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  1. Pyrotequila

    Rules for smoking in sheffield

    Smoking indoors is banned, but the same rules don't apply to vaping, it's up to each business or work place, but some places do provide areas away from the entrance for smokers, unfortunately not all do, so you end up with people clustered around the doors and you have to hold your breath as you walk through it all.
  2. Pyrotequila

    Rules for smoking in sheffield

    I think it varies from place to place. Some have designated areas for smokers.
  3. Pyrotequila

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    I think that the title of the thread is wrong, as people have stated, it's not a security light....it's just a light. It doesn't alert you to intruders like one with a PIR sensor would. All it's really doing is illuminating your house and garden so that intruders can see where they're going...it's a bit daft really. If you're that concerned about break ins, I'd contact a security firm and get professionally installed CCTV and motion activated lights. Better to spend a bit of money now, rather than trying to do DIY on the cheap, than have to spend more money later after your floodlit house has been broken into.
  4. Pyrotequila

    thermal paste

    To be fair, you picked a bad day to want to do shopping...99% of places are closed.
  5. Pyrotequila

    Can my neighbour alter my security light ?

    So why does it need to be on from dusk 'till dawn? Wouldn't a motion sensing light be a better option? Because then you can actually tell when someone is near your property as the light will activate, instead of lighting it up for people to see where they're stepping as they try your windows.
  6. Pyrotequila

    thermal paste

  7. Pyrotequila

    car crash at greenhill

    Died due to illness and then crashed?
  8. Pyrotequila

    Air Gunners Out In Shirebrook Valley

    Are they actual hobby air gunners? Or scummy chavs?
  9. That's correct. Depending on the delivery method it won't give step by step updates, just when it's been delivered.
  10. Pyrotequila

    Electric vehicles.. not so green, not so ethical

    Didn't Jeremy Clarkson mention this on Top Gear years and years and years ago? It's not really a secret, it's just something people choose to ignore.
  11. On my phone there is an option to backup the WhatsApp data to my Google Drive, it does it automatically. You can then restore the data from Drive. Under settings > chats > chat backup I'm not sure if this option is available to iPhones though.
  12. Pyrotequila

    Why are animals shy of humans?

    Probably conditioned from thousands of years of being hunted by humans for food? They might be getting out of it now that they're no longer being hunted and are instead being fed and appreciated.
  13. Pyrotequila

    Mind blowing image of a black hole.

    It didn't. What they took a photo of is the gases being caught by the gravity and pulled into the black hole as they spiral towards the event horizon. It's not a photo of the hole, it's the stuff being sucked into it that makes it visible.
  14. Powerline adapters are the nearest to what I think you're describing. And it depends what you mean by a "WiFi" bulb? Wireless electricity?
  15. Pyrotequila

    Large plane over Chatsworth

    12 years to resurrect a thread? Surely no plane has fuel tanks that big?

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