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  1. I totally agree. The scientists advise that it is prudent to act early and act hard . Instead we get encouraged to continue to social distance and to continue to wear masks. Then we see rows of Conservative MPs refusing to war masks. The PM likes to use the phrase flip flopping ,which is exactly what they are doing as regards the health of the public. And all just to satisfy a few of their own.
  2. I’m not sure why you are so interested in the composition of the EU now that a Brexit agreement has been negotiated...supposedly. Still its good to see that you continue to consider the consequences,and one will be that any other country will think long and hard when they see the reality of leaving the EU.
  3. And it still makes sense to stay in for economic and trading reasons.
  4. To be honest I don’t think that there was much whingeing from the general population after the Maastricht Treaty.We signed up and enjoyed the benefits,but perhaps it did stir up some in the ruling classes who resented perceived higher powers. The general rabble rousing started with Farage who concocted an argument based on illegal immigrants and generally confused enough of the masses to think this was the meaning of freedom of movements. Well we have achieved the aim of hindering freedom of movement,but not the problem of illegal immigrants. Brilliant
  5. Thanks for the “heads up” from an ostrich with his head firmly stuck in the sand. We have to rely on you to provide the beneficial consequences of Brexit because bouncing Boris and his original band of Brexit supporters can only claim that Brexit was done. There is not a single benefit evident so far or visible in the future . A Brexit Deal was negotiated in principle,signed by 31st Dec as required by Johnson and Frost is already in the process of reneging because of the damage to so many aspects of British life.
  6. We have to suffer the embarrassment of a Brexit vote. This thread should and I am sure will remain open to allow the Brexit voters to celebrate the benefits as they become evident. There must be something.
  7. I am getting extremely tired of the “High Skills,High Wage” mantra. All jobs require some skills from carers ,fork lift drivers,etc etc to rocket scientists and brain surgeons. Not all skills translate to high earnings. It’s just empty rhetoric We have spent decades encouraging kids into further education and have a surfeit of graduates and a shortage of drivers ,nurses,carers and tradesmen. Short term government thinking is led by the short term political ambition
  8. @L00b As I said,there will be few takers but thanks for the lengthier reasons
  9. I don’t doubt that from the reports it is probable that it is a “terrorist “ action with a rationale that is beyond the understanding of most people.
  10. Whilst having some leaning towards PR,perhaps our current system does have some benefits😁
  11. Being a Muslim and being a terrorist are not synonymous
  12. So now butchers can get a 6 month visa to work in the U.K. As we always knew,we need workers across the board and it will be easier for semi skilled workers to come here than the higher skilled who must satisfy a points system. Trouble is there will be few takers having already been told that they are not welcome when we got Brexit done.
  13. To my mind the biggest lesson that can be learned is that the preceding years of lack of funding to essential services,particularly health care caused deaths and subsequent extraordinary spending from the magic money tree that apparently did not exist.
  14. Go back a step or two from the GE. PR may have meant that an internal squabble of the Tory Party did not develop into a situation seized by the far right and Farage to create the Brexit mess that we have now,
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