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  1. Robert Carlyle now plays plays Rumpel Skiltskin is in once upon a time, not sure what the others are doing,
  2. And check your oil and clean your windscreen, oops! Thats America,
  3. The Syndicate, a bit daft, acting a bit poor from some of the actors past their selly by date, like Neil Morrisey and Gaynor Faye and Mark Benton but a change from some of the more serious drama around.
  4. It wouldn't be a unique hairstyle if everyone were too lazy with no personal pride, if he attends the funeral he will just look the same, because after all these years his hair looks normal too him, sadly.
  5. Come on now, his hair has always been a mess from prep school days through his time at Eton, through Oxford till now , so the lifting of restrictions allowing barbers to open wouldn't make any difference, anyhow the barber comes to number 10 , Thatchers hairdresser was there every day. That'll be a first walking in a barbers shop and seeing a Primeminister sat in a Que reading a paper. In that case he should be selling used cars, could even practise U turns inbetween customers.
  6. Lol, I never ever thought I would say what I'm about to say about a Politician, Starmer looks more believable ( credible )
  7. Im not joking, he looks a complete mess and I thought the same about Corbyn, scruffy , Personal presentation is a big thing in my book, Starmer is a good example of to how to look when representing our country in front world leaders and attending Funerals ect. No pride in your appearence wouldnt give me much confidence of you having pride in your job. Just think of how many people around the world will be watching Prince Phillips funeral, everyone attending will be dressed to the nines and looking smart clean and tidy then you have a Baffoon like Johnson turning up looking like the Court Jester, he is an embarrasment,
  8. I think only 30 are allowed to attend and the Royals have a large family or it could be his ridiculous hair, I certainly wouldnt want someone who looks like a joke attending such a serious solom occaision.
  9. As previous posters have stated, the TV coverage was a bit much but in my opinion this was a pure case of TV companies competing against each other probably to earn the best Queens approval and a few brownie points chucked in, even tho he has done some shady deceitful things over the years which were well documented at the time would not IMO be the done thing at this present time to re-ash but to make him out as some type of Saint was a bit OTT. Oh! I would like to mention the TV serial, The Crown for drama purpose, did have some made up stuff but there were alot of well documented facts there too, showing Phillips shady past.
  10. You'll be OK now Countdown is on channel 4 don't miss it,
  11. She would be better of staying put, she will have a chance of getting a word in edgeways now.
  12. Cheers for the link tinfoil, nice to see odd bits of good news emerging, after a year of doom and gloom.
  13. Im joining the Tortoise club in the Summer, Im buying a Tourer,
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