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  1. Your post said 34 so I used that, stop moving things once people pull you up on it, you was doing it before With longcol saying what he quoted wasn't right
  2. and why is it only 34? because we had a lockdown march to july? people wearing masks? handwashing? social distancing? what would deaths be like without all those?
  3. finally we agree on something ah so thats your game you want to make us smaller and poorer and have less influence in the world and so you voted to make our lives poorer, great stuff
  4. yeah i was 30 before i had my first child LOL, i hate kids
  5. Happy birthday and congratulations. My first granddaughter was born 2 weeks ago
  6. First day at work wearing a mask all day not going to be fun.
  7. so cut off yer nose to spite yer face and dont get any benefits of any trade w00p w00p sign me up batman
  8. is that same hysteria and terror that you seem to be portraying as an anti covid arguement?
  9. and IF deaths continue to rise? do we just ignore it? how many deaths before we agree its back on the rise? 100? 200? 3000? 4000? tbf to the government (who i hate with a passion) the ONLY thing they did right was to protect peoples jobs and livelihoods best they could. I do agree that dentists and drs surgeries etc SHOULDNT be stopping people accessing surgeries when they need, they are a close contact job and so should take the risk to stay open and functioning. at the end of the day im working (its in close customer proximity, and also catch the bus to get there which again is in close customer proximity), if i can do it then so can they. and no it isnt, its for a good reason, same as having a job that means you need to wear PPE or a motorbike helmet, you might not like it but you wear it because you have to, if you dont you get sacked...or in the bikes case, arrested
  10. you need to get a grip on reality, its happening, its not great, we are suffering, we are all getting by best we can, life isnt back to normal but its better than it was for most, its NOT a global conspiracy to make people lose their jobs, get less medical help, kill people off. In fact ALL governments would prefer we did have jobs, that functioned 100% all the time to make them the money they have been accustomed to
  11. having to wear a mask and leave the pub at 10pm is far from infringing on civil liberties
  12. And the whole problem that caused this brexit farce is we still think we are "great" and in charge of the world like back then, trouble is the worlds moved on...just not us
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