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  1. I fully agree with you.
  2. Irrespective to an extended lenght of time to this situation, I cant see the extent of guns and bombs , also I cant really see civil disorder in big fractions, the majority of the Country infact the World know the measures in place make sense, you might get some idiots/fools think different, but not sufficient numbers to make any type of difference.
  3. Some people are moaning, Ive heard em, why do you think our Police are having to play a role, because there are still PEOPLE NOT complying with the restrictions and taking this Virus seriously,they are the MOANERS.
  4. Certain people in this Country are moaning about the current restrictions and the Police, there lucky the dont live in India, people are being Beaten with Batons for being outside their homes.
  5. Star Trek Voyager, Seven of Nine, my God! Unbelievable. ❤️
  6. Aldi fully stocked, Im Crackers about cream crackers, spread cheese or any type pate .
  7. Waste of time, not much open at Crystal Peaks.
  8. Could be even worse, Lee Mack! I dont find any of them mentioned funny.
  9. Talk about Social Gathering, what about Job Centres, more people will be Gathering there for Universal Credit ect. I know some have closed but why are some still open.
  10. He would be my second choice, Connery being my first, As for George Lazenby, Never say never again, in his case, I would.
  11. He as got to be the worst actor I have ever seen, there are loads and loads of Northern accented actors but none are as bad as him, he is just complete card cardboard, his performance in any scene is all forced, from his walking, his hand gestures the job lot, he is just not natural, he hasn't got the gift at all, The saying Pigs Ears and Silk Pursers spring to mind.
  12. He doesn't how to smile, reason why, because he is boring and miserable, Connery had a good sense of humour. 😎
  13. It would probably be Olivia Coleman, she is on everything else just like Judy Dench.
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