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  1. I’m almost sure Wetherspoons don’t charge for soda water, however if you ask them for soda and lime it’s 40p for a small glass they just charge for the lime, don’t think that will break the bank. Nearly all the Wetherspoons pubs I have been in also have containers with tap water and glasses on the bar counter, which is also free.
  2. It was on the news today that a seagull took a miniature chihuahua from the owners back garden in Dover, poor dog. Someone else said a large seagull tried to fly off with her Jack Russell Terrier who weighed twice as much as the seagull. I would like to think the seagull had met its match when it tried to fly off with the Terrier if they can be that vicious.
  3. My Dad said something similar and if my memory serves me right he thought these tiny small pieces looked like coal.
  4. My cousin said yesterday the moon landing was a hoax set up by Nasa. She wanted to know why there hasn’t been more moon landings, one of the reasons why she thinks it’s a conspiracy. The only answer I could give her was it’s to expensive and they have all the information they need about the moon, also they are more interested in landing men on Mars. Which country will be the first to land men on Mars? I think it could be China.
  5. If we have still got the Iranian tanker we seized, government could offer to give it back in exchange for ours, although I feel that won’t happen. The uk government must have known that Iran would retaliate. It makes me wonder if this is what our Government wanted Iran to do. We need better policing in this shipping lane to allow tankers to go about there business.
  6. Been to the weight house in Granger Market, Newcastle to get weighed and I fully expected to have lost a few pound. When I was handed a slip of paper with my weight on it, I’ve put just over 3lb on. I’m sure the scales are faulty. last time I pay 50p to get weighed.
  7. If Boris Johnson is the next PM, he said he will suspend parliament if he has to for a no deal Brexit. It should be interesting to see if he has the power to do that.
  8. Its nice that Morrisons decided to choose a loyal customer instead of a celebrity to cut the ribbon. I hope Nana enjoyed her day and she was treated like a queen.
  9. Alya (it’s the name of a actress in Coronation Street)
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