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  1. A Denis Hukin worked at Sheffield Twist Drill in the 60/70:s
  2. Hi cannot understand that 49 was the house and shop the coach garage would be 45/47. Justice would have been the next down. Strange. There was also a house after kenyons with a milk man/ business at the rear? Try Arthur street with Addy street up to the Ashburry pub part block there was a person in the Yard behind that made and sold ice cream.
  3. Could you tell me who lived at 45 through to 55 Langsett Rd Sheffield please?
  4. Sikh guy selling out of a suitrcas. Bin men knocking on the door wishing you a Merry Christmas with there hand out
  5. The Soon guys going door to door selling out of a suitcase
  6. I have had a number of land line calls when I here the hesitation for a pre recorded message I hang up.
  7. Does anyone reme!her the old hospital that was on the car park area of Silver Blades before it was built. Went with my dad when he had to get checked for TB late 50,s
  8. Played football with the Preston twins.vThe little Asian girl that you never saw out only looking through the window in the house opposite Don spaper shop. Also getting a flagon of Ginger Bret from the shop at the entrance of the next yard up Springvale road. Pm me I !over on Cross Addy Street
  9. Remember scrapping bitumin from the cobble sets and rolling it into a ball the top of wood street traffic lights. Not chestnut man in Pond street (Barry Blacks dad) in the 50,,s Tag men walking round the streets and you got a goldfish or s balloon for the tags. Playing on old deralict factories during the slum clearance in upperthorpe/Netherthorpe. Being able to step off back loader buses when they went that slow between stops.
  10. Probably was docmel died a couple of years ago his name was Mark Melluish
  11. Yes they assemble to go from RV every year and they fly around most mornings before they go.
  12. Voluntary Action Sheffield thy may be able to help?
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