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  1. Hes been useful then lol, a mistake in his first match back, injury in the second
  2. yes of course, how many prospective buyers in this country compared to the EU again? so farmers dont need to make a profit? glad they voted to remove their own income source Oo You should know by now, thats what these "obsessed" do, put everything negative that their glorious brexit has created onto others. they just cant take the blame, they dont listen, they dont want to listen to facts. Its always somebody elses fault.
  3. Seems Trumps got his fanboys and girls that obsessed, even the republican party will be destroyed, according to them.
  4. Brexit is built on lies, brextremists were promised lots of things. Everything bad was called project fear, stop trying to rewrite history
  5. Once you go black you never go back...erm or something
  6. Black Lets face it, generally we mention two sets of coloured (oops ive said it) people in say, this country. Black people, white people, we dont call some of the white people pink people? slightly pink but mostly white people? Its WHITE folks, BLACK folks also with those two terms theres a pattern, they are exact opposites, similar terms, white, black NOT coloured, isnt it said that those two arent even actual colours?
  7. The term coloured has connotations with the slave trade i believe? Black people tend to prefer being called Black
  8. If i remember right, as well as the other things posted about him, i seem to remember he was well into his Cricket?
  9. Interesting test to see how Covid might be passed on during concerts etc
  10. at least theres consistancy and fairness in his screwups
  11. i think we'd be using more tbh, cos its a lockdown and more people are stuck at home using more electric and gas, eating more food etc?
  12. LOL, bunch of idiots, theres a reason why people cant pay
  13. Thing is if it was normal crime, theyd be mouthing off about people should stand up against muggers etc, just cant make it up
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