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  1. No Offence intended! Just making light of the name, one of my all time favourite songs, suprised someone on here didn't mention it before me, taking into account how many Comedians we have on the Forum.
  2. 2468 Motorway wasn't that bad.
  3. I don't bank on line and Its too warm to wear trousers.
  4. The law states you don't have to wear a face covering, are the Halifax bank breaking the law by making you wear a face covering. ?
  5. You can say that again, it sounds to me that there could be a legal case here, the Goverment are underpaying one of the brothers and others that are on jobseekers allowance, this can't be right.
  6. Absoutley Brilliant, nice one.
  7. You wasn't far off really when saying the Army should get involved I've said this before about riots ect, I think the Army Lads and Lasses wouldn't mind standing along side of the Police when rioting and looting take place, or be on standby at peaceful demonstrations just incase it something goes wrong.
  8. I used an emojis to clearly show I was joking but you didn't pick on that, that reflects my view of your mental capbilities, stop being mardy,
  9. The is no Sexism in our house, I wear the trousers, because mi Missus says I can. ❤️
  10. I was just joking, did you really think I meant get the S.A.S in for real, anyhow you just can't put the Army on the streets, Marshall law and all that, in future the Police will be aware and ready incase this sort of thing becomes a trend at football grounds.
  11. Just spoke to two brothers who live down the road from me ref the two benefits mentioned, they are both Unemployed and obviously both sign on, they told me one gets the extra £20 a week on universal credit during Covid times and the other on Jobseekers doesn't, just wondering why.
  12. Army, water cannons, rubber bullets, why not get the S.A.S in and have done with it. Oh Dear!
  13. Cheers, Rolling, Ventilating, my first thought was putting holes in people down at the Arena.
  14. Cheers Rolling, first thought was, putting holes in people down at the Arena
  15. Some people who are up to no good like wearing them, hiding their faces from CCTV .
  16. Couldn't agree more, every move forward this nation makes in these situations, these mindless Yobs push the Nation back.
  17. Yes a nightmare at the start with the time jumps but once you got used to it every thing fell into place. Yes your right, its beyond peoples comprehension, I once talk ed to an elderly neighbour who recalls seeing all the Tabloid news at the time about Christie, Hindley and Brady, in them days it was hard to take in as opposed to these days where quite frankly nothing suprises me anymore.
  18. Compared with the shower who played Iceland five years ago this side were brilliant, in my book they didn't lose last night, rubbish remarks ect should be aimed at the thugs who stormed certain entrances, hope the Police study the CCTV Cams and Jail the culprits, no fines, BANG EM UP.
  19. I've said my ten peneth, but my god the beeb are really taking the mik, talk about milking it, , OK we lost a very important game which infact as gave us a break from Covid Covid Covid, I just wish this beeb milking situation isn't going to go on as long as the Covid saga, my god! whats it going to be like if we get to finals of the World Cup and lose on Penalties, jeeps,
  20. Just goes to show what toys money can buy.
  21. When Italy came to life in the second half of normal time England lost the Plot for a while by losing their shape and running around like headless chickens, that cost us, OK, in extra time they regainged composure but unfortunately time was running out, A lot of people if truth be known thought England were gonna get Hammered last night, well glad they were wrong , England took a team with an outstanding record to penalties, well done lads, I feel sorry for the young lad, I think Southgates trade of thought was the lad was young and fearless, never the less it was a big ordeal for him but I think he will be a great player for England and club sides. they got to the final and give it all, that's good enough for me.
  22. Its not exactly a Mission impossible.
  23. You both did well, after crawling out from behind the settee after just 5 minuets I would have reached for the romote then off, Owt like that is Nightmaresville for me.
  24. Agreed, I'm sure I saw this story on the news some years ago, I also recall in the seventies front page stuff about the Serpent I posted, the stuff that goes on around us is remarkable, maybe these stories may make us more aware and pay more attention , I know in these two stories in question, if only someone seeing something out of the norm and reporting it could have nipped things in the bud, I know its a case of wudda cudda shudda.
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