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  1. It will be interesting to see how your diatribes develop in the coming months as a right wing government implements your Brexit. It must be rather conflicting for you.
  2. As you say I don’t think that austerity has directly affected many people. That is unless you have been affected by the cuts in education,NHS,policing,social services....and there are many of these. I hope Boris does redress the balance as he promises,but this is only restoring the cuts made by his government over the last 9 years.
  3. That’s what democracy can do and we have to live with it. As a Brexit hating Socialist I am somewhat disappointed. Lets see how Boris gets on with his avowed aim to complete stage 1,and proceeds with trade negotiation over the next year. Labour have paid a heavy price for being a very ineffective opposition,
  4. In my many hours of need I find that I get much more assistance from a competent builder,electrician,plumber etc than any number of university graduates. Theres a place for both,but craft apprenticeships have been sadly neglected for years. By the way Anna,can you direct me to the poem that was somewhere on here ,each verse ending “I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn “I can’t find it.
  5. You stick with the Brexit party,if you still have a candidate standing. Lets get that hung Parliament and a second referendum. Lets Get Boris done!
  6. Loughborough University suggest that it would be more effective to label food with the amount of exercise required to work off the calories consumed. The example given was 1 mince pie = 25 minutes running! There’s going to be a few marathon runners if this takes off.
  7. Pretty straightforward comment. No faux fancy vernacular to confuse anyone.
  8. Although I am pretty sure that Putin would prefer a disunited European bloc than a United one. Thats not to particularly criticise him because divide and conquer has been used throughout history by all factions.
  9. In this capacity I do believe that he would ask the questions that Boris would prefer to remain unanswered. Perhaps his monologue is a more telling way of illustrating the PMs reluctance to engage in any detail.
  10. I think any interviewer worthy of the name would have a few pages of awkward questions to ask of Boris. As Neill has said he has an oven ready interview ready to go but thus far Boris refuses to play. Its an interview that I would to see but I can quite see why Cummings is insisting on the risk averse route. Boris is only ever one step from catastrophe.
  11. Now Javid is bidding for a place on the show with his claims that the Tories have reduced homelessness😂 but Boris retains his position by repeatedly barking that we have 7 days to get Brexit done.🤣. Think he is confusing days with years.
  12. Perhaps the leaders get a Beta Cassette in advance of the public airing. It seems to happen with all speeches when the morning news says that so and so will be making a speech and is expected to say “blah,blah blah”. On the grand scale of things I would say that Boris is the most accomplished 🤥 liar by some distance. Perhaps that should be his next panel game. ”Would I lie to you?”. You bet I would. Followed by a guest appearance on “The unbelievable truth”
  13. I’ve been a voter since the 60s and to be honest,looking back I find it hard to differentiate on a personal level whichever party was in power. I know that I have been fortunate in that I have never been out of work,never spent a night in hospital,own my own house and finished work with a final salary pension scheme. My Socialist leanings are based on the belief that the state would provide a safety net in the event that I or others had misfortunes regarding health,employment,housing etc. I would always hope that this is the case ,but 10 years of Tory austerity has done untold damage to our services and particularly to those who most need some help. A majority Tory government,particularly this right wing lot would be disastrous for many people. I think a hung Parliament is the best that I can hope for at the moment,to at least curb the Tories excesses.
  14. Terrorism is but one branch of individuals or groups who are a danger to the general public. There are numerous cases of those who have been through the prison system and are then released “under supervision “ only to commit further offences. In essence why is a separate law required for those who commit murder in the name of terrorism. Boris is on tv at the moment seeking to blame Labour legislation in 2008 for this individual being freed half way through his sentence.This despite his party being in a position to alter this over the last 10 years,and their massive budget cuts over this period are largely responsible for the many problems of today
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/28/ifs-manifesto-labour-economy-investment Labour is the only way.😁
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