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  1. Said Monday was the better day from the off, also said lockdown was too late and also said mask were a safer bet when out and about, all common sense, but still people disagree, they must have been Kamakazi pilots in a previous life.
  2. Cheers, all good commonsense, apart from when I shave I dont touch my face much to be quite honest, on saying that it doesn't take a lot of touching to catch this dreaded thing, when I go in my local I will carry in my jacket pocket a couple of small tablet type containers filled with sanitiser so I can frequently apply it, I will suggest this to my mates before we meet up in the pub and hope this idea spreads rather than the Virus.
  3. Ok good points made but your gonna be in and out of the bogs every five minuets washing your hands I would have thought, joking aside, I do agree with you, only my thoughts on this , but would you say putting surgical gloves on outside before you enter and for the duration of being in the pub be a good idea, either way following safety, be it wearing gloves or washing hands is still the route I would take.
  4. Distancing is as we know is going to be a big threat in pubs ect but not heard much about just as big or bigger threat of transmission, touch, ie, door handles,glass wear, tables and chairs, at some point we all touch these almost immediately after someone else,
  5. Just dont know what that Scatter Brain is going to do next, a good hair cut for starters would probably be a good idea, how can world leaders expect to take this bloke serious looking like he does, especially in a hard hat, what a joker, unbelievable,
  6. I think he would be perfect, Kate Winslate has starred in quite a few American films doing an American accent, to be fair tho, slipping in out of it now and again, actually it would be hard to imagine George Clooney talking like Nigel Havers or Boris Johnson, I think the Ladies could look past any accent George does, the big Sexy Beast, Arrrrgh so jealous,
  7. Sorry Mods, must be losing the plot, I forgot about already starting this thread ealier.
  8. Aiden Tomlinson (Poldark) Gabriel Mach (Suits) if he was from the Uk, those two spring to mind, both smart and Handsome fellas, with the right Bond role training would be perfect. Daniel Craig is a good actor especially in the film, Defiance, but never convinced me personally as Bond, Peter Kay was in my thoughts as a contender for a split second, (only a split second)
  9. Ive just drove from Handsworth to Woodhouse Mill, Hectic all the way,
  10. He would make a brilliant gameshow host, down to earth, funny and could interact well with the contesrants , a new version of the Generation game would suit him.
  11. Lee Mac, Clarkeson, Norton, ect make a living today because the likes of Morcambe and Wise , Norman Wisdom and other oldies previously mentioned aren't here anymore, or is it the standard of comedy today just isn't funny. I personally think todays Comedy IS Rubbish, crude, crass, vulgar. Oops! I just summed up Kieth Lemon.
  12. Larry Grayson caused complete chaos, hilarious , lucky he had Isla St Clair on hand, Jim Bowen made Bullseye more funny by the amount of Clangers he used to drop, Crackerjack went down hill after leslie Crowther and Peter Glaze. These days the Game show host have the personalities of wet lettuices.
  13. No beer, got thinner, and got a bit richer, now I cant wait to down some stone's and get fatter and get poorer, back to square one.
  14. If he is owt like our doctor, its a perscription for paracetamol everything including Black plague it was ever to submerge.
  15. I remember that one, it seems like a Century ago,
  16. I agree,all good shows you mentioned, I actually thought after shows like Rising Damp, Porridge ect we wouldnt see anything at their standard then up pops Only Fools, so maybe somewhere on the horizon another Gem could turn up, as for game shows, I like tipping point but the chase for me is losing its edge, the chasers seem to be getting more arrogant with their new found fame and as for Bradley Walsh, he is grating on me a bit, by the way of milking a joke a bit too often, Ben Shepard seems a lot more Genuine,
  17. Someone slammed me for saying the old sit coms and game shows were better than the new stuff these days and told me to get over them, if they were not up to much why are they remaking them all, slowly but surely, ie, Porridge, Open all hours and all these Alan Carr is doing. Its all a good effort and glad to see em but you cant beat the originals.
  18. When people like Mike Yarwood and such like used to take of Cary Grant, they used go, Judy Judy Judeee, when they used to take of James Cagney they used to say you Dirty Rat in which Cagney denied ever saying. 😁
  19. Irrespective to the chain of events, the person in question starved to death,
  20. Yes but he stopped that rumour by going out with Judy Judy Judeeee,
  21. His agent/ Manager advised him to marry Phyllis Gates to hide his sexuality for box office purposes, they obviously had to live together and do publicly what married couples do but didn't share a bed, his agent/ Manager also told him to stop frequenting Gay bars too. Terrible times and totally unfair times, glad we have moved on from the dark ages.
  22. And Cleethorpes, 😎
  23. The pub should change its name to Mother Hubbards,
  24. You have already said a pub has a choice, got that and agreed, I also know no one is forcing me to go out on the 4th, thats why Im going out on the 6th, as for Bournemouth beach, I just think the public have decided to do a Cummings, the saying used to be, safety in numbers, its the opposite now. Common sense tells me to stay away from crowded places, remember the virus is still about, all the buisnesses that have took all the safety measures to reopen safely must he distgusted in what they saw on that beach,
  25. Ok, Ill put it this way, Im not calling for a pint till monday the 6th or after. My choice,
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