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  1. I think TV on the whole is going that way, Im not being funny or old fashioned but I just can't laugh at so called comedians Ive not seen a good one for years. Same with so called presenters and so called judges. Its not just todays rubbish standards, loads of rubbish has slipped through the net over the years. Mike and Bernie Winters, Marti Cane, Mortimerand Reeves, louie walsh, sherly sharwtzinger or what ever her name is plus BGT judges Walliams and co just to mention a few..
  2. Same as the other two fools, they are just copying each other or otherwise the scores would be more diverse.
  3. Barroman is doing my head in. And flipping Perry has got big hair to match his bidlg head.
  4. I watched about 15 minuets. Far far too long.
  5. Ill be glad when this rubbish has finished so that ITV can replace it with some more rubbish.
  6. I don't know but I would have thought if anybody had done or said owt to this maniac, they would have shot.
  7. Where is the Racial Bias, if someone mistakes a chinese person for Korean person or Japenese person where deos that involve any kind Rasicm. I live near a family who I don't really know if they are Chines or Japenes, all I know is that they are a wonderful family, because I don't know which country they are from does that make me a racist. and by the way Im not ignorent either. It doesn't matter to where a person originates from or how he/she may look.
  8. Dont worry There is still plenty of time. 😎
  9. I know I posted on the wrong topic, too busy watchin Snooker. as Captain Mainwearing would say, stupid boy.
  10. Too busy watching telly whilst posting. Some blokes just can't multi task. Who !
  11. Joe Swash would still fall down if he was on Strictly.
  12. Im sure you will be offered it .
  13. Joe Swash should have gone tonight compared with who has gone, he is useless.
  14. Do the course offered pay £100 and keep a clean license or as previously said other wise it will cost £100 and still get 3 points put on your license.
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