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  1. Don’t act your age in later life, act like the young person you’re always been. 💗
  2. I didn’t disliked Simon as a judge on BGT. There was a bit of news on TV this morning reporting that he was hoping to make a telephone call to congratulate the winner at the end of the show but he is in a lot of pain after fracturing his back in 3 places, so I will just have to wait and see if he makes a full recovery for next year’s show. I’m going to give BGT another try next year, when hopefully this pesky virus is all behind us. I’ve never learnt to dance but I wish I had. I watched Strictly’s, The Best of the Finale, last night and I enjoyed it. There was a tribute to Caroline Flack who won the competition in 2014. I didn’t want her to win when she was in it but after watching her again last night she was very good and a justified winner.
  3. You could see the look of disappointment on Nabil’s face when the winner of BGT was announced, he looked shocked that his name wasn’t announced. I watched the first minute of his performance and that was enough for me. Having said that there was a few other acts that I didn’t watch so I’m not in a position to say who should have won the show. What I can say is thank heavens it’s all over. Now roll on Strictly Come Dancing and I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out to be another let down for me, although I’m expecting it to be different because of social distancing.
  4. Adults who put children in supermarket shopping trolleys with shoes on after they have been walking around outside in the same shoes, which will probably be full of germs, then other people have to use the trolleys after them.
  5. There is nothing wrong with a sense of humour. I have made a note of Ben Eltons Chart Throb. There is nothing wrong with a sense of humour, especially at the moment.
  6. Well that’s show business for you.
  7. It was meant to be a bit of a joke about starting a thread about Amanda miming and definitely nothing to do about being duped. In the past and I mean in the past, like you I’ve also seen some singers in concert and walked away disappointed. Now we could start a thread on that, acts you have seen live in concert and walked away disappointed. Joke. I'm bewildered how some of these acts on BGT are put through and I ask myself am I missing something?
  8. We could start a new thread on this one. Was A Holden singing live or miming.
  9. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/amanda-holden-britains-got-talent-performance-not-while-im-around-085124163.html For your Eyes only Padders. I’ve listened to her singing again and she has got a nice voice. I think she was singing live and not miming.
  10. I was looking forward to her singing on BGT after hearing her last week singing a few lines, but your ears must be better than mine because I couldn’t hear her very well because of the background noise. What little I did hear I thought she sounded okay.
  11. Someone has already posted on here that the show is fixed. I wasn’t to sure what to think after reading it, but yes I do believe it now.
  12. The virtual audience definitely hasn’t worked for me either, they were to noisy especially when Amanda Holden and the NHS nurse were singing, I could hardly hear them. I think you were also right when you said we need the gaffer back.
  13. It looks to me this Margaret Ferrier is be a modern day Guy Fawkes. Instead of trying to blow up Parliament she was trying to infect what few MPs are sat in the Commons and The House Of Lords with the Covid. Although I would imagine most of those who sit in The House of Lords are in isolation because of their age. I wouldn’t put anything past those SNPs. They are getting desperate for an independence vote. Feckless lot they are.
  14. A one hour documentary about the honour killing of Banaz who was murdered by members of her own family. It showed you police interviews of her asking for their help, but sadly she was let down by them. I found it very upsetting to watch.
  15. Thank you for the paste recipes, when I get more adventurous I might have ago at making my own paste. This is a spicy easy lentil recipe I’m going to make, if I have done the link okay. I was thinking of adding ginger, garlic and just a little bit of chilli when the onions start to brown. I do like spicy food. https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/easy-peasy-lentil-curry I’m going to have ago at making FIRETHORNES1 veggie curry recipe it looks nice. I can’t say I’m a good cook, but I’ve picked up some nice recipes and tips on this thread over the years.
  16. Thank you for sharing your recipe. It looks good and not to complicated. I’m going to make a copy of it and I’ll include the tomatoes. I’ve been looking at a few recipes were you have to use curry paste but for now I will buy the shop bought ones, I might have ago at making my own later on. I’ll see how I get on with my veggie recipes first and if I like them. So thank you once more.
  17. Yes it is watchable, and although I’m not enjoying it as much as past years it could be because of the virtual audience and some acts are on a big screen, which can’t be helped because of the pesky covid virus, or I’m not concentrating on the show, I’ll blame the virus for that.
  18. Amanda Holden was on TV last week singing a few lines from a song. She surprised me, I thought she had a nice voice. She is going to sing the full song next week on BTG. I like her, she’s my favourite judge, having said that I can’t say I have enjoyed the show this year. I record it so I don’t have to sit and watch it all.
  19. Rest in peace Sgt Ratana. So near your retirement to.
  20. Would you mind sharing your veggie curry recipe Firethorn1? I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t eat a lot of meat either. At the moment I’m into lentils and I have googled a few simple recipes. There is a spicy lentil recipe I’m going to try.
  21. I’ve never heard of it before. Next time I go to Aldi I’ll look out for it. It will be interesting to see if you get any replies. You might get one from Taxman he’s well up on trying new things. If not open the tin and have a taste and let us know how you go on.
  22. https://vimeo.com/456871618/a8dad6117c I’ve done an antibody research test today for NHS Imperial College to see if I have had Covid. After doing the blood test I fully expected the result to show negative but it didn’t the result was positive. If I have had the virus then I’ve no idea when. On the questionnaire form I was asked if I had shortage of breath, sore throat, lost my taste and various other things, I had to say no to all of them. I don’t know what to think about any of it at the moment, is the government over reacting, or am I one of the lucky ones?
  23. Yes I agree with you about the interviewer, but I thought he showed a lot of respect for Mr Moore. God knows how Morgan would have behaved if he had Boris in the interview chair. Better get back on topic the thread is about the Proms.
  24. I definitely agree with you about Sir Captain Tom, what a remarkable and honest man he is.
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