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  1. Lovely idea but other than investment and development costs ,any product would face the same issues as the existing car makers which are leaving our shores. That is a relatively small domestic market and the risk of tariffs on exports.
  2. Not a tangent worth pursuing. Lets just concentrate on how Brexit will strengthen our economy so that there are less homeless,and less need for food banks.
  3. I am sure that there are many,myself included who should not suffer greatly as a result of Brexit. I would be more concerned for myself,if I did not have a good pension,if I still had a mortgage or if I was trying to rent a property. But there again we do need a strong economy to fund the NHS for most of us,and social services for those who are not so fortunate. Now how does leaving the EU enhance our future prospects. Perhaps you will make additional contributions to the food banks or make contributions to the increasing number of homeless.
  4. I am sure that there are good commercial reasons for this decision,other than,but not totally excluding where the U.K. will stand after whatever form of Brexit is arrived at. A no deal Brexit is just the worst possible outcome. Whilst there was life there was hope,and only months ago Honda were saying that this plant was part of their plans. Now it has gone forever,but the greater issue is not just existing investment that is being withdrawn,but we have made our country unattractive for future inward investment,
  5. But all we have is what we think either because it’s ingrained in us from our formative years or because we learn from our experiences and whatever media we find most persuasive. Sit on the fence if you must but if you see any indication that the UK will get an advantage by leaving the EU,please let us know. Others have been asked but nothing is forthcoming.
  6. Penistone and Carboot are weakening I think.
  7. Depends what your situation is when you lose your job.It can have a devastating effect on individuals and communities,and should not be so lightly dismissed by yourself. Why on earth anyone would say “preferably no deal” I cannot begin to understand.
  8. That’s a long criticism of a typo. I don’t think that it’s the average Joe that is incapable of some basic rational thinking,but I do think there are a few below average Sun headline scanners who have swayed the vote.
  9. Another bleak day for Britain. The whole political ,social and financial climate has sunk to an unthinkable low as a direct result of Cameron ,the right wing and those who voted for Brexit with little understanding of where it might lead. I am not claiming that I or all Remainers had the monopoly on understanding,but I do believe that many of us could foresee that inward investment to the U.K. was dependent on our access and proximity to mainland Europe. I also believe that we did not play into the immigration blame game as orchestrated by UKIP and Enoch Powell’s descendants. Not only have we made an awful decision,but the fallout is being ineptly handled by the Conservative Government who within the last week have managed to alienate both the Chinese and Japanese with their approach which harks back to the days of The Empire. These days are gone,but we had managed to get a seat at the top table by being a part of the EU. Step forward you Brexit voters and tell us and share your dreams with us.
  10. I look for positives of Brexit but so far have failed miserably
  11. Happy to say that after 40 + years in industry that I was able to work my way up the ladder and retire in my early 60s. Personal life just Kushti thanks. Never unemployed and quite happy that I was more right than wrong in my decision making. Sensible reasoning can get you a long way,and I was never a gambler. And that is why I cannot understand the blind faith that you and others put in the Brexit experiment without being able to come up with any cogent rationale for building borders that have been loosened over a long period. I hope that my children and grandchildren are as fortunate as I,but I totally reject the Brexit movement as progress. Losing is always a possibility,but aiming to lose is stupidity
  12. Evel Knievel had a can do attitude and rode into the side of a canyon
  13. I tend to agree that the damage is already done and we have to manage the consequences. Some may not like the principle of globalisation,but that is the world that we live in. Partnerships and alliances are the only route for the U.K. to maintain its position as a presence on the world stage,but others look to a bygone age . When I say we will have to manage the consequences,I fear it will be more a case of living with them because I have yet to hear any convincing ideas from the Brexit camp as to how we will benefit.
  14. I really cannot see that individual countries will lose their core identity ,customs under the umbrella of the European Union. This would be anathema to all countries who value their own customs. In any case I prefer United countries to disunited . I wonder what would have been the outcome if the American States had not become United over the years.

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