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  1. Perhaps a really long zip wire could be the answer
  2. I have never had a problem either getting them to hang up or hanging up myself. I just got fed up with being woken up,or interrupted by the phone ringing throughout the day.
  3. I must say that I am impressed with the BT phones which I have recently bought which blocks all calls not included in my contact list. The BT Call Blocker service was ineffective as I was getting the same nuisance call from different numbers,and recently it informed me that my blocked calls was full and I had to remove some. The house phone had become an irritation with several nuisance calls a day and I had got bored with playing them along.Warranties,threats to my broadband,Amazon prime etc.etc. Most of my real contacts use my mobile anyway,so I now only accept house calls from about a dozen numbers,mainly family.
  4. Your left wing credentials are questionable as you regularly support the policies of a right wing Tory government,perhaps unwittingly and with a failure to understand their motives.
  5. I can’t follow your logic. If everyone between certain ages pays for a TV license why is the burden more so on low income women more than low income men. That is unless there are more women aged 75 and over than there are men,which is probable but not significantly so. As the license is paid per household I suppose you could argue that a childless couple with one TV gets a raw deal compared with a family with 6 children and 4 TVs. I cannot see a more equitable method of raising revenue to maintain the best public service TV service in the world. All politicians,and currently the Tories would love to exert more control on the media. Keep the BBC independent.
  6. It’s a pretty basic requirement and fundamental to keeping our busy traffic moving. Miles of tailbacks on the motorway are only part of the story. All roads near the motorway were chocker,with lorries,vans cars trying to head south. What does this chaos cost. Of course it needs funding but where there’s a will there’s a way!
  7. I agree that the licensing authority goes way over the top in sending demands and threatening letters to anyone without a license,whether they have a TV or not. I had an extended battle with them to get a refund of the fee paid ,incorrectly for a static caravan which was only used by ourselves,and the tone of their responses was awful. However it really is the only public service provider for news,comment and investigative programmes which are a necessity as far as I am concerned. The Tories have a down on the BBC at the moment ,but this is allied to their other actions to control the media. Dont support this attempt to control the media.
  8. Obviously there has been a serious accident today and my sympathy to anyone directly or indirectly involved. I believe the motorway was closed from around 8.15a.m to 4.30 p.m. with ensuing tailbacks and traffic jams on numerous roads around Sheffield. Other than fuel on the road or damage to the carriageway this still seems to be an inordinate length of time for the motorway to be completely closed. This is pretty much the same as my first post and I still think that more resources should be deployed to investigate and clear the problem.
  9. I think that you and the party who will be overseeing policy and negotiations over the next decade or so may be on divergent paths.
  10. Indeed I am.Both on tv and radio.Unnecessary.
  11. For about £12.50 a month I have access to the wide range of programmes screened by the BBC. News,documentaries,current affairs,films,light entertainment etc. Add to this all the radio programmes on offer,my preferences being Radios 4,4Extra and 5. What other platforms such a service. No adverts and as unbiased as any source of information that you can name. Let others binge watch on their phones,lap tops and I pads. Once again you seem pro the giant corporations offering light entertainment for the binge watchers. If ,as you believe,the younger generation wish to get their news,comment and entertainment off the internet then I think it reflects badly on society. Returning to the thread title,means testing would be acceptable to me provided that it doesn’t cost more to administer than it is worth. As far as you final paragraph is concerned,I have enjoyed 50 years of European peace so I am happy to have been on the right side of history. Your brave new world has not even started yet and there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss its progress before it qualifies as history. PS If I watched in back and white all this could be mine for £4 a month.😁
  12. Dear Carboot Suffice it to say that I consider the service offered by the BBC,both radio and TV is far more comprehensive than the offerings of Netflix and Amazon. This is possible because it is a publicly funded service rather than a capitalistic multinational giant . If I want to see fair news reporting then I know of no service to rival the BBC. In no way is the BBC inferior to a Sky,Amazon or Netflix. If it became a subscriber service I would willingly pay the money,but I do not see this as a step forward or of any advantage to the over 70s who are on the breadline (apart from the possible one months free trial that you seem to think is a game changer)
  13. You make little sense. One month free and then your elderly ,lonely poverty stricken pensioner has to pay for a very limited type of entertainment. As you are well aware no one expects the BBC management to deliver Brexit. However you have entrusted this task to a group of wealthy upper class,public school educated politicians,and you seem to believe that this will improve the lot of the majority who do not belong to this elite. Dream on.
  14. Do Netflix and Amazon offer free viewing to the poverty stricken elderly? Of course not.
  15. The government has shifted the cost to the BBC when it should have continued to fund the cost itself. Why should the BBC use its income to subsidise part of its viewership. You can argue long and hard about how wisely the BBC spends its’ income,but subsidising part of its audience should not be part of the remit. Might as well ask BT to give free services to the same group. BTW those who you refer to in your final paragraph are the very same who you support to deliver a Brexit that will benefit the downtrodden masses.
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