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  1. It may certainly be the case that the realities are experienced in different ways especially as it depends where you are on the corporate ladder? for all i know you may be a sales minion that is expected to walk?? as you travel for business i would expect you to be able to spell? "travelling".
  2. very familiar with Sheffield and its such a shame it is like it is, hence why we moved!
  3. trouble is she had a load of papers and a lap top and it was for an important meeting and it was p***g down so no a car park is not the best to walk for that especially in heels. Drama you say na thats a socialist entitled thing? 1. we were seeing a bespoke jeweller over the other side of arundel st so thats why we were going that way. 2. pedestrian areas prob packed with homeless so called beggers, to be honest it didnt look a nice area and was dead this morning. why is that ironic that she was having a business meeting in sheffield??? she oversees 250 licencing premises in the north of englandfor a big chain and it was to discuss a couple of venues which may close.....now thats ironic!!
  4. just been into Sheffield to drop the missus to a business meeting , easier than her trying to park close to where she wanted to be as we all know thats not going to happen in Sheffield? so tried to get to division st from Arundel gate well what a joke, dead ends, more pedestrian areas, one ways, no right or left turns, narrow passages barely fit for a car and a stuck lorry for 10 mins. no wonder the place is empty. anyone else had issues around division st and coles.
  5. another key"bored" warrior, doesnt get out much, trying weak insults and get your facts right he not her! and by the way where did i say drive at other road users???
  6. when you pay some road tax and insurance for your pedal cycles people may take you more seriously! and yes you are hated, you hold traffic up on country roads , you cut across pavements to avoid lights, you are generally obnoxious and think you are saving the planet!....... you are not. i will give you a t cut pass!
  7. 10 bob millionaires accoutrements, cant think of anything worse sat in a chemical bath basically with the smell of chlorine or other cleaner.
  8. that he is a bumbling idiot? he cant even string sentences together? incoherent most of the time?
  9. yes of course there are benefits which are purely financial, cheaper to heat initially and retain once heated. everyone should still allow proper ventilation otherwise black mould will appear especially where an outside wall is exposed and cold. still makes me laugh when you see these tv programmes berating landlords of tennents with black mould,its their own fault, wet clothes on radiators, heating on doors and windows shut.
  10. you do know that black mould and respiratory illness is not caused by homes that are not insulated?? in the main its caused by people not ventilating their flats and houses and having the heating on full blast with closed doors and windows so moisture cant escape!
  11. ha ha aint that the truth, it also applies to loads of other places and they all blame covid lol
  12. complete waste of time 1m 2m 1/2 m it makes no difference, another comfort blanket for people to feel safe and a measure to ensure they minimise any claims of neglect.
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