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  1. You’re welcome ..sit two yards away, Don’t splutter or cough for the day Look after thissen And be home by ten I hope you won’t lead me astray
  2. South Yorkshire is now at Tier three. This lockdown’s now getting to me, No trips to the pub Unless you want grub So six pints and a pastie for tea
  3. The global economy is not going away and it is not an EU agenda, It is just a fact of life and to be part of a relatively strong trading bloc gives the U.K. the best opportunity to participate in world trade or to protect our economy and industry. Brexit and in particular a no deal Brexit puts us in a weaker position. Itwill become obvious that the immigrant workers that we require the most will be those prepared to work in the essential industries such as agriculture and health care. These will be the jobs that need filling and if not,these are the services that will have the most impact if we no longer welcome immigrant workers.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/16/boris-johnson-tells-uk-prepare-for-a-no-deal-brexit Johnson telling industry to be prepared for all the changes required from 1st Jan as they should have been long aware of the possibility of a no deal. If that is to be what happens then it comes down to serial failure by the Conservative party and their leaders to act in the interests of the population. Lets hope this is the latest demonstration of brinkmanship and that Johnson is capable of finding a face saving way out of the mess that has been years in the making.
  5. From all that I have seen I don’t think that anyone can give you a definitive answer. The science seems to state that if it gives you any immunity it may only be for a matter of months. Just like the common cold.
  6. Who are “we”? If that was the case why are “we” even bothering to spend so many man hours negotiating .
  7. And record everything or endure 10 minutes of advertising in every hour.
  8. Great value for money. Like anything else .If you can not afford it do without.
  9. Some will vote for him irrespective of the loathsome lieing creature that he is. More people voted against him last time round and hopefully he has done sufficient damage over the last four years to sway his opposition in both Republican and Democrats to consign him to history.
  10. I agree that long foretold probabilities,dismissed as Project Fear are fast becoming realities. In addition to the financial institutions exodus from our shores,a leading item on today’s news is that supermarkets have calculated increased costs of £3.2 billion to the consumer as a result of tariffs on food in the absence of an agreement. Surprise,Surprise. Whatever next!!! Loss of jobs as multinationals shift their manufacturing and offices. Red tape and paperwork Transport delays. And the benefits are???
  11. Not personally embarrassed at all. I might be if I was an employee within the financial world who had taken substantial earnings and bonuses in any number of dubious and unethical schemes. All that you are arguing is that a particular bank or financial institution is more culpable than another . All banks will continue to pursue schemes to drive profit for themselves and their shareholders . Self regulation is the name of the game until such time as their reckless dealings results in a Lehman style meltdown and the taxpayers are left to pick up the pieces. https://www.worldfinance.com/banking/deutsche-banks
  12. As you may have gathered from past comments I am no supporter of Brexit and believe it to be the most stupid act of self harm for a number of obvious reasons and some that will become apparent in due course. I have seen no evidence of our preparedness for what is about to happen either on the part of the government or within companies who will have to deal with tariffs,transport and red tape issues. We have gifted our world position as a leading financial centre to Frankfurt and this was always a probability. However,to suggest that the U.K. based banking system is or was any different to other banks around the world is naive. Financial and banking scandals will continue because they are masters at circumventing controls in the interests of profit. If the major financial centre of Europe is Frankfurt then the dirty money will follow.
  13. https://www.icij.org/investigations/fincen-files/global-banks-defy-u-s-crackdowns-by-serving-oligarchs-criminals-and-terrorists/ I wonder what assets are included.
  14. Nothing particularly new or surprising in there but more of a preamble for the government to follow up with whatever measures they deem fit to impose. The basic rules of hygiene and sensible social distancing remain the same for most people whilst the Cabinet has to balance the economy against the health of the nation. I don’t think that there should be much confusion in understanding the day to day rules which apply in a particular area,but there has been much evidence of a lack of truth and consistency over the last few months. Statistics have been manipulated and absurd promises made concerning testing which remains the major failure of the government
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