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  1. I’m sure it can’t be good for the horses feet walking on hard concrete all the time unless they have special shoes. If the ground is wet a horse could slip, they have fragile legs, a fall could cause their legs to break.
  2. All the best to Princess Katherine as she continues to recover. She has a few weeks to spend quality time with her children and husband during the Easter Holidays and this is the best type of therapy to help rebuild her physical and emotional health. I hope the press will leave her alone, I’m sure they must have some sort of conduct.
  3. We have still got a long way to go before cancer is a thing of the past but for now thanks to better treatment and technology survival rates are definitely increasing. Also people doing their bit checking for lumps and bumps.
  4. All the best to Princess Katherine as she continues to recover. She has a few weeks to spend quality time with her children during there Easter Holidays, I do hope the media will give the family privacy. I also hope The King is continuing to make a full recovery.
  5. I’m sure that’s why Newcastle Airport is so busy because of the excellent train links. The Metro runs directly from Newcastle central train station and it goes inside the airport.
  6. Government was talking about bringing in new laws to stop Doctors, Nurses and other organisations from having all out strikes. Don’t know if that is still being looked at.
  7. A bit of both, the doctors and the government for not doing enough to stop the strikes.
  8. I feel sorry for some of the women in countries such as Africa. A young girl can be forced into a marriage as soon as she reaches puberty and that can be 12 years old. They don’t have a childhood, but spend most of their early years giving birth.
  9. Still got a migraine so I’m being very carful when I come on this thread.
  10. Some good actors in it along side Kevin Costner. Will definitely look out for it.
  11. This thread is starting to give me a migraine better keep off it for now.
  12. I haven’t watched many films with Kevin Costner in them, so as an actor not sure how to judge him, but his performance as Mr Brook was unique and different to other serial killer movie’s I have watched. He was made for the part. Will be looking out for more films with him in it. I agree this film is underrated.
  13. Thank you. I have already watched the second season and what an ending. Can’t wait for season 3.
  14. Mr Brooks, played by Kevin Costner. Mr Brooks is a happy married successful businessman who has a dark secret, he is a serial killer who is addicted to killing people. I thought the film was brilliant and so was Kevin Costner. 9/10
  15. I think a few people think she has had the hysterectomy for the length of time it’s taking her to recover.
  16. The majority of people in Wetherspoons Pubs seem to sit at the table ordering food and drinks on their phone using their app.
  17. I wonder how many people left there shopping because they had no cash?
  18. The scanner machines on Go North East buses are hit and miss these days, twice I got on a bus in the last week and they were not working. Bus drivers just wave people on the bus because they are unable to scan tickets and phone apps.
  19. No they don’t do the same for me and she is a teacher. If I didn’t when it is windy the bin would be blow into The River Tyne. Her mother does sometimes when she is looking after the children when the neighbours are at work.
  20. I’m still thinking of a good deed. Just thought of one, bringing my neighbours bin back in after it’s been emptied. They never do the same for me.
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