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  1. There might be a smaller number of official guests attending the inauguration allowing for social distancing but I suspect there will be thousands of people coming from all over America trying to make there way to the White House.
  2. I can’t see why they can’t cancel the Inauguration this time because of the covid virus and just hand over the keys to the White House to Biden on Wednesday when he takes over from Trump.
  3. I thought the vote was for PR, but I’m clearly wrong.
  4. We had a chance to change the voting system in 2011 when we had a coalition government. The people rejected it.
  5. Fanny Cradock Cooks for Christmas on iplayer. It’s dated, but it was made in 1974. What can I say about her, other than she was no Nigella Lawson in her time. She reminds me of Cruella de Vil. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/group/p05jv04g
  6. I’m sure it was Mort who use to post good and sensible help on the Disability and Carers thread. RIP Mort.
  7. Thank you for the recipe, I’ve made a note of it. There was another recipe I looked at and it also had white wine as one of the ingredients. I wonder what the wine does, I’m sure it must be for flavour.
  8. Yes please, I would like your risotto recipe.
  9. I also enjoyed it once I got used to the flash backs and I agree it is well worth a watch.
  10. Holdsworth Richard
  11. Yes it did have a happy ending. I hope things worked out for Chanti and her Dad.
  12. happy new year to you. Well how strange is that, I’ve been looking at scone recipes in an old BeRo cook book that my aunt gave me years ago, I was thinking of making some later on. So I will hold on to your scone recipe. I made a version of your veggie curry, it was lovely, it also freezes very well. I made my ginger biscuit log roll. I used ginger wine to dunk the biscuits in. It was nice and moist and just how I remember it. I’ve been looking at recipes for risotto made with pearl barley on google. Never made it before. I’m beginning to enjoy cooking. Think I have had to many ready meals in the past.
  13. Form today Government has abolished VAT tax on women’s sanitary products. How trivial that the UK was unable to remove all tax on these products because the EU wouldn’t allow it. EU law says these products are non essential. What a joke. I thought this tax had already been abolished after taking on the EU, but obviously I was wrong we still had to abide by EU rules, but not any longer. Along with free movement this was another reason why I voted to leave the EU.
  14. Its a lovely photo but it’s not Fox Hill.
  15. I also didn’t see Allo Allo the first time it was on TV, but I’ve watched the repeats a few times. Also Dads Army. A very good actor the man who played Rene and the old lady who played his mum in law. I will say this only once, Allo Allo was so funny.
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