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  1. i agree but the idea is to get people to move up one, i know easier said than done.
  2. because that is the right decision nothing to do with colour! he does deserve to go to jail and pay a price but its not murder.
  3. then you are deluded, dont believe all you read, manslaughter pure and simple.
  4. sadly the real truth of all this is "resisting arrest gets you in troubl"e, the easy way to stay uninjured and alive is to comply, in all these recent video cases whether the perpetrator was black or white they were all resisting ??? its not difficult is it
  5. they may be wary but its time now to open up these semi greenfield sites to all developers, once designated for building it should be straightforward. we need more housing and infrastructure for 1 very simple reason, the country is overcrowded especially inner cities, so these pieces of land need to be built on to relieve the pressure, its not hard really is it/
  6. it wasn't premeditated which ever way you look at it, the trial was skewed into the guilty verdict it had to be to avoid a huge black backlash of unrest rioting and looting. i am glad chauvin is going to be punished for doing wrong but this will be overturned on appeal.
  7. a very dangerous precedent has just been set, a police officer doing their job now will think twice about restraining, yes chauvin did more than was needed and floyd didnt deserve to die, but is the officer really guilty of murder??? i thought murder had to be pre meditated???? it was an accident so manslaughter was the correct verdict.
  8. we found Alexander court really helpful and caring , not sure if they do respite but worth a try, manager is Bea or Andrea. Alexander Court Care home, 2 Lydgate Court, Sheffield, S10 T +44 (0)114 268 2937 E alexandercourt@hc-one.co.uk W hc-one.co.uk
  9. planning rules have changed considerably over the last few years heres hoping they are a bit more sensible over so called green belt land, councils need to less precious we have way more greenfield than we could ever need unless we have the doors wide open to the uk which is not happening now thank goodness.
  10. the sooner that they get rid of the bats they will find other roosts and anything thats holding the council back then perhaps the site can be put to good use, housing for a start would be a good site for some development, its been a dead space eyesore for some time, sell it off the council needs some money.
  11. new design is fresh and easier to read much prefer it to the red block colour blue is far better.
  12. goods entering the eu from uk now are not zero but the goods entering EU from far east and other areas are not zero necessarily depends on what it is, italy & spain for example have a bigger import tariff on shoes, trainers all footwear as they produce these type of goods and it is supposed to protect the home market. as i said before some emerging nations like pakistan where i import a lot from has a very good GSP rate on certain items, also India, Africa and some middle east get almost zero rates.
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