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  1. After watching Boris perform again I think that Cummings must have insisted that he had his own press conference. I wouldn’t like Boris defending me in any circumstance as he is totally unconvincing.
  2. Plausible as in a plausible rogue. He has obviously done something wrong because the whole family should have self isolated in their London home. He would have had access to at least the same services as numerous others in a similar or worse situation. No apologies,no contrition and as you seem to agree with all the fault of the media.
  3. Well at this stage he has given a plausible account. If the questions do not catch him in a lie, then he will survive.
  4. Will the outer Rottweiler reveal his inner labradoodle.
  5. I am saying I don’t believe he will resign,and if his statement does not stand scrutiny then Johnson must sack him. I hope that follow up questions will be allowed and that Paxman and Humphrey’s will come out of retirement.
  6. I don’t think that is his style. He is openly contemptuous of the Westminster “bubble” although he appears to have joined it. Its a great opportunity for Johnson to show who is the boss.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/may/25/uk-coronavirus-live-boirs-johnson-dominic-cummings-covid-19-latest-updates Cummings to make statement and answer questions later today.
  8. Gavin Williamson had a tough job on anyway in re opening schools,and his credibility starts off in the basement by having to support Johnson’s acceptance of Cummings. All ministers will face the same questions and the same dilemma.
  9. Well I got that one wrong. The Daily Mail is as forthright as anyone in stating that for both moral and political reasons that Cummings should go. Their political editor was on Radio 5 this morning and spoke much truth.
  10. This whole discussion will accelerate in hours and days and will focus on our very own Barnard Castle gate. Johnson evaded the questions and will try to continue to do so. Follow up questions were abruptly cut off yesterday,and Johnson scuttled off as early as possible. Cummings seems contemptuous of most people ,and Johnson is taking us all for mugs. Boris is capable of both lies and U turns. I hope that he opts for the U turn.
  11. The corollary of your point is that the right wing media will fail to report or downplay an issue which like it or not is headline news. Johnson’s credibility has been damaged and he is understandably showing the strain. This is not the job that he aspired to and his failings are showing. Back to the bunker.
  12. https://alastaircampbell.org/2020/05/i-know-i-was-not-alone-in-feeling-sickened-and-ashamed-to-be-british-as-cummings-nodding-dog-spoke-up-for-him-today/ Well said Alastair. A proper adviser.
  13. Definitely difficult not to speak face to face when you work together in the same building. Cummings created this situation and demonstrates once again that clever blokes can lack common sense. I don’t know if Cummings will go,but he should. Is the P.M.really so dependent on Cummings that he is not prepared to take decisive action. It appears so. But he did follow his instinct
  14. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/why-are-we-so-surprised-that-boris-johnson-lied-when-he-s-been-sacked-for-lying-twice-before-a7105976.html Actually you are correct in some respects.
  15. As I said above.......follow up questions were not welcome.Or didn’t you notice.
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