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  1. I had a simlar experience in the aldi near me, I asked a member of staff where the Jalapinos were because they wern't in their usual place above the chest freezers, she said they had been discontinued so I said OK cheers then carried on to next isle and their they were on the top shelf above the ketchup and brown sauce ect. I think she needs discontinueing.
  2. Good post as usual. Conservative supporters who constantly live in constant denial must like living in a ruined messed up country.
  3. A shop! Thats not a problem, just pay them the same hourly rate as the other members of staff.
  4. Guns, dogs, electric fences, where do you live, San Quentin.
  5. Nice one I thought it was something like that. I have just seen a piece saying the black tape was for sinus problems as other forumers mentioned.
  6. Good idea but just wondered what would you type in to get the info your looking for.
  7. Russia and Ukrane war! A good excuse or cover up tactic whats the excuse for rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer every time this Goverment is in power over the years.
  8. Love Portion, its Love Potion, there you go again slipping Portions in where ever you can.
  9. I thought that too, that still leaves me wondering why American footballers put two black stripes under there eyes, I thought the two reasons were connected.
  10. Your right, the cost of living crisis is real and its all this Goverments fault and its not new, its always the same tragic situation when this Goverment are in power. They are the Crisis behind the Crisis.
  11. So that means Padders bar customers will be sat in the dark, I won't be, as I'm still barred. 😭
  12. American footballers do the same, at a guess it might have something to do with deflecting the light or the white court markings, just a guess, I could be completly wrong.
  13. You will need the Pied Piper of Hamlin by the time that lazy lot decide to turn up for the first visit.
  14. Tip! On buying different poisons, heavens above, don't do a taste test.
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