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  1. The sooner that the vaccine is more widely available to all countries then the better for everybody. The problems of stepping up production at this stage are understandable,but what are the issues going forward. What are the limiting factors. Are the pharmaceutical companies not prepared to share their knowledge.Should patents be applicable for such a product. Is there a shortage of capable technicians and investment,or is there a constituent of the vaccine that is of limited availability. At one stage there was a shortage of the phials for containing and distributing the vaccine. Anybody know?
  2. It’s about having sufficient slack in any system to cope more ably with the unexpected. This was just one of those unexpected occurrences,although some had forewarned that there would be pandemics and strategic supplies should be maintained. We were caught on the hop as far as this was concerned. Funding has been cut in any number of areas,and as is usual under Tory rule the gulf between the haves and have nots gets ever wider. They have cut costs,up to the point where many billions are being found to try to retrieve a parlours situation.
  3. In some respects a public enquiry over the actions and outcomes over the last year would be pointless unless the government is prepared to say where it would act differently in the future. At the moment BJ is saying that everything possible has been done,and this is patently wrong as we look at over 100,000 deaths and who knows how many more to come. I hope that voters and those in government will look much deeper into the Tory policies under Cameron,May and Johnson which left us so unprepared. In the name of austerity,hospitals ,councils schools and services have been cut to the bone and found themselves struggling to cope with extra demands. The irony is that a Conservative administration is now being forced to find the many billions that apparently were never available previously. To use an analogy anyone with a car or a house learns that you must keep up with the regular maintenance or head towards more expensive problems. Time to stop the short term fixes and tackle the real issues
  4. I like Johnson’s comments regarding teething problems and opportunities in the USA,India and beyond. Is this the moon shot that he talked of.
  5. It always puzzles me what it means when someone takes full responsibility for a failure ,whether it be a football manager or as leader of a government. Very rarely do they go further and resign . We are now reliant on the vaccines being rolled out ,and all credit to the scientists who I hope have come up with the goods in record time. Many other countries have demonstrated their ability to exert more control much more effectively over the last year. There is a good reason why Johnson will not agree to an enquiry into the story so far and that is that it will reflect badly on him and most of his ministers. Lessons must be learned now in so many respects,including some of the issues which have been exacerbated by previous years of austerity under the Tories.
  6. I bet you couldn’t keep your face straight as you wrote this. Even Boris or Rees Mogg would be unable to trot that out.Farage might. I assume by better off you refer to monetary considerations,but as many have already observed there is no evidence of any benefits worth a light in any respect. With each day,more issues become evident,some of which were swept under the carpet by the negotiators and Government,and some which were overlooked during the senseless drive to “Get Brexit Done”
  7. There’s a good phrase to use when all you can trust in is a blind belief. ”It’ll be reyt “ Seems to cover all our future hopes for the future.
  8. I will be delighted when I get either vaccine but some of the shine is taken off by the differing medical views on the time gap between first and second jabs. I think that I currently believer that the wider coverage gives the greater benefit to the population,provided that there is no evidence that this would allow or encourage further mutations of the virus which are resistant to the vaccine. Its hard to follow the science when opinions are divided.
  9. But it’s about the only time when they have been ahead of the game,so I will let them have some credit.
  10. Britain was free to pursue its own vaccine approval and policy within the EU. I know Hancock tried a similar allusion,but it is a falsehood not a likelihood. Not sure how British produced potato crisp export problems have an effect on our obesity issues either.
  11. Of course we are delighted that Nissan have committed investment In the U.K. They have been able to do so because of the absence of tariffs. The fears of many were based on the danger of a No Deal Brexit and those who were prepared to settle for WTO rules. Glad to see that one crisis has been averted,but its more than a stretch to say that this announcement is a result of Brexit. There are many instances of the negative instances in fishing,music import,export,customs duties,transport issues that have to be negotiated. I will share your joy when you can come up with businesses that are booming BECAUSE of our new found freedoms.
  12. Same as any other commodity. Delivery when available.Lets hope that production can be stepped up to minimise delays. Also some of the vaccines ordered have yet to be fully tested and approved. This originally applied to those currently rolled out so at least the government seems to have acted in a timely fashion in this at least
  13. Rain persisting it down rather than torrential,but due to continue in to tomorrow. All the brooks and streams around Bradfield and Loxley are impressive so I hope that the main rivers will cope downstream.
  14. That’s an impassioned plea that takes me back to the short lived “I’m backing Britain” campaign of the late 60s. I am sure that there will be little difference from one household to another in the proportion of British produce and manufactured items purchased. I prefer British cheeses,British vegetables-as they are in season,Scottish or English beef and Welsh Lamb. However the big consumer spends on cars,televisions,white goods and furniture are dominated by foreign producers. Globalisation is not going away. If all countries adopted your proposals then our exports would take a hit. During my working life in industry,I have seen the decline of Shipbuilding,coal and other home produced fuels,nuclear power,machine tools,heavy engineering,fishing.engineering and stainless steels. Even our power generating industry uses imported fuels Those that remain are largely foreign owned. We ,and substantially I mean successive post war governments have been poor in supporting our own industries. Any nett positive balance of trade has been as a result of the invisible financial trade,and we are in the process of weakening this. So we will all carry on,doing our bit as we can afford it,but if you expect me to believe that Brexit is a great opportunity for the re-generation of our economy then we are poles apart. Consumers will be paying the price.
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