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  1. if I’ve done the link correctly they can play this at my funeral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7LSQUzPeqs
  2. It’s going to be deeply worrying time for ALL MP’s when they have to attend their constituency surgery’s. R.I.P David Amess
  3. I agree if LBC had known where the protesters where going to be it should have been reported to the police, but would the police have done anything to try and stop them? There’s times when I’m beginning to think the police are not fit for purpose.
  4. I’ve come this far with The Walking Dead so I’m going to stick with it. I want to see what happens to the actor who plays Negan, can’t see him being killed off just yet as I’ve read ratings have picked up a bit because of him. At the moment I’m catching up with a few things that I’ve recorded on TV, a 3 part series being one of them, The Night Stalker, it’s a true story. Then after binge watching the programme they did a documentary interviewing the detectives who caught this evil man. It was good how the police finally caught him after working 17 years on the case. I might watch The Chestnut Man later on, a few on here say it’s well worth a watch. You will have to post what you think about Midnight Mass when you watch it!
  5. A man spent years on his knees praying. Every prayer time he finished with a plea, ‘Please God let me win the lottery.’ But he didn’t win. Eventually, he was so fed up that he got on his knees and complained about not winning. A deep powerful voice came from heaven and said, ‘Do me a favour, meet me halfway and buy a ticket’.
  6. Although I live in the north east I don’t watch the local news and I’m not interested in football. Sadly as it’s already been said on here anything in this country is up for sale to foreign investors. I agree with you about a lot of students in Newcastle voting for remain in the Brexit referendum. As well as Sunderland voting to leave just across the Tyne from Newcastle is Gateshead and they also voted to leave.
  7. It was a narrow victory for Newcastle but they voted to remain when we had the Brexit referendum.
  8. I am sure Newcastle voted to remain when we had the Brexit referendum.
  9. I don’t watch the BBC or ITV much, but if her comments lead to a debate about the TV licence then good for her. Are we holding on to the licence because it’s part of our past history? it seems that way to me.
  10. I’ve watched a few more episodes of the Walking Dead and I thought it had picked up a bit, that’s because of the actor who plays Negan. He was once a villain now he seems to be a good guy at the moment.
  11. Michael Barrymore did a pre-recorded programme of his show, it was called Kids Say The Funniest Thing. When it was reported on the news that a man had drowned in Barrymore’s swimming pool they decided not to show the new programme. Which was very popular at the time. He was like Barrowman a fool.
  12. A few years ago Countryfile did a show about robotic fruit picking. They said that most things can be picked by these machines. Someone posted the information on the forum about it. The only thing the robots had difficulty with picking was cauliflowers. That’s a few years ago so they could have a robot now to pick the pesky cauliflowers.
  13. There certainly is more to this story and really enjoyed reading the follow up. I can understand why you enjoyed working for Harvey, you did well when you got the job working for him, seeing all those bands perform live. I’m sure you have lots of stories to tell when you worked for him. Peter had a good memory for faces knowing he had seen you before, but then how could he forget playing at the Penthouse Club. You sound as though you made a name for yourself with your catering, hope you got paid well for it and tips off the bands. Thank you ISEE for sharing your story.
  14. That was funny but sadly its true. I mean the lead being nicked off the Church roofs.
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