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  1. It might be six years ago but the laybys are still there on one of the dual carrageways off a bit nearer to the airport, that makes more sense, but its down to personal choice, each to their own and all that. To be honest which ever the choice is there not much in it, time wise or mileage wise.
  2. Im on about parking a couple of miles away which only about 4 or5 mins drive, there are public lay bys some with burger vans and some with toilets, no red routes no double yellows or cameras, its nowt to do with the airport. Pricing wise, I mentioned the last time I went, it was a quid, obviuos its changed since.
  3. Here is a tip, if you are picking your freind up, out of the airport on the main road are several places to park up, get there 15 mins or so before your freind lands and ask her/him to ring when they get out of arrivals, then just whip in and pick up.
  4. There is a choice of two or thee barriers side by side to go through, quick drop off is the one I used which is just several yards away from arrivals, you just put a pound in a box and the exit lifts automaticly to let you out, I must admit, it is about six years ago I last went so not sure if same procedure is as mentioned.
  5. M&S, chocolate birthday cake, £9
  6. Einstein was given similer advice once upon a time, the title of this thread is, is this the worst show on TV ? Not flippin books.
  7. News Flash. If you stopped posting on the Forum loads more people would post on here, top tip for you.
  8. Thats got to be the biggest joke, Goggle Box, a bunch of nobodies ask to watch telly then christ almighty there on everything, it woudn't suprise me to see em at the Oscars or summat,
  9. The idea of going through the channels is to see and hear what you want to watch and discard the garbage like strictly or a more fitting name sickly, oh! and I don't need to read your book, it sounds like you need to visit Spec savers and while your out and about get an hearing aid, mind you, that won't help cure your tone defness.
  10. I think they sound rubbish, corny, cheesy infact they could do with Rick Astley or more like Rick Ghastley that would put the icing on their Cheez cake, thats my opion which I am aloud to have, you have yours which by the way doesn't make you right, like you think you are all the time, as for watching this programme, I don't, Flicking through channels I unfortunately catch some of it and can't change the channel quick enough, some people like to watch this programme and some don't, everybody is allowed their opinion. Some people agree with me and some don't. There you go.
  11. Dont know why you got slated, because you were correct, I cant see why, when it comes to certain themes like hollywood musicals ect they dont play the original sound tracks, instead of listening to those Jerks.
  12. You can't be serious or a musician either but I'll tell you what you are PAL ! your tone deaf, you hear this sort of corny, cheesey rubbish at weddings or on a cruise ship.
  13. 1m 2m, they are miles away from a phone it takes about an hour to get through to them.
  14. Blair cleaned up thatchers and Majors mess and looks like Starmer will have to clean up Johnsons mess.
  15. Glad you mentioned that ad, I couldn't get the remote fast enough switch channel, it really is a terrible ad.
  16. It'll be rashion books next, don't panic, don't panic.
  17. Not unless they run out petrol/diesel whilst delivering,
  18. Ads are annoying at most but seen 4 really annoying ads on the trot Phillip Schofield, Eamon Holmes, Rylan Clarke and the ridiculous Joe Swash, just needed a Keith Lemon ad to reduce me to tears.
  19. I agree and am aware of the panic buying caused by the media but Boris doesn't have clean hands infact his fingers are in most of the country problem pies.
  20. Just as I expected, a Typical deluded conservative in denial statement when the Plank leader gets it all wrong as per, If my head was in the sand I would rather keep it there rather than watch this Planks blunders every day Me and the majority of this country are not wrong about this Plank. Another Con in denial, seriously you lot can't see the forest for the trees.
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