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  1. My father was called Ernest Morton. He was quite well known in amateur dramatics in the Sheffield area. He had a friend called Tommy Milner who attended St.Hildas. Tommy and my father both died in the 1950s.
  2. For the most amazing picture framing go to Momentos next door to Banners at Attercliffe. Mo has been framing our prints for twenty years now. His shop is a little treasure trove also!!!!!
  3. Old Tup, was the cinema there then in a different part of the building?
  4. Remember going to dances at the Roxy at Page Hall in the mid 50s. Am I right in thinking that the cinema was seperate from the dance floor? I knew someone who manned the sweet stall upstairs overlooking the dancing. No alcohol in those days!!!!
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere that a snooker star of the time was to have given an exhibition at the Marples Hotel but luckily for him, didn't turn up. Can't find the reference now!!!!
  6. The Esquire was soft drinks only. But many, mostly young men would pop in for a crafty pint to a nearby pub! My husband can't remember the name of the pub?????
  7. Anyone work in the Directories Section of the Old Telephone Managers Office on West Street in the 1960s?
  8. Does anyone have an old Kelly Directory which could show if the Mary Gentle Cafe was at number 46 Howard Street in the late 1950s? Would be very grateful!!!!
  9. Can anyone tell me when the above establishments opened in Sheffield? Many thanks!!
  10. I have been sent a document by an email attachment which I need to attach to an application form. Presumably I need to save this attachment somewhere so I can then attach to the application form!!!!! This is why I am totally useless!!! (we can't all be good at everything!!!!)
  11. Need to download an attachment to an application form? In dummy terms please, how do I do it?
  12. Anyone live on Homestead Road in the 1950s?
  13. Took battery out and dusted it down!! Hy presto computer switched on!! Thanks everyone!!
  14. Last time I spoke to Currys they recommended a HP 14 AMD Ryzen 3. At the time, ages ago it was 299. Just looked and cant see it now. The prices are now more than that but I was told it was sufficient for my needs.
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