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  1. I'm getting emails, it seems, from BT. The account update has an email address of a Robert Garrett at the top and the Failure to log in one has @betcable.com at the top. I seem to be in danger of losing my Internet connections if I don't follow the instructions which include a glaring spelling mistake! Have deleted them!!!!
  2. Thanks to everyone who replied to my query. Think my fathers friend could have been George Manterfield who oned the fruit and veg shop. However, there is no one left to ask now and I don't know how they would have known each other! As I replied to Andy Manterfield, grandson of George, men didn't do much shopping in the 50s! so it as possibly through some other source!!!!
  3. My husband belonged to a band called Tapestry??????????
  4. My excellent library at Stannington has been giving book marks out for long enough giving the Christmas and New Year library opening times. As the library is staffed by volunteer workers, and I must say, with the same standard of service as libraries have always provided in the 70 years that I have been using them, since the days when my father took my sister and myself to Firth Park Library every Saturday afternoon, I am just grateful that these people are enabling me to continue to use what I consider a vital part of life.
  5. I seem to remember that we usually had a visit from relatives on Boxing Day certainly through the 50s. Given that no one we knew had a car, would buses have been running then?
  6. It seems that many young people in the age range 18-24 have no knowledge of practical skills like changing plugs, washing dishes in the sink and changing light bulbs.' The Good Housekeeping Guide to Homekeeping for Young People' which first came out in 1966 has recently been updated. Did anyone need the help of a manual for household skills when they first got married?
  7. Who remembers the sophistication of Vesta meals in the 70s when, with an empty Chianti bottle on the table complete with candle, we thought we were in Spain!!!!
  8. Anyone have any funny stories about passing their driving test? I was eight months pregnant and I think the examiner was worried he might have to act as midwife!!!
  9. Turned it off after 20 minutes! What a load of rubbish!!
  10. Who remembers sitting the eleven plus exam? Did failing it ruin your life?
  11. I went to St.Pats and lived on Homestead Road! I would have started about 1947!!!
  12. We had our share of interesting people in Sheffield City Centre in the 50s/60s with Pond St.Nora and Big Ada. But, did anyone know or remember the guy who ran round looking in litter bins and muttering to himself? He always wore a flying helmet.
  13. Can anyone recommend a picture framer in Sheffield. We usually go to the wonderful Momento at Attercliffe but he's closed until the end of August!!!!!
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