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  1. dont think its soul jazz stuff, more psychedelic indie stuff, theres also a US band of the same name when you google
  2. Didnt know Crispin Hunt was a prospective MEP in 2019
  3. I have absolutely no knowledge about them and so cant help, apart from the fact i saw them supporting Chumbawamba and Shudder to think at the Leadmill, 9th June 1992 and seem to remember i still have the poster for the gig somewhere. On a side note i used to know Crispin Hunt and Simon Stafford from The Longpigs back in the day, Simon more than Crispin.
  4. but how long do we adhere to their rules, their regulations, pay them money? we DONT leave (only in name) on the 31st Jan
  5. It's not democracy it's idiocy Think you need to revise that statement as technically we dont
  6. Anybody who voted leave I think, it's pretty self explanatory
  7. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/luongo-red-card-appeal-successful red card appeal successful
  8. My own Hippy trippy punky reggae party youtube playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpWtE3CD1H683VLY8i_bjskV8vwqUGrOy
  9. Izombie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IZombie_(TV_series) a lot of what ive been watching over the past few years is stuff like Izombie Znation Man in the high castle Tyrant Turn Halt and catch fire Ash vs evil dead Banshee Preacher Camelot (stopped after one series as it came out the same time as Game of thrones first series and is seen as a bit...similar) there was an older series of Dracula too (2013?) which is better than that latest one. Exorcist American horror story Black sails Creepshow Crossbones Fargo From dusk till dawn Legion Les revenants Mars Midnight texas Mr robot Peaky blinders Stranger things Penny dreadful Revolution Under the dome Romper stomper Roots Swamp thing The expanse The terror Bearing in mind i like fantasy, weird and violent lol
  10. i asked for proof, as the link posted above yours doesnt say this...so you must be getting your information from somewhere else, in the link posted above your post, the only countries ranked higher than the USA are Ireland and Singapore
  11. Brextremists fantasize about the EU breaking up after we leave but whats more likely? them oir our own union? if they are ignored by our government? https://news.sky.com/story/stormont-rejects-boris-johnsons-brexit-deal-11913574
  12. looks like a bit of a spoof site to me, specially when it mentions us producing unicorns in your first link...i think youve been had LOL. thats the trouble scraping the bottom of the barrell looking for any old crap to justify your anti EU stance and find a single positive for brexit.
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