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  1. @Longcol Is that a reference to mask wearing in Wales or just a pleasantry. If the former ,we were in Porthmadog and travelled around Snowdonia and the north coast for a week early September. Mask wearing was mandatory in shops and very much being observed. If the latter,we really enjoyed Wales....until the rain set in .
  2. That wishful comment consigns all history to the dustbin. Let’s go back to Barnard Castle as well . If your stance does indeed indicate “normality” then there are many abnormal people about.Some within the Tory ranks. So when there is a majority of abnormal people they would become normal,and you abnormal. Quite a conundrum
  3. Seeing as it is the first anniversary of the vaccination programme in the U.K. I attach some statistics .The source is the BBC which may cause some to automatically discount the information https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-59569026
  4. The “party” became news at the end of November and every Minister used the same line in a vain attempt to bury the story. Yesterdays leakage embarrassed all of them,but even today at the despatch box Johnson ducked and dived. An investigation is promised😂😂Just how long does it take to establish if there was a party.
  5. That’s good. A thousand a day being vaccinated at Longley so perhaps we will achieve the “vaccine programme on steroids” intended by Boris which got off to a stuttering start.
  6. It’s called leadership. Conservatives currently making the rules so to have credibility they need to stick by them. It should be that simple.
  7. Johnson dismisses any criticism as playing politics as he states that he will get on with the job in hand. I am not happy that so much time is wasted in Parliament debating self inflicted damage.Cummings,Hancock,parties and a number of other instances of bending and breaking rules. Get on with the job Johnson,but this means action rather than words. Constant over promising and under delivering is the hallmark of this administration. Each promise is overtaken by another to deflect and catch another headline. He was to sort out Social Care,deliver the benefits of Brexit,and now its the crime associated drug problems. All very laudable but more words rather than solutions.
  8. You are adopting the same patronising airs of the worst sort of Tories,and it doesn’t wash with many,including a fair number of reasonable Tories who see their party made a laughing stock under Johnson
  9. A succession of Conservative MPs must be sick of being made to look fools as they are required to dish out the hollow defences of their leaders actions . The latest line being “ I wasn’t there but I have been assured that no laws were broken”
  10. That reflects my reactions as well. The interviewer highlighted the tactic which we see here from time to time in that the leaders latch on to a single truth and then use it as a basis for their wilder claims. Michelle Obama is a man 🤪and the whole paedophilia slurs. Is that a wig on Roger Stones head or a piece of Axminster carpet. Generally depressing that some people can be manipulated and used.
  11. On 4 tonight. at 9.00pm QAnon etc. Should be an interesting watch
  12. @top4718 As I said.I like her measured and considered comments. There is no need and no benefit in some of the deliberate false trails laid on here.It only provokes even more extreme responses. So other than challenging obvious lies I will now refrain from comment for the sake of it. Just to sign off,my basic beliefs as regards this subject are Covid 19 and its variants have increased hospitalisation and mortality. Lockdowns create more problems medically and economically than they solve,although in the first instances I can see why they were applied. The advent of vaccines was a massive game changer as regards protection to individuals and as a benefit to the NHS. Adverse reactions to the vaccines are very rare,but certainly not trivial. The length of time that the vaccine provides is uncertain ,so I will go with the ongoing medical advice. I am totally against compulsory jabs,but I can foresee that those who refuse may not enjoy the freedoms of others. As regard masks.I will wear one as directed by whatever establishments require them such as shops,doctors,hospitals,care homes,but I really fail to see the logic on current rules.So I suppose if you have to wear one,make it a medical grade one. Thats got that off my chest so good health and Seasons Greetings to all.
  13. I do like the measured arguments presented by Sunetra Gupta and find myself in agreement with much that she says. She is certainly not anti vaccine and balances the more dangerous aspects of Covid to those that may be vulnerable against the minimal risk of the vaccine itself. I think that her comments on boosters is that it is too early to categorically rule them out as unnecessary and it would be more beneficial to provide greater coverage around the world.
  14. So you extol the virtues of the medical profession in detecting a form of cancer in a relative but then refute their advice that vaccines are needed . Just having a spot of lunch,then back to work. How about you
  15. A bit busy to respond at the moment. Some while back you said you had to get to bed because “some of us have to work”. Must be another slow day on the building sites. See you later.
  16. Probably because most people read the full information. Over 75s are not necessarily called in for annual routine reviews to give GPS s more opportunity to give vaccines and to treat more pressing needs. Scarce resources and priorities in any situation demand similar solutions.
  17. Given the title of the thread I am surprised that Tops has anything at all to contribute to the discussion. Unless its all hearsay.
  18. Be as disgusted or as disgusting as you wish. You are the one who tries to instil fear into those who have had the vaccine or considering it by your spurious connections to heart attacks ,incidents at football matches and any other issue that you can use . As I said but you choose to by pass there have been some instances of adverse reactions which is a tragedy for those concerned. There have been many more tragedies of people being incapacitated and succumbing to this virus.A fact that you dismiss as nothing but a minor illness. So your faux righteousness fools nobody. Well perhaps one
  19. What I do remember is our health service and numerous others being swamped by hospitalisation and complete uncertainty as to how dangerous it appeared to be particularly to the elderly(put a figure on that) those with underlying health conditions ( of which there are many) and seemingly some ethnic groups. In the face of uncertainty the government provided no consistent message and lost much confidence with its U turns and knee jerk reactions. The one thing that most hoped for was an effective vaccine and thanks to scientists very around the world this was achieved in an amazingly short space of. Why effective? Because it vastly reduced mortality rates and serious illness. This coupled with successful treatments that are still being developed has provided much relief and gratitude from most people. However there are those who dismiss the great advances made and claim to have a greater understanding than the medical world .That I can stand but the constant sniping at those who have had their jabs and choose to socially distance and wear a mask when it suits them is stupid and inconsiderate. Worse than that you try to scare people by introducing spurious references to complications arising from the vaccines which are totally fabricated or insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
  20. @top4718Why highlight “effective vaccines” when it is these that have had a major part in government use of fewer lockdowns?
  21. So we should not take heed of the collective wisdom of numerous individuals at the top of their professions. They have not been consistently wrong but in a pandemic that is still in its’ infancy they are also learning along the way. No instant solutions but by far the greatest advance is the availability of effective vaccines which I am happy to say has been taken up by the majority of our population. You always prefer to base your arguments on exceptions to any rule .
  22. Perhaps you are getting over obsessive by too much research and finding only confirmation of your worst fears.
  23. Darren Gough returns to the fold as M.D. No doubt some will be scrutinising his past speeches and comments for anything suspect when what is more important is the intention going forward.
  24. Plenty of accidents on building sites because no equipment is a 100% guarantee and some will not use the equipment as intended. Some masks should be available when using certain chemicals or to guard against air borne particles and dust.Not flimsy paper ones but of a suitable standard. So in both instances suitable PPE is an additional insurance . On some occasions it is mandatory and on others some will choose to use as they see fit. How about an anti tetanus jab.Do you keep yours up to date in case you get a puncture wound?
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