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  1. The bouncing never stops pal, win or lose, we bounce. Still WAWAW 😆
  2. If they close us down from the front then this could be a hefty loss, and with a growing section of the fans beginning to lose patience DM could face a backlash at Wigan, two tasty home games to follow as well, Oxford and Bolton, both will come to S6 and attack us. A very testing few weeks for DM and for chansiri.
  3. Dull game, from two poor sides, Wednesday rode their luck a couple of times when ipswich carved out chances, but neither had the quality in front of goal,for their part wednesday rarely threatened their keeper, but lead through a smart piece of thinking from Adnerian, their one decent aquisition in the summer. Ipswich came into it more 2nd half but like us, lacked quality.Both sides struggled playing out from the back most of the game and got into a tangle a few times, but escaped punishment, and for a 3rd time in 4 weeks BPF tossed the points away by not being aware their was a player behind him. You can make excuses about new players and time to gel and all the other soundbites, but you cant paperover the fact that we dont create enough chances in the oppostions goalmouth, and thats happened from the first game.
  4. Maybe the style of football and his role suits him better with you, hes deffo got time on his side so room to improve.
  5. Hes a lot like Norwood, absolutely brilliant in this division, but out of his depth in the prem, its a huge step to compete against seasoned international players every week, everyone around you plays and thinks that much quicker, if your not switched on at any point,youve already lost the ball.
  6. Ive never hidden the fact that I dont think DM has what it takes to be a success, tactically hes very poor, slow to react, players out of position,he just doesnt seem to have the answers to problems that arise during a game.The team just look to plod on in the same style, and you can see the better players getting frustrated by his tactics. Ive already said I dont expect him to be here at Xmas, but a couple of wins on the spin and the picture would change and prolong the inevitable. The hierarchy at S6 that hire and fire just make poor decisions, I dont know what formula they use or if they even have one, but it wants tearing up, I get that we didnt have loads of cash to sign good quality players, but we have paid fees for a lot of the players weve already brought in, i just feel that we could have got better players for less money, had we looked in the right places and worked harder on recruiting them, same goes for the manager, he was an unambitious choice.
  7. Yep your spot on, I put on the 1st page of the Shrews thread that based on individual player stats it would be a pretty close game, as it happened Wednesday changed the starting XI around which gave them a slight edge, but the end product, goals, killer passes, killer crosses remained about the same, and the result was a draw, more or less what Id said in my post, a close game. Individuals stats dont lie, its a reflection of how they perform, obviously its more accurate after say 10/12 games and you can more or less forecast where a side will finish, unless, tactics change or you bring in new additions, that can alter the performance slightly. Id checked the long term stats of the players wed signed before the season started so Id a fair idea wed brought quite a few duds in, hence why Ive been mostly negative in my comments, even when weve won, because I could see the bigger picture, we won games but werent convincing, they were games we could easily have lost or drawn . Jack Hunt is currently the weakest player stats wise, Byers is close behind, then Marvin Johnson whose stats are way better when hes LWB as opposed to inside left, Hutchinsons stats are good due mostly to his passing and tackles won and the odd good through ball, but the rest are below whats required. You then factor in DM as manager, whose not great tactically lets be fair, he plays the same way every week, see off that 15 minute storm and they fizzle out, but still try to play the same, its so easy to stop Wednesday its become embarrassing and its happened from the 1st game onwards.
  8. Promotions 0 Relegations 2.......it was paxo that wanted him in, the fans wanted paul cook as did erik alonso when he was here, DC didnt like his direct talk, and sided with AP. Paxo will also have had a major say in the recruitment of players as well
  9. First half hour apart, Shrews matched or bettered Wednesday in most departments, that shouldnt be happening at home to a side with one win from 7, once more we couldnt come up with answers. Heck of a lot of disgruntled fans tonight, DM needs to show he can get it right, the last 3 results have been very poor, the performances have been awfull.
  10. They had more attempts on goal then us, and more attempts on target than us we were supposed to be the home team
  11. Chairman puts it down to covid with shortage of funds, but DC have lived above their means for quite a period, not unlike SWFC, chased the challis of prem gold and overspent, poor leadership and forward planning, but sky dangle that huge carrot and owners get sucked in, with fans urging them to spend, but quick to turn when the reality comes home to roost. FFP and parachute payments once more in the spotlight, where does the EFL draw its line, who dictates the outcome of the championship, sky or the EFL.
  12. 🤣 Yep George Grahams boring boring 1-0 to the arsenal, god they could be awful to watch, methodical they used to call it. I used to hate games v Liverpool back in the 60s, they could be pretty methodical, like a football equivalent of chess, Leeds would press you back into your own penalty box, Man U would just try to score more goals than you, everton tried to outpass you and liverpool just bored you to submission!
  13. Was hugely popular in Italy, dull mind numbingly boring to watch
  14. A lot of my extended family are trees, CH really bombed, nothing much went right, avoided relegation last term, looks a tough ask this, no real inroads made in terms of improving whats already in the squad. Straight choice between Cooper and Wilder, CW looking a decent bet to land another tough cookie, but his defensive brand of safety first football not a winner with trees fans whod like the more attack minded Cooper and expansive type football, John Terrys name up there as well
  15. Player stats for this game are remarkably similar between the sides, the Owls just shade it, courtesy of Hutchinson and Iorfa, but the MF/F stats are too close to call, which suggests a fairly even game, The Shrews normally favour 3-4-3, wonder if theyl stick with 3 CBS against a lone forward? Think if I was them id be pulling one out as we dont really attack in droves LOL, and Id test out BPF with some firm crosses into his six yard box and pressure the keeper see how he reacts.
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