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  1. Interesting read on how and why they failed apparently a heartfelt thankyou letter was stuck to the window of the Fargate shop
  2. the point is, it all needs paying for, companies need to be able to afford to do them, wheres the money come from? its all good and well waving unicorns around like the tories but it needs to be feasable
  3. no i havent, but interesting the main name is Odey as i asked him about him too, to a wall of silence. The final paragraph says it all (everything we have been saying for the past 3...4? years?)
  4. Another one for Cardoor to ignore https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-20/brexit-backer-s-fortune-surges-on-building-boom-as-u-k-wavers Dont worry Cardoor ive made the interesting bit BOLD and a bit more You seem very militantly socialist (on a schoolboy level) but seem to be happy to be on the same side as these billionaires donating millions of cash to the tories.....hmmmmm
  5. https://elpais.com/elpais/2019/09/23/inenglish/1569214269_989612.html Spain will remove rights for British residents post-Brexit if the UK does not reciprocate seems spains doing a lot more than us in preparation for a no deal brexit, look at the list down the right hand side on that list
  6. Im sure instead of being flippant you could put your mind to it and "think" why its far more complicated to go back rather than forward?
  7. Just out of interest how many of these make a lot of insulin?
  8. Lol, which means he gave you actual facts but you don't like them
  9. But his main reason for leaving is to be with his family
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