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  1. I tried ringing them but the line was terrible. A lot of crackling...
  2. I would appear that I made it rather easy with my clue. The correct answer is Grandstand. Well done nikki-red and Padders.
  3. Resurrecting this thread to offer a clue. The television programme last aired in 2007.
  4. I still own a bicycle. The next poster had an irrational fear of something.
  5. Sorry, I've just read the rules properly so I'll fix it: Been in a casino. C
  6. I've eaten dinner in the CN Tower.
  7. It's a nice walk from Crosspool to Lodge Moor...
  8. I still find it incredible that people come on this forum to promote child abuse. Please get help if you like the idea of young children being beaten.
  9. Do you have a link to this survey please?
  10. If his employers wish to pay him such a high wage then that is up to them. Why do you think we should have a right to interfere?
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