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  1. I think they are delayed due to the ongoing saga,once its sorted then they will be published. Theres a lot of confusion around wether the accounts get re set after the case is settled.My understanding was they dont and its just a rolling three years,but it needs clarity on that point from the EFL. A uefa directive is to relax FFP due to covid,and again the EFL need to clarify and make a statement.
  2. Worse could follow,Wednesday could get a further points deduction if the next set of accounts show a loss above 20.8M,considering their last loss was 35.4M,youd say its nailed on that worse is to follow
  3. Wouldnt have thought thats possible as both sides have a right to appeal,so the likely scenario is any punishment will be administered next season,youd class july as close season,if no extrodinary measures have been ratified by the EFL clubs,then thats still the case and last season,late as it was,is now closed as the play offs are now being played,so all league positions have been signed off by the EFL.
  4. I dont know what happened at SWFC at X mas,but they dropped like a stone thereafter,clearly something was done or said that had an effect on the playing staff,becuase after boxing day,the fight just went out of the side,Wednesday have just fell apart since
  5. Started brightly but soon went downhill,so many individual errors,our game is littered with them. Bright spots were Murphy and Nuhiu,both worked hard,Pelupessy also thought he played pretty well,the rest,very poor,yet again!
  6. Dire watch that,Hudders came for a point,got back in numbers when we came forward,they had a huge height advantage and won all the defensive headers,we sat too deep,couldnt play the little through balls as a result,unlike saturday,Hudders wanted something from the game,plus our poor home form,wed have been better off starting with Nuhiu tonight and possibly Rhodes........
  7. Stroll in the park today,a complete contrast to our last 3 performances,we should have gone in 5 up by HT we created some guilt edged chances for Windass twice,Lees and Da cruz. Rangers had the lions share of posession but struggled to create any real problems for us,2nd half we sat a little deeper,and the game became much more even,but we still created the better chance,Nuhiu having one chalked off was a shame. Rangers lacked any real intent or penetration,and only rarely tested the owls defence,untill the Owls visibly tired around the 70 minute mark,but they failed to capitalise and we actually kept a clean sheet for once!
  8. Sad news,very popular guy,a name recognised world wide that stems from a reputation built on hard work and a professional attitude. Met him a few times while he was Wednesday manager in both a professional and social setting,he could certainly talk,his observations and opinions were always constructive and forthright. RIP Jack
  9. Birmingham managerless after Clotet leaves before his pre arranged date at the end of the season,wry smile from Monk no doubt
  10. Again its defensive errors,its been a theme since we threw away the game at Blackburn in the last 10 minutes and ever since then teams have followed what Mowbray did. We looked comfortable leading 1-0 and relitvely untested at the back,cue two subs by PNE and their boss telling them to lump it foreward into our box and YET AGAIN theyve crumbled,and with no chance of getting 3 decent all out CBs in,were stuck with what we have and we will get more of the same as they just arent very good at all.The kid they had on loan from Germany must have been absolutely garbage if he couldnt displace any of our current CBs,Il admonish Palmer as hes a RB,but the others are useless,Iorfa needs putting back to RB,hes just no positional awareness at all and just chases down everything,leaving a huge gap behind him
  11. Same old story really,1st half,despite being the more industrious side they havent worked the keeper once,created just two half chances,Murphys struggled to get in a cross and almost every pass over 5 yards got intercepted. Lee goes off,whose looked our best player since the restart,young Hunt comes on,who in all fairness,doesnt tackle well at all,like Penney,Reach was inefectual,usually the best crosser at the club,but likewise hes not the best tackler and weve gone to sleep defensively twice,Iorfas come out of the box,Borner doesnt fill the hole,Iorfa loses a tackle the cross comes in Luongo is where Borner should have been and hes late reacting,1-0,15 mins later a cross comes in from the opposite side and Borner leaves Reach to deal with it,hes late reacting as its Borners job to defend it,as a result hes wrong side of the attacker,its shoulder to shoulder,but he uses his srength to win a ball he was 2nd fav for,and the lad goes down and buys a pen,and its game over. Weve been poor defensively all season,we always look prone to either a mistake or lapses or just not commanding our own penalty box,Borners not good enough,Iorfas a RWB that prefers playing CB,and Palmers a good lad but lets face it hes no CB and hes bang average,but can raise his game when his confidence is high,the keepers keep getting the flack,but its whats in front ot them thats the problem,but I would like to see us recruit a good keeper. Upfront,I thought we missed Harris today,hes done well,and hes a player I dont rate one bit,but hes been bang on it since the restart,but can understand the decision to give the kid a rest,I dont rate Da cruz one bit,he flatters to decieve,and sorry to say,Nuhiu should start every game the blokes a REAL handfull,and far better then our fans give him credit for.
  12. Think were far better away from home,we always look a better side on our travels,top scorers now in away games in the division,just need the right blend for our home games and everyone will jump onboard,tricky trip Swans are a strong home side,with no little skill,pass and move at pace and score goals rite across the squad,tough ask to get a result down there,tougher with so many having left the club,hopefully wel have a few defenders fit,need a lift after the wba defeat.
  13. I only saw the 2nd half so missed the VAR decision,but utd were by far the better side,seemed to have more time on the ball and passed it more clinically which gave the player on the ball options,where as spurs seemed to dither, overpassed it and played rite into utds hands,in one play spurs got to utds box there was a simple ball that put the player in,but he squared it? and it ended up out wide so they were back to where theyd started just on the other flank LOL. Good nite for the red n white half tonite,looked a lot more assured,and puts em in good stead for the next game,play same way fellas and you wont go far wrong
  14. Theres actually talk of them keeping the drinks break during the new season,come december maybe it will be cuppa soup or bovril!
  15. Yet another home fail for Wednesday,one of the poorest seasons at home since Gray was in charge,but at least he nicked 1-0 wins. We were the better side for the first half,despite losing both Borner & Lees, Odobajo stepped in and looked good,as usual we failed to cash in on the superiority and went in a goal down due to Odobajo shirt pulling in his own area which was correctly punished,although Reach had gifted them a free kick just outside the area for a likewise stupid foul. We took off Rhodes and played Da Cruz,another wideman at half time,but we fell further behind when a cross eluded Odobajo and was deflected in off a post,despite a great effort from Harris striking the post and comming out,West Brom made the most of an inexperience backline containing just one out and out CB and scored a flattering 3rd,all in all I thought wed merited a point on the night,bit of luck could have been all 3,but with a makeshift backline against a side with proven quality across the park and on the bench it was always a tall order if you didnt get off to a flyer and put them on the backfoot,Bannan and Luongo had little influence as we went mostly down the sides,wickham continues to improve,but its a huge worry to have 3 CBs and not one of them a recognised CB,or two that have rarely if ever played CB before. Its a worry that we have big holes in the squad with quality players having left now,no doubt others will follow,both wingbacks being attackers is a huge flaw defensively,although credit to both lads,theyve worked their nads off defensively in the games,but arent natural defenders so dont do that job instincitvely
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