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  1. It was known as the tip but on Sheffield street maps it was known as Crookesmoor recreation ground. When the land was started to begrassed over and the factory was removed it became the Ponerosa late 50,s early60,s
  2. Down Broadway Stringfellows place Mecca owned Silver Blades. Heartbeat and Alhambra/bowling alley
  3. If you show the phone number ringing there is a different number every time .I get a couple each week
  4. My mother use to go to the warehouse at Daniel hill. Left it for my father could collect it in the car later. When he went to pick it up .It had got .The police came and took a statement and said that this was not the first time washing had been stolen. Two weeks later she was asked to go to the house at the side of the shop at the end of Horam Rd. When she got there the house was full of clothing.
  5. Candy Dulfer Not bad for a 51 yr old
  6. Rubbish prog how did he get the job.
  7. Dogs Ruff, Judy, Poppy, Bailey, Spud. Cats Fluffy Ally, Tammy , Magic
  8. Name rings a bell it was on the other side of the road from number 3 from where I lived at the other end of the street
  9. There was pollution down there when testing for Gullivers. It was the sidings around there for the old Brookhouse pit.
  10. The boulders the last time I went down stopped access and entrance to the park at that point. It was also ruined the pathway further down. For disabled mobility scooter users.
  11. Now gone replaced I think by a big diy Warehouse
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