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  1. There was pollution down there when testing for Gullivers. It was the sidings around there for the old Brookhouse pit.
  2. The boulders the last time I went down stopped access and entrance to the park at that point. It was also ruined the pathway further down. For disabled mobility scooter users.
  3. Now gone replaced I think by a big diy Warehouse
  4. I lived on Cross addy street from 1949 to 1969. Which was close to what is now Addy Place.
  5. Morris Minor split windscreen man date 1953
  6. I am sorry to say that Mark Melluish died about approx 2 years ago
  7. Use to go into the beer off. His dad was a little bloke balding with a mustache.
  8. Hi bought all my equipment from there when I went mobile. After working at the Ice rinkbox Regards Derek Pandora's Music box.
  9. Use to knock about with Mick Ratley who's parents were landlords at one time.
  10. What do you think I come tax will go up to after the virus has done it's worst. I guess 25% Business tax also to go up? Vat 25%?
  11. Hi Just to update you of other things since my last post that others have missed off. The A57 has now moved to a by pass of the village from the bottom of fence hill. Going round to just pass Aston and joining he M1. There are also plans of HS2 with a rail line cutting through Aston Hall grounds the bottom of the cricket ground through Parklands riding school and onto Bramley. At the Right hand side between Chesterfield Rd through the old pit sidings is Rother Valley Country Park and they are going to build Gulliver's Valley theme park for kids. Swallownest inn is now a Chinese resteraunt. fire Station at the Aston at the end of the bye pass. Fence Hill behind the pit houses through to Chesterfield Rd is a private housing estate. just below the old sidings to Beighton road is a large bridge across the valley
  12. Who do you feel gives a better and understandable on the present understanding of the situation and restrictions. Boris Johnson or Nicola Sturgeon
  13. Remember the phrase when we were kids. Newbolds bread tastes like lead when you eat it you drop down dead
  14. Rang 111 at 7.30am on THURSDAY and was 50th in line I am 70 gave it up as a bad job. Fortunately I think it was a minor flu
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