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  1. There are lots of options, the simplest ones are probably the plug in Wi-Fi boosters. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1286627 Something like that...you plug in it about halfway between your router and where you have the dead spot in your signal.
  2. If you're not picky; CEX, they come with a 2 year warranty.
  3. Well Storm Brendan has hit....we've never seen rain like this in this country. Sky TV has died, zero signal.
  4. Didn't hear a thing on Blackstock Road, just past the tip.
  5. It's meant to be even stronger on Thursday!
  6. Out of interest, why are you specifically going for in-ear buds? I switched to a good pair of full sized over the ear headphones a couple of years back and think they sound far better.
  7. I've got a OnePlus 6T with something similar on it. It basically partially wakes the screen when you move the phone to show if you've any notifications. The other half has a Moto G6 and that has the same feature.
  8. It depends on what you think is an acceptable price to pay? I've heard good things about RHA Trueconnect ones. I've had their wired earphones before and they sounded brilliant.
  9. As long as the only rats you kill are in her property and no pellets leave the property boundaries then you're fine legally.
  10. https://ratings.food.gov.uk/business/en-GB/591076/Joe-%26-Dolores-%40-The-Grill-Dore It seems legitimate.
  11. We went to the one at Leeds a few weeks ago, and if you think ours is bad then theirs is an embarrassment....it was absolutely tiny. By comparison the one in Sheffield is huge!
  12. https://www.moneysupermarket.com/credit-cards/guide-to-credit-card-protection/ Have a nosey...you do get protection for purchases when using a credit card.
  13. How did you pay for it? Because with methods such as PayPal you get protection against that sort of thing and can try and claim your money back.
  14. They've had an Amazon return of mine for 8 days now, and it still says "on its way" That's it, zero updates for 8 days!
  15. My other half says that yes you do as long as you're not in arrears....it should tell you on your last rent statement. She works within the council.
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