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  1. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/opinion/columnists/get-brexit-un-done-boris-johnson-faces-coronavirus-tom-richmond-2520751 Makes sense to me
  2. What’s done is done and all we can hope is that lessons will be learned. As far as the U.K. is concerned ,since Thatchers time we have failed to invest in our industry and manufacturing. We have cut and outsourced key services ,many times to foreign ownership. This to my mind was never a good policy but in normal times we could get away with it. In abnormal times we can see that there is no slack in the system as we compete with the rest of the world for scarce resources. To run the NHS understaffed and with 95% bed occupancy as the norm may have made financial sense,but now we can all see the cracks. Stop cutting our services to the bone,and similarly businesses need some slack in the system if they are to be resilient.
  3. We have the leader that we elected and we have got to hope that he is listens to the experts. Just hearing Boris tested positive with mild symptoms. To continue. I just hope that the governments judgement is not affected by dogma of any kind ,as seems might have been the case with the opportunity to answer the e mail. Perhaps it’s an age thing but I find it hard to have confidence in the likes of Matt Hancock who looks out of his depth at the moment
  4. Where’s Davenports when you need them
  5. I don’t think that the “I’m alright Jack” brigade represents philanthropy,charity or the many individuals who have responded to the call for volunteers. I am also sure that many who have used this phrase lightheartedly in the past,would not be so minded in the current situation.
  6. I would rather not thanks and fortunately there are many who are currently going above and beyond to counter the selfish to some extent.
  7. This attempt to equate a bank balance with political leanings is so ridiculous. Irrespective of personal wealth ,what counts is what level of social consciousness is apparent. Go back in history and you will find many examples of wealthy industrialists who cared for their workers living standards and were philanthropists. You will also find others who ground them into the dust. That is why the labour movement became a force and still represents the underclass living in relative poverty. Under the current situation it just may be that the I’m alright Jack brigade may need a rethink.
  8. The sale of our gold reserve made Gordon Brown look inept,but anyone who has dealt in metals knows that sometimes a market behaves coherently and at others logic goes out of the window. The truth is that the London Metal Exchange which is supposed to iron out fluctuations and give certainty to markets can and is manipulated by speculators,who need market movement,both upwards and downwards to make money. Its not just metals.All the commodities can be subject to speculative deals...even pepper at one stage. Some speculators will be having a field day at the moment and there will be winners and losers.
  9. There’s a thread somewhere on here several years ago,which I think basically said that Centrica were encountering problems in giving this out to the public,although the cameras were still operating and viewed in the control rooms. Why this should be such a problem ,who knows? We can still access the motorway cameras. Perhaps Planner 1 could update us.
  10. I think Roger Daltrey is right 😷
  11. The very least that any of us can do is to strictly observe the government guidelines and the requirements of our employers. Our gratitude is due to all those deemed essential workers .Obviously medical and care workers who are on the front line,but also the many who are required to maintain essential supply chains and the end outlets. So whilst staying at home spare a thought and prayer for those who cannot.
  12. I am delighted for any leader to show the qualities needed to steady the ship. What I would also hope is that going forward it will be recognised that cutting our services to the bone leaves the country terribly exposed in times of crisis. 10 years of austerity has left our already stretched services ill prepared to carry out what is needed. Words only go so far and I hope that it will be recognised that we need to carry a few extra personnel rather than to aim for the minimum for normal circumstances.
  13. https://infacts.org/peter-oborne-has-turned-against-brexit-others-should-follow/ The man has more sense and humility than some. And this was before the current crises. As you may have noticed the current pandemic and consequent impact on finance and commerce does not respect geographical boundaries so to pool resources seems eminently responsible to me.
  14. I really do not care if you accept it or not,but the deadlines stated by Johnson were always optimistic and backed by the implicit threat that the U.K. would walk away with a No Deal,just to keep the rampant Eurosceptics onside. It is generally accepted that this would cause short to medium term disruptions in the movement of goods. The whole of the European economy has been knocked sideways and some countries will emerge in front of others in the race for face masks,ventilators,test kits,immunisation possibilities,food production and all the other day to day requirements. To restrict our ability to continue uninterrupted trade with our neighbours would be the height of stupidity. If you wish to quote the classics then enjoy your Pyrrhic victory.
  15. Read the news. There are now numerous borders within countries never mind between countries. Unhindered trade,and sharing of resources and knowledge are of greater importance both now and in the future than ever.
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