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  1. Got in touch with the council environemtal health team, nice bloke on the phone, they were aware that something was not right with those skips, they'd even had one back with asbestos in it! He was very happy to hear that we had video footage, so we've emailed it to him.
  2. Back again this morning, but this time I got everything on video, including van registration...Not sure who to send it too though
  3. Yes. We've even had letters through from the council saying they're aware of it, and to keep reporting it. But so far nothing has actually been done about it. The number of different cars and vans we see doing it is ridiculous.
  4. Oh it has completely. We live in the flats around the corner, and because we aren't meant to be using the internal rubbish chutes, the council have put skips outside each block. Several times a week we watch a white transit van pull up at the block opposite and empty out all the builders bags of rubble, bed frames and old mattresses into the skip and throw it all over the grass and then drive off. Totally illegal.
  5. https://www.recordjunkee.co.uk/ on Earl Street will take them and possibly even pay you for some of them.
  6. But you'll still have to pay the final valuation fee....or at least I did
  7. The last one we had from Hermes was a few days late, nothing major.
  8. Could well be an Aldi rule. Me and my partner, who I live with, went to a store a few weeks ago and going round were told that we had to stay 2 meters apart, even after explaining that we live together....they didn't care, they said it was irrelevant.
  9. The lockers go up for auction when the owner stops paying the storage fees, so don't feel too bad.
  10. In the hope of finding hidden treasure
  11. We've got one of those Stick 'n Lock baskets in the bathroom, and the other half masses of hair products in it, some large heavy bottles. It has been securely stuck to the tiles for about 3 years now, no sign of movement.
  12. That would make sense Jomie....however most of what goes to tips these days is destined for recycling. https://www.veolia.co.uk/sheffield/hwrc-what-happens-waste
  13. I wouldn't have thought so as you're not actually working.
  14. They could solve the problem a little bit by removing the verge and pavement on the downhill side and making it into a queueing section for cars, add a zebra crossing before and after the tip for pedestrians.
  15. Morrisons have been selling their bakery flour off in small and large bags.
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