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  1. If you contact the Bereavement Services, Sheffield council they might have a map of the cemetery. I got one for a cemetery in Newcastle last year because I wanted to find out where my grandfather was buried. I didn’t have to pay for it and the lady who worked in the bereavement department pointed out which section in the cemetery my Grandfather was buried. It might be worth giving them a call.
  2. Gold Digger it’s on iplayer, just watched the second episode, it’s not bad. I agree with taxman about His Dark Materials it’s very good. I thought it was a children’s programme when it first started but it’s not.
  3. I suspected that we would find out how they murdered the children when they were sentenced. what a horrible evil pair they are.
  4. Didn’t know she was promoting a book. She will be after all the limelight she can get if that’s the case, to make a few million dollars from it.
  5. Keep them coming Padders, I do enjoy reading your posts. That was funny.
  6. Does any one know why Hilary Clinton is interfering in our December General Election? She has done an interview with the BBC. Something to do with a report on Russian interference in British politics, she says that the report should be released before the General Election, and not after. Could it be because she believes Russia interfered with the American Presidential Election, which she lost. How can Russia interfere with a general election in the UK?
  7. Yes Graceland the home of Elvis Presley.
  8. I thoroughly agree with you.
  9. What a nice story it’s been on TV today. Each year the Black Cab taxis line up on London Bridge on Remembrance Sunday all day, to give free lifts to veterans who are going to march past the Cenotaph. Then they take them back to the station or where they want to be after they marched passed the Cenotaph.
  10. I also feel heartended by your post and your son, be proud of him.
  11. A brilliant record Jane, but then so was Elvis. I think this is the song. Sorry for going off topic.
  12. National Coach Holidays are still advertising holidays over Christmas, some have been reduced in price. https://nationalholidays.com/search-results?rg=1&t3p=1139&min=2019-12-23&max=2019-12-27
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