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  1. Remember when it was Dormer sorts club remember playing on the field on an inter dept competition. That's a few years ago?
  2. desy

    PPI, Anyone Had A Payout

    I think you can if you were the executer
  3. desy

    PPI, Anyone Had A Payout

    Yes I have had 2 payouts .But please remember that also 20% tax is taken out by the inland revenue. Therefore if you were previously working when you paid it out originally you can claim it back from HMRC.
  4. desy

    Company Sports Clubs

    Dormer tools at Jordanthorpe. Then boundary heard the club house was a state do not know what has happened to it now.
  5. Was the first match I came in contact with crowd trouble when the Man Unntd fans backed into the Wednesday fans in the middle of the kop and started fighting.
  6. desy

    Tracing Family Member

    Went to school with Dorothy and her brother Michael ,also know of her brother Nev they lived on Rudyard road, Hillsborough
  7. Most of the bands were on a Saturday night they were all up and coming or never made it such as The Executive but there were also some others such as Frankenstien and the monsters(Ray Stewart). When the mummy got dragged round the ice by his heels. There were two chart topping bands on at the time Edison Lighthouse and White Plains. Anyone else remember?
  8. How many roofers do not walk up and down if they are working in that area. Just like one around the Swallownest area that drives around the area. Once wanted a Gable end tiles quote then he mentioned the coping tiles needed doing. They did not it cost him the job.
  9. When they had the gogo dancers on a plynth the ex Wednesday player Jack Whitham his wife was one of the dancers
  10. desy

    Bin instructions

    In Rotherham for me as a disabled person that is partially sighted it has been a complete **** up all they had to do was put stickers on his what they are going to do . But that was easy along with the date it started no.
  11. desy

    Fiesta Club

    Apparently they had to where breathing apparatus when they changed the Piper's
  12. Was you one of the penguin club members
  13. desy

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    No but I saw him ****** up in Samsanthas
  14. I was a DJ at the Silver Blades and being the main Dy I had the privilege of getting 5 records each week from the new releases in exchange for advertising Bradley's. There was a small guy who I think was the manager there his hair was black and receiding

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