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  1. That reference puzzles me . Sliding windows open. Leaning out of windows not advisable. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/may/26/woman-hit-by-branch-leaning-out-train-window-inquest-bethan-roper
  2. It is an example of hyperbole and not to be taken literally. A point made by exaggeration. Like someone saying that a comment on the radio nearly caused them to crash their car!
  3. Feel free to clarify. You referred to “your lads class swimming lesson which I interpreted as a school swimming session. For this I would not expect any parent involvement. If it was an out of school hours swimming lessons,as far as I was aware parents can accompany their kids.
  4. Why do you need to attend your kids school swimming lesson,school sports time,or any day to day event on the school curriculum. If it’s a swimming gala or sports day parents are generally invited. If anyone takes their child to swimming lessons then in my experience they go to the viewing gallery,but don’t get involved in the tuition. Same with cricket,football athletics,drama or whatever. There is and should be a dividing line and there always was in my school days and in my children’s school days. Parents can be both an interference and an embarrassment to their kids .
  5. There is no law regarding the taking of photographs in public places.Some people might object if you photographed their children. There might be restrictions on private property. So hardly a big deal and as others have alluded to the major shift is that any photos can be shared whether you like it or not on public platforms. Once you or your children are exposed to the many trolls who get their kicks out of persecuting others then it is a problem best avoided.
  6. Proportionate response? As evidenced by your many rants?
  7. It worries me that some people are only capable of viewing any situation as to how it impacts them personally with no concern or consideration for the wider picture .
  8. The trouble is that it is not the “authorities” at fault. At one time a few photos would be shared with friends and family. Now it’s facebook etc. and to my mind,quite wisely some parents would be well advised to steer clear of such platforms because they attract some unsavoury characters.
  9. Who would be a headmaster or headmistress having to contend with parents. Twixt the devil and the deep blue sea.
  10. Johnson can even reduce the phrase"I take full responsibility" to a new absolutely meaningless level.
  11. I doubt that Boris would ever resign on principles because he hasn’t got any. Everything he does is only to further his own ambition. That includes opting for Brexit. Todays important issues according to his defence is that he got Brexit done,he got the vaccine programme done and he was at the forefront in supporting Ukraine. Now get inflation done,get the energy crisis done and deliver the levelling up as promised. He will only go when sacked by his own party,but as he is surrounded by spineless MPs who have similar self serving attitudes we will stumble on under his inept leadership.
  12. So essentially you have little sympathy for the powers that be who were responsible for the actions that you define as suppressionist. As for the general population who had as much choice and influence as you in mainly abiding by the rules are now getting what they deserve? Not all the worlds ills are down to the pandemic,much as you would like to believe.
  13. I think that there are times in a lot of people’s lives when they can’t see the wood for the trees. There always is and always has been plenty of things that cause anxiety,some real but a lot more that is imagined.
  14. Why had the idea of isolation when suffering from or carrying an infectious disease become such an emotive subject. Its been common sense for years for a whole range of transmissible diseases.
  15. @Chekhov The actual pandemic affected people of all ages around the globe and it’s apparent threat didn’t do anybody any good. Just like the war years. Your interpretation of the report is entirely slanted towards the measures taken to control the spread.i.e suppression There is a difference and there are also many reasons for the apparent decline in mental health of people of all ages. Poverty,social media,etc.etc.
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