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  1. It’s just the sweeping and totally wrong generalisation that all Tories and Brexiteers are gentlemen and gentlewomen,unlike the opposition.
  2. I suggest that you look outside of this Forum.Lets start with the Prime Minister who has a well documented history of disrespect for others and is hardly a role model for the general population.
  3. Your faith in the total fairness exhibited by Tory voters and indeed Brexiteers in other threads,suggests that you really do exist in a bubble of your own making.
  4. If the emphasis is on pedestrian safety I would suggest 1) Pedestrians are advised not to walk behind cars that are in the process of reversing. 2) Pedestrians should not run 2 metres into the road and then stroll across the remainder 3) Pedestrians should not be texting or have their earphones on when crossing 4) Mothers with push chairs should not push their child into the traffic. And of course cyclists should observe traffic signs and signals and should not ride 2 or 3 abreast on narrow roads
  5. No closer than 2 metres though just to be on the safe side
  6. Are you coercing members of your family by imposing your will?
  7. I assume that you only refer to the economic migrant crisis from a U.K. perspective. How is this caused by the EU and France in particular. There are far more applications for asylum in EU countries than for the U.K.Germany alone has x 3. We are at the tail end of migrant movement both legal and illegal. France cannot police all their coastline anymore than Patel can patrol our territorial waters. And as for Johnson,he is patently not universally admired as you would suggest.
  8. Never a truer word. He rode a populist tide of nationalistic fervour to secure his position of P.M. Every problem had to be swept under the carpet by Lord Frost and his negotiating team to Get Brexit Done by the required date.
  9. Dominic is no buddy of mine,but he was a big buddy of Johnson,Gove and most of those who supported Brexit. They totally deserve each other and I merely stand on the sidelines ...laughing.
  10. There were those who said that the transgressions of Dominic Cummings were a storm in a teacup,and Johnson was right to back his ludicrous story. Johnson’s judgement has been questionable over a number of issues and he repeatedly demonstrates that he is not P.M. material. Dominic and me agree on that one.
  11. What tosh. Where did you take them.People have been walking round in the open air for months sans mask. So where did you take the kids out to. A bus ride,Morrisons,Tesco’s.? You just make things up for effect. My today’s experience is the same as for many months. Supermarket - majority continuing to wear mask. Outdoors ,very few wearing a mask.
  12. That’s very sad . Whenever we get a hot spell there are tragedies such as this in rivers,reservoirs and canals.
  13. How ironic. Celebrating freedom day in isolation. 😂🤣😂
  14. Just don’t throw the mask away yet ,many of the major retailers still will require them to be worn,due to the extremely mixed messaging from HMG which is determined to stick to the deadline despite the professed objective of following the science.
  15. And he is an authority 😂
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