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  1. Mates a big Rams fan and theyre happy to just have a club right now, theyve no expectations, just hope they can stay in the division and anything aboves a bonus. every deal has to be approved by EFL
  2. India in total control, pivotal day coming up, 4 ball changes today which is nuts, balls do go back into shape from my experience, 15 overs lost as well, if Pant cuts loose we could be in for some entertainment, need him out really early, still plenty of batting in that line up though, JB apart weve struggled with the bat. I love watching Bumrahs run up, like horse of the year show at a major fence 😄 he walks, canters and in his last 6 steps breaks into a trott! and hits 88 mph?
  3. mendez lang has joined them as well, heard there after connor hourihane too, anyone whose free bit like us last season
  4. Devise a plan around the income you have and stick to it as a principle, Brentfords highest paid player is reputedly on 25-29K a week, they play an attractive brand of expansive football when attacking and have some really good quality players and a productive youth system, and play in a modern stadium and employ a recruitment system thats the envy of many clubs and has served them well via an equally prudent transfer policy of buy low sell high but have a list of players ready to replace the outgoing ones, which was something DC said he would implement when he outlined his vision for the club going forward.
  5. Well not great, lost a lot of play today but India was always going to be tough, balls still not 30 overs old and were 5 down without three figures scored, Pant and Jadeja steered India to a really good total, Bumrah has backed that up by getting our batsmen out cheaply, lets hope JB and Stokes can grasp the initiative tomorrow.
  6. I can remember seeing Byers a few times when he was in their youth side and he looked a real prospect, always had a goal in him, but it was his partner in the U23s Matt Grimes that really kicked on and Byers ended up out of the side after failing to really nail a spot. Heard were looking to shift Sylla Sow on and hes very keen to leave.
  7. Same as Byers its gamble and if he can re discover the form that made swansea buy him than wed have a very decent player.
  8. Absolutely bombed at Swansea, un impressive loan spell at cheltenham last season, kids really lost his way since his promising days at Wigan. As for Hirst jnr, can see leicester letting him go if he doesnt make the grade this time round,Rotherham very keen to have him back, and his destination will be the championship, 24 in Feb still hasnt made a significant impact
  9. A series win without any final day concerns, lost Pope early but JB brings a real buzz when he walks out this summer, and supported by a solid Joe Root, two Yorkies guiding England to a series victory at Headingly, perfect end really once the morning rain relented,only an hours play due to england scoring quick runs, not a full house by any means, but a better day than my last visit for the vitality blast game with the old enemy Lancs! Be interesting to see how we approach the one off match with India.
  10. Two more days of really entertaining test cricket up in Leeds setting up what should be a series clean sweep tomorrow, who have thought Jack Leach would take 10 wickets in a match and look so dangerous. Day off tomorrow so Ive booked a free ticket.
  11. Could be an interesting day sunday,great fightback from 55-6, ball that was swinging around, Boult virtually unplayable then the yet another fightback from the swashbuckling pair of JB and the debutant Overton. Big morning tomorrow in the game, can they press on with the ball now 50 overs old, but fresh bowlers....
  12. Reckon the servers can handle 30 or 40 posts bud. its an internet forum under sheffield football people swap opinions, sometimes they disagree, not the hardest concept to get your head around
  13. Great to see test cricket back in Yorkshire for the 3rd and final test with NZ, 5 gone with 225 on the board, Blundell and Mitchell once more proving a thorn, odd dismissal for Nichols when his straight drive hit Mitchells bat and looped upto Lees, cant say Ive ever seen that before, the dukes balls are proving a talking point, I cant recall seeing this many ball changes during a test series, virtually everyday theres a ball change with both sides unhappy, really odd
  14. Chansiri had good people around him originally in Adam Pearson ,Glynn Roeder and Stuart Gray, but they left very quickly, from whats been said, they didnt share DCs ambition and Doyen and in particular, Amadeu Paixauo whod been an advisor to Mandric took over the advisor role to DC. The following seasons transfer business was where things started to go wrong
  15. Well what a pulsating two days that was, after a woeful winter, England came back roaring in the final two days blowing away NZ this morning to set up a run chase of 299 @ 4 an over, after a wobble that saw them drop to 56-3 and 93-4 Johnny Bairstow took centre stage smashing 132 of 94 balls for the 2nd fastest all time English test century , Stokes hobbling along on one leg hit 75 of 70 balls infront of a full house @ Trent Bridge, England set it up with short pitched deliveries that just blew the NZ batters away, when NZ tried the same tac after tea, Bairstow and Stokes launched them into the stands to win with plenty of overs to spare. The first test match with 1000 runs scored in boundries, 226 4s & 24 6s, fantastic entertainment.
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