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  1. It caused a laugh when I met friends for tea in Newcastle, when I told them my old home town Sheffield put the Welsh flag up instead of the Irish flag on St Patrick’s day. It could be worse, they could have put the red flag up by mistake.
  2. hauxwell

    Best Pork pies - Where from?

    My mouth is also watering. Many years ago someone I knew once gave me a hot pork pie and a tin of hot oxtail soup poured over the pie. It was nice. Never had it again, don’t know why it was tasty.
  3. hauxwell

    Shamima Begum

    How long would it have taken to get Begum back into this country if she was allowed to return? There would be paper work to sort out, who to hand her over to. I don’t believe for one moment her return would happen over night. The baby could have still died even if government had allowed her to return to the UK.
  4. hauxwell

    Shamima Begum

    I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of abuse from what I’m about to say, but was Begum capable of killing her own child?
  5. hauxwell

    Is This Really Offensive.

    Thanks for that. I must have been watching to many movies.
  6. hauxwell

    Is This Really Offensive.

    What percentage of soldiers from the Confederate Army didn’t want to go to war, but we’re not given the option as to whether they wanted to join the army?
  7. hauxwell

    Increase in knife crime.

    I’m not sure about all of the areas that were mentioned but I’m sure Soho is one of them. Now it’s a long time since I was in the City so I have no idea what that area is like. Apologies but this should have been on post 85.
  8. hauxwell

    Whats your favourite charity?

    The British Legion and St Luke’s Hospice.
  9. hauxwell

    Increase in knife crime.

    There was something on the news this morning that more metal detectors are going to be deployed in London. To enter certain parts of the city you have got to go through these arched shaped detectors. The police said they are going to become a more familiar sight in the city. Nice to know that certain parts of the city are being made safe and hopefully knife free.
  10. hauxwell

    Increase in knife crime.

    A former Home Office Minister is calling on the Government to treat knife crime the same as terrorism. I’m not sure if that means a longer sentence if someone is convicted using a knife?
  11. hauxwell

    Back pain

    Eamon and Ruth were doing exercisers for your back on their Sunday This Morning Show. The exercises strengthen the core of your back which relieves back pain. They did about five different exercises. One of the exercises was a spinal stretch, it feels nice when you do this exercise, but I suspect you may already be doing this one. The only exercises I do is walking, only short walks. I’m not sure if walking helps to strengthen your back, but these exercises looked so simple. I’m going to start and do some of them. If you have got catch up TV or Demand, whatever it’s called these days, I would say take a look and see what you think. I hope things start to improve with your back and the pain starts to settle down.
  12. I won’t be joining him on the walk, but a few of us are going to Sunderland to wave them off, its only ten minutes from where I live. Just getting my Leave Means Leave flag ready now.
  13. hauxwell

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    We have no need to call Mr Trump on gum crime in America. The stabbings in this country has become an epidemic. Not only in London but in other parts of the city. Police numbers could have something to do with it, but something has changed in this country, but the government says they are going to tackle the problem. I don’t think they know how to.
  14. Hospitals in England are going to hand out pads and tampons free of charge to woman and girls if needed, and so they should. I wasn’t aware that hospitals hand out free razors to men but not sanitary protection to women, so this is the reason they are doing this. This was one of the reasons I voted to leave the EU, because the UK could not remove VAT on woman’s sanitary protection, the EU said no. After a long fight with Brussels they did allow us to reduce the VAT, and after further campaigning they have agreed to remove VAT altogether, but not yet, we have to wait a few more years, we must obey Brussels. It’s disgraceful that we have to go to the EU to get their permission to do this. I’m not sure if hospitals can claim back VAT on these products already, but if not every penny helps. Last year Government said they will remove VAT on these items straight away after Brexit. This change is positive.
  15. hauxwell

    Is Comic Relief racist?

    It depends how desperate your situation is. If someone was going to give me money to improve my standard of life, I don’t think I would mind being their cute little pet.

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