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  1. I agree with about half of them.......sometimes😁
  2. But understands the key issue under discussion regarding vaccines. Some people when adults refuse all vaccines. Some babies and minors may never have had the usual vaccines. Some people have had many vaccines but chose not to have the Covid jab for reasons of their own. To talk of antivaxers in recent times usually refers to the Covid vaccines,and the adoption of the term “Pure Bloods” is just an attempt by some to get some moral superiority.
  3. That would literally be stopping a drop in the ocean 😁
  4. He does that a lot and not just on football threads.😉
  5. That is irrespective of your usual political leanings and in the certainty that it would be achieved. I will start with a nice controversial one. Ditch Brexit!
  6. My thoughts are that somebody writes a risk assessment that is then applied to those who have a job to do. There are numerous examples of possibly ill advised bravery performed by those in the blue light services and the general public. Good for them that are brave enough to take the risk to save a life even if it is the result of stupidity on the victims part.
  7. My view is that there should be an instruction that all phones should be turned off during classes and anyone who fails to do so gets their phones confiscated for the day. I had various things confiscated.....some of which never got returned at all!
  8. https://www.axios.com/2024/02/18/trump-sneakers-never-surrender-launch You will cut quite a dash in them 😂
  9. Barbara Castle . Music :The World Turned Upside Down by Dick Gaughan.
  10. Friends reunited 🤪
  11. Did you tell Andrew Tate that for his expletive ridden rants
  12. And what do your alternative sources have to say? Give us all a 😂
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