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  1. The offensive creature has now been suspended from the party for refusing to apologise
  2. And remind me again which party capped child benefit to the first 2 children?
  3. ALL prisoners are entitled to appeals, it's called being civilised, you can't pick and choose who has one. It doesn't mean anything will change though.
  4. I used to go to a "blues" club like that lol, in sharrow if I remember right, was deeper than 6 ft though, you could easily stand up to drink yer red stripe
  5. I know exactly why tests are carried out thanks, the point is thats 2 tests in 12 years? and 2 failures, so theres something wrong that hasnt been put right, or 2 different failures, we only have yours and Schappes word that in a real situation it would fire correctly, im afraid i wouldnt trust either of you as far as i could throw you so...
  6. It wouldnt be a secret if i told
  7. Theyd be the ones picking up the firework, well i tested it, i lit the end, it didnt go off, so i picked it up, and it blew mi hand off, told you it would work.
  8. so they randomly do 17million test fires that dont work that they dont need to do? next time work do a fire safety test and the siren doesnt work shall we not do anything? itll be fine when theres an actual fire? Theres a reason they do tests to find if theres a problem.
  9. They don't do that though, 2 tests in what 12 years, and both have failed, they don't test willy willy as each missile costs millions, so they only fire one. Again if they needed to fire a live one tommorow what would the difference be?, blind patriotism won't fix it, schnapps blindly saying it'll be reyt won't fix it
  10. He hides his thoughts, he'd rather the rest of the forum argues while he sits, watches and laughs
  11. Democracy is about being able to change your mind when you change or new facts come through that show how things look later on. NOT that I got what I want, don't allow people to mess that up
  12. formality, but he has been in the thames for a couple of weeks so wont be in the best of shape
  13. what makes me laugh is world chess have also done it, the only thing that could possibly tell you is men are more intelligent than women, as its got no physical advantage
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