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  1. theres lots of resons why they wouldnt play certain songs, classic or not, they cant fit all of em in a single setlist anyway. Maybe they did remove it because of slavery, but who cares, im not the one frothing over it, im sure theyre old enough and wise enough to know what theyre doing and understand the world around them and how times are changing. I havent actually heard of any arguements by Woke / cancel culture people making them change it, what i read they decided to drop it themselves, the only people making a fuss seem to be right wing bigoted snowflakes with an axe to grind.
  2. Not really, they chose not to play it, it's not cancelled people can still hear it if they so wish, it's not gone anywhere, stop crying.
  3. Or....have the Tories deliberately broken it so they can sell bits off?
  4. Is it not true? They can drop any of their songs whenever they see fit? They also have one or two classics to slot in instead?
  5. Great song too, first remember hearing it on an Oasis radio interview in the 90s where they started arguing lol
  6. it is, one of their best, i have it on shaped pic disc, that i originally bought for mi dad (R.I.P)
  7. Seems theres a lot of dummies flying around this thread lately
  8. Have you contacted the company in question? They probably wont do anything about it, but if they really care about their staff and being "inclusive" etc then maybe they may put out a bulletin or something reminding all staff to be mindful of their speech and actions.
  9. Its how power works, if you have money and power you can do anything.
  10. They wrote it, its their song, they can do what they like with it, end of story
  11. Its on tv quite regularly, being a black and white film i imagine, its seen as a classic. I have it on DVD
  12. To effect that deep rooted misogyny and lad culture in the force is now in the open for all to see?
  13. We can see on the conspiracy theory and political threads how deeply rooted some thinking can get. They become obsessed, I imagine grooming for Islamic extremism is just as deep rooted and hard to shift
  14. Do you really think businesses and bosses will 'suffer' Prices and costs will rise to accommodate, any wage rises may be negated by rising food prices etc
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