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  1. We have never had any substitutions that have been from Asda and we have used them every 3 weeks for the last 4 years.
  2. Furniss soar Jones later Prof Mel Jones Milner Hunt Saunders Miss Smith Mrs Haycock Priestly Wardle Hill Yates Copley Miss Rutherford (Tasmanian) Smith
  3. They queue up on a weekly basis to put bags through our door sometimes two a day
  4. Access cleared into park just 2 Years ago and has soon gone to pot where else is it a mess in the rest of the park let us know?
  5. Went down toRVCP Sunday what a mess the access paths were for a disabled person and the paths were. Access through the gate at the bottom of Broohouse lane covers around with helped and high grass unsbled to negotiate through it properly without getting nettled to death. Path down from it unable to pass due to high grass narrowing the path. Just below the Chinese bridge on the path to the pit house west entrance. Derek ruts dig by a heavy vehicle all the way up path dangeruse for older people and mobility scooters. What a mess at the top all the land dig up and unable to get in or out of the park due to the bolders placement. What had been a nice run out previously was a complete Mess. Do something about it and if it is Gullivers Kick A**e soon
  6. Poorer down with rain at Swallownest never heard it so hard before. Is everyone ok any flooding?
  7. Remember that this fat bloke always coming to the door at Christmas in scruffy clothes touching his scruffy cap and wishing us a merry Christmas on behalf of the bin men. He never spoke the rest of the year.
  8. Yes and "sing something simple"- The Adams singers
  9. Does anyone remember the people on retuning on coach trips singing and there songs on the way back home. Run rabbit run Old McDonald had a farm Ten green bottles We'll meet again Usually on trips back from Blackpool illuminations
  10. Once played at the transport ground at meadowhead match should have not been played the ground was that dry there were cracks all over about 2" ich plus wide
  11. Worked part time as a DJ at Silver blades in 1967 for 3 hrs a session for 30bob one pond fifty's session
  12. J f Finnegan 1967. 10/11/6d and had to work 2 Saturday mornings to have extra day a Christmas. The off ice had storage heaters that did not work Saturdays we were in a wooden but at the side of the church on Ecclesall road
  13. Remember when it was Dormer sorts club remember playing on the field on an inter dept competition. That's a few years ago?
  14. I think you can if you were the executer
  15. Yes I have had 2 payouts .But please remember that also 20% tax is taken out by the inland revenue. Therefore if you were previously working when you paid it out originally you can claim it back from HMRC.
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