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  1. surely they can just use the potholes...saves on digging
  2. Interesting insight of how scammers work and somebody fighting back at them
  3. walking out? ive watched it twice in 3 days (first film in recent memory ive watched more than once in quick succession), really enjoyed it
  4. I was just gonna say he's a former stockbroker not a banker but I bet in both he has a lot of well to do folks who would do well out of shorting the pound and other financial dealings to do with Brecht going bad
  5. great list, wish i was older, i was only 12, very slightly too young to be travelling round town to gigs on mi own, 14 maybe? didnt leave school until 85
  6. yup afraid it was a gosub routine with no return command
  7. LMAO and it's now been moved to computer chat. TBH I've never heard of that type of binary, I was taking the Michael thinking its about sexual preference or gender
  8. I was about 13 and still not graduated any higher lol, maybe when mi zx spectrum next arrives
  9. Well back in the day I used to make user defined graphics on my zx spectrum computer, this involved drawing onto graph paper then taking the binary numbers and converting into decimal and entering as data statements
  10. Great film, good look at the long slow descent into madness and violence, bit like the older film Falling down
  11. Newspapers like the sun spewing out their garbage Think long to reign over us he meant, same difference.
  12. You did read the bit where he said, his British friend said the bit about the end of the British empire? donald also mentioned us turning into a second rate country........which also could happen, you missed that bit out
  13. Beware Anna, Robins reeling you in...in a sec he'll pull out his big bumper book of facts
  14. An irish friend i have on facebook, reckons Wetherspoons are opening around 30 pubs in Ireland in the coming year.....bit odd that since Tim wants us out of the EU, the conspiracy theorist side of me would start to think he wanted his foot in the EU? https://www.joe.ie/life-style/wetherspoons-dublin-city-centre-686703 heres the story to the one that started the debate about it.
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