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  1. It’s a junction that requires some care,not only for the reason mentioned which obviously concerns illegality. However,I sometimes have to park on the unrestricted stretch above the bus stop to allow an elderly person to get in or out of the car. I would prefer not having to do this because of vehicles turning left from Dyke Vale with no awareness at all of vehicles coming up Birley Spa which may be in the process of overtaking a parked bus or vehicle. I’ve seen many a near miss and exchange of dirty looks and words mainly because some drivers whip through the give way sign having only looked to their right.
  2. Definitely not the case. We are well represented in the EU and much effort is made to give countries with lesser populations a voice to be heard. Add to this the right of veto and I would argue that it may not be perfect but it goes a long way to ensure that no single country can pursue a course of action based on its own selfish interest or in a way that is unfairly detrimental to other member states. But what do some choose to do with their vote?Send in Farage and his cronies to try to destroy from within,without any semblance of a plan to replace it with anything. Really stupid and shortsighted.
  3. Did you intend missing the point. Wars start because talking stops,at which point Might becomes Right. Many countries ,including Britain have used or abused their power to subjugate other nations,but it seems that mankind never learns the lesson. At least with the EU there is a move towards a better way for its member countries.
  4. And on a day which should remind everyone of the horrors of war,we should be mindful that the existence of a European Parliament is far preferable to the power being with any nationalistic government. Beware the rise of the far right in any country as history should have taught us where this leads. As long as countries cooperate with the aim of raising the standards of all member states we lessen the chances of resorting to wars to settle our differences.
  5. This sort of comment gets trotted out as some sort of inverted logic for supporting Leave. To state that hardly anyone knew all the ramifications of Brexit 3 years ago is absolutely the truth. If you still support Brexit now ,then I would have thought that is only because the additional information is acceptable to you. For me,I have not discovered any facts that suggests that any form of Brexit is an improvement to the U.K. economy,or our position to have some influence on world affairs.
  6. RJRB

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    If he surrounds himself with hard Brexiteers or even with a representative selection of Eurosceptics then he will have to overcome the same obstacles that has defeated May. Boris’s Brexit with or without a deal is pure fantasy. I hope he gets the job as the next incumbent is doomed to failure.
  7. RJRB

    Euro Elections

    Indeed they have but it seems that many of the electorate have failed to learn anything. Super snake oil salesman Farage continues to peddle the line that Brexit just means leave,which has been proved to be an impossible and potentially damaging course of action. He maintains his populist position in the certain knowledge that he will never have to try to implement his single policy. I wish he could become P.M. for 6 months so that he could be finally consigned to Room 101.
  8. This is nothing like a second referendum.The votes will be split in multiple directions ,I think there were around 8 options on our ballot paper,and regrettably I fear that Farage will attract some support at this banal level,though why he or his colleagues would wish to sit in a parliament that they are trying to destroy is contemptible. What an embarrassment Farage is.
  9. RJRB

    Euro Elections

    As I said,negative and destructive,not to mention stupidly irresponsible.
  10. RJRB

    Euro Elections

    There’s a few that I blame including Cameron,Farage,and all the supposedly Brexit Conservative MPs who were not prepared to step up to the plate in a way that Brexit voters might have expected. We are now left with various factions who are only able to take negative and destructive actions. A vote for any anti EU candidate into the European Parliament is just another negative and destructive use of a vote.
  11. RJRB

    Euro Elections

    I can see their point. I think it totally wrong for anyone to vote in an anti EU representative in the European elections. It would be an embarrassment to be represented by Farage and his clones in the European Parliament. Whatever your views this is a totally destructive and irresponsible way to register a protest.
  12. I would hope that the majority of Brexit supporters voted to leave because they had some belief that there would be benefits.Perhaps financial or possibly immigration control. The truth should now be more obvious and there are many out there who also can stand a few quid on their bills. There are also others who rely on their jobs to pay the rent and mortgage. You are not alone with your Brexit at any cost stance,but what thought process brings you to such a position baffles me.
  13. May’s interpretation of the reason for both the Conservatives and Labour losses is that the country wants Parliament to deliver Brexit. She is deluded. The majority either don’t want her version of Brexit or want to remain. Her only escape route is to concede to much of Corbyn ‘s requirements so that she can claim to have delivered Brexit,and this would put the cat in with the pigeons as far as Brexit supporters are concerned. Ultimately the Brexit camp must come to some agreement which can be pitched against a Remain in a further referendum.
  14. I consider it to be fundamentally wrong for members of anAnti EU party to have the cheek to choose to become a Euro MP. For us who support the EU there is constant work to be carried out to improve this project and to act in British interests. Farage is a wrecker and an embarrassment who should be standing as a candidate for his own choice of U.K. Parliament.

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