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  1. Whereve you been? Been happening donkeys years round here. For larger items and now you pay yearly for a garden waste bin. They shut the local tip over a decade ago and a lot of tips don't even allow public access these days
  2. Lol I think you've smoked some drugs if you really believe that
  3. you may not notice but in this day and age we tend to demand the biggest, the best, the most exciting...that includes coverage, if you scrimp people notice and prolly wont watch
  4. but it STILL negates the old bull**** about we dont have sovereignty we dont have any at all now as we have to bend over backwards to the EU AND will for the rest of the world for trade deals.
  5. and we arent in the euro cos we used our sovereignty to opt out of the euro 👍
  6. Brexit is complete stupity based on lies and mistruths, you've proved that this very week. We don't need a propaganda video to show us otherwise
  7. He mentioned "country" but not a specific one
  8. Yup, the Bronx, 12 miles from where he comes from lol
  9. its a video on a leave.eu group and the title is "Andrew Neil makes a Europhile journalist squirm over the latest mad EU appointments. "How can Europe be safer in the hands of these people?!”"
  10. Since brextremists seem to always be banging on about democracy but salivate at the thought of either of the brexiters get the job i thought id leave this here https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/world/europe/conservative-leadership-race.html
  11. and its got a lovely smooth fence to sit on you sound more and more like a muppet the more you open yer mouth
  12. Food prices "could" rise https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/brexit-food-price-rise-birds-eye-warning-wto-tariffs-a8784246.html obviously, nothing is free, additional costs WILL be passed down the line, we being the end of that line.
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