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  1. Cut out the sarcasm on my post.
  2. Could anyone enlighten me, Is it still possible to go for a Chest Xray at the Hallamshire or possibly turned away till a later time which would be understanderble.
  3. Im remarking on the distgusting behaviour on Beat the Chasers, not other TV Shows, but thanks for your negative input.
  4. He called the Lady an Idiot, how bad is that! I don't care what anyone one says, this behavour needs stopping on a game show. If I called someone an Idiot or words to that effect on the Forum I would deserve a life time Ban. The fella called Zeus who lost to Frosty on a previous chase show beat four chasers and walked off with 25 grand, whilst walking off Frosty just had to get her 10 penneth in by saying, he still hasn't beat me, what a big head !
  5. More like the party of Roundabouts, they are going around in circles.
  6. To be honest, we have never really been out of it since last march.
  7. Frosty knickers said to the lady who had appeared on various quiz shows " I'm better than you" why would someone say that to anyone, in any shape or form, NASTY. Then Sarcastic Sinnerman was left with egg on his face when he said about the lady that beat em and walked away with 50 grand, she's not a quizzer, I appcept the Panto Villian concept but I don't think Personal insults are necessary.
  8. How sad, if insulting people entertains you.
  9. What a bunch of Big headed nobodies. It annoys me how they talk down to contestants from the public domain and suck up to Celebs,
  10. Its the right thing to do IMO, while the vunerable groups are being vaccinated.
  11. I agree, the judges spoil these type of shows for me, as for Dancing on Ice I respect the points made by Torvil and Dean who have been there and done it and someone like yourself who have had the experience to know how difficult and dangerous Ice skating is.
  12. Liked the original version from the film musical, Carousel but I think Gerry and the Pacemakers made it their own along with Ferry cross the Mersey. I actually thought this group were better than the over hyped Beatles at the time, R.I.P Gerry , wonderful voice.
  13. Wossy and co spoil it for me just like Walliams, Holden ect spoil BGT.
  14. Why not ? As well as, they are rolling enough Vaccines out according to Boris.
  15. Why Mass testing at Schools, just Vaccinate them instead.
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