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  1. It's a nice walk from Crosspool to Lodge Moor...
  2. I still find it incredible that people come on this forum to promote child abuse. Please get help if you like the idea of young children being beaten.
  3. Do you have a link to this survey please?
  4. If his employers wish to pay him such a high wage then that is up to them. Why do you think we should have a right to interfere?
  5. Yes because that is how business works.
  6. Can’t wait. Dark nights. Midweek football. Hot vimto. Cheese on toast. Champions league nights and wearing a coat. Bring it on.
  7. I fail to see how Julie Dore is responsible for a couple of people getting drunk and making nuisances of themselves in town. A most extraordinary outburst...
  8. Maybe the PCSOs exercised some judgement and decided that as nobody was being harmed then they were better placed being around in case a real crime occurred.
  9. Perhaps the PCSOs decided that they were better placed to prevent an escalation of this behaviour rather than stamping down on these individuals because they hurt somebody's feelings.
  10. The obvious starting point would be to ask your daughter whether she was given the letter to bring home. have you done this?
  11. I'm just responding to you question about what a milliwwave might be, I don't 'mean' anything. It's a thing in the same way that a microwave is a thing. It's just EMR of a certain wavelength that we can assign a name to.
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