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  1. Ok! The same as a VED rated car. If your a road user contribute. Plus it only makes sense to get your self covered.
  2. From the age of 18 cyclist shoud be compelled to have insurance plus road tax like other road users. £20 a year at least.
  3. Sheffield was internationally known for Steel, hence SteelCity plus World Snooker Championship. By the way the Don is lined, Wi shoppin trolleys. Anyhow Sheffield on the move ( Full Monty) also puts us on the the map for Male Strippers.
  4. Most footballers cant string a sentence together, SOBER. . Beckham springs to mind.
  5. Dehyration is the main suspect in the majority of cases, I agree with been careful when you drink water ref toilet situations but water really does keep the gout attacks at bay for me. I dont eat much red meat or cheese just in moderation, I stick to Chicken mainly which is high in protein just the same as red meat and cheese but I think its a case of Horses for Courses, ie different gout sufferers have different reactions to certain foods ect.
  6. Thankyou but Im keeping gout at bay at the mo infact for quite a while because the pint of water every morning and drinking water at times through the day. But like I mentioned I always have tablets on stand by just incase of an attack. P.S, if anyone doesn't have Naproxen ect, Ibuprophane will ease the pain but you have to take more at instructed intervels. Because they are not as strong as the Prescribed tablets. Like I say its better to have Ibu in the cupboard they will help untill you get the appropiate tablets.
  7. Allopurinol is the daily tablet or there is Naproxen or even Diclofenac which over 50 yrs of age are not alloweg because of side affects like strokes ect typical because they are fastest gout relief tablet. I have a pint of water each morning and it seems to keep gout away even tho I have the said Tablets on stand by in my cupboard. When you have a bad toothache you can have your tooth removed. When you have ten times worse gout in your foot/feet or hands you cant have the the said limbs removed but wish you could at the time when gout is fully blown. All you gouters out there explain how hard it is to sleep when gout is in action.
  8. Yeh ok ! What have you done, installed an Olympic size swimming pool.
  9. If someone sits next to me with B.O, no matter if its on a Bus, Tram. ect. I just P.O and sit somewhere else straight away, Soap and Watter cost next to nowt.
  10. For Joint pains, who are you Iron Man.
  11. There is a follow up out now on Netflix, When they see us NOW. Talking to the actual people and the actors.
  12. To be fair there are no decent comics in Britain anymore.
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