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  1. I would rather cook my own chips and fish, its easy to make a batter rather than pay seven quid ect at places like whitbys ect.
  2. No, some stuff like meat and certain crisp taste like metal or something, but havn't got no shortness of breath ect.
  3. You can aquire these sympton by just getting the normal flu virus, I did three years ago. Three years on and still havn't got my taste or smell back.
  4. There is one or two John West Salmon tins floating about in the Don thats a cert.
  5. In Victorian times, one of Victorias sons was a prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper case, clues were, he was studying to be a Surgeon and was a frequent visitor in the red light area and numerous other clues. But yes! How unusual, all covered up and Brushed under the big Royal Axminister.
  6. Boris's biggest blunder was to lock down too late, he and the country watched the start of it in Whuan then watched it rip through Italy and Spain and then three months on after it had took hold of this country, then decided the first lockdown, what an idiot.
  7. Yes because younger generanations can't cook won't cook, can't blame em tho, for example, why do all the messing about doing a sunday lunch when its cheap in pubs ect.
  8. The only place he should stay in, is a small dark room or in a Circus 🤡
  9. Trish get Netflix, its only 6 quid a month, and you choose what you want, films, series, documentries, all uninterupted by adverts, well worth it imo,
  10. just google boris johnsons lies, it will give you a list of them.
  11. What hasn't he lied about, to write in a diary of the lies has told, the diary would be as thick as War and Peace.
  12. I hope the function room is big enough to hold three quarters of the country, I'll definately be there.
  13. Most of them? For me it's all of them I agree, if I want something I will go out and find it.
  14. Lets get this straight to all the deluded royalist on this forum, the royals over the years have been guilty of plenty of crimes, hushed up and swept under giant carpets in buck house ect, I would not like to be one of the cleaners trying to run an hoover over them. THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW, thats why they don't get the same treatment as the rest of us. Like it or lump that is the TRUTH about this lot.
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