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  1. Eric Burden and the Animals. (Goodtimes). Search it on youtube. You'll love it.
  2. Cheers Padders. But talking about driving at a safe speed to some of the Formula 1 drivers on here is a waste of time.
  3. Just seen a piece on telly about cycle lanes taking up too much road space so a clever counciler said the road is for all road users, well all road users should pay flippin road tax.
  4. No contract in place ! Cant see much Joy coming out of this. Mates or no mates draw up a contract. Same as going into buisness with a mate. When it comes to money the word "Mate" evaporates.
  5. Thats not big and not Clever. Infact Stupid and deserves to be banned from driving for life. Anyhow how do you know what speed he was doing have you got a speed gun or summat.
  6. All traffic ? What about HGV's. I tink youve been playing with your Scalextric too long Sonny Jim.
  7. I pay for 4 screens and its only £12 a month. But like you say after 5 years you can get through some stuff. Their a bit slow adding new stuff. On saying that I still prefer it to normal telly adverts drive me insane.
  8. Ive just looked at the prices. Netflix is cheaper than Amazon prime. According to what Ive just read.
  9. I agree, its not as though your on it for hours so a safe 50 would better than dangerous 70 because you wont have lost much time .
  10. Completly agree. The man is a Maniac.
  11. He said after the rally he couldn't stop them shouting send her back ect, he had no intentions of trying to stop them he was loving every minuet. Just watch the trump heritage documentry he openly says to the interviewer about black occupants living in properties he was viewing would you want to live next em. He is on film saying it. How can he deny he is a Racist. A dangerous man.
  12. Your incorrect I drive at safe speed I want to make sure I get to my destination. Around about 45mph on the Parkway and around about 55-60mph on the Motorway. They are not race tracks.
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