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  1. Please define the number of tests and I will let you know. i.e. Samples tested,samples re tested,people tested
  2. On 30 On 30 th April Hancock suggested that they had beaten the 100,000 target by achieving over 120,000 tests. This was not true in any meaningful sense of the word “test”. and key information continues to be presented in a way calculated to confuse. It just seems that the government sets a target for a date and then has to manipulate the truth to minimise their shortcomings. That is one of the main reasons that many are cynical and others are losing confidence in HMG.
  3. The numbers quoted are not the number of people tested or even that have given a result. They include test kits sent out both to clinicians and home test kits.Some are not returned in the time required,or returned at all. I am not criticising the number of tests, just that I believe the true useful figure is the number of tests completed within the acceptable time frame per day. You say that they are already testing sample areas. The bigger and more directed the sample is then the better the information that is gained. Having spare capacity on tests makes no sense to me when so much more good science is needed on the transmission rate and location of the hot spots.
  4. There are approximately 1.5 million NHS workers in the UK plus care homes and care workers. Add to these teachers and key workers then a government led strategy to detect where the viral hotspots are should fully utilise all the test facilities available and many more. There is no strategy. There is no plan. To talk about people turning up for tests is not what it should be about. Sampling specific populations by whatever category would tell us so much,including how many who have the virus are asymptomatic. And it really is about how many people are tested and not about how many tests are available
  5. How do you judge that ?
  6. You are just trying to muddy the waters again. I am just saying this is why Johnson is so dependent on him ,and is apparently prepared to shed credibility of himself and his Ministers as they defend the indefensible. Boris Johnson has all the ambition and none of the principles.
  7. You can keep trying to obscure the basic facts. Cummings was reckless in a number of respects and Johnson should have sacked him. However he has avoided this responsibility so that Cummings can continue to lead his No Deal Brexit campaign. Lets be honest Johnson demonstrates irresponsibility on a regular basis. That is Cummings sole purpose and apparently Johnson is wholly dependent on him for this.
  8. She apologised and stepped down as others ,with one notable exception,did. Thats how to take it off the front page .
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-52864454 Well we can track and trace 3 of them for certain,as for the rest I doubt it
  10. @West 77 Tracking and tracing can only be effective when infections are low,so we were in no position to utilise such a tool at the outset. OK that’s history,but it needs to be used in tandem with a sound testing regime and as I have said previously we have never yet tested 100,000 people in a day and on Monday Johnson said that we would be testing 200,000 per day. Cummings is still only an issue because Johnson has allowed it to be by not doing the necessary. There is no witch hunt,scapegoating or political point scoring. Johnson has lost credibility and authority as have his ministers who are required to participate in this charade.
  11. That’s certainly not how I read it. Johnson was weak in not sacking Cummings,and then this necessitated Hancock bringing forward the track and trace ,well before it’s ready as the good news carpet to sweep Cummings under.
  12. And that is part of what this weak Government would have you believe. Follow your chosen version of the science because Johnson and Hancock have failed to produce an effective foundation to move forward. They can no longer claim to follow the science,but they can pass responsibility to the public. I would agree that many of the general public are irresponsible.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52858392 Easing of restrictions. The government are failing us on a regular basis. We could and should have been more advanced in terms of testing and tracking and tracing. I hope that we have not endured the pain for insufficient gain,and I for one will not be taking advantage of the new freedoms.
  14. I face up to what is happening here. We still have not got control over the rate of infection. Why .Because we still have not achieved testing of 100,000 completed tests on people on any day ,including April 30th,and Johnson said we would be testing 200,000 per day by the end of this month. In addition we are promised a world leading track and trace by 1st June. Not a cat in hells chance but no doubt we will be told how well it’s working. As for Johnson’s leadership. His style in his personal affairs and the political arena is not suited to a national emergency,and his handling of the Cummings affair is pathetic. The Conservative party should oust him before the country gets the chance. I know something about how the rest of Europe is handling their own problems and it’s not all plain sailing for them either. However we should learn from both their success and failings which we don’t seem to be doing . L00b enjoys a point scoring contest,but he is not telling me anything that I don’t know. So as one of the men on the ground in Europe he could be constructive.So the “random links”were to give him a framework to educate us further......both good and bad. The fallout is going to be here for years ,perhaps in terms of the virus but certainly in the economy.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8364737/Macron-battles-salvage-image-emerges-France-burned-BILLION-masks-coronavirus.html https://carnegieeurope.eu/strategiceurope/81763 Nice One Angela. You have had a good pandemic Sorry about these posts. Just feeding L00b
  16. We know what’s going off over here. Can you do us a newsletter from mainland Europe please. Monday will do when you are back at work.
  17. Unfortunately Britain,and many other countries are less than transparent when using statistics. Did we really achieve over 122,000 tests on April 30th ? And yesterday,in arguing that things were heading in the right direction this weeks rolling average of mortalities was compared with the single worst day. Generally,it is not the statistics that are at fault,but how people massage and manipulate them.
  18. There will never be a time when the opposition,whoever it is,criticises or indeed point scores against the ruling government,whoever it is. That is our political system. At times I wish that there was more consensus,and there should be at the moment. However when we have got a disastrous record so far in most issues related to the pandemic,compounded by Johnson’s failure to recognise the impact of Cummings actions,then I would be disgusted if all the opposition parties failed to unite and held them to account.
  19. L00b excels at posing the questions from afar in his own inimitable style. I am no fan of either Brexit or Johnson. Our freefall into authoritarianism is magnificent hyperbole but far from being true. We have far to fall to reach the level of dictatorships that some European countries have endured and time will tell how willing our population is to be led by our current crop of sub standard Parliamentarians. Meanwhile I believe that most of the country will continue to follow the science rather more closely than the mixed messages that we get from our ministers. Populism only gets you so far . Johnson has ridden the crest of his wave and unpopulism is on the rise.
  20. And particularly as we embark on some lessening of restrictions where responsibility and civic duty is essential from the general public,but has been shown to be lacking in our leaders.
  21. I think that you should recognise that Boris has had the support of the greater part of the press since he succeeded Theresa May,but he has been roundly criticised by even The Daily Mail. I agree with you that in this case an apology would have been hollow,a resignation unlikely,so Johnson should have exercised his power and sacked him. Johnson has enough nodding dogs around him ,and of course was a noted journo himself......who got sacked for telling lies. The Guardian and The Mirror did not fabricate this story! As for the Durham police statement,this has absolutely no relevance to the ethics involved.
  22. The time to draw a line under it was nearly a week ago ,when either an apology,resignation or a sacking would have been in order. Johnson doesn’t answer because he has no answer . There is no respect to the press or to the public and his failings should be apparent to the majority. So keep asking the question. As for Trump....now there’s a role model.
  23. Pretty obvious that Johnson is going down the populist route again. More caution urged from the science as the R rate is sticking obstinately between 0.7 and 0.9. Fortunately many people will continue to safeguard themselves and their families by using their own brains rather than relying on the machinations of this lot. Cummings still on the agenda Yes its like watching a criminal being questioned. “No comment”
  24. Some people seem to want to believe that Cummings statement is a faithful account of his thought process on his flight to Durham. Presumably to support Johnson. He has obviously sat down and listed every embarrassing question that could be raised and addressed these point by point with a mixture of truth half truths and where these fail,sentiment. I am sure that as it was drafted there were several devils advocates to expose the weaknesses. He may well get away with it which will justify his contempt for his bosses and the public.
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