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  1. Obviously this crowd are the landed gentry,big business owners and directors and bankers. Probably a few corrupt EU commissioners swelling the numbers as well.! Come the revolution they will wish this photo didn’t exist😁
  2. As one of the many Remainers I see no contradiction at all in firstly accepting the validity of the vote for Brexit in 2016,and my continuing hope that it will be as soft as possible or preferably overturned. We are 3 1/2 years down the line and still tying to resolve exactly what version of Brexit is achievable. Those who still cry “Just do it” should have realised by now that this is no more than a slogan. I have long argued that there should be a final run off between a Brexit Deal,and Remain,and what will be will be. To this end I really wish that JC would stand aside and allow Keir Starmer to step up to the plate. Only if you were to lose a second referendum.
  3. Correct.....he would not trust the word only of Boris .....but who would?
  4. A Tory,withdrawal supporting MP tabled the amendment.Why did he consider this necessary? Your second paragraph is nonsensical on so many levels
  5. Letwin and a majority vote considered it necessary.Draw your own conclusions. It may represent the current wishes of some of the voters,both those who voted Leave and Remain. So now we have an agreement that is sanctioned by the EU and the government put it back to the country.
  6. Because it shows his contempt for anything that obstructs his pursuit of power. The man has no principles.
  7. The delay was caused by Letwin’s amendment because few people trust Boris to conclude this saga without the possibility of a damaging No Deal. To steamroller any old Brexit through just to say we have fulfilled the wishes of the British people is both a lie and reckless. I have never seen a project mishandled so badly since the Iraq debacle. You have managed a post without banging on about democracy. Parliament is the home of democracy and Johnson is blatantly and petulantly sidestepping those who believe that this agreement deserves much greater scrutiny. I cannot understand why anyone would vote for a deal which by common assent leaves us in a worse position to that which we already have. Bring on a final referendum .I am not at all sure that my views would prevail in view of the mass hysteria which seems to have afflicted a substantial chunk of this country.
  8. I think it’s a carry over from his playground days when he made a promise,but it doesn’t count because he had his fingers crossed.
  9. No wonder Benn and even his own avowed supporter Letwin try to keep him honest. His inbred sense of entitlement is sickening. Eton has much to answer for including the supercilious Rees Mogg. I don’t know how Carboot can befriend them
  10. Following the democratic vote it would seem that we may have a sort of mid shade of grey deal out of the 50 or so that have been discussed.There is to be no opportunity to do the obvious,fair and logical thing which is to vote on the 2 options.This deal or Remain. Now that would be democratic!
  11. I think that what was hoped for by some of the leavers was a better deal for the UK than was offered by Mays team.She got as far as Boris has and did most of the donkey work.Lets see how the vote goes and whatever the outcome the only certain thing is that there is no deal outside the EU then the ones we have.
  12. In view of previous twists and turns let’s just wait and see. If Boris is hatching a deal that can get past the EU and Parliament it will be interesting to see the detail. The other issues do deserve serious attention,but this would only be the start of the real Brexit business of safeguarding our interests in the brave new world.
  13. At the age of 11 I had (and still have ) a sheath knife purchased from the Scout shop on Trippet Lane. It was part of the regalia. What we did not have was a street drug culture which has led to the normalising of assaults using knives and other weapons. Pandoras Box is open and I can see no solution other than to decriminalise some of the less harmful drugs.
  14. There are conflicts around the world,mainly as a result of disputed borders.We are fortunate that with the exception of Ireland and the factions that made up the old Yugoslavia,we have not had any major conflicts in Europe. Ultimately these conflicts are only resolved with varying degrees of success by discussion and negotiations. The EU has given us the forum to resolve disputes without resorting to armed conflict. A combined European power would hopefully have a mediating influence on any future excesses involving Russia,America,and China. To pursue the creation of new borders,both physical and economic flies in the face of history.Economic prosperity only thrives in settled countries,and Brexit is anything but constructive.
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