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  1. A relative said they could see the Aurora from Whitley Bay Northumberland where they live.
  2. I liked Drambuie, it’s a whisky liqueur infused with honey, herbs and spices. It gave me a hangover tho. I haven’t bought a bottle for years, might give it another try.
  3. Oh that was funny, enjoyed reading it.
  4. I also love Robin Hood, watched all the films about him. Has it been proven that he did exist or was it just an English folklore story?
  5. One of my national treasures would be Martin Clunes. Not only is he a good actor over the last few years he’s done some brilliant documentaries. I like to hear him talk he has a pleasant voice.
  6. I agree with mafya. I also think Burger King is better than McDonald’s although I haven’t had one for quite a while now. Firsts tried them when you use to get vouchers with buy one whooper and get one free, use to take my mother she enjoyed them.
  7. I can remember you posting on here how proud you were that your son was back in college. I get the impression your ex arranged to meet her son but cancels at the last minute. They are lucky that they have you and if anyone can get your son back in college it’s you.
  8. You are a brilliant Father Daddy. Does your ex ever see her children. Hope you don’t mind me asking.
  9. Hadrian’s Wall sustained damage when the tree fell on it so hopefully they will also be charged for that. If they just did it for a laugh, I don’t think they will be laughing now.
  10. I agree with your post Padders, however some of the trolls went a bit to far. I remember one who wished old folk dead because of how they voted for Brexit. He eventually got a ban but not for that.
  11. Its been on Tyne Tees news up here in Newcastle last week. I agree with the tree branches for a slap on the wrist.
  12. I did enjoy reading Irene’s posts she was very entertaining. off topic Rolling J. I can’t find the post that said people who don’t live in Sheffield should pay to use the tram. I thought it was Irene who said it.
  13. I walked round St George’s Church a few years ago. Didn’t see any of the peregrine’s flying around the chicks had already started to leave the nest for longer periods. There was plenty of pieces of dead bird on the ground below the nest box and graveyard. Its part of nature but it did put me off watching the peregrine’s during feeding time. However it would be nice to see the chicks in the first few days when they start to test their wings but still spending a lot of time perched around the nest. If I lived in Sheffield I would walk past the church during this time, not below the nest box or graveyard, just to see if I could see the chicks exercising their wings.
  14. At Christmas a relative had the job of sending out food hampers from Harrods Department Store. Couldn’t believe it when she said a bottle of whiskey cost £300 that went in some of the food hampers, how can you justify the price? I don’t drink whiskey, is it something to do with the age of the whisky that alters the taste and price.
  15. I think Andy C has solved the problem. I will see if I can find the post, that’s my homework for tonight
  16. If I was Firethorn I’d ask the conductor on the tram. It’s strange when it was recently discussed on the forum and one poster said it’s unfair that people who have Freedom Passes issued by other councils are allowed to use it on the trams which is funded by Sheffield Council.
  17. There was a recent discussion on here saying it should be stopped. Can’t remember the posters name tho or which thread.
  18. https://www.railforums.co.uk/threads/sheffield-trams-and-english-national-bus-passes.126363/#:~:text=all English issued Bus passes,are not valid on supertram. Hopefully I have done the link correctly.
  19. I’m sure Sheffield Trams is the only tram system that allows you to use a freedom bus pass and it doesn’t matter which council issued it. all English issued Bus passes are valid on Sheffield Supertram it doesn't matter which council/county issues them. Scottish & Welsh issued bus passes are not valid on supertram. The supertram is the only tram system in England that allows the use of national (English) bus passes. Metrolink (Manchester) allow Greater Manchester bus pass holders to use their trams but not from other council/county issued passes.
  20. You can use your pass on the Sheffield Trams even if you live in London.
  21. That is the last place I’d expect to see a Deer. I once had a fleeting glimpse of one in Grenoside Woods where I use to live.
  22. There was a green police box outside the Town Hall on Surrey Street. I’m sure it was still there a few years ago.
  23. Last Saturday I had a walk from Sheffield High Street to the Moor Market. There definitely is a lot of regeneration going on. I thought there was a nice atmosphere when I was walking down the Moor and I liked what I saw. I didn’t see many beggars on my travels, there’s plenty of them in Newcastle where I live. It was busy in the Moor Market and there wasn’t as many empty stalls as the last time I was in there. I prefer the New Market in Sheffield to the old relic, Grainger market in Newcastle, they have all on trying to preserve the building.
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