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  1. Can't remember now really, was the early 90s TBH. I do remember it was a proper long term traveller site, and down south they are generally pretty big. It wasn't just a few people pulled up in a car park
  2. we didnt go in with the army either, mob handed doesnt mean use the army, How big is this car park? How many traveller vehicles is in it? how many police would you need to go "mob handed" to give a notice to say, 10 vehicles? i'd say not a whole army regiment
  3. or yeah ive had to deal with em, and they did what we asked, we were mob handed though My point is, you cant say youre going to treat everybody equally, and then unequally want to send in the army for one lot.
  4. like bringing in the army to deal with gypsys, when "normal" people dont get that treatment Lets face it, its not really about treating everybody equally with him is it?
  5. A key aide to Starmer warns of whats wrong and some ways to fix it? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jul/31/keir-starmers-aide-warns-labour-has-lost-touch-with-target-voters According to one video ive seen today, apart from twitter and a very sparse youtube account they barely exist on social media to get their message out to the different age ranges on the different platforms, which i said all along, the tories had a much better communications team and both got their message out and attacked labour at the same time on various platforms.
  6. Because we dont generally use the army against our own citizens..............even if they park illegally
  7. apparently hes just been in the news again this very week, so just like Farage and Hopkins hes trying to stay relevant But a lot of people, usually influenced by little Tommy, Ole Nige, The EDL etc only seem to bang on about the asian ones...funny dat
  8. Nothing to see here, move along, right wing extremists tries to show how hardcore and extreme he is next week he'll be back to hanging
  9. Not true every saturday, when i can, i watch subject access's live streams of the demos (hes supposedly "independent" but hes anti lockdown, mask, vaxx) ive seen and heard the speakers speaking, i have heard nothing but the usual crap, soundbites, emotive statements to rile the crowd up, no in depth facts, no truth. so you can see via their own streams (not MSM) theres no reality, no substance, no facts and no truth
  10. ANYTHING you put into your body can have negative side effects, were all different, we all react different to things, its the nature of things
  11. and look what science has done for aids, you can live a normal life, not die from it, and even not give it to other people trouble is they use very simple ideas of the 10%, magnify them and use it to try and make it to 100% by mixing in their garbage, its always 2+2=6
  12. Breaking news, lots of people watch new TV channel to see the wheels fall off like the clown car it is.
  13. If you're worried about such things you won't be watching Netflix or using Google stuff then https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58006810 By the way isn't the times MSM? Funny how conspiracy nuts will use it if there's a negative they can find, otherwise it's faaaaaaake neeeeews
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