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  1. I consider it to be fundamentally wrong for members of anAnti EU party to have the cheek to choose to become a Euro MP. For us who support the EU there is constant work to be carried out to improve this project and to act in British interests. Farage is a wrecker and an embarrassment who should be standing as a candidate for his own choice of U.K. Parliament.
  2. Thanks for the information Planner 1. Any update on the technical issues regarding public access to the traffic cameras around Sheffield.?
  3. I suppose it is totally accurate for the millisecond in which it is registered. By using apparently I was meaning that it has come to my notice,and having re read my post it still seems a reasonable way of phrasing my thoughts. I am sure they have photographic evidence and have notified me within the prescribed time.Also that there is no evidence of incorrect signage so I won’t be contacting that celebrity lawyer who Beckham uses. So my Mea Culpa is in the post,and if you wish to participate in my crowd funding efforts to raise £100,just p.m me you bank details.🤗
  4. I acknowledged that and moved on at apparently 36 mph. Are you Kenneth Williams by any chance?
  5. You just can’t help it can you. Thanks for your sage words and happy to provide an outlet for wisdom.
  6. Just got the notice of intended prosecution for this camera for doing 36mph . YesI know it’s my own daft fault etc,etc. But just getting it off my chest. Several years ago I did have a discussion with the relevant authorities as to why this should not be a 40 mph dual carriageway and they agreed that this would be more suitable and may be altered in the future. However at that time the reason given for it remaining at 30 for the immediate future was the cost of new signage. I don’t suppose cost of lost revenue comes into it!
  7. Sounds a little like the £350m per week to be spent on the NHS. I don’t think that the right wing Tories are thinking along the same lines as you are.
  8. Which takes us full circle. What are the industries of Britain that will shine in the post Brexit ,globalised and protectionist markets that some would have us believe are there for the taking.
  9. I’m sure I do in some respects,but the Maxi and Allegro did not appeal.I did have a second or possibly fifth hand Austin A40 as my first car but progressed I seem to have a leaning towards German engineered washing machines,dish washers,and vacuum cleaners and Japanese TVs. My carpets are all British though. So if the quality and value is available I will buy it. P.S. If I could afford an Aston Martin I would certainly support their workforce. My garage is full of quality British and Sheffield made tools.Sadly many of the manufacturers names are history or they no longer produce in this country.
  10. Without going too far off the thread ,there seems to be some thoughts that Britain can once again regain its position as a leading industrial and manufacturing power. All I can see is not in the foreseeable future. The certain form of manufacturing that shrunk or disappeared over the last few decades is not coming back to our shores. I do not doubt that we have talent and can compete in some niche areas,but the basic building blocks of heavy engineering have been allowed to reduce due to lack of investment. How many major building projects have been constructed from imported structural steel. We have a deserved reputation for innovation and skills but not so good on supporting manufacturing.
  11. No they are not a figment of your imagination and I worked in steel and heavy engineering from 1965 onwards. However year on year from that time such industries were in decline with wholesale closures,scaling down and passing into foreign ownership. Perhaps I did see a time of reasonable optimism in the 60s,but this dissipated through the 70s and onwards. Heavy Engineering ,shipbuilding ,auto engineering ,white goods ,Foundries were all in decline and I attended many an auction where our plant and equipment was snapped up for the Indian market. No government has provided the long term backing needed for this country to be self sufficient and to serve the intermittent nature of large engineering projects. Short term thinking ,asset stripping and outsourcing has killed our industry and I cannot see any prospect of creating a competitive manufacturing base in the future.
  12. I am retired and do not remember such times.
  13. Apparently the Daily Telegraph has been ordered to publish a correction to a similar statement made in Boris Johnson's column. No wonder we are such a cynical lot.

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