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  1. but we wont get as good a deal as we have now
  2. just found this interesting video, not sure if the kitkat tapes have been mentioned on here yet? Government to fund the EU army but hiding it under a brexit?
  3. a single word at the end of the article lol, it mentioned private
  4. melthebell

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    Sam Smiths just come out as none binary https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-47612616 he says hes niether male or female
  5. NO!! it says a RIGHT TO EDUCATION....it just happens to also mention private education in the last paragraph
  6. melthebell

    Mass shootings in America

    Not mass as in mass casualties but mass as in the amount of shootings, apparently theres been 5 shootings in Austin Texas over the weekend during the South by Southwest festival https://pitchfork.com/news/shooting-at-sxsw-2019-leaves-at-least-one-injured/ scary as i have friends playing there this weekend.
  7. so a human right to education only helps the elite?? what about when there wasnt any education for the poorer in society? surely that was keeping the wealthy and priviliged in their place??
  8. Those that dont have much and so if anything happens that makes prices rise or currency devalues they dont have much room for manouvre. I personally am sort of comfortable but i dont have savings and live hand to mouth. It wouldnt take much financial movement upwards to mean i'd struggle. Theres also people far less off than me too
  9. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL so your excuse for brexit maybe making the poor poorer is that people have always been poor....but this time its the poor voting for it themselves egged on by the rich and the super rich Oo ooh the irony
  10. Hang on that link mentions Richard Tice? not this fellow? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Tice that bastion of the working class, not rich in the slightest?? now what would an asset management group do after brexit? they sound very working class https://www.quidnetcapital.com/ Hes also a tory, well i never and his co founder of leave means leave sounds very working class too https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Longworth_(businessman) Cardoor must be very happy to have two down to earth working class people working for the working class just like Aaron banks, Bojo the clown, Farage and Rees Mogg
  11. An expert on fruit and veg talking about brexit through his businesses eyes and the revelation that Dominic Raab didnt know the Dover / Calais port was that important to our food
  12. If somebody is only just getting by, even if they are working, but only just what happens if the pound drops, prices in shops go up, your employer decides to get rid of you, close, move abroad? What happens if they decide theres not enough in the economy to adequately fund the welfare state? what happens if you can no longer afford the rent / mortgage? ooh didnt know there was such a page
  13. At least somebodys thinking what "could" happen, more than could be said for leavers, and its more likely to happen than money trees and unicorns
  14. How do the poor get a pay rise? What IF the economy tanks? the pound has already dropped since the referendum, what if it drops again? firms are moving or closing what if the poor lose their jobs? what if theres not enough to pay welfare at the same level, what will the poor do then? project fear i know, but still possible, and i include myself in the "poor" hence why i dont want a hit on the economy as im only just getting by as is.
  15. we havent though, its a lie, hence why we along with the other bigger countries in the EU pay more than others...we had a great economy

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