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  1. If the conservatives hadnt slashed funds to the bone in the first place,he could have enjoyed his 100th with a few strippers with all that dosh and gone out with a proper bang! A knighthoods stretching it,hes gone for a walk around a miniscule garden,hardly hyde park. Christ get real!
  2. That reads like a capitalist excuse not to print money. If moneys in short supply the only winner is a bank,because youl need to loan it,at interest. If banks cant lend money with rates applied,they just become money storage tanks and the financial system would start to implode,therefore its advantageous to keep money in short supply as an economy could easily overheat if everyone could afford everything and wanted it there and then. Its a bent system that enslaved populations for two milleniums,but the entire system has never looked more vulnerable than in recent months,when nations,particulary in europe,have become reliant on the lowest earners. Fascinating times as this virus may well be here to stay for many years ahead and wreak far more havoc,creating a far more level field financialy for those at the poor end,prior to the virus
  3. Theres 4 clubs,wednesday and Derby are two of them,that have taken the option to file later,reasons could vary,but its nowt to fret abhart,its their choice and theyre working to current guidlines
  4. All managers have a different recipe for success,I think it depends on their background as players,and what theyve learned and seen,and they transmit that into their philosiphy,so Wilder rarely if ever buys big names or egos,and Im sure that the fans enjoy that,reputations are earned not bought,where as at SWFC its seems to be all about buying reputation,and for me thats were it falls down,egos are fragile,when things go wrong,that type of player doesnt like the criticism that fans dish out,where as a player with the correct temperament knuckles down and works harder to eradicate mistakes.......Im not sure if its the chairman or the manager that buys these players,you cant tell me CC had ever heard of jordan rhodes for example,or morgan fox........one of the best footballing sides Ive seen at hillsborough in the last 20 years,was Sean O driscolls Donny Rovers,they played some really great stuff all on the floor,again no big names,but they played us off the park and made us look a joke,the only thing that hindered Donny getting into the prem was their lack of financial clout,they had no strike force,it was the finishing that let them down,I think they loaned in billy sharpe when he was at southampton,but couldnt afford to get him a decent partner,and Billy shouldered the responsibility for the goals,AND did a decent job,but the lack of a partner was what cost them. IMHO I dont think Monks the right choice,hes a decent record,but hes left a foul stench behind wherever hes been and hes yet to taste success despite spaffing wads of cash,unless the Owls chairman changes his thinking and his habits,and I really dont believe he will,then I dont see us getting up off the canvas to challenge the neighbours for a bloody long time!
  5. The rumour about Ashley comes from a newcastle fansite. Ashleys about as popular on tyneside as a coach load of sunderland fans,they couldnt wait to see the back of him,lost Benitez due to Ashleys tight reign on the clubs purse. I wouldnt welcome him taking over here.
  6. And as history has taught us,will be again,shave away 6 teams from english football and the rest is pretty much even,even Huddersfield were once a major force in english football,Leeds Utd had little if any achievements untill the 60s,fact is the honours will always go to London or the north west
  7. If you put your trust in a god,do you have faith in humanity.Humanity can lift itself above a god,where a god failed in such as Belsen and Aushwitz,humanity triumphed by liberating those that would have surely perished,and that wasnt an act of god,it was an act of humanity,where was god for all the believers of aushwitz,he didnt save their souls they were burned,many while alive,and those not burned alive,had thier organs taken away but where still awake,conscious.Where was their god,or that of the innocent burned alive as witches.........theres no god. This is a planet,of many planets that will support life in many forms throughout a VAST universe and beyond and in demensions human eyes cant see and never will,we are,as ants are,one of many wonders,across an undiscovered spectrum,we will never discover.
  8. NO! The world in which gods once played a part has long since moved on,they were just contolling influences to keep the masses in check like kings and queens.thankfully weve moved on from that crap and replaced it with crap politicians. We just need to realise were all one species and do away with borders and countries and maybe we can evolve into something more humane at last,once we accept we can share evrything we might grasp co habitation like the rest of the animal world!
  9. The Germans have really boxed it off,and will be up running well before any other European country,Well Done to Merkel,shes put her people first and bugger the cost,shes looked at the bigger picture
  10. All known contacts must isolate for 30 days in Germany,you list all contact from shop assistant to family in your last 30 days
  11. Its worked for Germany,mass tests,my cousin lives in dusseldorf,every person has had to have a test at their gps
  12. CHY NA read my lips its the CHY NA virus....yeah its fake news bud
  13. Not sure if this is already posted,but EVERY person in China is required to register their mobile phone with the government,and that phone number stays with that person untill they die,to change their phone and number they must go through a very complicated local govt. check. To date 5.6 million phones have been de registered since the outbreak of covid19 in wuhan,the phones are used to track and trace people under chinese state law. The stats come from chinese mobile phone companys and readily availble online and give rise to a HUGE cover up of the death toll in china. As many as 15 million people have stopped using their phones countrywide,giving grave concern about Chinas death toll
  14. Pretty sure Ive read that chelsea are to restrict all youth players to a 5K max wage,theyve overspent and its cost them theyve barely done any business for two years,my heart bleeds LOL
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