullis was appointed, has cost them 9 games, so the 11 game start they gave the rest of bottom end sides was always going to be a tough ask for a squad thats lacking in just about every department.
  13. Not seen a great deal of this kid, but what I have seen is a lad thats struggling to find his feet in english football.
  14. I think weve all wished for Penney too crack on and fulfill that potential, its just defensively hes weak,doesnt show that awareness to spot where danger is,and when he does hes slow to react,not strong enough in the tackle either. I watched Connor Grant for Rochdale at Lincoln the other night,he had a VERY strong game,hes coming on by the game in mans football,he had way more potential than Shaw.I reckon were going to regret letting him go big style hed have got into our squad next season.
  15. Top drawer from Wednesday controlled the game from the off and worked VERY hard,closed down allover the park and reacted quickly to snuff out danger,jigged the formation and put Patterson into MF and to be fair he had a very strong game. Barnsley are no mugs,a very decent side home or away,but they barely laid a glove on us,and were forced to go long by an inspired Wednesday who closed down all the outlets,with the 3 CBs gobbling up all the long balls. Superb finishing from Rhodes whose in a hot streak just now, aided by the equally lively Windass, shame it looks too late to save their season, largely ruined by the disasterous spell under TP. Ive always stuck up for Reach,but he just hasnt found his niche under any of the styles weve played this season,hes not a tackler,he puts in some delicious crosses, but hes likewise ineffective centrally,looks like hes off to join Lundstram and Shaw in Glasgow next season, Id give young Galvin a go in all honesty at LWB unless Odubajo is close to a return, hed be usefull in the form he was in right now.
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