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  1. And Boris has the task or hope of progressing a trade deal with this erratic President whilst being very much on the side of the EU as regards other world affairs. How long beforeTrump tweets turn nasty. Pretty soon if Boris stands by his reported red lines on the NHS and food standards.
  2. Not only a few bumps in the road ahead but also a bit of turbulence in the air. Numerous suggestions as to how the problems could possibly be circumvented,but a complete absence of the benefits that we might enjoy from either our politicians or Brexit minded forum contributors.
  3. Well this thread is nothing if not educational. There we were ticking along happily for 50 years ,with the occasional EU negotiation to hit the news,but hardly a subject for discussion amongst the general population. Now,thanks to a few on the looney right,it has become a burning issue that has split the country apart. Having tried to acquaint myself with Schengen,world trade,tariffs and the numerous versions of Brexit,it now seems that we must bone up on The British Constitution.I seem to remember that this was included in my A level syllabus but I must have skipped the proroguing lecture. For all this discussion I can’t for the life of me see the benefit of leaving the EU,and certainly not in view of 3 years (and counting) of chaos. 3 years of negotiations to leave the EU ..........which were thwarted by those who wish to leave the EU. Whither to next?
  4. What us Remainers would really appreciate is a reasoned argument as to why any form of Brexit is of benefit in any way to our country. The problems ahead ,and there will be many are the making of the right wing of the Conservative party,who have managed to stir up a frenzy of xenophobia with a mixture of lies and misinformation. Let those who favour this self inflicted damage step forward and lead us disbelievers forward. So far it is the Brexiteers that have blocked a negotiated exit,and now we have to listen to them blaming the intransigence of the EU . In our democracy we have no option but to accept a majority vote,but we all know that this majority vote includes many who never anticipated or supported a no deal scenario. “Acceptance” of a reality will never mean that one must change their views People do not change their political views the day after a general election.They just re group to fight another day.
  5. So you advocate settling our differences with France and Spain with our military might. Pretty much sums up why we needed the EU,and how some fail to learn any lessons from recent history.
  6. Could be because I was born here,worked here,brought children up here,have a house here and like living here. What kind of stupid response is that?
  7. So if their farmers are paid more some sectors must be paid less. In time,some countries will pay more and some less according to their economic performance. By being participants we have been at the table to fight our corner,but you obviously believe that we are better going it alone in a global economy. I never have,and my concerns strengthen on a daily basis as I listen to the Brexit camp. Where are the benefits to come from? Vague talk about opportunities and sovereignty are meaningless.
  8. But France has consistently paid more into the EU budget than the UK. I think tax breaks for the fortunate few are more probable than any benefits to us lesser mortals under any right wing government.
  9. I’m not at all sure that there is an end game or any plan other than to save the Conservative party and to keep the power in the hands of the ruling classes. My TV screen is in danger if Boris ,Gove et al continue with this shifting the blame towards the EU. It was a mess 3 years ago when the current incumbents contrived to dodge any responsibility,and incredibly within days they have managed to worsen our future. I know that over the years it has been a common refrain to criticise politicians of all parties ,but In the 50 years that I have been a voter I have never felt so disenchanted with the two major parties.
  10. Are the cabinet ministers on a bonus to refer to “turbocharging” this that and the other.Does it please Boris that Javid has found a billion or so to support a no deal Brexit. This lot are serving their own interests and failing to do the main job of acting in the interests of the country.
  11. This whole sorry mess is about one thing only. That is keeping the ruling class in power and it becomes increasingly apparent that they are not particularly concerned about the general population,including those who were suckered into voting for Brexit. I detest Farage but he skilfully fanned the flames of racism and nationalism to such an extent that the right wing Tories were able to emerge as the dominant force. Boris has seen that May was unable to exert any control over them and he now has to do their bidding. There will be a backlash as the numerous negatives become evident,but by then much damage will have been done. Regrettably,I don’t look to Corbyn as any sort of saviour,but rather to the middle ground of all parties to act in the interest of our population.
  12. He struggled with the crowd count at his inauguration
  13. I am sure that Jacob Rees-Mogg will be delighted that you apparently love him a bushel and a peck in line with his pronouncement on the usage of imperial measurements. Have you noted his unacceptable words,and will you adopt a double space before . I can picture him with his red pen,writing “See Me” to his underlings. What a pedantic oaf who would be better placed as housemaster at some second rate public school.
  14. I will be much happier when some manufacturers say that they are investing in the U.K. BECAUSE of the wonderful opportunities that will be available to us after Brexit. Such comments are as rare as any cogent reasons for leaving the EU on this Forum. We have always needed to adjust to many factors affecting the world of finance and industry but to wilfully adopt an isolationist policy in a global world beggars belief.
  15. Why not.Still relevant and on subject.Cars still belting round that bend far too fast and risking collisions with backed up traffic turning right to Hollins Lane or coming out of Walkley Bank Road.
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