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  1. I don’t think we should stop space exploration. There was something on the news a few weeks ago about the discovery of a new planet and scientist say they have detected water on it, they believe it could support life. They are working on a new super telescope which will help to confirm their findings. I’m not sure what to think about space tourism, it could be one way of training more Astronauts. We have some experts saying the earth is doomed, although I have no idea what to believe on that one. Best to carry on looking for a new planet just in case.
  2. I used the the bus last week and there was someone sat behind me coughing and sneezing, in the end I got up and moved further away. A few days later I started with a cold. Best to avoid public transport if possible during the flu season.
  3. I also went to a wedding at Bradfield Church, about 10 years ago, and it was a lovely day, there were sheep walking round the grave stones, the view was lovely, the church reminded me of something from a Charles Dicken’s novel. You are right about the wedding photos, they were fantastic. A few years later in February I went to a Christening. It was raining, cold and windy, what a difference. It was horrendous trying to make our way to the local pub.
  4. Bradfield Church, however if it’s a windy day the guests will need to hang on to their hats.
  5. Strictly come dancing is also a favourite of mine. Can’t believe how fast this year has gone, it just seems like five minutes since it was on last year.
  6. I watched some of Rinder’s show last night and I wasn’t to impressed with it. If there was a guest on the show who I liked then I might have watched it a bit longer. Didn’t think much of him when he played the role of a Judge in the Civil Court. He was always shouting at the defendant or victim at the top of his voice, surely this is not how Judges behave when they are sat in Court, so I will give these two shows a miss. I thought Rinder wasn’t to bad when he was on Strictly Come Dancing a few years ago. I felt sorry for him when he was on Who Do You Think You Are, most of his relatives died in Concentration Camps, he had some emotional moments on that programme.
  7. Pleased they are being built in this country and creating jobs. We might need more navel ships in the future for escorting British tankers that have to enter Iranian waters.
  8. hauxwell

    Food Game

    Good one, couldn’t think of a food beginning with X. Golden syrup.
  9. My old MP Angela Smith has joined the Liberal Democrat’s, she believes they are the strongest party to stop Brexit. She’s probably thinking it’s her best chance of being re-elected as an MP. It’s like a merry- go-round with some of these MPs Who wants to vote for a traitor.
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