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  1. And his Nose was Growing.
  2. Johnson on Telly now getting bombarded with questions from MPs and he his just lying his head off, does he think no one can tell he is lying.
  3. I agree with you. Right from the start of this saga till now/ongoing its self inflicted, rule breaks, arrogance, no remorse ect, has created the majority of the publics anger to the extent that they have lost it with the PM and co.
  4. This would have all gone away a lot quicker if the bloke had just fessed up, to be fair Johnson then just had a decision to make to either sack him or keep him on but instead the situation has turned into a web of deciet and cover up in people we should trust with our lives. That is the top and bottom of all this. Just my opinion, right or wrong.
  5. You opion is in the Minority.
  6. 70% of this country and 40 MPs dont think The matter is closed, do you realise that Cummings actions have caused the majority of this country to now take their eyes of the ball which has caused a severe lack of awareness at a crucial time, because more restriction are being lifted we still needed to be aware more than ever but now Cummings has caused a general attitude of not giving a damm which is dangerous and even fatal, he has a lot to answer for. He has abused his position and doesn't deserve to be doing the job he is in any more, so no the matter is not closed or over.
  7. There is no daylight between Johnson, Gove and Hanckock they are reading off the exact same hymm sheet, distgusting ! Anyone fined for doing the same as Cummings go get a lawyer and get some comp.
  8. Like it or lump it, I think Johnson will wrongly stand by his decision because he knows no one can make him change it, he will ride out this storm and sail on for the next four years in which Cummings by then will have jumped ship, preferably around Botany Bay.
  9. The Media are like a dog with a bone as we all know and they can be a pain but can also be useful by highlighting an injustice as in this case.
  10. He has no moral compass, for all we know he could have passed the virus on to someone who is getting on years and the results could have been fatal. By obeying the rules all this controvesy wouldn't have come about. The reason he didn't run it by Boris is because he bunked off in the night on the sly. Come on the whole world and his dog can see he his lying. Good idea, they could call it True Lies 2.
  11. A man who says he cant remember stopping at a garage on his journey back from Durham to London to fill up with petrol is a complete liar, you and Boris believe this man but the vast majority of this country dont, what does that tell you.
  12. If Cummings had any deceny or respect for Johnson or even himself he would stop driving a nail in Johnsons political coffin and resign, arrogance and believing in his devious excuses prevent this, these are two baddens and we are stuck with them, its now nailed on that the majority of the country have no confidence in Johnson anymore, I have never had any in him,
  13. The point Im making is beware, unlike Margaret Thatcher, Boris is for turning. When the whole world is wrong and your right, there is something wrong!
  14. Sturgeon did a U turn on her decision ref the health advisor in Scotland who visited her second home, Boris is used to doing U turns so you never know.
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