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  1. I did actually, not that anything happened other than me voting with my feet and going to another care company.
  2. Yep, I've seen a lot of movies from the late 60s/early 70s where folk are in t'pub wearing a shirt and tie, a bit overdressed methinks.
  3. IMO the NHS has pretty much the same problem as the care sector, nobody that's actually qualified and knows what they're doing wants to work LONG hours for hardly any money.
  4. I know Firth Park/S5 in general has a rep for being a bit rough, but your claim is beyond ridiculous.
  5. I already buy far too much on Amazon as it is according to my Parents. According to an email this morning, there's a package coming today, which wasn't originally due till tomorrow, this year's WWE game on Xbox.
  6. It's also NOT free, I've done a couple of these and it keeps costing me a minimum of a fiver each way in Taxi fares because the place isn't on the Tram route as it's behind Snig Hill cop shop. Plus you have to apply for funding to get it for free in the first place. Also given my past experience 20 odd years ago with Autism Plus when they were known as Thorne House Services for Autism, to be honest I don't rate their services.
  7. Safestyle UK, with some highly annoying bloke with a Bolton accent. Fortunately it's hardly ever on any more, rumour has it Safestyle UK got done for dodgy business practices a few years back.
  8. I had bad Pneumonia at the age of 9 months old way back in 1977, and I've been prone to colds ever since.
  9. I deleted my TikTok account a while back, only reason I signed up in the first place was to see what the "fuss" was about? I never used it and the constant messages were getting annoying.
  10. Link Came up on my news feed on my phone yesterday. I do use it to commune with work and TKD contacts, as does Sir from TKD.
  11. Well when we went past yesterday en route to the Hospital, it said Casanova reopens today after they've spent time doing it up. Might pop up one night.
  12. Both. They don't understand my strong local accent, I do not speak African.
  13. Stick to soft drinks then, especially when posting on 'ere.
  14. For some highly annoying reason, you seem to be incapable of NOT trolling, particularly in stuff related to me. Who are/where you in old man Cater's room up at GVS?
  15. No, they have neither the staff or other resources for that kind of thing. No. Dad won't let me do online Banking specifically because he knows I already spend too much on both accounts.
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