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  1. When did they do that ? Our latest price list, Apr 23, does not offer RM48 on anything over 2KG, and the next weight band is 5KG. That said it actually goes by the average weight of all the items going using that RM service, which makes it quite complicated trying to work out how to minimise your charges !
  2. I am not sure I agree with you about if the seller has a right top arbitrarily change which carrier he uses, but I sort of agree it is ultimately Evri's fault the parcel went missing, well the thief's really but you know what I mean. My work colleagues, who have both been in the mail order game for 10 years or so, blame the seller more than the driver though. They take the view the driver must have thought the parcel wasn't worth much as it was sent unsigned for. I agree with them that is it more the seller's fault than the driver's because no mail order seller should send out any order unsigned for if he is not prepared to cover the cost if it goes missing. That's an interesting theory. For low value items, or if the customer specifically requests it (and is prepared to carry the can if it goes wrong....) it's OK. Other than that I agree with you.
  3. Excellent idea, and there is no E Mail from Evri telling me I have a delivery coming, neither is there in my g mail account, and that keeps deleted items for 30 days. >>If you've selected Royal Mail, or the seller has stated that they only use Royal Mail, and he sent by Evri, then surely that's something to take up with Ebay.<< RM48 is given as method of carriage for "free carriage" on the sellers page. I agree he did not stick to his T&Cs and so I am taking it up with E Bay. Incidentally RM do not do a 48hr service for packages over 2Kg, it has to go RM24 and the next weight break is 10KG, so it's much more expensive. This is why I think he decided to send it Evri. But he either forgot to tick the signed for option (an extra 60p...) or he was too tight to do so. I can only say I would never send an order worth £82 unsigned for, never.
  4. I have been in the mail order game for nearly 20 years, I can say without any equivocation the seller is a moron. It is possible he sent it unsigned for Evri by accident because he combined two orders into one and the weight then went over 2Kg which made RM more expensive. But that is his mistake, he should not make his customers pay for his mistakes. At a minimum, even if he has a bad enough attitude not to feel guilty about his customers misfortune, he has two bad feedbacks and two bad reviews to his name. All for 60p..... If any of my customers ever gets bad service (almost always from the carrier(s), none are perfect), I feel personally bad about it and sort it out myself if possible. He obviously does not, so who has the best attitude ? Possibly explaining why, when we did E Bay, we had 100% positive feedback and he does not.
  5. I expected to be able to do that, but Hillsborough PO wouldn't play ball !
  6. >>I suggest next time you contact a seller before purchase and tell them you only want to purchase if they send the item via Royal Mail<< The seller stated on his item that he did use RM. But, as I said earlier, all he needed to do was request a signature on delivery and all would have been well. All this to save the seller 60p, sixty pence ! The man is a moron, and his customer service is shocking. He does not deserve to be in business. >>As I stated before it is always a risk to buy online rather than buying and collecting from a bricks and mortar establishment.<< Or only use sellers with 100% positive feedback. As stated before, 98.5% is not 100%.....
  7. Not from where I am. My personality is not suited to the modern world. I do not like being told what to do at the best of times, but when it's stuff for which there is no proportionate reason (certainly no reason that was deemed good enough when I was growing up in the 1970s) it pi$$es me off hugely. We've all got to die anyway (something people seemed to forget during Covid....), so why not look at the positives ? ! ? I will be doing, probably in about 25 years. PS you can't "back away from it", it's all around us all the time, and getting worse and worse all the time.
  8. It is irrelevant whether I have a smart phone of not as U never had any E Mails. But, it's irrelevant anyway, unless the seller specifically and plainly stated "this item can only be delivered safely if the customer has a smartphone". At least you got it ! If my order had been sent RM it would have been taken back to the Local Delivery Office. I could then either have gone round and picked it up or they'd have redelivered it. But the useless seller did not send it out RM like he stated he would, he used Evri, probably because the order was over 2KG, and RM are quite a lot more expensive for stuff over that weight threshold.
  9. It is NOT my responsibility, stop trolling. And, BTW, I have checked my E Mails and I never had any E Mail stating when my delivery would occur. Because I did not have a "successful delivery" : 1 - I never had the item because it was left in an unsafe place (by definition because it was stolen) 2 - The seller stated it would be sent RM, and it wasn't it was sent Evri. Even worse, even more unforgivably, it was sent unsigned for, which is why I would say it is "only" about 25% the driver's fault. In my view this is 75% the sellers fault. Actually, it is 100% the thief's fault, but excluding that scumbag, it's 25% the driver's fault, and 75% the seller's fault.
  10. In theory it should not be a risk buying online as pretty much all the "rights" are with the buyer, in fact some are actually too much in favour of the buyer in my view ! However, possession being 9/10 of the law, those rights may not be much use if dealing with a seller who is not bothered about providing decent customer service, or having bad feedback or a damaged reputation. What has surprised me here is that E Bay are not prepared to get involved as it is in their interest to generate confidence in people using their "shopfront". Their "money back guarantee" is not all it appears to be....
  11. This takes the biscuit for the most ridiculous post you have ever made, and that is most assuredly saying something..... How, pray, is this my responsibility ? Quite apart from anything, though the seller would have no case or avoiding responsibility anyway (and I've been in the mail order business for nearly 20 years....), he stated on his E Bay item that it would be delivered by RM, he actually used Evri, and, even worse, Evri UNsigned for. For an order worth £82.... In my view it is mostly the seller's fault, with significant "help" from the Evri driver. The one person whose fault it most assuredly is not, is mine.
  12. I propose a swap shop. We'll have all those hard working immigrants in a swap deal for all our lazy benefit scroungers....... Just out of interest : Population density of the UK = 280 per Km2 Population density of Belgium = 376 per km2 Of even more interest Population density of New Zealand =20 per Km2 Yet, when me and my wife last went to NZ on holiday I had more hassle from NZ's passport officers at Auckland airport than any other country I have ever visited. When she got the impression I was a bit irritated with all her questions she replied, with a bit of a tone in her voice, "I'm just protecting our borders sir". From what exactly I should have said, but decided it was better not to ask....
  13. That's disgusting, and we're all paying for that. I would be amazed if he didn't know he should not be on that site. The case said the fence had been vandalised, not that there was no fence there at all. That said, not all building sites in 1970s had high security fences, why not ?
  14. You speak for yourself, I hate it. And most people in their 50s and 60s would say they preferred it how it used to be, I defn do. >>can't handle change<< Two points : 1 - I can handle it, just about, but I do not like it. And it's getting worse with every year that passes. Fortunately I will not have to put up with it for ever, a nice silk lined pine box with no more bull**** to put up with. The prospect has a certain appeal. 2 - You are assuming all "change" is for the better, and it most certainly is not. It may well that Al, or it may just be he had a sense of adventure which went wrong. These things happen unfortunately, as I said before, **** happens. Why would it have been any different had he fallen off the edge of a cliff or a high wall whilst playing ? Would the mother then be campaigning for all cliffs and high walls to have child proof fences ? It'll come though, you mark my words.
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