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  1. Sheffield seemed to produce quite a few beauty queens in the 50s/60s. Who remembers Delyse Humpheries, Christine Owen and I think Johnny Fanthams wife Carole won one of the beauty titles? Does anyone remember?
  2. Stand corrected!!!! Stand by my original comments though!!!
  3. Given that the Peak District is Derbyshire, no, I feel that there should be something representative of Sheffield and its heritage.
  4. Just wondered what the significance is of the rocks/ stones used as decorations around the new Moor buildings, ie Cambridge Street and Charter Row. As Sheffield is supposedly a steel city, wouldn't it be better to have steel sculptures incorporated into the designs. Even some statues which are a feature in other cities. What happened to the statues we had in Sheffield in the past?
  5. Wonder if there are any plans for renovation of this beautiful place after such a success with the old Attercliffe baths. Wouldn't it make a wonderful music venue or will it be left to rot?
  6. Remembering the Nelson Pub, which I think was across the road from the old Redgates store. Can anyone remember the landlord of fairly recent times who was obsessed with plastic surgery? I seem to think he held a record for having most done or something like that!!!! I have a vague recollection that Cindy Jackson the woman who had most plastic surgery in the UK came to meet him?
  7. Does anyone remember the Beechwood Clinic at Norton. I believe it was known not only for plastic surgery but also abortions, back around the 1970s?
  8. How will the fact that Sheffield United have gone into the Premier Division affect the price of tickets as in match day tickets, pensioner prices and season tickets? And, what is the price of an adult football shirt these days?
  9. Has anyone seen the snooker fan this year who flys 17,000 miles from Australia to watch snooker at the Crucible?
  10. On another subject, I've heard roads referred to as a 'drag' What is that all about?
  11. Can recommend the gym at the Zest Centre at Upperthorpe. Its not full of posey people and its great. There is a mixed gym and a ladies only gym. In fact there is so much to do at Zest generally. No reason for anyone to be lonely!!! Check the website!!!!
  12. Who grew up in a house where the front door was never used? Usually because it led straight off the street into the front parlour(or best room) which was rarely used. These traditions seem to have continued in many homes even today!
  13. I believe that the statue of King Edward VII is still in Fitzalan Square. But wasn't there a statue there years ago which was moved to another location? Or is my memory playing tricks and it was a different location?
  14. The 1962 hurricane in Sheffield demolished 98 homes in Sheffield mostly prefabs at Sky Edge. When were these built? Was it after the war? And after the hurricane were the rest of the pre-fabs demolished?
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