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  1. I had my breakfast yesterday at one of my favourite Wetherspoons pub, The Quayside in Newcastle. It wasn’t very busy when I first arrived but it had only been open for an hour. Wetherspoons have done a good job how they have organised things, plenty of signs and staff if you need help. It did look a bit strange at first with the tables being well spaced and I certainly didn’t mind filling a form in with contact details. I was surprise to see you can still get free coffee refills, but you have to sanitize your hands and use a clean cup each time you use the machine. I for one will be going to support Wetherspoons when possible, the staff get a bonus on the profits each year, however I’m not sure they will this year. Its not just Wetherspoons putting prices up and making changes. Later in the day I was in M&S and their coffee cups are a lot smaller. The small cup has now become the medium size cup and it isn’t very big, I’m surprised at M&S doing this.
  2. Paul went for a brain transplant. He was offered the choice of two brains. The first was a plumber’s costing £100. The second was a politician’s costing £10,000. ‘Is the politician’s brain much better?’ Paul asked. ‘Not exactly,’ the surgeon replied. ‘The politician’s brain has never been used!
  3. hauxwell


    Life’s biggest tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.”
  4. It’s looks as though there has been another knife attack in a Glasgow Hotel. Three people have been killed and several injured.
  5. My doorstep is made of wood, could be the design of new build houses over the years as one reason why people stopped cleaning them. Also I agree with Pattricia when she said women had more time because they stayed at home.
  6. I don’t know about Cummings breaking lockdown rules, but when he came out of his house there were reporters all around him, like bees round a honeypot, cameras in front of his face, there was no social distancing going on there with the press.
  7. A nice bit of good news to wake up to. Captain Tom is awarded a knighthood. A man who has served his country in the Second World War and raised millions for the NHS. I’m pleased for him.
  8. South Pacific It’s a romantic World War Two musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein, made in the late 1950s I think. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it, especially the lovely singing. Hollywood at its best. 10/10
  9. Darkest Hour. Really enjoyed this film about the first few weeks of Churchill’s leadership as Prime Minister, but I did wonder how much of it was true and how much was fiction. Gary Oldmam who played Winston Churchill was very good. 9/10
  10. I think the PM is still being cautious when encouraging people to go back to work if they can observe social distancing. My neighbour’s daughter works in a office on her own, her boss is in another room, I can’t see why she can’t go back to work and people who are in a similar position. I’m sure more construction workers can go back to. A new large housing estate that is being build up the road from where I live has come to a complete stand still. When they built the houses across the road where I live, I don’t think I saw more than 2 bricklayers working on a house, one at each end. It’s up to employers to use common sense and ask if their workers can return to work and carry out government guildlines. There was something on the news about getting people to start and finish work at different times if they have to use public transport which I thought was a good idea. I got on a bus last week in Newcastle bus station and before I got on a woman with a disinfectant spray wiped the rails and top of the seats were people put their hands, it didn’t take her long, I got the impression that each time a bus pulled into the interchange this was common practice.
  11. A happy 100th birthday to Captain Tom, or is it Colonel Tom? Have a lovely day, you deserve it.
  12. No I don’t want to see thousands made redundant, and I’m hoping it is a loan that he’s after and not a hand out. I suspect Branson is worth billions of pounds.
  13. A man walked through the streets of Sheffield today wearing only a newspaper. He said he liked to dress with The Times.
  14. I’ve read that he is not taking paternity leave until the end of the year. He was expected to be at PM questions today and face Kier Starmer at the despatch box, but nature got in the way. I for one hope mother and baby are both doing well.
  15. I’ve just caught something on TV that Richard Branson has asked for a bailout for Virgin Atlantic because of the Coronavirus. This man doesn’t pay tax to this country because he lives on a private island somewhere. I certainly wouldn’t like to see him get a penny of the tax payers money, but on the other hand if the government doesn’t bail him out does that mean people who work for Virgin Atlantic will lose their jobs, which I wouldn’t like to see happen? I’m hoping it is only a repayment loan that Branson is asking for to be paid back at some stage. He could always sell his private island to bail out Virgin Atlantic or put it up for collateral.
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