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  1. I think that the ins and outs of the Dyson ventilator are easily excused and explained by the P.M. and probably damages and dilutes the numerous questionable deals done with Tory connections on PPE.
  2. Totally agree. The game in the higher echelons of European football has been awash with money,which then goes only in the direction of players,managers,agents etc. Whatever money is generated by the ESL will go to an even more concentrated elite,who happen to be top dogs(and that is questionable) at this particular point in time. A league with no jeopardy is soulless and meaningless to me.
  3. You can have as many rules and regulations as you like but there are always those who ignore or try to circumvent them. What matters is personal ethics and many in public life demonstrate that they have little regard for such niceties when it comes to their personal behaviour. Johnson and Cameron are the latest examples,but to balance the books,we have the likes of Mandelson,DVid Steel,Paddy Ashdown,Cyril Smith,Jeremy Thorpe and the list goes on.
  4. Malin Bridge Inn looked busy this morning with a queue at the door and a full beer garden. Its hard to drink beer with a face mask on.
  5. Shall we just call it disastrous and proceed to catastrophic when suitable. I would really like a few pointers as to why and how it is beneficial and successful as promised by some and believed by others,and this is not a straw man ,just an invitation for you to clarify what others don’t see.
  6. Catastrophic is your terminology. I prefer retrograde,ill considered,damaging and a costly exercise based on falsehoods and phobias fed to a gullible electorate,by a far right bunch of self serving loonies. You bought it and will now pay for it
  7. I think that you will find many instances questioning the wisdom of Brexit long before your post,and which have been answered in terms of Sovereignty and border control. Our supposed freedom to trade with the rest of the world on our own terms was always a bit of a stretch and increased friction with the EU,coupled with a global tendency towards protectionism makes this a more distant fantasy. Ease of trade between countries is a hard won and necessary feature of the global economy for small businesses,and major industries,and we as a nett importer will sustain damage to our economy. Even the vaccines,which some would claim to be a positive of Brexit,are dependant on hundreds of component parts from around the world,as are their production sites. Over to you for the benefits.
  8. Royalist or Republican,people die every day which is of great sadness to their family and friends. There seem to be those who feel the need to associate themselves more closely by intruding on private grief,such as those assembling at Buckingham Palace when expressly requested not to. Contrast this with the treatment of those who attended a vigil on Clapham Common for a young woman who was murdered as opposed to a gentleman who had a long and privileged life and has a reportedly peaceful death.
  9. Very sad for the family. However having listened to Radio 4 and 5,and looking at the TV schedules for the rest of the day the coverage seems excessive to me. No doubt the royal reporters and biographers will be queuing up for their interviews.
  10. I think that if you read back through the posts since Dec 31st that you will find plenty of instances of the problems caused by Brexit,and you could trawl back further to try to find any benefits.
  11. Google any vaccinations ,medicines and medical procedures and you will find that there is a warning of possible side effects or outcomes. However they are all offered as being on balance for the greater benefit to the individual or society. We all make our own decisions and I hope that the vast majority have sufficient faith in our medical experts to follow their advice and to take little notice of groundless fears that some like to spread.
  12. Oh no! Does that mean that Liam Fox was overly optimistic. Where is he nowadays anyway?
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