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  1. melthebell

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    thought most of it was waiting for winter so they could film in the snow? ive also heard rumours it was so cast could do other stuff, so the writers could do star wars etc etc you can still write while all the above is happening
  2. melthebell

    British steel facing administration

    exactly...but you dont help it by sticking yet another "brexit" hurdle in the way that hinders not helps
  3. melthebell

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    but it baffles me how it can be rushed, it took twice as long to make as the previous series
  4. melthebell

    Game of Thrones series 8.

    I must be the only person that enjoyed it
  5. melthebell

    British steel facing administration

    yup totally agree, most of it hasnt helped, but the brexit effect was completely avoidable, they mightve gone on for days, weeks, years, but we deliberately stuck a finger out and pushed. And for those that said we'd thrive after brexit...tell that to the 5000 workers and 20.000 supply chain workers now **** scared (some prolly voted for it) Completely avoidable. Adding yet more hardship in the way is not helping its making things worse and i see you dont have a proper reply
  6. melthebell

    British steel facing administration

    you all seem to be missing the point Oo these costs couldve been avoided, completely avoidable. WE have pushed down the pound, WE have pushed up costs because of this brexit farce, when companies are feeling the harshness of the businessness environment it doesnt take much to push them over the edge, thats what brexit has done
  7. melthebell

    British steel facing administration

    we arent living in the 1950s any more though the world has moved on...we havent
  8. like he said, crackpots...you seem to have an affinity with crackpots, lol
  9. melthebell

    Were the moon landings fake?

    Surely you've seen the westworld TV show? It is indeed massive
  10. hes been saying for years we should have a US style health service
  11. sounds like she lived just below us on the top of the Badger

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