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  1. I believe that the statue of King Edward VII is still in Fitzalan Square. But wasn't there a statue there years ago which was moved to another location? Or is my memory playing tricks and it was a different location?

    Prefabs on Sky Edge

    The 1962 hurricane in Sheffield demolished 98 homes in Sheffield mostly prefabs at Sky Edge. When were these built? Was it after the war? And after the hurricane were the rest of the pre-fabs demolished?

    Altering a will

    Because we are moving house we need to alter the address on the will. Our solicitor says it will cost around £150 + VAT. It seems a lot? Wonder if it would be cheaper to make a new one during the charity will month?
  4. Pure nostalgia, but what things do people wish they could do or see just one last time from their past lives. Or what regrets do they have? (not going into the office more often shouldn't be one of them!!!)
  5. Check out https://dawesindoors.wordpress.com/2019/03 for Martin Dawes article.
  6. As we have heard in the news, some parents are against their children being taught sex education at primary school level. What is the policy in Sheffield schools and in faith schools like Catholic ones.
  7. Discontinued in the 1990s on grounds of childrens safety, I bet some ex scouts can tell a tale or two about bob a job weeks!!

    St Patricks Day 2019

    Have already heard that there is to be no St.Patricks Day parade this year. Is the white tent on Fargate at the moment? Or any other St.Patricks Day events?

    Binghams Potted Meat

    Sunday tea in the 50s was not complete without potted meat sandwiches. Affectionately called 'potted dog', Mother would buy it from the grocers. I can't remember what sort of container it came in, but he would scoop out the weight asked for and place it in greaseproof paper. If we had visitor, mother pushed the boat out and opened a tin of salmon or crab, but potted meat (with brown sauce) was the favourite!

    What is a luxury to you?

    In a time when many people find it hard to make ends meet, what things do we consider a luxury? I love the feeling of clean bed linen! But does that count as a luxury?
  11. Finding an old hobbing foot in a relatives attic makes me wonder who remembers their father repairing the family shoes using one obviously not able to afford the cobblers!

    The queen and i

    We found it quite amusing. Worth watching!

    Hate campaign against a library

    The people who are writing letters to the Star condemning volunteer library staff have some real grudge against them. It isn't clear exactly what they expect to happen to libraries if they aren't run by volunteers? Will the Council miraculously find the money to re-instate all the professional librarians? I somehow think not. Our local volunteer run library at Stannington which is most impressive in every way, has born the brunt of this vendetta by some nutter.

    Trees felled at mousehole forge

    I think the guy who has bought Mousehole Forge must be building on the land. I had heard that it had been sold to a builder. Hope it doesn't spoil a beautiful little place!
  15. Can anyone remember Gallons, Shentalls and other grocery stores in the 1950s? Together with the Co-op there would sometimes be more than one on every shopping centre. My mums local one on Hatfield House Lane was Castledines.

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