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  1. Look at other post, they tell you they laughed out loud and belly laughed at the older sit coms but dont at todays, that should tell you something, the typical attitude of young people today is, if something is before their time they knock it or just simply refuse to accept its existence and think older people dont know anything, if the cap fits, wear it. No emojis
  2. Correct! it is my opinion and to be honest I dont read most of the drivel in your long winded post,
  3. Apart from Oliva Coleman and Ricky Gervais and Martin Freeman the rest you mentioned are just one step up from being Extras, Im on about big stars like Ted Danson, Christopher Llyod, Kirsty Alley, Danny Devito, by the way the Office is around 20yrs old not one of todays sit coms.
  4. I fully agree . I think there some decent dramas knocking about tho, Poldark, line of duty for example but like I mentioned earlier, the so called sit coms I find unfunny, I think America are in the same boat these days, they dont I make gems like Cheers and Taxi any more infact the Majority of the actors in Cheers and Taxi all went on to be big Film stars that indicates the quality, same over here the likes of Porridge Faulty towers and Rising damp, I cant imagine anyone in todays sit coms become film stars,
  5. Lee Mack, I can't find him funny, no matter what he does, tbf, all modern sit coms are rubbish these days, its probably an age thing with me because the old sit coms are literally hard acts to follow, must be a nightmare for writers ect these days,
  6. Probably the easiest question ever asked on the Forum, "does Boris know what he is doing," Answer. NO,
  7. I wouldn't say very good, I would say fair, never reaching the dizzy heights of Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield , Judy Garland, Whitney Houston, and Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand, now thats very good and beyond, I think Jane Mcdonald would get in the top three in a pub Kareoke competition without a doubt. By the way Simon Cowell as invited me to be a Judge on X Factor because Im such an expert,
  8. Agreed a lovely lass but in my opininion an amateur (note the spelling) I think she is a better TV personality than a singer.
  9. Not being funny but how she has got on telly Ill never know , a fellla in charge of entertainment on the Cruise ship programme said she was just an amateure, she has just murdered two Abba songs,, what a joke Ive seen better club turns, Michelle Gayle tried doing a Dusty Springfield number, voice nowhere near strong enough, there is a real lack of talent on the Box these days.
  10. Good points made, I had one fool in the Asda reached over my shoulder to get to an item, when I looked around to see what was goin off, I spotted he had a mask on, as so did I, obviously he was thinking he was no risk to me or himself, so yes I agree with you completly.
  11. Can't believe compulsary mask wearing wasn't introduced from the start, could well have saved some lives,
  12. I would have thought Terrorism charges or probably a charge of Treason, not sure about that one, tbf, would carry a definate term of imprisonment,
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