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  1. its where live shows arent being performed, but i have just seen a theatre mention maybe being open end of August, so mothballed for less than 2 months maybe, if live music is tret the same way as theatre
  2. Yeah SIV own all 4 buildings (2 in Sheff, 1 in Whitby, 1 in Scarborough) and are mothballing them (NOT closing them)
  3. Not sure what you mean by enter your choice of music, unless you mean the search bar, which is the same, you don't need to sign up, but they do have a YouTube music option Now, but it's optional. The blurry screen sounds like your connection where it lowers the resolution, mine does that
  4. was the bonus being sacked instead of furlough?
  5. funny thing is my missus hates her feet being touched, some online mates who are former residents of sheff hate the thought lol
  6. And when do you see him always look like it?.....when he's on camera?
  7. We're also planning 1 in the men's, and 2 in the ladies at a time
  8. https://the-yorkshireman.com/2020/07/02/sheffield-foot-fetish/ Apparently so....
  9. It's what we're planning, as somebody vacates we sanitise the table, and chairs, and we also have hand sanitizer stations
  10. Ive just been laughing at my irony meter exploding, where the tough on immigration party have just offered citizenship over here for nearly 3 million people in Hong Kong LOL
  11. putting yer hand up to go to the toilet?
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