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  1. fairly straightforward as long as there is access both sides of any extension, i.e manholes either side so the sewer could be rodded if necessary. its a simple form online, its worth getting a cctv inspection before you build over it to check for any damage or cracks.
  2. ok give us some examples of normal people that us echr??
  3. EHCR is only used by illegals and criminals, nobody else has need of it......................rights need to be earned not given willy nilly to anyone that shouts loudly!
  4. yes God help us we cant even deport illegals now!! i thought we had left the EU but still our judges Kow Tow!!! madness, we need to opt out now Boris of ECHR NOW!
  5. suddenly on monday around 11am outlook stopped uploading emails from my gmail acc, all settings and passwords are correct , it keeps coming up asking for password on pop and smpt, gmails going through to phone ok and my other email accounts are ok, any suggestions?? thanks
  6. madness to take it anywhere else but Rolex, if you use aftermarket the value will decrease and you will get the cost of a Rolex service on the value, if you can afford a Rolex you can afford the service. cost depend son the model but Goldsmiths where i take all mine is around £600-700.
  7. Hendersons are alive and well near the parkway markets.
  8. depends what you drive i suppose, i find main dealers are a little more but you are paying for quality trained for the marque , instead of a back st grease monkey that learnt to wield spanners by reading haynes manuals, as for cam belts rubber ones only a fool waits for one to go!
  9. typical renta mob student types never paid into the system, nothing better to do.
  10. such an apologist !
  11. oh here we go shameful comments again eh??? more like common sense, forged tickets and late arrival to the game caused the problem same as it has at previous games , wembly, heysel and the game that cannot be mentioned where fans didnt have tickets, were blind drunk and continued to push killing &harming innocent others at the front!
  12. apparently they are always treated badly, victim ticket on shoulders instead of ground tickets, where have we heard that before late to ground etc etc wembly , Hillsborough now paris!
  13. to be honest we dont need to find work at the moment, we have more work than we can cope with , any reputable builder doesnt find work when its not there when looking at a job? i have often advised people without plying for work thats why we get the work. we have noticed in recent years surveyors and building inspectors have massively increased their safety margins in case of being sued it looks like to us, no problem for us but for the customer it means increased cost.
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