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  1. No hot tick buns for me but last week Asda reduced their hot cross buns from their bakery to 40p a packed. I bought two packers and put some in the freezer. They taste nice to.
  2. Hypnosis might help for some phobias. I know a few who say it helped them, not for white coat syndrome, and also some who say it's a waste of money. Its a bit of a mystery to me how it works tho.
  3. I've never heard of white coat syndrome until now. But I do hate waiting in Doctors surgery's having to wait to be called in. I googled a few breathing exercises a few years ago for stress and I have found them helpful. Its best if you can practice them tho. I try to clear my mind and just concentrate on how I am breathing while waiting to have my blood pressure checked, giving a blood sample or just waiting to see a doctor or nurse to discuss your symptoms.
  4. AndrewC is correct what he has posted about the Newcastle STACK. The STACK was a success on its own terms but it wasn’t meant to permanent. They pulled the old Cinema down, the council gave permission for the STACK to be built until they decided what to do with the land. I thought it had a lovely atmosphere but that’s just my opinion of course. Small independent traders had premium space in the heart of the city that they definitely couldn’t afford otherwise. The STACK was busy at weekends you had to queue to get in. Free live bands on stage and lovely food. Now the HMRC is building on the land, it looks massive, a new office creating space for 9,000 members of staff. I just hope it brings extra trade in Newcastle centre for restaurants and bars and all those members of staff are told to get back into the office and not work from home.
  5. I thought the STACK was brilliant in Newcastle, it had a lovely atmosphere. It was in the city centre for 3 years. It took about 3 months to put it together and six weeks to demolish it.
  6. I wasn’t sure what Crypto Currency is. It’s sounds like invisible money based on the stock market.
  7. Or you start to vomit, not a nice way to die and certainly not a quick death. I agree with what you were saying
  8. No I don’t do anything special. There use to be a small parade, to celebrate it, outside Sheffield Town Hall. I wonder if they still do it?
  9. It’s a nice shopping area and as already been said very good transport links.
  10. I enjoyed reading this story and yes I would like to see it in the City Centre but we are seeing so many war memorials being vandalised these days, which really annoys me when soldiers have given the ultimate sacrifice so we could have a better life.
  11. I’m looking forward to trying the place out. I’ve been watching them renovate the building from the outside over the past few years.
  12. When I took my test it was longer than half an hour. In the mid 80s there was no theory test just a couple of questions from the examiner.
  13. Enjoyed reading your post especially about the ghost fish.
  14. Oh I’m sorry I’ll pay more attention next time.
  15. Cats and dogs that shed hair affects my asthma so because of that in the past had two lovely miniature poodles. They are so easy to train. I’d love another one but as Pattricia said you need to think about the cost and responsibility that comes with owing a dog.
  16. I was just thinking the same. Bet it’s a good rat catcher, it probably would make mince meat of them.
  17. Oh I see what you mean about it being violent. It looks a nasty piece of work. I wouldn’t like to meet it in a dark alley.
  18. Batman’s car was on display at the Metrocentre in Gateshead today, I had visions of it overtaking a horse on the road,
  19. https://www.yorkshiretimes.co.uk/article/Road-Safety-Week-How-To-Drive-Safely-Around-Horses If this link works it tells you how to drive safely around a horse.
  20. I use to like going down down Skew Hill seeing an old Red Telephone Box in a garden. It's been there for years
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