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  1. Having my book published 'Bottle Green Knickers With Pockets - Growing up in 1950s Sheffield' has been a voyage of discovery!! Especially with a whole chapter devoted to the Notre Dame High School of that time!!! I have been contacted by so many people to include Deidre Hodges (as was) Head Girl in the 1950s and with a fascinating story of her own to tell. Her sister Prue was in my class. To answer 'Pattricias' query. No, you did not have to pass the Eleven Plus to go towhat was the only Catholic Girls Grammar School in Sheffield and district. A bone of contention for me as there were relatively few girls passing the Eleven Plus, certainly from my school, and many girls whose parents were well off enough to pay for their education there. Todays selection processes are much more fair. monica.dyson42@btopenworld.com
  2. I have just had a book published called 'Bottle Green Knickers with Pockets - Growing up in 1950s Sheffield' I have read the post with interest as I have a whole chapter devoted to Notre Dame between 1952 - 1959 when I was there. Yes, I remember Elizabeth Gormley, Miss Jowett who taught us some of the most weird sex education anyone could wish for!! We learnt more about sex from Susan Johnstone who had a boyfriend who was a medical student! She brought some of his physiology books to school. It was the first time we had seen a naked man!!! Mrs Linstead was an excellent English teacher, Mrs Chapelle was very large and Mrs Hickey was lovely!! My book has pictures of some of the girls to include Pat Coyne, Andrea Wright, Ann Emmett, Angela Bailey? Even if you are too young to remember the 50s, you may have parents or grandparents who do and it would make a lovely present! For details contact me on - monica.dyson42@btopenworld.com
  3. Helen Skelton has to be the most annoying presenter on television!! It used to be a lovely, simple little programme featuring Cannon Hall Farm and the owners, with lots of animals to coo over!!! Now its been altered from its original format and they have spoilt it!!!
  4. There will be so many of you who will remember bottle green knickers with pockets!!!!!! So, I have just published my first book - 'Bottle Green Knickers with Pockets - Growing up in 1950s Sheffield' I have put a photo of it on the forum if you look for the link!!! I'm sure many of you, or your parents or grandparents!!would enjoy a journey through nostalgia!!! Contact me on - monica.dyson42@btopenworld.comfor details!!
  5. Yes, have done. So far so good!! Thanks to you all!!!!
  6. Have re-booted and problem solved - for now!!! Thanks to everyone!!!
  7. Ha ha!!! Thanks. Just going to re-boot xxxxx
  8. Help! Cant use my laptop. I have a message that has come up after I've signed in supposedly from Microsoft telling me I have a Trogan virus and to contact Technical Support on 020 3807 7897. Windows blocked due to questionable activity. This has put the fear of God in me! Is it a scam? What can I do about it?
  9. I have published my first book - 'BOTTLE GREEN KNICKERS WITH POCKETS - GROWING UP IN 1950S SHEFFIELD' If anyone remembers the 1950s then its for you, if you are too young then you may have parents or grandparents who would like a nostalgic journey and would welcome a copy!!! If interested please contact me on - monica.dyson42@btopenworld.com The book is £13 plus p + p. I will send a picture of the back and front covers!!!!!!
  10. Margaret Ballam had relatives called Barker who lived on Barnsley Road at Sheffield Lane Top!!!
  11. Looking for Margaret Silcock (nee Ballam) who lived near Molineaux Road and went to St.Patricks School and then Notre Dame High School. She married Peter Silcock and they went to live in Upminster in the 1960s. Have included her in a book I have written about growing up in Sheffield in the 1950s and I need to contact her!!!! Any help very welcome!!
  12. Why I was upset when it all went wrong was that I need to be able to attach some photos onto Facebook forums to advertise a business I'm setting up. It was so easy before!!! I don't really want to use my phone just my laptop!!
  13. The photos are actually attachments on an email I've been sent. My phones nothing special, of course! Its from Tesco.
  14. Thanks but no, not on my phone. There is another message when I click further 'href should represent a valid URL? Sorry, but not a clue?????
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