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  1. Naked and Afraid XL... literally only the Americans could make a TV show where they go and "fight" a jungle while naked.
  2. People fear what they don't understand or comprehend
  3. And this is exactly why this waste of oxygen has been on my ignore list forever and a day. Just poor trolling efforts constantly, needs some training.
  4. Don't count on it, I was assaulted over a year ago, images of the guy on CCTV, never caught him.
  5. I'll never understand not defending yourself, regardless of gender, equality for all.
  6. I use Belmayne in Dronfield, my dad used them before and he was savvy with money. Fees aren't too bad and they've done me proud so far.
  7. That end of Gleadless is fairly nice, and that particular road should be fairly quiet, good transport links nearby.
  8. I got some off eBay years ago, it was just a selection of different sizes and shapes of clear teflon stickers, they're still there today and haven't worn through.
  9. Well if the courts rule against Sainsburys then what's to stop it happening over here too? Can I take my emotional support cow into the supermarket? Guide dogs are permitted because they're professionally trained for years and can actually help people, a cat is.... just a cat.
  10. Just seen a GiffGaff advert that states they aren't raising their prices in 2022. Well that's great, but price rises happen in April, and it's now May... so that advert is utterly pointless.
  11. Oh don't worry about money... in about 10 years we will all need to pay to install new heat pumps to replace our gas boilers, and then we will need to buy new electric cars due to the petrol ban, the government obviously knows that everyone has a spare 20-50k laying about.
  12. We had to contact them a month ago, but I think we got a quiet time as it only took around 45 minutes to get the issue sorted. The amusing part being that we were cancelling the MILs sky broadband because they wanted stupid money, and we were moving it to Now TV for half the price... it's the same bloody company, how can they not price match?
  13. https://www.gbnews.uk/news/ploughmans-lunch-cancelled-as-pub-rebrands-to-gender-neutral-ploughpersons/258626 I mean really? Why? Who was offended by this, if anyone? They need to not breed.
  14. You can play all Xbox games on a PC anyway... kinda makes the console a bit redundant.
  15. Another vote for Avast, I've used it for years without any issues whatsoever.
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