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  1. Roses are red, my love Violets are blue Sugar is sweet, my love But not as sweet as you Bobby Vinton
  2. Yes it is true his son did commit suicide. It was Dr Peter Panniker who committed suicide. He took an overdose of tablets in a hotel just off the M1 motorway near Leeds. His son Richard Panniker was at medical school when it happened took over the practice when he qualified as a Doctor, he has since retired. I can’t remember Peter Panniker very well but I was told he was a good Doctor. I remember going into the surgery with my mum a few weeks after Peter’s death to see Doctor Claire who was Peter’s wife. The Receptionist asked everyone not to mention his death to her when they were called in to see her. It was her first week back at work after his death. She only returned to work until her son Richard qualified as a Doctor and was able to take over the practice with his wife who was also a Doctor. All three generations of Pannikers were good Doctor’s.
  3. I think I might be with you on this one. Apart from the better services that Chesterfield residents supposedly receive from their council. How would it affect the price of property if Sheffield was in the county of North Derbyshire. It might be a better selling point especially to southerners wanting to move further north. Sheffield South Yorkshire or Sheffield North Derbyshire the home of The Peak District. Which sounds better?
  4. I’m well aware of the pesky seagulls at Whitby. You need to hold on to your fish and chips and ice creams if you are eating them outside. I don’t think I would feed them, you’ll have a pack of them surrounding you and I think they become extra aggressive fighting for the food.
  5. Thank you. I’ll make a note of that.
  6. I was very disappointed when I had take away fish and chips from The Maggie Cafe. I’ve tasted a lot better. Before lockdown I use to go to Whitby quite a lot for the day off season. It’s well serviced by buses from where I live. With all the fish and chips shops in Whitby I nearly always end up going to Wetherspoons for lunch. There is a nice view of the Harbour. I agree with Baron99, if you are on a tight budget and especially if you have children get your fish and chips in the town centre
  7. I live in Newcastle and it is over a year since I last saw Park Hill Flats.. I have to agree with you they did look a lot better. Next time I’m in Sheffield I’ll take more notice.
  8. I thought he would be at the top of the list on the sex offenders Register. This loophole needs to end. They need every safeguard there is for criminals like Pitchfork.
  9. I’m sure the council originally wanted to pull the flats down but when they were given listed building status that put a stop to their plans. It’s at the back of my mind that the council tried to appeal against the decision to stop Park Hill flats from becoming a listed building. Probably because they would have to carry on maintaining the building. Someone on here might know more about that though. It probably was an easier option, because of the cost to modernise the flats, to give them to a developer. Hopefully it will improve the area. I also hope you are happy in your new home. It will be very handy for you if you work in the City Centre.
  10. I have to agree they do look awful and I also thought they needed knocking down, but I’m not sure the council can knock then down as they are a grade 2 listed building.
  11. There’s Kelly’s directory, I’m sure that lists businesses. If the Library is open in Sheffield they might have old telephone books or they could point you in the right direction to help your research. Good luck.
  12. That’s just what I thought to. Can’t do with films that ends with a cliffhanger.
  13. The Italian Job It’s the one with Michael Cain in it. I’ve watched the end of this film a few times but I’ve never really watched the film all the way through. Although I knew how the film was going to end I enjoyed it. It would be nice to know how they resolved their problem at the end of the film. I don’t like cliffhangers. 6/10
  14. I wouldn’t rehabilitate men like Pitchfork. I don’t believe it’s full proof for everyone. Sorry to disappoint you but I would keep Pitchfork in prison longer than 33 years.
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