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  1. I aint booking anything for a while, sadly. might mean i miss a chance to buy a ticket but............. be a shame but at least i have seen em twice Leeds Heineken festival in 94 and Whitby Dracfest in 97
  2. Yeah I'm sure people who are starting to lose business now are looking forward to 10 years time 😛
  3. Im on some selling groups onfacebook for a certain old british computer and the sellers on there sell internationally, the buyers on there are international and at the moment its in disaray, sellers are stopping selling to the EU buyers, EU buyers dont know whether to buy from the UK, parcels are getting hoarded and sent back. Its small scale but its happening and its peoples livliehoods...and enjoyment as collectors that is being destroyed.
  4. Match is off due to a frozen pitch https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/february/owls-v-swansea-postponed
  5. Some on the left are now saying Britain could become a failed state and Scotland, Wales and NI will start to leave
  6. Its ok though hes going to do as our government advise...open an over seas distribution centre and cut jobs here in the UK Another happy brexit voter finds out that his £2 million business is going to lose customers because of all the brexit paperwork
  7. He did some awesome mixes, i can barely stand up on roller / ice skates so dancing would be out of the question lol 1982 as well according to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrence_Higgins_Trust
  8. sorry for your losses A few weeks ago on facebook we were sharing Patrick Cowley music and talking about early dance music. somebody asked what he was doing now as you dont see him mentioned. Sadly he was one of the early victims of Aids / HIV and died in 1982
  9. Not seen it yet, but people i know have said its really really good and they cried, i believe its by the same writer that did queer as folk back in the day? enjoyed that so
  10. Damn those unelected EU beauracrats for making us pay less mastercard fees, we'll show them, were taking back control
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