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  1. How long is this lock stock and especially two barrels if caught breaking the rules going to last this time.
  2. How long is Liverpool and Manchester locked down for, what ever the answer is, take it as we will probably spend the same time if we are moved up a tier.
  3. I hope the part where the Judge ordered the Black Guy to be beaten, chained and gagged was fitcion rather than fact, if true I hope the Judge was severly reprimanded/sacked whatever, it was disgusting. I remember seeing these protest at the time, so it was a good insight to the aftermath, Great film tho.
  4. Saw a piece on the BBC news this morning they have found a Chinese goverment backed Vaccine in China and people were queing up to take it, strange it wasn't reported on the tea time slot, I thought this would have been the news the worlds be waiting to hear
  5. In these unpresidented times we have to put up and shut up, try doing the same, do you think the Ambulance was parked there for a specific reason for instance, saving someones life or helping some in distress, probably not because he was in your way whilst trying to get to the supermarket to panic buy, selfish people like you just don't help matters in these times.
  6. New Kiddie, do you mean Paul Hudson who always gets the weather wrong,
  7. PG Tips, the Chimps were great.
  8. My favourite all time best was the Hamlet Cigar ad in 1987, fella with the Comb over in the photo booth.
  9. Boris wont do the national lock because of the economy fair enough he also wont let the population go back to normal and let the virus take its own course, but by letting the spread rise in each area before put in the high risk bracket, surely in time when every area all over the country has gone through this he as in fact let the virus takes its own course.
  10. No matter where you shop you will always get idiots flouting and not caring about rules or anyone or anything, like said in a previous post, the majority have to suffer for the ignorant selfish minority.
  11. Like playing football without a referee,
  12. Just been in asda and loads aren't wearing mask, apparently staff aren't allowed to pull em up because so called enforcers and police are supposed to be doing it and dishing out fines, but where are they,
  13. Yes its gone like old bread, Stale.
  14. Just cant understand why they didn't bring back Les Dennis to do the show instead of this Joker.
  15. Im not saying anything about young or old, Im saying anyone should not trust to thinking they are imune, stick to the rules and guidelines and dont take any chances. Excactly.
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