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  1. The singing voice, one of the main reasons why I grab the remote when the adverts come on.
  2. Joe Swash, Sean Bean, Adrian Chiles, Matt Baker.
  3. Who could really say which was the best song ever, different songs different taste hence different opinions so there could never be an ultimate agreement on what song was the best ever.
  4. Schofield versus Cliff Rchards, (Harry Webb) Schofield has at least come out. Anyhow if its OK to be Gay whats the flippin problem, I thought there was such a thing as Gay Pride, Proud to be Gay and all that.
  5. Thought you could eat food from a tin no matter what year it was canned.
  6. Who said this, time and Diarrhea wait for no man.
  7. No , I saw it on a film.
  8. John Wayne. who said this, Golfers don't need to go on Diets because they exist on Greens.
  9. The film is a Classic.
  10. Tis a far,far better thing I do than I have ever done, tis a far,far better rest I go to than I have ever known. Dickens, Tale of two cities.
  11. Yul Brynner, Magnificent Seven, a fella asked brynner where he was from so he just pointed then the same fella said where you going he just pointed in the other direction. Classic.
  12. I think so, probably be better if they changed the panel each week, same goes for other shows like BGT, Walliams and co bore me to tears same as Loui Walsh and co on X factor, to the point I no longer watch it.
  13. Its not the always the contestants in the shows who bug me, its the so called judges.
  14. I don't really need to watch this programme, when I visit my daughters, I just watch my Grandkids at teatime, its just like Chimps tea party.
  15. Just wish the media would stop compairing Harry and Meghan with Edward and Mrs Simpson. Edward was a King and he abdicated not some jumped up Prince going nowhere, well apart from Canada with a second rate actress only known for one TV series.
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