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  1. you mean like Dale farm?? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-37628558 you must have been a fearsome mob back in the 90s then😅
  2. than i doubt you went where there were more than a couple of families, i would think twice about going in with more than a handful of vans, i would say you would need at least 30 dont forget they dont play by rules or laws!
  3. strictly speaking any removal or structural change needs building regs and i would suggest it needs a lintel of some sort to replace the brickwork under the stair head.
  4. you have just answered the question, you needed to go mob handed??? normal people dont need to be treated like that ?and you were very lucky as mob handed usually ends badly, even police either refuse or sight another reason not to go into gypsy encampments. some dont deserve equal treatment.
  5. they really are not normal people if you have ever had to deal with them?? or you refuse their requests!!!! could tell you stories that would make your hair stand on end. not nice people! unless you are one of them.
  6. so the trans "athlete" is being allowed today to compete in the Olympics as a women when she can only ever be a man, this is the thin end of the woke wedge, what next Andy murray playing in the womens tennis?? i understand these trannies take drugs to reduce their testosterone but they will still be physically stronger as the male ?? where does this stop or does it??
  7. cant wait for the big public enquiry that is surely coming in the next few years when i predict the wearing of masks will be shown to be inappropriate and totally unnecessary do nothing to protect the wearer or anyone around them. except for in hospitals and close face to face procedures. the vast majority are probably using the same mask they have had for the past year ewwww! not many would go to the expense of the N95 masks which actually do filter out some virus and even those should be changed every 4 hours.
  8. steer well clear unless you are living there for a considerable time or its your final home.
  9. pub at tea time 2 bar servers no mask many customers inside and out not a mask to be seen all age groups. almost everyone commenting thank goodness what a relief.
  10. my goodness a tad overreacting
  11. i see the propaganda machine is now in full flow!
  12. suppose it depends on who the pollsters asked, selective probably?
  13. what are you on? Lobbiers?? oh you mean the vast majority who want to see these farcical masks and restrictions removed? this freedom and right to live is what runs the country its called the economy and its teetering right now. fine all those that are scared and fearful stay in wear your masks to bed if you like but check under the bed before sleep in case the bogey covid man is there?
  14. plenty of people buy without viewing, you take a calculated risk, i have done also from a picture and got an absolute bargain even though it need the works, who dares wins. Caveat Emptor applies in what ever you buy unless you have asked specific questions. yes i know and you would be pretty dumb to do so.
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