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  1. If the concert was the one featuring Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, Vernon Girls, Frank Berry and the Kestrals I have an original programme. The cover is a bit worn but inside good. I also have an original photo of the four sat on sofas inside the City Hall. Unfortunately no autographs, but wonder if they are worth anything?
  2. Anyone lived on Homestead Road from 1942 onwards!!!! Our neighbours were Formans, Fallons, Hydes, McGrails, Bishops, Portons, Emery.
  3. Was this about sofas and holidays? Or cars for sale? Have lost the plot!!!!!
  4. Once Christmas was over the holiday and sofa ads would fill our televiion screens. Does anyone remember those days? (or holdays for that matter!!!!)
  5. Has anyone ever heard about a Sheffield Elgar Society? Possibly in the 1920s or even earlier?
  6. Anyone remember if people had pets in the 1950s? I seem to think we had a goldfish or succession of them! Plus a budgie called Dickie!!!! Don't think people could afford to keep dogs but I may be wrong?
  7. Saw the notice in the Star deaths for Gerry Scanlan, late of 'Bitter Suite' but there doesn't seem to have been any publicity for a person who was such an important part of Sheffied music scene?
  8. Think Stewart and Stewart was at the end of Pinstone Street? Saw Terry Thomas and his wife shopping there in the 60s!
  9. Anyone remember the earliest they went to see a Father Christmas in Sheffield when they were a child? I seem to remember Father Christmas in the Co-op in the 50s?
  10. Can anyone remember when they were first aware of charity shops in Sheffield and any stories?
  11. Doe anyone remember what happened once rock and roll started to take off - middle 50s? As far as the City Ballroom? Was there still a band?
  12. Memories of dancing at the City Hall Ballroom please!!!!!!
  13. Are there any really ancient members of the Forum, like me, who remember going to a nursery, prep school or primary school at Notre Dame High School, Cavendish Street in the early 1950s? I think it may have closed around the time that I started as an eleven plus intake. I believe that it may have been private with the pupils going automatically up to the 'big' school.
  14. My father was called Ernest Morton. He was quite well known in amateur dramatics in the Sheffield area. He had a friend called Tommy Milner who attended St.Hildas. Tommy and my father both died in the 1950s.
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