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  1. hauxwell

    Sheffield peregrine falcons 2019

    It would be interesting to know how this bird died, or if it is the old Mrs P. Someone who is knowledgeable on these birds might be able to give us answers.
  2. He did condemn white nationalists after the Charlottesville attack, he doesn’t always get his words correct admittedly, his opponents are quick to pick up on this. His son in law is Jewish so why would he support white nationalist when these extremists also detest Jews? If he is the bad President as you say he is, then let the American people judge him at the next election. As we are about to judge our Government today for their handling of Brexit. This thread is about Brexit not Trump so enough said about him on this thread.
  3. hauxwell

    Sheffield peregrine falcons 2019

    I’m probably wrong, but I was wondering if he knows the eggs are not going to hatch and it is his way of grieving. Having said that I don’t know anything about birds.
  4. hauxwell

    Sheffield peregrine falcons 2019

    Mr P is sat on the eggs at the moment. I wonder how long it will be before the eggs are removed for examination. I don’t think he is ready give up on his eggs just yet. Oh bless him.
  5. A milkshake was thrown at Nigel Farage here in Newcastle while he was out campaigning today for the Brexit Party. There will be a few on here who will be laughing and a few posts congratulating the person who threw it. These idiots need to be dealt with and punished in the courts. Campaigning in the streets will be thing of the past soon for politicians. There is a few politicians I dislike but I would not like to see a milkshake thrown at them.
  6. hauxwell

    Time to quit Eurovision?

    I recorded the programme as I couldn’t sit and watch all of it. We didn’t deserve to win and as for Madonna it’s time she grew old gracefully. She must be desperate or she got paid a lot of money to perform on the show.
  7. hauxwell

    Time to quit Eurovision?

    I haven’t watched the programme yet so I can’t say what I think of our entry. Some say it’s political because we are always at or near the bottom of the competition, I’m not sure what to think about that, but if it is all the more reason to enter. We might send an exceptionally outstanding good singer one year and the judges might forget their political views. We have won the competition a few times and come second on a number of occasions so have we just become complacent and took it for granted that we should automatically come in the top five even if our entry is rubbish.
  8. hauxwell

    Britain’s Got Talent

    look on the bright side not to long to wait for Strictly Come Dancing to start on Saturday nights. I also thought last nights BGT wasn’t very good.
  9. hauxwell

    Saving organs after death

    Thank you for the information, and yes I was under the impression that the state could take your body’s parts if you had not opted out when the new law starts.
  10. hauxwell

    Saving organs after death

    It’s already been discussed on here, time is limited if body’s parts can be used for transplant. If someone suddenly collapses and dies in the street or a car accident and relatives can’t be contacted straight away. Who decides to use their body parts for transplant when the new law comes into operation, doctors or some one in the coroners office to give the go ahead?
  11. hauxwell

    Facial recognition cameras

    Well I suppose he could always say it’s for religious reasons why his face is covered.
  12. hauxwell

    Saving organs after death

    At the moment you have to opt in to donate an organ, but the law is changing next year, it’s going to be the other way round. You will automatically become a donor unless you have recorded a decision not to donate your organs. So if the OP wanted to leave his organs to a family member because of a shortage this is expected to change when new law comes into operation.
  13. hauxwell

    Jeremy Kyle Show, suspended after guest dies.

    There has been something on the news that MPs are going to launch an inquiry after the deaths of reality TV guests on the Kyle show. Does that mean Kyle can be prosecuted if the inquiry goes against him? NO
  14. hauxwell

    Jeremy Kyle Show, suspended after guest dies.

    Get rid of the Kyle show and a few others, but please leave Stricktly Come Dancing alone, I love that programme. Dancing on Ice is beginning to grow on me can’t say the same for the others.
  15. hauxwell

    Jeremy Kyle Show, suspended after guest dies.

    I don’t know the full story of this man who failed the lie detector test and also I don’t know much about these lie detector machines, so I’m wonder how accurate these machines are? If they are that good why are they not used in court or police interviews.

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