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  1. When I looked at the title of this thread I though it was about Harold Macmillan at first. Didn’t he say, you have never had it so good in the late 1950s, referring to our entire history this was the best time to be alive. But then I suppose in those days it probably was true the national health was in full swing and free to use after having to pay for treatment although more primitive than today, industry, steel, coal and car manufacturing were in full swing. Rationing had ended after the Second World War. Television and more modern gadgets in the home for those who could afford them. So were they better days than today, think I would prefer to take my chances living today, although I’ll leave the stock market alone the few shares I have bought in various companies didn’t do very well.
  2. When you listen to the stories about the two world wars I’m just thankful I didn’t have to live through them. I’m not sure there will be a world war again and soldiers are sent all over the world to fight, nuclear weapons in all likelihood has put an end to conventional warfare
  3. I have been told there is more security and extra police patrols in the Jewish area particularly near the Woman's Jewish Teaching College where quite a few of the girls are from Israel training to be teachers.
  4. I haven’t heard of any threats so can’t say if there has been any, therefore I would like to think these measures of hiring there own private security have been taken to prevent anything happening in the future. The area has become more diverse in recent years also Gateshead has taken in a large influx of cannel migrants. They are living in flats and hotels near the Jewish Community.
  5. I have no links on the private security but was told about this by someone who works at the Jewish Girl’s Teaching College in Gateshead and I have seen security standing on streets when driving past the area the odd time.
  6. I have already said this on here. There is a large Jewish Community in Gateshead and smaller one in Newcastle next to Gateshead. They have been here for hundreds of years, more came over from Europe after the Second World War. They do tend to stick together but they are a peaceful race, you never hear of them being in trouble with the police, signing on or grooming children. They have had to hire private security. Sad after all the years the Jewish community have lived here these peaceful people have had to resort to having security patrol the streets where the majority live. __________________________ The Orthodox Jewish community of Gateshead is the third largest in Britain, and is one of the most important seats of Jewish further and higher education in the world. It is located within the neighbourhoods of Bensham and Saltwell, located within the wards of Bridges, Lobley Hill & Bensham and Saltwell. Most of the Jewish families, educational establishments, shops and businesses are mostly found in an area loosely defined by Prince Consort Road, Saltwell Park, Whitehall Road, Bewick Road and Durham Road. During term time the population of the community is boosted to around 5000. Over the last few years, Gateshead Council together with other public sector organisations such as Northumbria Police and Gateshead Primary Care Trust has developed a close working relationship with the Orthodox Jewish Community within the Borough.
  7. Watched first episode of Red Eye. It was very good.
  8. I agree with you about those two presenting the show. They would be funny but also serious and professional when discussing a sad story.
  9. I haven’t watched Britains Got Talent yet. Amanda is my favourite judge on the show. She would have been a good presenter on This Morning, I would watched some of the show if she was on it, I very rarely watch it now. Apparently Philip Scofield didn’t like Amanda so she didn’t get a permanent job on the show.
  10. First Man The film is about Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the Moon. It starts when Neil is grieving the death of his 2 year old daughter who died of a brain tumour. It makes me wonder how they managed to put a man on the Moon with the technology that was available in those days. There was some brave men who worked on the space program. 9/10
  11. Yes I remember reading a few years ago civil servants being paid a lot more than the PM. I can only presume they are super talented, not sure I agree tho civil servants being paid more than the PM I’m expecting a reaction from other posters for saying I am one of those who believes a Member of Parliament, from all political parties, who is seen to be actively busy working in his constituency isn’t overpaid. The ones who don’t put the hours in should be kicked out.
  12. Yes I thought about that also I’m sure MPs can have second jobs, not sure about that tho. But it does seem strange that the PM gets paid less than the Council Chief Executive.
  13. Didn’t realise that, so thank you.
  14. I didn’t realise that Jordan also helped to intercept Iranian missiles along with the UK and USA. Is Jordan taking a risk to support Israel?
  15. Why does the Chief Executive of the council and others get paid more than a Member of Parliament and the Prime Minister? As HeHasRisen has pointed out if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
  16. Just wondering if the missiles that were intercepted from Iran by the US and UK might put other Arab nations off from attacking Israel?
  17. I’m aware alcohol hasn’t been banned at the moment, but because I don’t watch political programmes these days I wasn’t even sure if a ban on alcohol for certain age groups has been talked about by government, similar to the smoking ban.
  18. I’m not much of a drinker but I don’t agree with the ban. If a ban ever becomes law I’m going to buy as many buckets and barrels as I can to sell on the black market for all of those who will be making there own alcohol. It feels a little bit like Saudi Arabia where alcohol is banned, although I’m not sure if they have now relaxed the law a bit on the sale of alcohol. We seem to be living more and more in a nanny state.
  19. After periods of heavy rain, there is always potholes in the north east. On the odd occasions we get frost and snow once it starts to thaw that also leaves potholes. A road has recently been resurfaced in Gateshead and after a heavy downpour of rain that caused some flooding there was a large pothole in the road. Just managed to miss it when driving home. Better get used to these pesky things if global warming is expected to cause more rain or until they they find better protection for the roads from the weather.
  20. I agree about some people will do anything for a laugh. The electric buses seem to be kept in secure storage up here in Gateshead where they are charged. The bus drivers seen to enjoy driving them.
  21. I agree. I was also going to say in my last post never heard of any of the electric buses being pinched up in Newcastle and Gateshead.
  22. Electric buses have been running in Newcastle and Gateshead since 2020. I don’t think any of them have gone up in flames so far.
  23. Can’t say I like Ryan Clark or Alison Hammond, I’ll also add Kate Garraway to the list. I don’t dislike Rob Rinder tho. Life would be boring if we all liked the same celebrities and music, there would be very little choice if that was the case. My friend thinks Hammond has a larger than life personality and is brilliant on This Morning, I don’t watch the show so can’t comment on that, could be why she has been chosen to do the new series For The Love Of Dogs. You never know she might fall in love with a few dogs when she does the show and adopt some.
  24. With all the conflicts in the world and more countries having nuclear weapons, then we have experts warning us to expect the world to look different in 20 years time, I think climate change is the least of our worries at the moment.
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