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  1. Which ever party they are from I have no time for MPs who cross the floor to join another party. They should stay with the party they were elected to server and help make their leader accountable for their actions. Who would want to vote for a traitor? We need reform to hold a by-election when this happens.
  2. https://aircrashsites.co.uk/air-crash-sites-5/usaaf-b-17-42-31322-mi-amigo-endcliffe-park-sheffield-2/ I have problems posting links and photos. No I wasn’t there, where you?
  3. Prince Harry wants to hire the Metropolitan Police when he comes to visit the UK. Government says no he can’t hire the Met police even though Harry has offered to pay, so Harry is taking the Government to court. It makes a change from taking the newspapers to court. In my opinion he has given up being a royal so he needs to bring his own security with him if he decides to go ahead with his visit or hire security in the UK
  4. I like this bit of government news. Changes to the BBC licence. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/bbc-licence-fee-abolished-2027-111355714.html
  5. Night Hunter on Netflix Henry Cavill and Ben Kingsley star in this film. Cavill is a detective hunting a serial killer. Kingsley, who was once a Judge, is a vigilante who hunts paedophiles then castrates them when he catches them. 9/10
  6. Well I’m not going to argue with that. I agree with you.
  7. Joe died and went up to heaven. He met St. Peter, who said to him, “Before you come in you have to spell a word.” Joe said, “I will give it a try. What is the word?” Peter said, “The word is ‘love’.” Joe spelt it correctly so Peter said to come in but asked Joe to do him a favour. Take my place here I have to see God. Joe said he would. Suddenly Joe’s wife appeared. Joe said, “You got away from my funeral OK.” His wife said, “Yes but then I got hit by a car and killed.” Joe said, “Before you come in you have to spell a word. The word is Czechoslovakia!”
  8. Cromwell didn’t last for long Presley, they soon decided the monarchy, with reduced powers, was a better option than a republican country.
  9. I also think William has made a good choice marrying Kate. She was a commoner before they married, but a classy one. Also it can’t be good when members of the Royal Family marry relatives, to many genetic problems.
  10. The Ice Road It’s what you expect when Liam Neeson stars in a film, action packed. For me a bit to much action but it wasn’t bad. I do like to hear his voice tho. 7/10
  11. I watched this film after looking at your rating and I also enjoyed it.
  12. Binge watched The Tourist and I agree with Rocker it’s well worth watching. Although I was disappointed how it ended. It would be nice if they made a second season for more closure.
  13. It’s a happy 40th birthday from me to.
  14. Thanks for the video. He looked upset when he was talking about his father. I’m sure they will repeat some of his films. Hopefully Lillies Of The Field will be one of them. I also agree with Cressida a likeable person.
  15. I second what janie48 has said. He was a great actor and Guess whose Coming To Dinner was a brilliant film. I watched a film last year which he was in with Lulu, To Sir With Love, I enjoyed that to. RIP
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