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  1. With all these conflicts in the world and more countries who have nuclear weapons, then experts warning us to expect the world to look different in 20 years because of a nuclear war, I think climate change is the least of our worries at the moment.
  2. Oh dear that doesn’t sound good.
  3. I’m just thankful Iran hasn’t got nuclear weapons, but how advanced they are in producing one is frightening.
  4. Thank you for that Axe. I knew Parliament could vote to hold elections earlier. But didn’t realise it was 5 years a government could remain in power before the coalition government was in power.
  5. Is five years to long for the Government of the day to be in power? It use to be every 4 years until the Coalition Government, Conservative and Lib Dems, changed it. I’m not sure why it was changed, I think it was something to do with they needed more time to get their policies through parliament. I think we should go back to having a general election every 4 years.
  6. I’ll give this film the same marks as your good lady. 7/10
  7. Tesco was on the news saying price pressures have eased substantially, you could have fooled me, I haven’t noticed when I go shopping. I agree with Anna about food prices still going up. The company said there’s been a large jump in profits, now that I can believe, it makes me wonder if the supermarkets have been profiteering.
  8. I agree he was a murderer who was acquitted because of a pair of gloves.
  9. We are given a bit of democracy every 5 years or less allowing the Government to do what they want. At times I feel its an elective dictatorship. We can't have a referendum every time Government brings in new legislation but should the people have more say on some policies.
  10. I remember Simpson trying on a pair of gloves during his murder trial that didn’t fit. I’m sure it was because of this he was found not guilty.
  11. With all the shenanigans going on in the British Parliament I have thought to myself would we be better if we had a dictator running the country?
  12. Oh well you learn a little every day. As long as Labour don't make it compulsory to have one if those expensive heat pump boilers.
  13. I don't bet these days. Use to be in a syndicate for the lottery many years ago. I won a £1,000 on the premium bonds but I don't think that is classed as betting because you don't lose your money.
  14. I cant say I'm not worried if Labour win the next election. I wonder how they are going to tackle climate change? More effort from the public for net zero and making people poorer. What a burden to put on the country when it is going to make very little difference. Surely all our efforts will be diminished because of Russia, China and other countries who have no intention of tackling climate change at the moment.
  15. Yes I definitely will look at Startrescue when renewal is due.
  16. I renewed with Greenflag last year. I didn’t have breakdown cover for a few years before then which was silly especially driving back and forwards from Newcastle to Sheffield. I was with the AA a number of years ago when I lived in Sheffield, I had to call the AA for assistance after my car broke down in the early hours of the morning, they asked me are you a lady on your own, which I replied yes, they were there in less than an hour. I’m curious if they still ask the same question. I did find the AA very good when I was with them but they are not the cheapest breakdown service.
  17. Just renewed my car with Green Flag last year and it’s over 10 years old.
  18. It could be quiet because of the Easter Holidays. It’s been quiet where I live a few of the neighbours have been on holiday.
  19. Some Wetherspoons are better than others but on a whole I don’t dislike them. They may not be to everyone’s taste and you can’t compare them to fine dining restaurants but I think they offer value for money. I have only been in the Beighton Wetherspoons once when I stayed with friends overnight in Killamarsh after Christmas, I treated them to breakfast before heading home to Newcastle. The large room was nice and cosy, not to busy but it was mid morning and mainly people having breakfast. Coffee is excellent value a good choice and only £1.56 cup with free refills. However I’m sure later in the day the atmosphere is different when the boozers start to fill the place up.
  20. Government is allowing pharmacists to treat some conditions. They are hoping it will help take some pressure off GPs and allow them to treat other medical conditions. thousands of pharmacists will be able to assess and treat patients for sinusitis, sore throat, earache, infected insect bites, impetigo, shingles and uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women under 65, without the need for a GP appointment or prescription.
  21. Yes Axe, took advantage of the cheap vegetables. I'm making veggie soup later today with what's left.
  22. Thank heavens for modern medicine especially pain relief. Imagine having to have a tooth pulled out in 1632, god knows what they gave you for pain relief. Even childbirth posed a severe mortality risk to mothers in those days.
  23. I use to hate my Mother’s neighbours and there anti social behaviour.
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