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  1. Convinced that we've seen a house with a string of lights around the window on Norton Lees Lane near the pub.
  2. If you used PayPal to pay for it you can also open a dispute via them for receiving faulty goods.
  3. If you bought it through eBay just open a resolution with them...the company can then either respond or eBay will get your money back for you.
  4. Yep. It's called "WiFi Analyzer"
  5. Have you tried changing the Wi-Fi channel on the router? If it's the same router model then it may have been set up on the same channel and cause interference.
  6. A shame, as we always found the meat to be of a decent quality for the price. Is the one down Hillsborough still open?
  7. Renewed my Three contractm so I got it a bit cheaper.
  8. £10 a month for unlimited minutes and texts and 12GB of data...can't say I can complain about my 3 sim. Add in unlimited Netflix data and it's a winner.
  9. Oh my God laptop keyboards suck...I had to hold down the FN key and F2 together...feel like such a newbie
  10. As per the title. I went through the windows option of resetting my laptop to factory settings as I'm going to sell it and wanted it cleared. However now all it does it switches on, loads the screen that says "Lenovo", then reboots itself. Any ideas? Besides taking it to a PC shop for them to look at?
  11. But we know what the reaction would have been if they were making off with your bike and you punched one of them to stop the crime.
  12. Hopefully they only do this for a few hours and have buggered off by the evening rush hour.
  13. Stop the car and throw some stones back at them
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