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    I’m not surprised about some suppliers not excepting new customers. Gone are the days when they use to knock on your door to offer you a better deal. At the moment we are living in very worrying times with gas and electricity
  2. hauxwell


    Thank you Anna for the information. I was going to say change your supplier but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are all the same.
  3. hauxwell


    Anna says she has solar panels, I thought having them you generated your own electricity and on cloudy days they still work. I don’t know anything about them but I’m curious to know how much money they save you on your bills.
  4. I haven’t watched many things that Sean Bean has been in because I find his acting boring. I agree with alchresearch though he was very good in Time the one where he was in prison.
  5. I thought the actress who played Ivy in Corrrie was his sister but wasn’t sure until I saw your post. RIP Duggie
  6. Elvis Austin Butler is brilliant at replicating Elvis. Good acting from Tom Hanks, as always. 8/10
  7. Yes that’s what I thought to.
  8. I hope Newcastle doesn’t win the bid. If it does people will be greeted by a shabby looking arena. What an awful impression they will get of the city. Even the location where it is looks like a tip. The arena is due to be demolished when the new one is completed in Gateshead just over a mile from Newcastle. What a shame it won’t be finished in time for the contest. There will be lovely views of the River Tyne and the iconic Tyne Bridges and plenty of parking spaces with multi storey car parks being built next to the new arena. There again after reading the posts on here about the cost of hosting the competition, let Manchester have it.
  9. I’ve read that she was kept on life support to see if she is a match for organ donation. After all of the destruction she has caused and nearly killing someone she might end up saving a life if her body parts can be used for transplant.
  10. I really don’t know enough about the Red Army and their role in the Second World War. I’m sure they did but up a fight against the German Army also in awful conditions to.
  11. I am not here to say we would have won the war without the help of the US but Churchill was the leader who prevented the Invasion of this country until the US entered the war. It was those BRAVE MEN IN THE RAF AND THE ROYAL NAVY who dealt Hitler a lethal blow in the first year of the war, without the help of the US army. I'm not sure that Germany fully recovered from that. In the early 1930s Churchill was aware of the dangers of Nazi Germany and constantly asked Government to increase military spending, which they ignored and called him a war mongerer. It took Government a few years to realise he was right. Therefore if we hadn't increased military spending Germany could have won The Battle of Britain and then invaded England. I'm not saying Churchill was perfect throughout his military career but he was the right man for the job during The Second World War.
  12. And I second that. There was something on the news that there are now more active conflicts in the world than at any time since 1945.
  13. Sad news. She had a long battle with breast cancer. She was a nice lady with a lovely singing voice. RIP .
  14. Rogue Agent The film is based on a true story. A con man played by James Norton pretends he’s an MI5 agent for years, scamming his victims out of money. He picks on the wrong lady who is determined to bring him to justice. James Norton is brilliant in the film. 8/10
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