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  1. If Mr Trump had anything to do with having two Isis terrorists from the UK, known as the Beatles taken into US custody yesterday then I want to thank him. They wanted to come back to the UK to face justice here. Hopefully they will go on trial in America, for the beheading of hostages.
  2. I bet that was one confused Canadian.
  3. I agree with you about the weird smell in Marks toilets on Farage. It’s been there for years.
  4. There is no grey squirrel problem where I live. When I lived in Sheffield there was a lot of grey squirrels, use to see them all the time. I’ve never seen one since I moved to Newcastle. It could be because Sheffield is a greener city than Newcastle. Also there is a lot of red squirrels in parts of Northumberland and I think in County Durham to. By eradicating the greys the reds seem to be thriving up here. They set traps to catch grey squirrels then kill them. Some people eat the greys and I have seen squirrel pie for sale in a village in Northumberland, I don’t fancy grey squirrel for tea. I have never tried rabbit but I was told grey squirrels taste the same.
  5. Many years ago I worked as a translator. When my uncle from Newcastle who had a broad geordie accent came to Sheffield for a wedding he sat next to a broad yorkshire speaking man, they couldn’t understand each other. I was born in Newcastle but lived most of my life in Sheffield so I was fluent in both dialects. Didn’t do a bad job either helping them understand each other.
  6. Yes you are right, I’ve walked in dog poo once, didn’t see it, so I try to walk on the edge of the verge. So far I’ve been okay.
  7. I use to live on a hill and when it snowed heavy I had to abandon my car half way up the hill the odd time. When using public transport you had to get off the bus at the bottom of the hill because they were unable to drive up it. Although it didn’t happen very often. It is harder walking down a hill when it has snowed. Good advice walking on the grass verge if there is one, I use to walk on the edge of it, or walking on snow that hasn’t been walked on seemed to grip better and not quite as slippery. I have also used my mum’s old walking stick when going down hill only doing very small steps, so allow extra time if going to work. I’ve never tried the spiky things you put on your shoes so I might give them a try, or invest in shoes that are designed for bad weather. I know this might sound daft and I hope it doesn’t happen but you could also wear a extra thick coat just in case you do fall, it might help to cushion the fall.
  8. I don’t know the details of the case as you say, but they have both been found guilty of murdering their children and attempted murder, therefore I believe they should be kept in prison for the rest of their lives. For the Judge to say, no words of mine can ever fully reflect the enormity of what you both have done, makes you wonder what they did to those children.
  9. We might get to know more details after they have been sentenced.
  10. I do hope that when they are sentenced that life means life and they are told that they will never be considered for parole. If in the future they challenge their sentence in the Court of Human Rights, that’s if we’re still in it, I hope their case is thrown out. A 35 year old woman with six children, disgraceful, what was she trying to do, bring children into the world so she could murder them?
  11. Two brilliant comical entertainers.
  12. I don’t think we should stop space exploration. There was something on the news a few weeks ago about the discovery of a new planet and scientist say they have detected water on it, they believe it could support life. They are working on a new super telescope which will help to confirm their findings. I’m not sure what to think about space tourism, it could be one way of training more Astronauts. We have some experts saying the earth is doomed, although I have no idea what to believe on that one. Best to carry on looking for a new planet just in case.
  13. I used the the bus last week and there was someone sat behind me coughing and sneezing, in the end I got up and moved further away. A few days later I started with a cold. Best to avoid public transport if possible during the flu season.
  14. I also went to a wedding at Bradfield Church, about 10 years ago, and it was a lovely day, there were sheep walking round the grave stones, the view was lovely, the church reminded me of something from a Charles Dicken’s novel. You are right about the wedding photos, they were fantastic. A few years later in February I went to a Christening. It was raining, cold and windy, what a difference. It was horrendous trying to make our way to the local pub.
  15. Bradfield Church, however if it’s a windy day the guests will need to hang on to their hats.
  16. Strictly come dancing is also a favourite of mine. Can’t believe how fast this year has gone, it just seems like five minutes since it was on last year.
  17. I watched some of Rinder’s show last night and I wasn’t to impressed with it. If there was a guest on the show who I liked then I might have watched it a bit longer. Didn’t think much of him when he played the role of a Judge in the Civil Court. He was always shouting at the defendant or victim at the top of his voice, surely this is not how Judges behave when they are sat in Court, so I will give these two shows a miss. I thought Rinder wasn’t to bad when he was on Strictly Come Dancing a few years ago. I felt sorry for him when he was on Who Do You Think You Are, most of his relatives died in Concentration Camps, he had some emotional moments on that programme.
  18. Pleased they are being built in this country and creating jobs. We might need more navel ships in the future for escorting British tankers that have to enter Iranian waters.
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