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    Binghams Potted Meat

    Sunday tea in the 50s was not complete without potted meat sandwiches. Affectionately called 'potted dog', Mother would buy it from the grocers. I can't remember what sort of container it came in, but he would scoop out the weight asked for and place it in greaseproof paper. If we had visitor, mother pushed the boat out and opened a tin of salmon or crab, but potted meat (with brown sauce) was the favourite!

    What is a luxury to you?

    In a time when many people find it hard to make ends meet, what things do we consider a luxury? I love the feeling of clean bed linen! But does that count as a luxury?
  3. Finding an old hobbing foot in a relatives attic makes me wonder who remembers their father repairing the family shoes using one obviously not able to afford the cobblers!

    The queen and i

    We found it quite amusing. Worth watching!

    Hate campaign against a library

    The people who are writing letters to the Star condemning volunteer library staff have some real grudge against them. It isn't clear exactly what they expect to happen to libraries if they aren't run by volunteers? Will the Council miraculously find the money to re-instate all the professional librarians? I somehow think not. Our local volunteer run library at Stannington which is most impressive in every way, has born the brunt of this vendetta by some nutter.

    Trees felled at mousehole forge

    I think the guy who has bought Mousehole Forge must be building on the land. I had heard that it had been sold to a builder. Hope it doesn't spoil a beautiful little place!
  7. Can anyone remember Gallons, Shentalls and other grocery stores in the 1950s? Together with the Co-op there would sometimes be more than one on every shopping centre. My mums local one on Hatfield House Lane was Castledines.
  8. The number of trees having been felled in the grounds of the historic Mousehole Forge on Rivelin Valley Road is astounding and not a pretty sight. It seems that you can chop them down on your own land.Is that correct?
  9. Does anyone know where the steel was imported from for the fountain outside the Midland Station? Am I right in thinking it is not Sheffield steel?
  10. After six months and no luck in selling our house, we are considering moving to another estate agent. However, we are reluctant to pay fees again for photos etc. Do your house photos become your property? After all, you have paid for them. Also, given that houses generally are not selling very quickly, is there really any point in moving estate agents any way? After all, houses all go on to RightMove don't they?

    Essential oils for diffuser

    Can anyone recommend an oil for reed diffusers which smells great and is long lasting?
  12. The house next door to us is coming up for rent shortly. Its currently for sale with Reed Rains but the owner (who doesn't live there) has decided to rent it out. Its number 41 Stannington Road. You can see it on the estate agents web site. Just realised its the one listed above!!!!
  13. This guy seems to be a frequent visitor to South Yorkshire. Have any Forum readers ever been to one of his 'shows' and if so have they found them helpful and accurate? Is he more than a con artist?

    House surveys - are they fair?

    We sent a complaint to the owner of the surveying firm, mentioning the inaccuracies in the report, but after three weeks haven't had an acknowledgement. The points that the surveyor did raise that needed rectifying we have had done which makes it even more unfair if our estate agent shows the report to any other prospective purchaser. As someone said, it was commissioned on behalf of the abortive purchaser and is nothing to do with anyone else who might be interested. Thanks to everyone for their comments! (anyone want to buy a house!!!!)
  15. Did I read somewhere that there are plans to turn the old toilet on Blonk Street into a bar?

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