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  1. I didn't, but you believe that if you want to buddy boy. Enjoy. Back of the neck. Big difference.
  2. By the action of holding her arm behind her back? You can't pull a trigger or push the detonator if your arms are immobilised.
  3. The way she charged up there with aggression in the video...she could have had anything concealed, gun, bomb...who knows! He acted appropriately. He believed that he was defusing some kind of attacker, it could have been a terrorist for all he knew.
  4. I've noticed that on a few threads I recently posted in, my replies have been removed, even though they offered actual advice or help and were not trolling/spam or useless replies. Just wondering if there's a reason behind this?
  5. Try the official Apple website for finding a lost phone; https://www.apple.com/uk/icloud/find-my-iphone/ You should be able to track it if it still has charge, or at least where it was before the battery died.
  6. I wouldn't recommend this company from having previous experience with them. I did offer this advice before, but for some reason my comment was removed?
  7. Not spotted this posted yet. https://sheffieldnewsroom.co.uk/news/dday-75-flypast/
  8. No it hasn't. It's a different type of building...that's not a tower block, it looks like maisonettes.
  9. How are people still falling for this though? No bank on the planet would text a customer and ask them to transfer all their money into a random account. Watching something about this on Watchdog now and there's an old bloke that got a text from his bank saying his accounts are compromised and to transfer all his cash into some temporary account, and he did it!!! To me he's just gone on national TV and gone "yeah I'm a moron"
  10. Just sat watching Good Morning Britain, and they had an interview with the Lib Dem president. I'm sure I heard her say... "Well if you add in the votes for the Greens then we actually did really well from last time" How irrelevant is that?! They didn't vote for you...they voted for another party. That's like saying "well if you add all the goals scored by Manchester United, then our team actually won the Championship"
  11. The critics slated Bohemian Rhapsody, but the real viewers absolutely loved it...ignore the critics and talk to people who haven't been paid for their opinion
  12. Yes. There has to be a choice of map apps so that one company cannot be accused of having a monopoly, even if the competing app is inferior.
  13. We're at the top of Blackstock Road and ours tastes fine
  14. A good portion of petrol stations sell them. You will pay more to buy a new one as opposed to already having one and just "refilling" it.
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