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  1. Another vote for Avast, I've used it for years without any issues whatsoever.
  2. It will also depends on the Chromebook itself, not all of them can run apps, double check that before you buy.
  3. I've previously used these guys, they were on time and a good price. M&M Removals 07553068014
  4. They won't though, the sentences are an utter joke.
  5. How would said speed limiter work though? Because the car we have now has a feature on it, referred to as a "speed limiter", so you set it and you can't go over... 70 for example.
  6. The end of The Green Mile... damn 🤧
  7. True that. I think they'd do it right now if it wasn't this close to Christmas, but they know that if they lockdown right before Christmas people will rebel and potentially riot. Right after New Year they'll announce another lockdown... calling it now.
  8. A quick check online suggests that the boiler may not be powerful enough for the size of your property "The Ideal Logic Plus 24 Combi Boiler is suitable for smaller properties along with apartments and flats with no more than one bathroom."
  9. Surely the details would be obtainable via your letting agent? Or on some paperwork that you've signed?
  10. Would people still recommend the shop on Upwell Street for Dyson repairs? Ours is playing up.
  11. More snow forecast for this afternoon, and then 12c on Tuesday... bloody weird weather!
  12. In 2019 Heathrow handled over 80 million passengers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heathrow_Airport#Traffic_and_statistics
  13. Oh it's been crap right from day 1 there, whoever designed the juctions and the car park needs a good slap.
  14. Agree with you there, he's coming across as a right mardy little git. As soon as he spat his dummy out and went to bed early I just knew the public would vote for him to do the trial.
  15. Watching tonight, and the shower question really threw me... how do you clean yourself properly when facing away from the shower?
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