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  1. Yet another kick in the teeth,as others have said,VERY decent first half,but we got pushed back 2nd period,but stood firm and looked solid. The pen was a very harsh one,all hes done is stood his ground and hes chucked himself to the floor,make it about 10 points or so weve dropped from winning positions now,thats the difference between us and the sides that go up auto,they win those kind of games.
  2. Chansiri was out in his trawler netting tuna for his familys £8 billion rated company....who needs bin lahden when fish net ya that much 😂 Im in the wrong game,should have bought a trawler from hulls fleet and buggered off to thialand. 17 grand short,fish not biting DC? beggers belief,I think Brian Joicey got 350 quid a week,my old fella trebled that and then some selling cars around the same time! How times have changed,a minumum wage would soon put these over paid fairys in their place,might stay on their feet more if there was a goal bonus and less upfront!
  3. Brentford pushed rite up 1st half left big gaps in behind that we just failed to exploit,given harris pace,its should have been far easier,Odjubajo inexblicably let the smallest man on the park beat him at a corner and glance home a header.it beggered belief,hed grabbed him with both arms but he still got free,if it wasnt a goal it was a penalty anyhow,but it was never a corner in the first place as Nuhiu played it off a brentford player quite clearly! 2nd half it just all turned on its head and as we wasted 5 decent chances,it seemed a matter of time,as Reach was denied by a clear handball and Fletcher tucked home the spot kick,4 mins later Harris found space and crossed for Fletcher to seal the deal,but the Bees laid seige to our goal for the last 12 minutes,Wednesday clung on for once to take a well merited 3 points and move above their opponents. A good win against a very decent side,in all honesty we should have won this far more comfortably,but lacked the conviction ,which is a feature of the current side
  4. Cant see us offering FF a new deal,not on his current terms,a luxury we cant afford sadly,rumour has it hes off back to italy,hes been eyeing the move for a while
  5. Watfords Flores looks like hel be a goner by the morning if rumour is true,how longs he been there a matter of weeks?
  6. Son lives in France and he brings me a few chickens over when he comes back to the uk,tastes a world apart from uk supermarket chuck,full of flavour,like it used to be when I was a kid. I rarely eat uk chicken,even in the supermarket currys its got barely any flavour
  7. Back to winning ways for us today,not suprising really,Charlton were decimated by an Owls type injury crisis. Great to see FF start after being maligned by Bannan in the press during the week,we just need bazza to have a pop at Rhodes now and wel be flying! We controlled the play and looked the better side for the majority of the game,charlton got joy down the flanks but struggled to profit from that,should really have won by a much larger margin,but its good to get the points and we now face two tough games where wel need the same application,FF looks a doubt for the next game which will be a big miss,lets hope its nothing major. Nice to see monk use two forewards and get Fletcher some support,worked a treat and was long overdue
  8. Dunno who picked the bowling statergy,but bowling bouncers on flat track on day 3 of a test wasnt very savvy,nor was chucking the new ball to Curran. We only had to bat four sessions to draw,on a pitch NZ had just racked up 600 on,chasing low full tosses wide outside your off stump isnt very smart batting! It was poor to say the least,Root is hopelessly off colour in both his captaincy and his batting.
  9. Same old problem of not sticking away chances,Fletcher looked isolated,the MF didnt gamble and get into the box in enough numbers untill they went behind and had to chase the game,once we got bodies in the box,and brought on FF Brum began to wilt and were left clinging onto the point. Cant say its all monks fault hes inherited a side that hes had no input to,apart from training.My only criticism would be his formation and selection,451 smacks of a lack of ambition and doesnt utilise the players correctly,they need to go to a back 3 and play at least two strikers
  10. Very decent end to end game,which could have gone either way untill Palmer just switched off near the end,left his man who drew the pen from Westwood,then lost his head with a reckless tackle and handed the points to WBA. Ref did us no favours 1st half,yet 2nd half he seemed to let evrything go? Very strange,and the free kick he gave for the foul on Fox,but gave it to them as theyd got no advantage after hed played on is one of the most strange ref decisions I think Ive EVER seen on a football field. Monk needs to change the formation,one uptop is just no good at all,we struggle for goals from MF as it is,needs a rethink.
  11. It should never have come to having to sell the ground. Had a sensible transfer policy been in place from the off,wed be solvent.The sale of the ground is just a sticking plaster,theres still bills to pay and we are accruing debt as each month passes.What will he sell next season?The training ground,naming rights.
  12. Yeah this is spot on,Ive Leeds supporting mates,Id say speaking to them,their biggest regret is not making more of that excellent 60s/70s side. Two are form the york area (Selby & York),the other is from hull (N cave),theyve watched leeds are their lives because of the draw of success as opposed to the relative struggles their local clubs were having,the others I know are from Donny/Barnsley area,so I dont think I know a single leeds fan thats actually from Leeds!
  13. An entertaining game for once,we could and should have been ahead by at least a goal after some frenetic defending and the keeper kept us out but the first of two clangers came just after the half hour when Fox knocked a ball out he should have left,clearly no shout from the keeper who then came for the corner but dropped the ball,Fox dithered expecting the keeper to gather it and Ayew reacted quickest.From there the swans had their tails up and forced the game.Upto that point westwood had been largely a spectator. The second half saw us create further chances but not finish them off,Murphy hit the post,as was a really decent game.Then they went up the other end and hit the post,and westwood pulled off a top save to keep it respectable before FF was introduced,10 minutes later Reach replaced Murphy and it was his shot the fell to the on rushing FF to equalise,after Lee squared the rebound. We looked like wed got the winner a minute into stoppage time when Iorfa played in Fox from a corner and he blasted home,but the swans threw everything foreward and from yet another corner,once again Westwood came and didnt collect the ball was clipped across and Wilmott had time to poke in the equaliser. Bit harsh on Wednesday,but the old issues from the past havent been rectified,untill they are,therel be more results like this
  14. I wouldny understate the influence of Knill in Wilders success,he once brought Bury to S6,back when Irvine was manager and they played us off the park,they played some great stuff,I recall theyd got a young Steven Schumacker on loan from Everton? he was only a kid and was head and shoulders above anyone that night.They lost the game,but everyone around me to a man was talking about how good Bury were and how they should have won it easily.........
  15. What Dick Emery 😂 Cant see why hed go to Everton,they could go down lol
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