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  1. As I have said before,practically and realistically where would these cycle routes be placed to cater for this imaginary horde of cyclists commuting into the city centre from all points of the compass. Cyclists are similar to pedestrians in that they take the most direct route unless just out meandering. Perhaps in the good old days when thousands commuted from Attercliffe and Darnall to the numerous industrial sites in the Don Valley a cycle route would have been viable. Cars can and are sent by circuitous routes as dictated by our planners and road traffic engineers. So which roads would you suggest for permanent conversions which would be used. Its a pipe dream and schemes such as this one are just paying lip service .
  2. Same place,a load dumped a couple of weeks ago and cleared within a couple of days,but now we have a pile of fibreglass car body parts and a mattress dumped over the weekend. Looks like commercial waste. How I wish they could catch them,fine them and confiscate their vehicles. There are some anti social morons about.
  3. I know what the scheme is supposedly addressing,but please explain the emergency.
  4. An emergency measure in what respect. What emergency is the scheme addressing. It was obviously rushed through to get hold of the money on offer regardless of how useful it would be to cyclists(negligible) and how detrimental it would be to the new traffic system towards the Parkway. As I have said before there is a total myth about the increased use of cycles in that the majority of the increase is from those who wish to increase their exercise. Many will be car owners themselves and cycling is mainly a leisure pursuit.
  5. My perceived logic is that visitors to the city centre come by,cars,public transport,as pedestrians and other forms of transport including cycles. From your research could you give a rough indication of the spread as far as Sheffield is concerned. Our results could be skewed to some extent because of the availability of out of town shopping centres where free parking is available for a limited period or for the whole day.
  6. When such assertions fly in the face of logic,and are produced by an organisation with a vested interest,and reliant on government grants,it is obviously going to be questioned by those affected,including businesses. John Lewis could certainly house a few cycles in the multi storey,but I wouldn’t fancy getting up to the top level
  7. I have read and in addition to the fastenings a government spokesman cited “possible” other concerns. I read lots of news and then read between the lines. It is pretty basic stuff to agree a specification,to test samples,to sample the shipment and then to pay. To then say that we had robust procedures in place is laughable.
  8. So we have purchased 50 million masks for the NHS at a cost of over £150 million which are now deemed unsuitable for their use . Yet the government claim to have robust purchasing systems in place . How can this be true when it would appear that we have paid for them all. What was the specification. Were samples tested. Was the bulk shipment sampled on arrival and before payment was made. If it is just the method of securing them can they be altered rather than a total write off,or are there other quality problems. I have little faith in the common sense of our leaders. On another front,Cummings is under the spotlight again as the accusations that he made a second trip to Durham rear their ugly head again. We were told that he could prove otherwise,but this is yet to be produced.
  9. Supposedly to enable social distancing for pedestrians!!! and apologies to motorists for any inconvenience!!! Short stay parking is essential for roadside shops but the council has a grander plan.
  10. I would hope that they are the ones that are asking the pertinent questions of themselves and hopefully forestalling the public questioning.
  11. Makes a lot more sense if only that it avoids a busy road
  12. But if our civil servants and governments get public approval from their schemes that must be rather satisfying. Not everything (or perhaps everything) can be proven with statistics.
  13. I think a straw poll would settle that argument .
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