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  1. staninoodle

    millwall v sheffield wednesday

    Poor game and poor performance,glad he hauled Pele off at HT and put bannan in the centre we looked far better,solid defensively now after looking so jittery and uncertain under JL,Hector was the best player on the pitch,wel miss him bigtime next season. Weve nothing going foreward
  2. staninoodle

    RIP Danny Williams

    RIP Danny Recall his time here well.He had a tough brief,to make quite a wedge of cash on transfers and yet build a competative side at the same time,utilising a youth squad that was way short on quality and using the spare cash to scour the lower leagues for bargain buys. The board were way to greedy and the targets were set way to high to expect survival,which they almost pulled off,going to the final game of the season. Players left that season were Peter Wicks, Archie Irvine, Don Megson and Fantham free/nominal,McCalliog 70K,Ritchie 25K Mobley 45K & Eustace 90K,with Ford leaving in exchange for Jackie Sinclair,Wilf Smith was supposed to join chelsea but turned down a 100K move.We sold our assets off WAY too cheaply and Williams paid the price long term In came Tony Coleman 25K and Steve Downes 38K. Peter Grummitt15K & Willie Lawson 3K Very likeable honest bloke Danny. Without doubt his greatest day as a manager came in defeating Arsenal at wembley in the league cup final as a third division side with Swidon Town the season before he took over at hillsborough
  3. staninoodle

    Ipswich v Owls

    It was a game that could have gone either way,both sides were short on quality,and both missed very good chances. For Wednesday to make the play offs from here would take a massive fall off in form from the sides currently around the top 6 and we would have to hit top form from now untill the end of the season to take advantage of any slip ups,top 10 will be an achievement given the amount of points JLs strange choices cost us
  4. staninoodle

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    Hes in Barbados to fullfill a promise he made to his late farther
  5. staninoodle

    Gary madine sufc bound?

    While Madine was serving his ban,he used drink up stocksbridge with Harry Maguire,both went in silver fox EVERY weekend,ventured into red grouse a few times to play snooker,proper comedy act as well,they were quite popular up here around that time,neither were brave enough to go in Friendship though LOL
  6. staninoodle

    Sheffield wednesday to sign 3 players

    Not sure,Westys obviously off,I think Darlows on a free or nominal and hes got good experience,and hes around 10K cheaper than westy is,wednesday have had darlow as a target before the season kicked off but the magz wanted a hefty fee but his contracts run down now
  7. staninoodle

    Owls v brum

    A game weve dominated but just not finished off,the 2 massive goal mouth scrambles in their box that should have brought us a goal,2 weeks running weve had our pocket picked. The upturn is unreal since JL left the club,all of a sudden weve got purpose and menace about our play,and the experienced lads have had a massive impact,shame bullen didnt get the job earlier we may have been in the hunt for a P/O spot. We came out lazy after the break and got caught early,for that 15 minute period we looked off the pace,that apart weve played them off the park and deserved all three points,hope Joaos back soon.,,,
  8. staninoodle

    Sheffield wednesday to sign 3 players

    Any players in would be loans or frees,and I cant see us offering the kind of wages we have in the past. Its been speculated that the players are are Brewster at liverpool on loan,a swedish CB thats out of contract with AIK and newcastles keeper Darlow on loan with view to a long term deal. I dont envisage any major moves out,Van Acken may well be allowed to leave if Hector signals a willingness to commit long term,but Wednesday would want to recoup their outlay in full,and any of the expiring contracts can find clubs,championship clubs are hoping to take Boyd,possibly PNE or Wigan,Could be a suprise move for......Nuihu from Ipswich town who im told have watched him over recent games.
  9. staninoodle

    Sheffield wednesday v preston

    Poor game,but we deserved the points,shame Joaos effort hit the post. Thought Wednesday looked very tentative,understandable after the poor run. Great to see the more experienced lads back in the fold,preston played on the counter and were solid in defence,we had trouble breaking them down,they broke quickly on the counter but we coped well and Westwood had an easy afternoon in goal,looking foreward to Kieran Lees return next month along with Winnall should beef us up a touch.Hector had an outstanding game today and gets better with game time,thought Onomah played well and Mathias worked his socks off allover the park,the much maligned Fox equally put a good shift in. Two VERY tough tests ahead,if we get owt il be happy. Just good to see commonsense restored to the playing side today.The season starts now for us
  10. staninoodle

    Drone at gatwick strands 350,000 people.

    Well we better not blast em out of the sky,otherwise Putin says hel launch nukes,he reckons were installing ballastic missiles with conventional warheads,but his software cant dtect the difference,so hel launch nukes as a 1st defence,worrying times cheers trump
  11. staninoodle

    So who now after jos?

    And the finances......its a REALLY tough job for whoever comes in,no leveridge to bring players in,and a defence thats leaking goals. Id love to see Pearson get it personally,hed push the club onto where wed like to see it,but as everyone knows hes said hed never take it,BUT........ hes never been asked...............
  12. staninoodle

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    Well its not is it, Loovens,Wallace & Hunt are gone,Pudil cant play LB anymore,Westwoods out by design,FF hasnt recovered from injury,Lee hasnt played for almost two seasons,Hutchinson is sidelined,as almost always the case anyhow,thats 8 so its nowt like the same squad is it
  13. staninoodle

    Swansea v sheffield wednesday

    JL was always going to struggle given the criteria,hes had 350K to spend,he inherited a mess,as will the next poor sod,its not a job for the feint hearted,not many will want to put their reputations on the line to work under the current circumstances. And I wouldnt expect next season to be much better,moneys been spent but nothings come in to balance the books,weve spurned decent offers for players which DC wouldnt sell. Theres no quick fix
  14. staninoodle

    Something Not Right At Swfc

    Training under JL is far tougher as is discipline & its not gone down well with certain players. Under CC it was a FAR more relaxed approach,which all came to a massive head with the incident between Winnall & FF. I wouldnt rule out CC comming back,DC holds him in VERY high regard
  15. staninoodle

    Something Not Right At Swfc

    Doyen sports have little influence at swfc as some make out,they snap up young talent mostly,thats their thing,Im good friends with simon stainrod,a sports agent in his own right,now living the dream in france & clubs know what their all about,apart from 2 owls now flown they had little hold at S6 and were NEVER involved in ANY transfer deals at S6,apart from 2 kids now not playing for SWFC. Player agents are quite easily available from the online register,NONE are registered with doyen or their agents at SWFC

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