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  1. My other half says that yes you do as long as you're not in arrears....it should tell you on your last rent statement. She works within the council.
  2. If you're going down Linux, you may as well suggest buying a Chromebook. I use mine more than my Windows laptop now...and...built in virus protection!
  3. I'm amazed at the location that they're proposing to use...looks like it would be houses literally lining the river. After all the flooding in recent years you would have thought that would be the last place anyone would want a house?
  4. Seconded. We have a nosey every year, it's very impressive how 90% of the road gets involved.
  5. Yes...because surely nobody is stupid enough to actually take the book seriously
  6. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/council-tax/council-tax-discounts-exemptions Click "Apply" 👀
  7. Or stick an SSD in it and keep Windows? An SSD makes everything faster.
  8. I'm sure I've seen some new build houses that seemed to be designed with flooding in mind...basically the ground floor was the car garage and then the house itself was above this. I think the basic idea was thatif it flooded then only the garage would flood, not the actual house proper.
  9. There are a couple of houses on Prince of Wales road that have their lights up
  10. Isn't there a compatability mode for running stuff in Windows 10?
  11. Just been reported on the radio that the Don has burst it's banks near the Vue cinema at Meadowhall
  12. The council will only really do anything if you end up getting rats in your property, mice they aren't bothered about 😉
  13. Look online for a documentary called GASLAND When you're watching someone run their water tap and set fire to the water coming out the tap due to fracking contaminating the water table, you'll know how stupid an idea it really is.
  14. I had exactly the same this morning. Told them to go and have intercourse with a tree and hung up.
  15. I already walk from the arena all the way up to Tinsley industrial estate...that's plenty far enough at 7am The X10/X1 is most convenient because the partner works in town and we can drive into town in the morning, she goes and parks and I continue on the bus.
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