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  1. Did you either have nicknames for people that use to live near you when you were a kid.? Our neighbour was called Bill Archer who we called Dan Archer from the radio show. Most recently we have little man and wobbly wobbly woman. At one of the forms I worked was a chap that was responsible for all the industrial diamonds for the machines. He was called Diamond Jim Smith. Union Shop steward Brian Pickford was called Lurch.
  2. What area are that also do memory cafes for those that have Dementia
  3. Was it Ron Halls that you delivered for. The cabin at the junction is summerfield St/Napier sy?
  4. Friend of my son's went last week. He said he puld not be going back. Nowhere like the old days no atmosphere.
  5. I remember going with my grandfather in the 50,s and I attacked the harder for trying to set my grandfather on fire
  6. Went to the doctors there on Greenhow Street. There was also Dr Ridgewick and another that when our went in to see him he was also reading and picking out his horses. That was the day before you had appointments and you us to hire how long you had to wait and who was next.
  7. Walkley palladium wet there a few times.
  8. My wife is in the early stages of Dementia getting worse it is notMy wife was diagnosed with Dementia by RHs a year after I told them and my GP. But there assessment was floored. Possibly through lack of interest. !set September she was diagnosed .She was given tablets and the dosage increased to no avail. We had a nurse visited her about every 3 month and a health visitor that came when she wanted too. With a huge nu bet of appointments being cancelled after ring arranged by her. My son went with my wife to see the consultant who they said that they would I crease visits. the next 2 were ok. But then the health visitor said she would go on holiday and would set a meeting for the day she went away. This was cancelled on the day and I was told someone else would set up a visit. 3 weeks after the wrong tablets were sent. Despite the nurse being contacted by answer phone 3 times by me and 3 times by my son. No interest by her not even a reply..the local health centre is no better my wife went to see them as our phone and computer was down. My wife was sent back the first time.I am disabled and could not get t hete the reaction is not much better from the health centre she took a message to reception written by me for them to arrange a medi car she was sent home crying saying know one is interested in me. I have to contact the scretaties. Know one could be bothered to get of there arse to come to reception to see her. She came home in tears.
  9. Had visits from Graham Armstrong from Blundell Permoglaze. (Also Nobel now) . Terry Baker, Ulf Koivolaola and Eddie Moles from Becker Paints while at John Carr Joinery in the 90,s
  10. Contact if he is still alive John Eddershaw I think he lived in the walkley area he may know something. Roland Hardy who won it had a family in the Chesterfield area . Was it even going in the mail 80's ?
  11. Yes they are in the process of building houses and flats there. When they have demolished the electrical forms building that was on the sight
  12. A friend of mine with the surname of Marshall. His father was the person who put all the broken bones in pot.
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