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  1. Thank you Jane, I’ve only got an iPad but it does sound better than when she sang it on TV. I’m off out now, but I will listen to it again after tea time.
  2. I’m sure the Earth has endured hotter temperatures than we will ever experience when Dinosaurs walked the planet. Scientists say Antarctica was once a tropical forest. Our Planet has already seen global warming before. I don’t believe it’s all down to mankind who is causing climate change. I think the temperature is changing all of the time on our planet but mankind is speeding it up.
  3. Gabby Logan Sir Trevor McDonald Piers Morgan Nigella Lawson
  4. The Redheugh Tyne Bridge, which links Gateshead and Newcastle has been known to close when there are strong winds blowing over the River Tyne. I think it’s safer to use the Tyne Tunnel instead of all of the Tyne Bridges when we have stormy weather. If they ever do build a Scottish and Irish bridge they want to make sure it’s designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions we seem to be getting. If I was a lorry driver I’m not sure I’d like to drive over it in bad weather
  5. She was a good dancer when she was on Stricktly Come Dancing. RIP
  6. I was thinking the same. I’m not sure what is the worst, finding out your husband has cheated on you with another woman or a man?
  7. The fish and chips use to be nice from Norwood Fish Bar, they were cooked in dripping and they did open on a Sunday, but it is over 6 years ago since I last had any from there. This is the phone number below if you want to give them a call. 411 Herries Rd, Sheffield S5 7HF Norwood Fish Bar 0114 242 4127
  8. Has Philip fallen in love with another man, or has he been with a few gay men and he is frightened in case one of them decides to go to the media saying he is a closet house homosexual? Or does he just look at men and he feels an attraction? I hope his wife is getting support, I also feel sorry for her if she thought she was married to a straight man.
  9. Will the government lose out when we are all driving electric cars? What about all the VAT the government gets from petrol and diesel at the moment?
  10. I can put up with surgeons being pompous and self important as long as they are good at their job and don’t make mistakes. I do feel when it comes to GPs they need to be more approachable.
  11. I’ve just watched the trailer and I also think it could be a good film.
  12. Yes I also thought it was very moving. She has a lovely voice.
  13. I was thinking of another Countryfile presenter who took on the BBC for ageism, but I think I must be wrong. Thanks for the link.
  14. I can’t think of their names but didn’t a few older women presenters take the BBC to court saying they were being discriminated because of there age, and they won their case. There does seem to be more older women working for the BBC now.
  15. Good post, I think the person who wrote to the BBC made a good point. They also want to look at their wage bill for the highest paid stars and see what cuts they can make there.
  16. I started with tinnitus about 20 years ago, it was awful when it first started, especially when I went to bed. I didn’t know where to put my head to try and stop the buzzing and hissing noises. Over time I found out that having the TV on seemed to help, so first thing in the morning I turn the TV on, now I have learnt to live with tinnitus. I listen to music in the car most of the time.
  17. I use to travel along Penistone Road and Halifax Road to get home on match days and you could see fans leaving 15 minutes before the match was due to end, I suppose to miss the rush or they were disgusting with their team. if a match was due to end at 5 pm the worst was over at 5.50 pm I would say. There was a few exceptions but I though that was due to a full house. I use to try and time driving home before the match came out. This was about five years ago so see what other replies you get to your post.
  18. Yes I have to agree with you about Germany recovering under Hitler’s leadership. Probably all the military weapons he was building kept people in work to, although I’m not to sure about that.
  19. I ask myself the same question as Pattricia how could the German people be taken in by a mad man? After the First World War some historians say The Treaty of Versailles was to harsh which was meant to punish and humiliate Germany. Then along came Hitler who took no notice of the Treaty. One thing Hitler was brilliant at was public speaking, probably one of the greatest in the world. He was able to bewitch his audiences who believed every word he said. So he decided to blame the Jews for all the worlds problems and the German people believed him.
  20. I’ve got it all to look forward to. I’ll soon catch up.
  21. I’m working my way through, The Walking Dead, seasons six.
  22. I don’t know if it has been decided who is going to pay for their bodyguards yet, but if they do start to earn the millions some are predicting in the future, then they should pay for their own security or contribute towards it, and not the tax payer. They are already worth a small fortune now.
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